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  • Teen Mom UK follows a group of young mothers living in the United Kingdom as they adjust to parenthood, Currently been there has been 8 seasons of the show - the girls on appeared on the lastest season were:

    • Mia Boardman who has a daughter Marliya with her Ex Manley Geddes, he also has a daughter Alayah from a previous relationship with Erin Corrigan and has recently welcomed a son called Kyrie/Kartel. The mother is yet to be confirmed.

    • Sassi Simmonds who has a daughter Zena’ya with her Ex Darren Quirk.

    • Amber Butler who has 2 sons Brooklyn and Hudson with her Ex Ste Rankine.

    • Chloe Paton who has a son Marley with Jordan Edwards, Chloe and Jordan got engaged last year.

    Other girls that have previously feature are:

    • Shannon Wise who has 3 children Theo & Frankie with her Ex Charlie Raimbach. She also has a daughter Ariyah-Ivy with her current partner.

    • Emma Finch who has 2 son Jeremiah and Jelani with her Ex Nessah.

    • Naomi Konickiva who has a daughter Kyanna with her Ex Raphael Poitou.

    • Megan Salmon-Ferrari who has 2 children McKenzie and Dulcie-May with ex Dylan Siggers, Dylan also has 2 children Carter and Francesca with his ex Reeane, he is also expecting a baby girl with his new partner Shannon and Megan is also expecting a baby girl with her new partner Terry.

    ‘Has Ree got the kids?’
    Dylan currently has full time custody of his children he has with his ex Reeane (Carter and Francesca) although Dylan hasn’t confirmed the reason behind this, another one of his ex girlfriends Lani has been spilling tea to a teen mom gossip page and also on Instagram live.
    Dylan hasn’t confirmed or denied these allegations, nor has Reeane.



    Manley’s 3rd baby with his 3rd baby mum

    On 27th December Manley started posting a baby boy on his stories, Manley then confirm a few days later that the baby was his. Thanks to some tattle detectives they found what we believe is his 3rd baby mum - a 19 year old girl called Megan. Megan’s dad has a comment on his Facebook saying the baby was called Kyrie, a picture was also shared with a personalised blanket with ‘Kyrie’ on it. But since then it seems Manley has renamed the baby Kartel.





    Dylan’s 5th baby with his 3rd baby mum

    Really giving Manley a run for his money Dylan has revealed he is expecting his 5th baby with his newest girlfriend Shannon. They are expecting a girl together.


    Megan’s relationship with Sonny Hazell

    Back in 2021 we had the infamous pancake lady saga (thread 9, page 10) someone joined tattle with piping hot tea about Megan and her mystery boyfriend. Megan use to post photos of her then boyfriend Sonny Hazell with his face blurred and said it was because he didn’t have social media and he didn’t want to be on any social media, but pancake lady let us know the real reason he left social media was because he was facing jail time for punching a defenceless man from behind which resulted in the man sadly dying.
    Reeane has also direct messaged someone on Instagram about Sonny. It later transpired that the piping hot tea pancake lady was delivering to us came straight from Reeane. Karma Blud.