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    Who’s Who

    Steph - SteFanny, Beefy, Pillow Princess, Vag, The Lying King

    Pamela Petrie, Steph’s Mum - Mad Pam, Leli Kellies, Prosecco Pam

    Diane Howie, Steph’s Nana - Nana Macaroni, Dirty Diane, Diane the Mink

    Lily, Steph’s daughter - Lils, ‘Aren’t We Lils’

    Stephanie Vavron is an Influencer from Aberdeen. She was raised in Northfield by her Mum, Pamela Petrie (aka “Mad Pam”, frequent wearer of Leli Kelly shoes (IYKYK)) who had her aged 16. She is estranged from her dad, with rumours that he chose not to have a relationship with her.

    Here’s a pic of the stunnnninnn women of the family (l to r - Mad Pam, Steph and Nana Macaroni)


    She has two brothers, the younger one is her half brother and he has featured on her Tik Toks (including one really weird one where he was giving something out of a Pandora cracker to his girlfriend. Tattlers believe the plan was for Harley to give the ring to her on Christmas Day but he ditched her). She does not appear to have anything to do with her older brother. But that won’t be anything to do with Steph of course.

    Her Grandma (Diane Howie, aka Nana Macaroni, Diane the Mink) seems to have played a huge part in Steph’s upbringing, which explains a lot. Mother and Grandmother can always be found pouncing on folk in the comments of not only Steph’s social media but anywhere Steph is mentioned including comments sections of newspaper Facebook groups where Steph has had stories featured. And her Nana is MAD, give her a Canadian Club and she’s convincing Steph to pretend to get engaged, honestly the winter nights must fly by…

    Steph went to Northfield Academy. When she made the dizzy heights of the Scottish Sun Facebook page (in a story possibly lifted from her Tik Tok about her being a cougar) a lot of people - with legitimate profiles - had plenty to say about Aberdeen’s influencing Queen, including tales of her bullying ways. One girl, with a real profile spoke about Steph teasing her so badly for having braces, she left before sitting her exams. But she was of course lying according to Steph, jealous yadayadayada.


    And of course Mad Pam was in the comments, denying everything. It’s funny because my mum didn’t come to school with me every day but maybe they had a regular ‘Take Yer Mad Ma to School’ day at Northfield…


    Steph is a qualified haidresser (I know, you wouldn’t know, looking at her barnet) and previously worked from ICE in Aberdeen. Rumour has it she is banned from there and can’t even get her hair done by Danielle ‘Dinyell’ Palompo when she rents a chair there. But that’s ok, as Steph has said her husband is the only person she trusts to cut her air. Shame they’ve split up really. Oh and he’s not a hairdresser…

    In the days when Steph was working, she did Charlotte from Geordie Shore’s hair! She must have thought she’d made it…


    That’s Charlotte on the left, looking like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards.

    Latterly, Steph worked from a shed in the garden of the home she shared with her second husband Petr and her two kids but once she hit the dizzy heights of Tik Tok, she gave up hairdressing.

    The Men in Steph’s Life

    A Tattler posted that Steph is estranged from her dad as he wants nothing to do with her. She also has an older brother who feels the same. She has a younger brother who she featured on her Tik Tok for a couple of days including a really awful Pandora advert where he was forced to give his girlfriend a promise ring. They’re about 17.

    Mad Pam is married, not sure if the Stepdad has anything to do with Steph but he never seems to be in her videos.

    Steph’s first husband was an Aberdonian who genuinely touched the hearts of everyone as he fought Leukaemia twice in the space of three years. This is Steph’s first touch of ‘fame’ and she appeared to revel in it, despite the circumstances.

    She put out an appeal for people to sign up to Anthony Nolan and donate bone marrow and that is how she came to know Charlotte Crosby - she retweeted Steph’s plea. This appears to be the one altruistic thing Steph did.

    Steph was a hairdresser at Ice in Aberdeen at the time and she arranged fundraisers with donation buckets from local charity Friends of Anchor. A lot of money was raised, however the allegation is that FOA did not receive all the money, with over £10k not accounted for. A poster on another forum recently contacted FOA CEO Sarah Jane Hogg and she didn’t seem overly concerned but said they should ask Steph about it. Interesting attitude, given the amount of money we’re talking about.

