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  1. merlot

    Comedowntothewoods #3 mostly moaning and free stuff’

    Thanks to @Mystery Pistachio Milk for the title So greedy Katie & her slave are on a gifted cruise.. Looking like a pair of dinner ladies
  2. merlot

    Comedowntothewoods #2 where it's all gifted goods

    New thread, there was only one title suggestion & that was me šŸ˜³ So about that ghost.. Carry on tattling...
  3. G


    Ok, this had to be done. This woman is mentioned so many times on other threads I thought she deserved one if her own. Couple of dentists (loaded) with two million pound homes (main home and a holiday home) but life is still so hard for her. Loves a bit of colour so make sure you have your...