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  1. chlophia2505

    Chelsiee Taylor #1

    Couldn’t believe there wasn’t already a thread for this child-less head case! The underboob tattoo videos gave me that much of a ick that it was time to make one 🤢 enjoy!
  2. C

    Baby Led Weaning Cookbook #3 Natalie Led Moaning

    New thread - hopefully this has been done correctly! --- Congrats on the most liked title @treesy19
  3. The girl who

    Baby Led Weaning Cookbook - Natalie Peall #2 lives like a slob, maybe she should get a job?

    Thanks to @The girl who I think i have done this right! Please excuse its my first time creating a new thread 🙈
  4. C

    Baby Led Weaning Cookbook - aka Natalie Peall

    Created a thread as I’ve been desperate for one - I used to love her content and thought she was the loveliest person to talk to. She replied to DM’s and always seemed really genuine. But since she gave birth to those twins she is getting on every single one of my nerves. Most of her recipes are...