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    Bonnie and Clyde 2024 UK tour - Official reason given for the cancellation was that it was because of poor ticket sales. However, the cast and crew reportedly weren't told and had to find out through the press/social media - as did the new cast/crew who were due to take over. This is very similar to the infamous closing of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella in 2022. According to one source, the cast and crew were waiting at the next tour stop and wondering why nothing had arrived!

    Aladdin (West End 2016) - There are many stories about what went on BTS during this production. Jade Ewen, who played Princess Jasmine, sued Disney alleging vocal damage but there are rumours this was a cover-up for the sake of the press and is not the real reason for the lawsuit. Another one is that one of the cast was allegedly very hostile towards a co-worker and sent a very vicious email about them, which was not supposed to be seen but the co-worker found out about it and lawyers were called in.