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  1. emerald

    Cherry Wallis #3 Working so, so hard for her viewers... maximum 3 days a week.

    Cherry has been posting very frequently about her super special and private long term relationship of a less than year, and about how hard she works for our benefit only, nothing to do with earning tat money and keeping a roof over TM's head and the leccy/PlayStation bill paid. New project...
  2. Bobble22

    Cherry Wallis #2 Chill. 😂

    Fist attempt at a new thread so I hope it's alright. Thanks to Emerald for the thread title which got the most votes. I also liked, So boring we don't want a second thread from AL10 but it just missed out. Cherry didn't do much except bleat about how busy she always is and how she doesn't make...
  3. S

    Cherry Wallis

    She’s a Harry Potter youtuber with over 1/2 a million followers now, mostly subscription unboxings but other things too. I was didn’t know whether to start this, but there’s been a few controversial incidents recently. She’s been mentioned in Gabriella Lindley’s thread a couple of times as she...