    When Steph received an unexpected pasting due to one of her Tik Toks being written about in The S*n, people we’re talking about the missing money on a platform that Steph, Mad Pam and Dirty Diane couldn’t control. Mad Pam Petrie was knee deep in the comments, ferociously trying to shut people up and in one comment she implied that the people of Ice should be spoken to about the missing money. For a family that are anti free speech, she’s happy to throw about allegations herself.

    When it sadly became apparent that his treatment wasn’t working, Steph proposed to him, believing that being married to her would give him the additional strength he needed to get better. Wow, she’s giving herself a lot of credit there - if love could save people with cancer then we’d have a lot less deaths. She is believed to have contacted the Evening Express and asked them to feature the wedding, which they did. (I can’t find the article online). Local businesses donated services and items to make the wedding day special, including the venue. Lily (who Steph left with her mum to be with her husband in Glasgow for about a year even though she was a little girl) was a Flower Girl at the wedding in August 2013.

    Her husband had a good job offshore, which would have left Steph with his pension and possibly a ‘death in service’ paymrnt

    Sadly, Steph’s husband passed away a few months later (January 2014). He had genuinely touched everyone and there was a real sadness in the city when he passed. He was an ardent Aberdeen fan so on the next game at Pittodrie after he died, a minute’s applause for him was held. Quite the grieving widow, Steph was seen in the corporate section appearing to revel in the attention.

    Steph is more black widow than grieving widow. It came out after that when the family had been told that her husband was near the end, Steph (who had been very critical and demanding of the medical staff) stopped his parents, siblings and many friends being with him at the end. It’s horrifying to think how his mum in particular but all those who loved him were made to wait outside when they could have been with him. She then posted on social media that he had died with all his family around him, which makes the whole thing worse.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, Steph arranged for a headstone for her husband that said he was a loving husband and Stepdad to Lily. It’s really hard to imagine just how heartbroken his family and friends must have been with none of them being mentioned on his headstone. In one of the many Facebook articles that have featured Steph’s shitey Tik Toks, her husband’s brother commented. Lacking any sort of empathy or compassion, Pamela Petrie still waded in and tried to defend her daughter, saying there were two resting places for him so his family had somewhere to go. My mum could never (she would have kicked my arse if I behaved even a fraction of the way Steph has!)

    Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it was revealed that Steph and her husband’s best friend had been doing ‘Tough Mudder’ to raise money for FOA and had slept together. Rumours were swirling that it wasn’t a one off and they had slept together when her husband was still alive.

    There are also rumours that she slept with a male Nurse who she met while being at hospital with her husband.

    His family have dealt with everything with absolute dignity and you can only imagine how hard it is for them to see this fanny twatting around on Tik Tok trying to be famous. His brother said that he knows for a fact that he would not have been with Steph for any length of time if he hadn’t been ill.

    Brendan Gall - Lily’s Dad

    Well this is awkward…Lily’s biological dad is Brendan Gall, however it is believed that he is not named on the birth certificate. Another man (confirmation required) was told he was her father and it’s not clear if he is on the birth certificate.

    Brandan spent time in prison after being convicted of dangerous driving and causing a 19-year-old scooter user serious and life changing injuries. Although he acknowledged he had been the driver and told the Court he had been deeply affected by the terrible incident, he blamed it on the “micro climate” of the crash site and did not believe he himself had been driving dangerously.

    In spite of this, it appears that Lily has a good relationship with her dad and it was believed that at one point she said she wanted to stay with him permanently. In response to this, Stephanie had apparently emotionally blackmailed her daughter saying if she moved in with her dad, she wouldn’t get to see Steph’s Mum and Grandma - the two people who brought Lily up.

    Petr Vavron


    Petr is Max’s dad and Steph’s second husband. They met and got married fairly quickly, with Max being born in April 2019. Petr works offshore. He didn’t seem to be very keen on Steph’s Tik Tok career, not wanting to appear in her videos. Petr was the sole owner of the family home, which had a unit in the back garden for Steph to work from (hairdressing). This fact came to light due to Steph moving out with the kids at what appeared to be very short notice and whilst she was happy to lie and say she owned the family home but was paying £2,000 pcm for a rental property, that was completed bunked by a Tattler obtaining public documents which contained the info that Petr was the owner.

    Steph appeared to be happily married. In 2022 (confirmation required) Steph made a Tik Tok wearing her wedding dress and miming to Céline Dion saying if she got a certain amount of ‘likes’ her and Petr would renew their vows. She got the likes but somewhat awkwardly…Petr returned onshore and said he was leaving and moved out the family home.

