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  1. Caffeine Fiend

    Book Club #2

    Hi everyone. Thought Id make a new thread since we are almost at the end of the other one. Link to previous thread below. Time to start nominating for our book club pick for February...
  2. ordinaryjelly

    Book Club January - Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

    Here we are! February read; How shall we go about picking books? I kind of like @nbt idea of picking books like we do thread titles here. So you could post "Book Nomination : book title" and then the one with the most likes is our choice, in a specified time frame. March book choice;
  3. LimeGoss

    Book Club #4 American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

    Next month's book below. Currently £5 on Kindle and paperback, also available as a free trial on audio book. Thread opens to discuss on Saturday 3rd April at 8pm UK time. Click the watch buttons to get updates on this thread.
  4. Yel

    Book Club #3 His Wife's Sister by A J Wills - NOW OPEN

    Winner with 44% is His Wife's Sister by A J Wills and thankfully it's still £1.99 😄 or free for prime members Thread will open the first Friday of March to discuss i guess? Can be discussed in the general book club thread
  5. Yel

    Book Club #2 Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh

    Book #2 for tattle book club! Thirteen - Steve Cavanagh is the winner with 39% (hit watch on this thread to get alerts once it's opened) Shall we open the thread Friday 5th Feb at 6pm similar to last time? Can discuss in general book club thread The price has gone up since the poll, but...
  6. Yel

    Book Club #1 This Time Next Year

    Thanks to @Oohthedrama for suggesting it and everyone for voting. Our first book is Please hit watch on this thread if you want to join in. This thread will be unlocked at 8pm Friday 8th January 2021! But anyone can pop in whenever they want to, but you can't complain about spoilers so you...
  7. Oohthedrama

    Tattle Life Book Club

    Again, it’s in the title, but I’m not sure how well it would work when it comes to choosing a book that most have access to, monthly or bi monthly, what genre is most popular etc. there’s a real community growing on tattle and it would be good to see if that can include something more than...