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  • The Radford Family are from Morecambe, United Kingdom. The family consists of Mum (Sue) Dad (Noel) and their 22 kids, yes 22 kids!

    Chris, 33

    Sophie Rose, 28

    Chloe Anne, 26

    Jack Richard, 25

    Daniel Leon, 23

    Luke James, 21

    Millie Jo, 21

    Katie Louise, 20

    James Edward, 18

    Ellie May, 17

    Aimee Elizabeth, 16

    Josh Benjamin, 14

    Max Joseph, 13

    Tillie May, 12

    Oscar Will, 10

    Casper Theo, 9

    Alfie Thomas (Stillborn)

    Hallie Alphia Beau, 7

    Phoebe Willow, 5

    Archie Rowan, 4

    Bonnie Raye, 3

    Heidie Rose, 3

    Did Sue really get pregnant at 13?

    Yes- Sue gave birth to Christopher shortly after turning 14. She and Noel met when she was 7, and had their first child when they were 14 & 18.

    When she fell pregnant she was 13 and Noel was nearly 18.
    Why wasn't Noel prosecuted?
    We don't know for certain. According to Sue's mum, they consulted a doctor who advised them not to take legal action because that might cause Sue to run away with him. We don't know whether or not this is the truth. There is a theory that they kept Noel out of it at first to avoid the authorities being noted, hence Chris having Sue's maiden surname.
    Is Millie with her baby daddy/ies?
    Not currently. She was never with Ophelia's father. She got into a relationship with Chester's father around the time she got pregnant, the two were on and off, and then officially broke up after he allegedly abused Millie.

    As of April 2023, it has been revealed that Millie is back with Harley (Chester's dad) and Sue claimed he is abusive. Harley's mum claims Noel and some other Radford kids jumped Harley and Harley acted in self defence.
    What happened with Daniel?
    He went on holiday with his girlfriend at the time, abused her, and left her in a foreign country with no passport. The Radfords haven't spoken about this.
    What happened with Chris?
    Again, we don't have the whole story, but as far as we know- he had a very messy breakup with his partner (the mother of his children), hacked her social media accounts, posted far too much information to his audience of over 13 thousand followers, and appears to have moved back into his parents house.

    When his family were on holiday he was planning to commit suicide, his parents continued to enjoy their holiday and only cared about blaming his ex girlfriend for his depression.
    How do they afford their lifestyle?
    Spoiler alert: it's not the pie shop as they claim. They earn money through a combination of YouTube, paid promotions, and TV series. Yes, YouTube really does pay that well- people have become millionaires through YouTube. They also make money breeding puppies that sell for 3-6 thousand each. A lot of their expensive items are gifted by companies. Others are sent by fans who seem to think they deserve charity.

    How did they become known?
    The Radfords first made their appearance on Channel 4 documentary 15 Kids And Counting, since then they have had a TV show every time Sue had become pregnant, pretty much every year.

    Since their debut TV appearance in 2012, the Radfords have changed drastically, they are no longer the “Hard-Working” family they used to be. Now they are living the luxury life with not one, two new Range Rovers, a hot tub, 3 Frenchies, holidays every year, a new extension & not to forget all the new house renovations. Now, they rely on handouts from businesses and the government to fund this extensive lifestyle they are living.

    Sue & Noel
    Noel met Sue when she was just 7 years old, a couple of years went by and when Noel started hanging out with Sue’s older brother more often they started to get to know each other and began to date. Shortly after, Sue found she was pregnant at the age of 13. Noel was 17, and turned 18 shortly afterwards.

    As you can tell by this, it’s extremely weird to have a legal adult be in a relationship with an underaged 13 year old girl- let alone have got her pregnant. However Sue & Noel have never addressed this & have always said Noel was 17 when Chris was born, which isn’t the case as his DOB does not match this information. When they got married in 1992, Sue was 17 and still not a legal adult; Noel was 21 by this time.

    The Grandkids
    Sue and Noel have 7 grandkids, this is excluding their step-grandkids from their son's ex's other kids. Chris’s ex (Nicole) has four boys from a separate relationship, before she met Chris and had three kids.

    Sue & Noel DO NOT class Nicole’s children as their own grandkids, they are never spoken about & we believe they never will be. She only ever mentions Chris’s children with Nicole.

    One of our beloved tattlers, is an ex-friend of Sue’s & she leaked some interesting information about how Sue does not like Nicole. In her own words she believes Nicole cannot take care of her kids & social services were involved. As well as this she said that Chris was struggling financially and needed money to help cover the cost of getting the house redone so social services were more happy with their kids living conditions.

    Millie Radford
    Millie Radford is Sue & Noel's 7th child.

    Like her mother & her older sister, Millie was a teenage mother. She found out she was pregnant at the age of 18, and gave birth to her daughter when she was 19, Ophelia Jo Radford.

    Millie has never revealed who her baby daddy was. Us tattlers believe that’s because she didn’t even know herself. A few tattlers have come forward with some inside information saying the baby dad, already had a girlfriend when hooking up with Millie, and it is believed Millie knew this while it was happening. It was a drunken fling, but when Millie fell pregnant she thought she could play happy families with the boy that was her baby’s dad but he chose his current girlfriend over her.

    Since then Millie has now become an “Influencer” like her mother. She relies on the government and businesses to fund her and her child’s addiction to tatty clothes.

    Recently (Nov 2021) Sue accidentally posted a text from Millie revealing some VERY interesting information! Millie is secretly pregnant again with a boy and is hiding her Pregnancy from the public because Sue is jealous of her pregnancy. Millie moved out temporarily and said in the text that she didn't want to announce because Sue would take her jealous anger out on her siblings still at home. Millie revealed that Sue wants to be pregnant again despite her saying Heidie is the last. Millie has since moved back home and continues to hide her pregnancy.