    In true Steph fashion, everything is rosy in the garden until something doesn’t go her way so she started drip feeding Tik Tok with details of how unhappy she had been, Lily had been and things like Petr not letting them put on the heating when it was cold. In spite of all this, in the early days she appeared desperate to get him back.

    It has been speculated that Petr has a new girlfriend but that’s not confirmed. He does seem to be a very hands on, great father to Max when he’s onshore. In saying that though, some Tattlers believe he could probably do something to prevent the intrusive pictures and videos Steph posts on social media - thanks to her we’ve seen things that don’t have a place online in this day and age with little concern as to where these images and footage end up. And in April 2024 Max had to have anaesthetic for a procedure at the kids hospital in Aberdeen and both parents were there. Petr seemed to have taken a photo of Steph doing her Mother Theresa bit in a photo of her clutching Max’s hand so he doesn’t seem to be putting his foot down. (Embarrassingly for Steph, she recorded herself playing the doting mum but she could be picked up on the audio saying “I’m bored”.

    For his 5th birthday, Steph, Petr and Max went to Disneyland Paris. It’s not known if Lily was even invited; hopefully she was but said she didn’t want to go away with a man who apparently didn’t make her feel the house was her home. It was widely speculated that Steph had hoped for a reconciliation with Petr but had to rely on another airport drama for content instead…


    (To be completed)

    Churchy was a Creator from the Glasgow area, he met Steph through the romantic world of Tik Tok.

    Stephen Harley aka ‘Wee Rylan’



    ‘Dad Sam’


    Dad Sam is a Tik Tok creator too (there’s a pattern emerging here) and he’s from the north east of England, meaning he probably had no prior knowledge of Steph.

    Not being content with mortifying herself and her teenage daughter over Korey Power, Steph launched head first into going live with Sam and love bombing him - on the night there was to be Steph’s online evening about Autism with Bradley from BPerfect, she went on a live with Sam and his mum. They have someone in their life with additional needs and Steph was unusually quiet when Sam’s mum spoke with love about her experiences.

    In addition to their jobs, the other thing Sam and Steph have in common is that Sam is a separated parent who also had no qualms in showing his young children going about their day to day business on Tik Tok.

    Lots of Tik Tok commenters told Sam he was being mentioned on Tattle and he wasn’t a happy man, with comments such as we all “should have been swallowed” and menacingly saying he could make people disappear. Nobody disappeared.

    There was chatter on Tik Tok about them meeting up in Ibiza when Steph was there for a BPerfect trip and it actually came to fruition! And that was it, we were all deprived of a Tik Tok romance. We don’t know what happened there but given Steph’s constant use of filters - some of which change the shape of her face as well as mask any pores (silly me, she doesn’t have pores! 🤦🏻‍♀️), lines and blemishes - it was speculated that he had been catfished. Other theories were she was drunk and annoying and he couldn’t stand her, or they had both thought pretending they’d hooked up would be enough to make Tattlers stop talking about them.

    We had thought beforehand Sam may be the man to treat Steph the way she treats others but he has been annoyingly quiet.


    Stephanie has two children - Lily (aka “Are we Lils”) who is 15 and Max who is 5.

    Max is Steph’s son with her second husband Petr Vavron. He has Cerebral Palsy and Autism and for a while, Steph’s page focussed on making Max’s packed lunches but this didn’t last too long before her true colours came out. She says Max is non-verbal but he has been heard saying the odd word in the background of her Tik Toks. What Max is not is deaf - if you watch her videos you’ll see her bawling in his face as if he is.

    In 2023, Steph latched onto ‘ASN Reform’ a group of parents who fight tirelessly for appropriate school placements for their additional needs children. Fantastic you may say, Steph has a great platform for that…no. We don’t know exactly what happened (because the others involved have dignity I assume) but after Steph commandeered the entire project, made herself spokesperson and spoke to the STV News when ASN Reform held a protest at Hollyrood, she dropped them like a hot tattie leaving Tattlers convinced she’d used that TV appearance as a chance to get a blue tick on Tik Tok (you have to have a TV appearance to be verified).

