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  1. S

    Clancy Burke #3 Complaining all day keeps the fiancé away.

    Great title! Credit goes to @vlogwatcher33
  2. Someonestolemyusername

    Clancy Burke #2 I've moved cities and all thats changed is the size of my chocolate oatmeal

    What's up, you guys! (I had a feeling you'd come back and see me) It's interesting that the last thread took several years to get from 1-20 pages, and three months from 20-50 Well done @Thedudeabides for the first post that resembled a thread title. You win a bowl of Bitter Chocolate oatmeal...
  3. M

    Clancy Burke

    Does anyone else watch Clancy Burke here? She's a morning news reporter for a local channel in the US and I find her vlogs really interesting. She comes across aa quite down to earth and I think it might be because her dad is from a small town (Mayo) in ireland. Her youtube videos go back over...