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    The meal prep king. John Clark.
    Also known as

    JtC - John the con (con man and contradiction)

    Meal prep content
    His USP Is meal prep but he rarely preps anymore. He prefers to reshare old videos and some are many years old.

    Drunk lives
    A series of these ran in the summer of 2022 and can be found on you tube.
    He had been in a fight, lost Charlotte and the drinking had spiralled with the loss of Frank.
    He went live many times, abusing many and especially women. He said things that were ablist, racist and misogynistic.
    It forced him to seek medical help.
    He allegedly then stopped drinking in the summer of 2022.
    An apology video was recorded. But he only left it up for a short time. It was removed and doesn't get referred to.
    He lost deals with a number of companies and his publisher of books one and two.
    He self published book three.


    He only refers to him 'drinking' .
    You'll never hear him refer to himself as an alcoholic.
    He didn't do rehab. He sought an online coach. Details are unclear but he will tell you how many days he's been Sober.
    He spends time online commenting in less than positive ways on the posts of others that have alcohol issues.

    Current - no one
    Last - Sian. Ended Jan 2024
    S arrived December 2023.

    Previous - Charlotte
    C had been with him for years. They met when she was more insecure and overweight.
    He helped her lose her excess weight.
    She was with him whilst he was drinking and when he wrote books one and two so she's in them both though he says the book deal was all his.
    They were engaged for a time.
    She lived miles away from him and used to stay weekends then go home all week.
    She has gone on to achieve personal success online in her own right consistently.

    Father of two daughters. One each from two relationships.
    Estranged from both. Neither will see him.
    He's mentioned starting a court case some tears ago for access to the youngest which he pulled out of.

    He has a family he says he chooses to have nothing to do with. Has been less than complimentary about his family.
    Particularly namecalls his mother who he claims said she wished she had never given birth to him.
    2 brothers he has no contact with
    Tracked his father down and he wants nothing to do with him either.

    Human Frank and Joan
    Frank (rest in peace) was something of a mentor to him. He worked for him for a time, was sacked by him but looked up to him and treated him as a father figure.
    He named Frank the dog after him.
    Joan is human Frank's sister. She still gets ocassional visits from John.

    Online bullying
    TMPK is good at one thing. Online bullying others with direct comments to them, often on his own public posts.
    Once he's had his vicious say. He then blocks and deletes. Sometimes he turns off comments.
    Examples here of his 'work'. He actually works really hard at being this vile. Much harder than he meal preps.

    For a deeper insight, check out what people have to at about TMPK on the trust pilot site.