    In her bid to become the People’s Princess for ASN Reform, Steph also contacted Lewis Capaldi A LOT. She openly said she’d been messaging him, his management, she was tagging him in Tik Toks and even threatened to send him pictures of her naked boobs all in the name (she said) of getting the plight of ASN Reform out there. This hasn’t been confirmed (it probably won’t ever be because she’s not going to admit to it if it is true) but she gave fingerprints to the Police a short time later…she claimed it was because she was the victim of a crime but the suspicion is she was accused of a crime - harassing Lewis Capaldi - and as part of that process her fingerprints were taken. This all happened around about the time Lewis appeared at Glastonbury and couldn’t sing, prompting him to take a break. Tattlers all agreed that the prospect of a photo of Steph’s boobs would probably put most people off their stott.

    PIP Mansion

    If anyone knows where Steph lives, it’s absolutely because she has shown it online or talked about it. Tattlers knew where Steph, Are We Lils, Max and Petr because she had a sheddy in her backie that she would cut people’s hair in. Even after they split, Steph and the kids stayed there and Petr moved out. It’s not clear if she owned any part of the house (the title deeds suggest it’s 100% Pete’s but Steph said she put in a wad of cash) but she had two children living with her so they must have agreed that Petr would go.

    When Steph began a relationship with Stephen Harley (or ‘Rylan’ as he quickly became known) he would be in her Tik Toks cutting about in his boxers at Steph’s home (and in front of her two children). Very quickly - quicker than Dirty Diane pouncing on a ‘troll’ - Steph was moving (July 2023). Tattlers believed there may have been even an informal clause from Petr that she couldn’t move another man in. Steph implied (strongly) that she had bought this lovely big house and was able to do so paying for the mortgage on that and her previous house too. Well Wee Rylan let the side down by posting a Tik Tok of him driving to the house. When I say local Tattlers outshine the FBI…within MINUTES it was discovered that the property - which is kind of unique in its location and very close to a main road - was on the rental market for £2,000 per month. Steph and her Rottweilers are avid Tattlers so very quickly she was going on about safety being compromised (in an apparent distraction of the fact she’d been caught lying AGAIN) and at one point (probably to try and hide the fact she reads here) named the local Solicitors who had handled the lease etc and claimed she knew one of their staff had revealed where she lived (calm down Dua Lipa, they won’t even know who you are).

    This did give Steph some content though. Some poor person stopped in the lay-by near her house, probably lost, but Steph claimed they were a stalker who had been harassing her. So stressed she was that people knew where she lived and were out to get her…but there was not a single curtain or blind on any of the many windows in the house. It’s a long winter in the north east of Scotland with very dark nights and mornings. She was fair chuffed the house had four bathrooms and put some shampoo she promoted in each of them. The lease must have stipulated the tenant arranges their own blinds but Mrs Vavron’s millions couldn’t stretch to that.

    In what is one of this Tattler’s favourite things on Steph’s threads is her venture into ice baths. More on that later however the LOLs came from Steph’s desperation at hooking a young male singer by the name of Korey Power. She went live with him and kept trying to go live with him subsequently and made a holy show of herself one night when she decided to prove to Korey and his followers/Mods (I wish we’d seen their faces) that she was the female Wim Hoff. Watchers were agog when she bombed around PIP Mansion at 11pm, wakening her daughter up in the process, jumping into a swimmer to get right in that ice bath…but the problem is, Steph can’t keep track of her lies. To those who had the pleasure of seeing it, when she lifted the top off it was manky inside with algae and other stuff because it had been festering away with tepid water being left in it for days. Steph could never admit she was wrong so she declared that one of her trolls travelled to her home, accessed her locked garage (not a euphemism) and peed in her ice bath. I thought I was going to cringe myself to death just reading about it the following day…

    Steph the Businesswoman

    Look out Kim K, there’s a new shrewd businesswoman in town! The brand Steph is most associated with is BPerfect. She has been invited to a few events with them including the Ibiza trip (more details below) and in June 2024, Steph’s own blush ‘dropped’.

    The excitement was palpable as the big day loomed closer, folk were taking days of work and hovering over their phones waiting for the countdown (they weren’t) and boy did it drop…like a stone. The starting price was £14.99 but later that same day, a Tattler could buy it for £1.99 due to reductions in price and a discount code. Steph shared every story someone tagged her in after buying it and there must have been about 20 over the course of the day.