    On 20th February 22 Millie had her baby and named him Chester Bleu. Not much was posted about him as around the time he was born Chloe announced she was having a baby girl so all focus went onto her

    Chloe Radford & Sue Radford suspected argument
    Chloe is one of the Radfords us tattlers think is a decent person. Unlike her mum or her sisters, she knows how to use contraception and did not pop a child out before she turned 20. Instead she works hard with her dad at their pie shop as well as baby sitting when Sue is Chillin.

    However earlier this year, Chloe left home and moved in with her boyfriend. Seemed normal to us tattlers, she is 26 and finally saved for a place of her own. However one of our lovely eagle eyed tattlers spotted that Sue had unfollowed Chloe on Instagram & Chloe had done the same. You may think that’s not a big deal but we all know Sue is a little teenager - she doesn’t do this stuff for no reason, so we believe Sue fell out with her and unfollowed her like a typical teenager she is.

    We don’t know for sure but we believe some type of argument brewed leading to Chloe moving out. This also happened when Chloe moved out for University. However a few months after she left for uni, Sue suffered from a miscarriage and played the guilt card on Chloe, making her drop her education and come back to take care of the kids while Sue tried conceiving another child.

    The Radford Army
    We are all jealous people of Sue & her life. That’s all we are, nothing else. We dedicate our life to our queen Sue ❤

    However there are even more dedicated people than us that make fan pages and edits for the Family, using all their personal information and making it a “work of art” in other words weirdo people make fan edits for their kids using their pictures. Weird isn’t it? But we are the weird ones 👌🏽

    If you dare post hate on any of the Radford pages please be aware the Radford Army will be after you, be scared.

    The Radfords & Breeding Puppies.
    Yup you guessed it. After sue cannot conceive anymore children she started breeding her Frenchie, Bluebell with a stud called Mr Jizz ( I know, but we made a good thread name out of it) This was ALL kept a secret nobody knew, until a tattlers spotted it on Pets4Homes. It was a picture of Bluebell her self, one Sue has posted on the Instagram before, the location was Morecambe & Most obviously the contact was Sue R!

    They were selling the puppies for extremely inflated prices £2000+ for a bitch. The Radford Army never found out though- and it’s thought they never will. However, spicegirl wannabe Sophie Radford actually got one of the puppies for herself and her 3 kids. She bragged so much about it making it so obvious this frenchie was from Bluebells litter. When confronted about this, tattlers were called “Jealous Trolls” and should get “Our jealously problem checked out” and eventually we’re blocked by every radford that had Instagram.

    Disney and other holidays
    Sue and Noel must absolutely hate their house, because they're never there. They are on holidays CONSTANTLY. Sue has replaced her pregnancy obsession with a Disney obsession and can't go five minutes without a trip to florida. In between disney trips they're on constant holidays. The kids are always missing school for trips but don't worry, hours after landing back in the uk after yet another disney trip they always send their jetlagged exhausted overwhelmed kids right back to school so the selfish parents can spend the day napping.

    They spent a lot of money on a fancy caravan that they never go more than 20 minutes from home in, and Sue is constantly complaining about the caravan, just like she complains about everything else in her life. It seems to be one of her many bragging techniques- look at me and my terrible problems like my expensive motorhome having a minor issue.

    The Magic Pie Shop
    The Radfords claim they make money from the pie shop and live on £30,000 a year. However Noel rarely works at the pie shop, coming home early every day and frequently closing the shop to go on gifted holidays. Sue and Noel have repeatedly made public professions that they never, ever claim benefits (even those that a working family is entitled to.) They are not sharp enough to realise that this makes their claim of living on £30,000 a year even less credible.

    Their spending proves they earn far more than they say they do. Just in 2020, when they claimed their finances had been affected by the pandemic, they bought a hot tub, 2 dining tables, multiple cars, an outdoor bar, a garden renovation and multiple home renovations, planned a house extension, bought multiple fancy new prams. They buy all their kids clothes from Next, they eat takeaways a lot, they go on holidays all the time, plus the general extreme costs of food and clothes for a huge family.

    The Radfords go through prams like most families go through bread and milk. They buy a brand new pram for each new baby (except Chris' children, their least favourite grandkids). Every few months a fancy new pram will pop up in vlogs, many of them gifted by companies. They continue to buy prams even though their youngest is a toddler and they claim they won't have any more babies.

    Child safety
    The Radfords have miraculously raised so many children without any major accidents despite being incredibly lenient about safety. They don't supervise their young kids, their home and garden are basically a big construction zone, they have terrifying windows in the attic bedrooms that children could easily climb out of. Noel used to lock the kids in bedrooms at night to stop them getting up and remove the door handles so they'd be completely trapped if there was a fire or accident. Tillie, who is still a young child herself, is often expected to take care of all the younger ones by herself whilst Sue lounges about. They also have terrible hygiene. They don't sterilise baby bottles, their house is a dump, the kids hair is always greasy and unwashed. Their hot tub is frequently called The Piss Tub by Tattlers because we never see them clean it and their young kids play in it most days.

    In addition to breeding dogs they have 4 permanent dogs. 3 Frenchies and Lola, the poor forgotten dog who never gets mentioned. The Frenchies started rolling in when the babies started slowing down. Sue the human Pez dispenser uses them to fill the void in her life left by her decreasing fertility. One of the Frenchies is jokingly referred to as a forgotten Radford baby by Tattlers because she looks exactly like Noel.