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  1. Miscanthus

    Claire Chanelle #3 Congrats come too late and now bragging about baby weights?!?

    Congratulations to @WatchReelCopyReel for the thread title with 10 votes. Please do a recap if you've been following along!
  2. Miscanthus

    Claire Chanelle Chouquette #2 Hermės bags and dripping gold, has no taste and dresses old

    Congratulations on the new thread title to @Jessie98 with 13 votes! Here's Claire channelling her inner Fergie! Check out the reflection in the car door!
  3. Ohmydays

    Claire Chanelle Chouquette

    Anyone out there following her ? I’m so confused by her posts , outbursts, change of name and her recent drama ..😲 She’s really fancies herself and thinks the world does too !