    By her own admission, Steph isn’t “good with words” so bearing that in mind, you would think she would proofread every post and comment and watch every video before posting. She doesn’t. She managed to insult people in a cost of living crisis by saying ‘never mind if you can’t afford on holiday, pay for mine by buying this burn orange liquid thing’:


    In a quest for world domination, on the same day the blush dropped, Steph took out her own range of tracksuits. Yay! The name was ‘EmpowHER’ and the logo looked a wee bit like the Fred Perry one…It was also discovered that rather than a company approaching Steph with an opportunity to make her own clothing, she approached a manufacturer and ordered 100 items with the logo on them. Someone had contacted Fred Perry to advise them of the similarity in logos too.


    It came in a Damart loungewear beige colour and you could buy the sweatshirt and bottoms for £105, there was a t-shirt for £XX and a lovely tote bag for £25!!!

    Unsurprisingly with prices like that they weren’t flying off the shelf. On 2 July 2024, the sales figures were


    In the final nail of the coffin, Steph wasn’t even wearing her own threads:


    Steph’s Weight

    It’s important to say from the get go that nobody cares what size Steph is - a lot of regular posters have spoken about their own experiences with eating disorders/weight issues. The problem people have is Steph clearly edits her photos to make herself look slimmer and it’s concerning and irresponsible given the size of her platform. The fact she has a teenage daughter who watches her videos is a worry too.

    Back in the days when Steph was happier with her weight she was very critical of bigger women and the type of clothes they chose to wear


    But now she is a bigger woman herself, she clearly struggles to accept that. Examples of her photoshopping her pictures:


    Posted almost one after the other, the left image was shared on Instagram and the right on Tik Tok. Look at the telltale sign of a photoshopped picture - the bend in the railings gives the game away (as well as the fact she’s obviously slimmer of course!)

    The image on the left is of Steph wearing a newly bought satin sheet in shade ‘skitters’ and the one on the right was around two weeks later when she was on holiday:


    What has become a bit of an iconic Steph moment is the day she whipped her tape measure and practically cut herself in half like a magician’s assistant to prove a point to someone who pre- emoted a backlash for stating an honest opinion.


    You’d be forgiven for thinking she was so mad, she got her caption wrong but she doesn’t proof read, ever.

    In June 2024, Steph was invited to a BPerfect brand event with other influencers. Even when she was joining in with yoga, a boat trip and drinking she found the time to photoshop her pictures:


    The image on the left is what Steph posted on her social media and the image on the right was on BPerfect’s Tik Tok. It speaks for itself.

    In the next photo we’ll see Steph on the left at yoga and the right is on the boat trip. The irony of the ‘Ask Me Anything’ (second image) is not lost on anyone:


    One of the questions in the ‘Ask Me Anything’ was asking where her holiday clothes were from and she gave a blanket answer of everything was from Shein and everything was a size 12. Anyone who wears clothes knows that you can buy 10 different items if clothing from the same shop and they’re probably not all going to fit. And Shein is notorious for their clothes being on the small side.

    It’s dangerous that Steph has the size of platform she does and it’s worrying that she has an impressionable young daughter given her reluctance to accept her real size. It could be that she genuinely believes that’s her size but given her previous tweet criticising an overweight person for what they were wearing, it’s likely she doesn’t like her weight and that’s why she edits her photos. She is extremely triggering.

    The Many Lies of Stephanie Vavron

    Stephanie loves a lie. She doesn’t stop and think through the lie and sometimes they are outright ridiculous!

    In no particular order, the Anti-Stephanators recalled their favourite lies:

    * Steph originally had an account about Autism and in April 2022, she claimed to be opening an ASN playgroup in the community centre her Mum and Nana are involved in. She had an ‘Amazon Wishlist’ full of expensive items that would make a cracking play area. Via Tik Tok, a millionaire purchased everything on the list…and the items have not been seen again.

    * Steph said she had bought PIP Mansion. This was debunked by Tattlers in literally minutes - the only reason anyone knew where the house was is because Harley added a Tik Tok showing him driving to it. Information online revealed the house had recently been leased via Aberdein Considine. She suggested someone from Aberdeen Considine had passed on her address - calm down Beyoncé, concentrate on not telling lies 😂.

    * She’s not exactly known for her approachable caring manner so you can imagine the cries of “aye right” when she claimed to have talked to a suicidal man on the phone all night. This was never mentioned again.

    * Steph was seen wearing a long white summer dress with an obvious rip at the bottom (like if you’d been crouching down and you accidental stepped on the hem as you stood up). In a Tik Tok filmed at her previous home you could see the rip their however some time later, Steph said the dress had been caught in an escalator in Union Square, making a big deal of it. The stuff she says herself caught her out again.

