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  1. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #67 Smell the Halitosis

    Thanks tae @BespokeBiatch fae oor new thread title wae the most likes oan this dayn o dawn. So aye
  2. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #66 Thinks he’s an Italian Stallion but looks more like a Marion

    Thanks tae oor wee baby gurul @Rayne fae this thread title wae the most likes oan this dayn of dawn. New thread just in time for us to rip apart Marion’s new flairs and the already infamous POSTCAST. So aye
  3. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #65 Using so much Febreze he’s making the other residents of Paisley Towers wheeze#AD

    Thanks tae oor wee baby gurul @Rayne fae this bespoke thread title. So aye
  4. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #64 Sharting with Mario - por favor

    Thanks tae @MarionWaffle fae the thread title. Shortened tae fit, but I think it says everything we want. So aye New thread just in time fae Mario tae take us on a Caravan jurneh wae the poor cat in a pram.
  5. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #63 Padded cell by Dan-Yell

    Thanks tae @Shrekssister fae this bespoke title wae a whopping 35 likes in just 3 hours! New thread just in time for the inevitable come doon she will be on soon after her “big” reveal. So aye
  6. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #62 the witchy foul mouthed hedgehog from Beruit so oui and so forth.

    For this thread we have a team effort from @menopausalmargrit @Poptart @Dawn Dayn and @Jerry Garcia New thread just in time for the new bedroom lampshade journey (despite the current acrylic monstrosity not having been up a year yet)
  7. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #61 TikToking with Mario - the final nail in the coffin

    Thanks tae @Skyflier6727 fae oor boujee new thread title wae the most votes. So aye. So etcetera What is there to recap? I think we’re all still in shock at the tasteless coffin TicTic’s. Even for Mario.
  8. notanothergrammer

    Cleaning with Mario #60 He gives us a Glimps of his life, but us trolls cause him nothing but strife

    Thanks a million to our gorgeous resident pussy @Rayne for the thread. Marion is still a pocket rocket, still got lips like a cats arsehole, still in 25k a debt, cryin troll cause he's got heehaw content, nae mirrar waves this week and he made a shite attempt at decoratin the bent consoles with...
  9. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #59 He’s getting messages from spirits in the sky, nae debates... so aye

    Thanks to wee baby gurul @Rayne fae this bespoke boujee thread title wae the most likes. So aye. Nae debates Oor Moira has been boring as fuck the last week. Been on a bereavement comma. So aye Someone who once passed Mario in the street has passed away, and now he’s turned intae Derek...
  10. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #58 Mario isn’t poor, he’s caked in orange Dior

    Thank you to @Dawn Dayn New thread just in time for the TV on the wall reveal and tonight’s roast dinner monstrosity. So aye
  11. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #57 In the bumming fort for aw the action, ft seduction songs by Tong Braxston

    Time fae a new thread oan this dayn of Mondays dawn. Let’s kick the shit oot of this week. So aye Thanks to oor wee cunt @Blanche Hunt fae the bespoke thread title wae the most votes. Nae debates!
  12. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #56 Perfume inflictions and a spending addiction, his anxiety is a work of fiction

    Thanks to oor own wee baby gurul @Rayne with the most votes for the thread title Hens! It’s that time again already! New thread oan this dayn of dawn! Mario has been taking us on a healthy eating jurneh. Showing us his cut up grapes and a pot of Muller light every morning. It looks like...
  13. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #55 Contradicting with Mario. So aye…so naw

    Thanks to @Doodlebug71 for this weeks new thread title with the most likes. Well hens! What a few days we have had! Just as Mario was beginning to calm doon over Hinch’s snub on her visit, she goes and moves! To a house with multiple external doors and a wrap aroond garden! This sent...
  14. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #54 If yeh don’t know, get tae know. So aye

    I think every thread suggestion on the last one was basically this 😂 Christmas is OVAH ma lovelies oan December 28th. Candy Cane Lame has been punted oot the winday quicker than Rayn trying her Eddie the Eagle impression. On Boxing Day he declared he’s aff “this app” noo until the New Year...
  15. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #53 Spiders in the sheets, meeting fake lovelies oan the streets!

