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  1. ohyes

    Chessie King #3 Coz she’s an attention seeking …

    New thread! Thanks to @Londoncailín for the excellent new title! 😂 Continue the Chessie chat here! 🙂
  2. M

    Chessie King #2 Cheap Ring, I’ve got a baby don’t you know darling?

    New thread, title c/o @NameUndisclosed with the most likes. Their suggestion was "Chessie King, cheap ring, I’ve got a baby on the way don’t you know darling?" So I just updated it as the baby, Auraelia, has arrived. Hope thats okay? Carry on!
  3. L

    Chessie King

    I am so done now with hers (and her sisters) constant body positivity prancing about in their swim wear. “You should be just as positive and confident as I am.” Well yes Chessie- you are a young white yoga teacher with no cellulite. You have all the privilege. I’m not surprised you have confidence 🙄