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  1. GoodnessME22

    Aussie Mum Vlogger #8 MEiara taps into her masculinity while Kurt loses all his dignity

    Thanks to @blueocean94 for the new thread title 🤣
  2. GoodnessME22

    Aussie Mum Vlogger #7 MEiera hires PA for the bibs & bobs while Kurt & Freddy are the pussy whipped flogs

    Thanks to @activatedthighgap for the cracker title 😂😂 Had to change it slightly as it was too long.
  3. GoodnessME22

    Aussie Mum Vlogger #6 She's dressed up to the nines and the kids look like they’ve been on the wines.

    Thanks @Tlj77 for the accurate thread title 🤣
  4. GoodnessME22

    Aussie Mum Vlogger #5 Kurt’s had a gutful, but Keiara’s gotta keep her cup full.

    Thanks @blueocean94 for the new thread title ☺️
  5. N

    Aussie Mum Vlogger #4 Hair thinner than her kids dinner

    Thanks @HotAsChips for the title
  6. LovesAChat

    Aussiemumvlogger #2 no parents at the wedding and exclusive print they’ll be regretting

    Thread name thanks to @blueocean94
  7. Michy02

    Aussiemumvlogger - Keiara Moore

    This has been requested a few times so I thought I’d create it. Aussiemumvlogger - Keiara Moore