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  1. ChokingOnZofloraFumes

    Curvyluce #6 still on the sick but now selling cheap tat, get over yourself Lucy and stop acting a bra

    Thread number 6 for our business owner, Lucy! Well done @TheWitchIsBack for the title. So she's still on the sick from her work, but has been busy punting Chelsea Peer clothes as her own designs.
  2. B

    Curvyluce #4 her personality is vile and she is constantly in denial

    Thanks to @Notasheep for the title! Continue talking about our favourite weight-loss account (oh wait sorry) and her nips that are always staring us in the face, here!
  3. NapQueenReturns

    Curvyluce #3 Always on the juice.

    Recap from last thread: * still spends half her life boozing * still a spoilt nasty piece of work
  4. B

    Curvyluce #2 chins, 9 gins, size 14-16 might-have-beens

    New thread for Curvyluce!
  5. P


    Surely I can't be the only person to find her insufferable? I mean, who doesn't love Harry Potter but really..a collection of wands? and also cannot believe that anyone looks on her 21 buttons account because she dresses horrendously.