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    Julie Haynes aka Twinsandme is an influencer from Cork. Her twins Erin Rose and Fionn were born in October 2017. Her dad passed away in 2021. Her ma Paula , known around these parts as the Merry Widow, is clinging onto Julies coattails for dear life to try and grab some of the attention. Julie has one brother Sean who seems keen to get in on the family act.

    Credit to @PandoraSkye for the recapđź‘Ś
    Basically she met the twins dad in Australia, they were together a wet week when she got pregnant, her elderly father got sick so she flew home heavily pregnant and gave birth in Ireland, the twins dad couldn’t come over straight away due to work, I think the twins were a few months old when he eventually got over.
    They planned to move back to Australia all together when the twins were about 16 months old but OF COURSE our lovely donkey Julie fucked up her visa documentation and it was only discovered the day they were supposed to leave. The dad had work lined up so he traveled over by himself. Now I’m not sure what happened in between but they had a long distance relationship, I think he might’ve came back but had to live with his family in Monaghan and she had to stay in cork, she used to travel up with the twins, something turned sour(I’m assuming he told her he’s moving to Australia for good) and she came back one day with the twins after saying to him he’ll never see the twins again. Her parents were going mad she said that to him.
    He moved off, they broke up and then Covid happened so of course he couldn’t see them, she refused to let him FaceTime or call the twins.
    He did manage to come over when the boarders finally opened and he wanted to see the twins, she agreed but he wasn’t allowed to tell them he was there dad, she said he was their friend..
    He asked then could he FaceTime them and grow a relationship and she said no because she didn’t want to confuse them.
    There has been some legal proceedings in the background that she’s hinted at, I think him and his parents want some sort of access.


    *Saturday 6/01 Live show at Cork International Hotel
    *Thursday 18/01 ?
    *Saturday 20/01 ?
    *Sunday 21/01 Dublin Hotel with Paula (went to RTE Dancing With The Stars)
    *Wednesday 24/01 child free night at home with Christine & Brenda
    *Wednesday 31/01 Twinnies stayed at Paulas
    *Saturday 3/02
    *Sunday 4/02 Miriams party
    *Thursday 8/02 Strand Hotel Limerick with family (show)
    *Friday 9/02 Strand Hotel Limerick with family (show)
    *Saturday 10/02 Strand Hotel Limerick with family (show)
    *Tuesday 13/02 Grafton Hotel Dublin with twins & Paula (gifted)
    *Saturday 17/02 No twins . Probable night out
    *Tuesday 20/02 Maldron hotel Dublin airport with twins & Paula (gifted?)
    *Wednesday 21/02 Lapland with Paula and twinnies
    *Thursday 22/02 Lapland with Paula and twinnies
    *Friday 23/02 Lapland with Paula and twinnies
    *Thursday 29/02 Night without the twins. Home or out?
    *Saturday 02/03 Possibly out and using prerecorded videos.
    *Wednesday 06/03 Twins at Paulas. Brenda in Julies
    *Friday 08/03 Out judging a dancing competition in Cobh.
    *Saturday 09/03 Charity event . No twins Saturday night
    *Sunday 10/03 Julie and Paula in Wexford for the night
    *Monday 11/03 Twins in Paulas for the night?
    *Friday 15/03 Twins in Sean’s for the night? Hair and make up done.
    *Saturday 16/03 Night out with Wanchor and friends
    *Wednesday 20/03 Twins in Paulas or Seans?
    *Thursday 21/03 No twins
    *Saturday 23/03 Julie out
    *Tuesday 26/03 Twin free evening
    *Wednesday 27/03 No twins
    *Friday 29/03 Good Friday. No Julie on stories
    *Saturday 30/03 Easter Saturday. No julie on stories. Twinnies?
    *Sunday 31/03 Easter Sunday No Julie on stories.Twinnies?
    *Saturday 06/04 Ferals with Sean in Garryvoe?
    *Thursday 11/04 Ferals in Paulas
    *Friday 12/04 Julie in Limerick for a hen
    *Saturday 13/04 Julie in Limerick for a hen
    *Sunday 14/04 Clonakilty Park Hotel with ferals
    *Wednesday 24/04 to Sunday 28/04 ? Julie was meant to travel to Dubai with Brenda. It was cancelled due to Brendas father passing. No twins Wed, Thurs, Friday
    *Thursday 02/05 No twins
    *Friday 03/05 No twins
    *Saturday 04/05 Bottomless brunch and night out with the girls
    *Wednesday 08/05 Julie in Dublin for night

    *Thursday 16/05 Twinnies usual Thursday night sleepover
    *Tuesday 21/05 Julie out for dinner . No twins
    *Wednesday 22/05 Julie in London for pod. No twins Wed night

    Julie the bully.

    Julie being nasty on mas

    Lanzarote chemist staff

    Thread #22 post 475
    A woman commented on a bed company post that another family was more deserving of the free bunk beds Julie got and Julie went after her. A relative came on to explain it all

    Bullying a vulnerable man with previous suicide attempts who made a comment about damp clothes.
    Julie left his name on the posts but they were blanked out on tattle threads.


    Julie and Brenda started their podcast back in December 2022. It was called Left On Read and was in association with Go Loud. Below is the blurb they had on their welcome podcast👇

    Hello and welcome to Left on Read. A weekly podcast brought to you by Instagram sensation Julie Haynes aka Twins N' Me and TV producer Brenda Dennehy also known as Brenda's Bits. While Julie manages the single mom life in Cork, Brenda has crossed the Irish sea for a career in television in London. Never afraid to laugh at themselves, the hopeless romantics share their disaster dates and dilemmas after being left on read more times than they'd want to admit! While Julie has been the victim of several catfishes, Brenda once faced the humiliation of being ghosted by her very own boyfriend..of three years!Both Cork natives, the girls will be bringing you all the best banter and topical conversation that everyone is talking about.

    Off the back of the podcast they organised four live shows.
    Show 1. This in Cork Opera House in August 2023. Paula and Sean joined the girls on stage for the sell out show. Total carnage according to them. Basically seemed to be a bit of talking and some dancing around on stage.

    Show 2 This took place on the 6th January 2024 and was advertised as Women's Little Christmas party. It was held in Cork International Hotel.They hired strippers to appear at this one.


    Julie paid €660 for flights for herself and the twins. She also paid €400 for accommodation which was half of the total cost for where they stayed. She maintains she spent about €2000 in total for their 4 days/3 nights in Lapland

    Rob Kenny doing Julie dirty

    Fionn "shut the fuck up"



    2 tone boobies

    Dunnes Stores Thief

    Copyright coat

    Recording on her phone while driving

    Buying 20K followers December 2




    Morning after pill.

    Missing Erin's Feis

    Threatened a lady on Twitter with a solicitors letter for having an opinion.






    Throwing 2 day old bag of vomit from her car into the 5* G hotel blue bin. Anchor filming!

    Julie saying the nurse broke the smear brush inside her..

    Eoghan The Boy Manager

    True Colours Julie

    Teaching the children to lie to the teacher

    Sexualizing Erin getting gymnast of the week.

    Illegal House Party With Kegs and Taps During Covid

    Twins filmed chasing Fota animals


    Brenda and Julie shaming the people in the car in front.

    Video from Sept 2023, Julie states Paula is fighting breast cancer yet Julie also said Paula got the all clear?

    Brands work with this behaviour


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