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  1. mammaof3

    Cleaning with Mario #121 Lilac Leggings on Tour.

    Thread suggestion winner is Cleaning with Mario #121 - ''Lilac Leggings on Tour” by @Lilly Lou Previous thread...
  2. mammaof3

    Cleaning with Mario #120 ''Honkin flat, don’t blame the cat”

    Thread suggestion courtesy of @Lily lou ''Honkin flat, don’t blame the cat” Previous thread. Short recap...
  3. mammaof3

    Cleaning with Mario #119 Busy? Naw, Lazy? Aye.

    New thread courtesy of @Ferguson With credit to @geezabreak I cannae recall much so feel free to add more. We know he has been purchasing tat for a new decorating journey and then he posted that it...
  4. Madge2022

    Cleaning with Mario #118 The only way is Essex

    Happy new thread day hens, a big congrats tae me I, Madge, the chosen mega influencer fur the thread title. A personal invite tae @ohdoris tae the new thread, ah'd dae anything fur ma fans. Last thread wuz such a treat, we've goat Deek's birthday tae look forward tae which includes a visit...
  5. Madge2022

    Cleaning with Mario #117 Farrow and Ball paint on the walls, earless junkies roam the halls

    New thread time, and it's a cracker fae oor wee cosy @AwwCosyWivDeek Anyone fancy doing recap from last thread? He's so monotonous I can only remember paint samples, dots of doom so boring no one could watch them all. It's his year and he's no gieing a feck. Oh, and fake trainers, also...
  6. Madge2022

    Cleaning with Mario #116 Johnny oan holiday wearing sandals Beak arguing with cooncil fur broken handles

    New thread hens, thread title by moi, the doop oaf Mario. Pyoor raging ma title didni fit so tried tae condense it, ah'm fummming. Dae tattle no ken who ah um!!! Quick summary of last thread. Announced his departure fur crissmas, came back sooner than he said. Showed his presents like a wee...
  7. Macmama

    Cleaning With Mario #115 Swarovski Lifestyle ~ Spumante Budget

    Welcome ma luvlies. Thread title by oor @Exhausted Pigeon💎 The King of Crissmass is in a wee comma the noo. Waiting tae find oot if his joab (real joab, nae that vile app cus that’s no his joab) is still his joab in the New Years.
  8. Doingitforthegramhuntake2

    Cleaning with Mario #114 Always the bedsit boyfriend, never the house husband

    Stepped outta ma Jo Molane and made a new thread for us all. Congrats to @AwwCosyWivDeek for the winning thread title suggestion. If someone could do a recap that’d be grand.
  9. Madge2022

    Cleaning with Mario #113 Christmas time, mistletoe and WHINE

    New thread hens, thanks tae oor ain beaut @thatsnotstrictlytrue. No quite the autumn wan she wanted but a cracking crissmas wan. ETA: Ah thought ah hud left spelling mistake in, as wisnae sure if it was intentional as a tribute tae Beak, but autocorrect did me dirty 👀
  10. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #112 the earth & soul of failing at everything since 1983. Also

    Thanks tae oor wee baby gurul @Ferguson wae a whopping 65 likes fae this week’s bespoke title. Also
  11. Madge2022

    Cleaning with Mario #111 His only chance of having more than one door is an Advent calendar.

    Well done @AwwCosyWivDeek oan new thread title, it's bespokely brilliant. Thought ah'd gee oor @Babybail93 a wee break fae creating a new thread. Recap: he's still a fud. We ur nearly at crissmas despite Halloween no happening yet, also.
  12. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #110 Every little thing he does is tragic

    We have a collab this week from @Shrekssister and @AwwCosyWivDeek with the most likes. Perfect title following the utter shit show that was the Tony ALOND reveal
  13. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #109 Martin is a vile chap, trolling Rita Ora oan that app!

    Thanks tae oor wee babby gurul @Madge2022 fae this wan wae the most votes and so on and so forth. Also
  14. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #108 Mario McKnight, always the influenced, never the influencer

    Thanks tae oor wee Prisoner Cell Block H @Ferguson fae this title wae a whopping 70 likes! --- A new thread just in time for the start of a heatwave Autumn. Mario has a cold, AGAIN, also
  15. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #107 Tattlers off to the Costa Teguise in disguise

    Thanks tae oor very oan @Daisy Uncle fae this stunner wae the most likes! --- A brand new thread oan the one and only day of birth fae oor Scottish Queen, Mario
  16. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #106 Five foundations and no hoose

    Thanks tae oor wee @AwwCosyWivDeek fae this title wae the most votes. Sing it hen!! Also
  17. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #105 Jizz on his face, he’s a big disgrace, waving his snail snot all over the place

    Thanks tae oor wee babby gurul @Skyflier6727 fae this weeks title. Also
  18. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #104 I clean my bin in the shower & my name is my power.. Also

    Ooh! Little old me got the title this week At the end of the last thread we were all baffled at the Fat Fanny’s spelling of succumb circum Apparently despite being the easiest person to influence and loving any trend going, he doesnae follow trends and threads is dead tae him. As usual he...
  19. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #103 I, Mas patron Saint of bougie plastic tat also

    Thanks tae @Ferguson fae the title wae the most votes! So aye and also so forth……… also
  20. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #102 Martyn Llewelyn Bowen of Beirut, so aye

    Thanks tae oor @Ratgrrl wae the most votes fae the last thread. Also.
  21. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #101 Mario McKnight (she/her)

    Thanks tae oor @Ferguson fae this wee title. Says it all really. New thread just in time fae us tae rip apart that new sofa!
  22. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #100 In a world of Marios, be more Janie

    Thanks tae oor wee babby gurual @Skyflier6727 fae this weeks title. Sing it hen!!!
  23. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #99 Buys holiday clothes a year in advance, have you had your cost of living payment?

    Thanks tae @Sloppys fae this wee title. I’ve had tae shorten it a bit Ma lovely
  24. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #98 Come oan Barbie, let’s go sharty!

    Thanks tae oor wee @Buttons13 wae this brilliant title!
  25. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #97 A blue tick no longer signifies importance" ~ Instagram 2023

    Thanks tae oor wee baby gurul @Ferguson fae this title wae the most votes! Keep you power hen!