    We didn’t have any thread suggestions this time. So I’ve taken this last minute entry from @Anti-influencer about Mario’s vast “things that never happened”. So aye. Ma thread ma rules! Not a lot has happened with our Scottish Pygmy lately. He’s been on and off comma’s like nae boadies business...
  16. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #52 How the Hinch stole Mario’s Christmas

    Thanks to @Dove88 for our new thread title! What a weekend it has been for our wee Mazza! First there was the uncovering of his brother’s YouTube videos. The brother sounds the exact same as Mario and also requires subtitles to be understood. Mario is like the pound shop version of his Wilko...
  17. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #51 Scheme Queen, face scratched on a sausage. So aye

    We didn’t have any thread suggestions in the last one ma lovelies. So I’ve put together a couple of phrases you all liked. Ma thread, Ma rules! Nae debates! Just enjoy! So aye We are currently on 31 Christmas grid posts since 1st November. All the same picture pretty much, taken from varying...
  18. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #50 Mazza and the McKnightmare before Christmas: curse of the nippy bum bum sauce

    Thanks to our @lauhlauhlauh with a massive 66 likes for this new thread on this dayn of dawn
  19. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #49 It really is Candy Cane Lame

    Thanks to @Doingitforthegramhuns with this blinding thread title. Our @Cagayu had the most likes for a suggestion but I simply couldne fit it aw in ma lovely So it’s 7th November and Mario, the 38 year old man, has already decorated and revealed the tat cave in all its Candy Cane Themed...
  20. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #48 Doop parfoom and dodgy diffuser. Mazda hen you're such a loser.

    New thread suggestion by @TheCrapetCleaner with 44 likes! (Love that name hen!) So ma lovelies it’s already tame fer a new bespoke made to order boujee thread on this dayn of dawn! The patron Saint of Paisley has treatid us awe to lots the last two weeks! It all began with a Sunday lunch...
  21. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #47 Candy cane Mario you’re insane you even want to have a aye

    Only one thread suggestion on the last thread ma lovelies, by aw very aine hen @Doodlebug71 Not really much of a catch up to report. He’s still buying Christmas shite using Derek’s Vanquis credit card (APR 908%) He’s over his autumn decor now. Probably because he put it up in March...
  22. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #46 Xmas PJs smell the wealth, our very own Mario elf on the shelf

    Thanks to our lovely @Skyflier6727 for this bespoke thread with the most likes. So aye. Chanting you on hen What a week we have had ma lovelies! He is still spending like nobodies business. Although the last few days he seems to have ramped it up to next level. He had the shits after a ”spicy...
  23. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #45 The cooncil came in with a wrecking ball, smashed letterbox n awww

    Had to put two thread suggestions today because they are things of beauty. So aye Thank you @twilightgarden & @Curtaintwitcher45 Pure made to order bespoke 👍 So, for the first half of the last thread our wee munchkin was pushing his autumn shite on everyone still. It’s been worked out...
  24. Babybail93

    Cleaning with Mario #44 Burning Autumn candles while the rest of us sweat in sandals

    Thank you to @Dove88 for this new bespoke, pure boujee thread title. It was a close one, but you just pipped it with 32 likes We are now flying through threads at a rate of about one a week! Go us. It’s all this gold content Mario keeps giving us. So after the pure craic that was Mario’s...
  25. Runforestrun

    Cleaning with Mario #43 A seasonal new thread bespokely ordered to make

    LADS!!! Another cozy bespoke thread after we flew through the last one like Marions beige food flies through him in an IBS episode! we had such a fabulous birthday weekend last week, but now it’s September and we are just embarking on oor Marions Autumnal journee of pumpkins and leafs. As you...
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