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  1. thisiscat

    Colleen Ballinger #3 The only person who has ever given birth to twins in the history of the world!

    Realised we hit 1000 posts so started a new thread. Thanks to MrsSlocombe for the very well fitting title. Previous thread here- To sum up, Colleen is the only person to give to twins in the world and Erik can only bear his home life when...
  2. Penguin86

    Colleen Ballinger #2

    Previous thread She's the first person to ever get pregnant with twins
  3. K

    Colleen Ballinger / Miranda Sings

    I wanted to start one on Colleen. There's so much to talk about with her. From milking this pregnancy like crazy for $$, to rubbing her ex husbands nose in it on the regular, to the new bf who seems completely non-plussed and lost in what's happening, to her being willing to do and say anything...