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  1. Scottish-Gal

    Chelsea Wright #13 Sales of bracelets have gone down the drain. I need a McDonald’s,OUCH SHARP PAIN!

    New thread time (hope I’ve did it right,1st time starting a thread) @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX had most votes Congrats 🎉 Can someone do a recap please Last thread...
  2. DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX

    Chelsea Wright #12 This year, Chelsea has just one dream... To become a man, on this she seems keen.

    New thread! Thanks for @Potatey for the title, although I had to cut it short for the character limit. Anyone fancy doing a recap?
  3. DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX

    Chelsea Wright #11 Can’t swallow drugs, house full of bugs, taking the NHS for mugs

    Last thread was to full thread title thanks to, well me cos nobody else put a suggestion 😂 Anyone want to recap her recent antics?
  4. Slowpoker

    Chelsea Wright #10 Little Jasper needs a bedroom when will she stop this doom & gloom

    Carry on, will recap in a bit. Thread was too full. Not sure what she's doing, she's live on tiktok. Get a few comments she didn't like. Crying wanting money to delete her account. Refusing to speak. Could be triggering to watch as @BigMavis pointed out on the last thread
  5. Bella2920

    Chelsea Wright #9 Poo in her throat, poo in her nappy, admit her to hospital or she won’t be happy

    @Taylorsversion @pipski, I think your suggestions had the most likes! @chelseawright43, medical mystery, phoned the NHS24 daily and wants to punch everyone in the fanny. Someone can feel free to do a proper recap ☺️
  6. Slowpoker

    Chelsea Wright #8 only happy when she’s in a nappy, everyday a rise on the lies.

    Chelseawright43. Adult baby, medical mystery, unwashed, fanny puncher & compulsive liar. As we were, well done @nosy-nora for the thread suggestion. It was the only one I could see.
  7. Slowpoker

    Chelsea Wright #7 Wanting NG tube for feeding but it’s a reality check she’s needing.

    Chelseawright43 on tiktok, adult baby and attention seeker. Has about 40 alleged illnesses. Current obsession is a NG tube because even though she's 25 stone she can't eat or drink at all. Anyways this is what she's wearing to her pals funeral tomorrow. Well done @kiwibabs had to edit the title...
  8. Slowpoker

    Chelsea Wright #6 In love with Pedi, being extra needy, will she tell the dietician why shes sooo greedy

    @pugslife6 both our suggestions had 19 likes but obviously I'm going to pick my suggestion 😂 sorry. As we were 😂
  9. Slowpoker

    Chelsea Wright #5 Having tics, hearing voices. Someone please confiscate her devices

    Well done @SayGoodnightGracie.
  10. Slowpoker

    Chelsea Wright #4 The Greatest Show-woman

    If anyone would want to recap that would be great. Quickly making this before we run over & I'm just having @SayGoodnightGracie title of the song she wrote as a suggestion 😂
  11. T

    Chelsea Wright #3 The story of the adult baby with 100 disappearing disabilities

    Thread title by @Slowpoker TLDR; - Chelsea has turned in to Scotland’s answer to Lord Sugar and has opened a bracelet business. She’s on the hunt for an employee to untangle threads for her. Has stated multiple times that it’s an unpaid position Verbally abuses customers when they ask for a...
  12. Slowpoker

    Chelsea Wright #2 Diapers, Dummies, Dismembering people (to wear like sweetie wrappers)

    If anyone wants to do a recap that would be great!
  13. LifeOnInsta


    I have nothing against this lady but she clearly has mental health issues and seems to act a lot younger than she is. She gets a lot of hate comments but is apparently part of ABDL? She is now posting videos in a baby grow with a dummy clipped. I totally get anyone should be allowed to post on...