    * In a photo taken by “Dinyell” (Hairdreeser Danielle Palompo), Steph was caught reading Tattle with speculation that it was the page of her good friend Aimee No Last Name. On realising she’d been caught out, Steph tried to backtrack and claim she was looking at it to try and fish Tattlers in. Rightio…

    * On her phase of being a gym bunny (where she declared she was a “winner” just by going), Steph spoke about her gym wear on Tik Tok and claimed she was a size ‘meejum’. Unfortunately for her she had left one of the stickers on display and they were XL. Similarly, she filmed a Primark haul and tried to hide the sizes - again leaving the colour codes on display. And just to clarify again - nobody cares what size she wears or how much she weighs - it’s the triggering lies about it that people object to.

    * Steph took a liking to a young singer Korey Power who does Tik Tok lives, stitching with other people (mainly women). In a late night live, Steph thought he would like to see her in her ice bath. She donned her swimming costume and told everyone this was her second ice bath that day. Caught out in another pointless lie, Steph took the top off to find the water she’d left in the bath had turned green and was full of algae. She went on to say one of her trolls had come to her house and pissed in her ice bath. The Police are actively hunting for Shrek to see if he has an alibi.

    * It is believed Steph and Rylan got together after he sent her messages, praising her lunch boxes (not a euphemism). Their first date was to a random shed in rural Scotland with no phone signal. Not ideal when you have three children between you. Sadly she had filmed it and shared it with everyone later. She denied that this was their first date when it was obvious it was.

    * Steph has a drama every time she’s at the airport. On a Loganair flight she had fallen asleep at the front of the plane and when she woke up, the only person on the flight with her was the pilot. Way hey, some content! She told everyone that the cabin crew hadn’t woken her and the plane’s stairs had been removed. In a desperate bid to be famous, she rolled this lie out and it featured on The Scum Facebook page. It’s fair to say the Stephinators aren’t known for their critical thinking but this opened the door for feedback she didn’t want. It was quickly ascertained that Loganair flights don’t have removable stairs for a start…Loganair were forced to release a statement as their safety practices were called into question. Good job she was lying isn’t it!

    * Steph was feeling particularly philanthropic and decided to give beauty items to her old school, Northfield Academy. This post suggests it was a lie:


    If the above is true, it makes the whole situation worrying (on a lie scale). Maintaining that she did go to the school, Steph stated stated staff let her into the main part of the school where she got chatting to a 15-year-old boy who had ADHD. Obviously this raised huge concerns and Northfield had to release a statement saying this was wholly untrue. Can you see a pattern emerging here?!



    * She randomly said out of nowhere she had an eating disorder. She also said she had a dairy allergy but continued to film herself drinking milky coffee and eating things with cheese on it.

    * She said Lily doesn’t like crowded places with loud noises - just as well that went away in time for Taylor Swift and New York…

    * Steph was staying at a hotel in Glasgow with her younger step-brother (she has an older biological brother but neither he nor her dad speak to Steph) and there are two lies in this stay. Steph was adamant she was terrified of heights and wailed like a banshee as it was one that raised you up quite high. Fast forward a couple of weeks and Steph is posing at the top of skyline buildings in New York.

    Steph insisted on filming herself eating her breakfast. Boke. She had a spot on her face and she told her 400,000 Tik Tok followers that she’d been bitten by a bed bug. Someone notified the hotel of the slanderous allegations and she dirty deleted the video.

    * Steph ordered clothes for going on holiday. She said she hadn’t ordered from Shein before. She went on Tik Tok raging that the order had gone to her previous address and had been left outside. In standard form, Steph became highly agitated when people started questioning it in the comments and produced a number of screenshots…including one that showed previous orders. She clearly didn’t change her shipping address and rather than say “what a daftie” and sorting it out, she doubled down.

    * Steph claimed she was in Asda with her Nana when tragically her Mooselover jumpsuit split! Oh nooooo! What a nightmare she shouted, she hadn’t taken a jacket with her. What is probably Steph’s biggest mistake when it comes to lying, she assumes everyone is as thick as she is - she does have a group of followers who believe everything she tells them so maybe it’s no wonder. She also thinks everyone else is blind…


    It’s good luck the ladies of Asda are big fans of her though


    * I don’t think she meant it to write this but she ended up being the most honest she’s ever been:


    If she had written it correctly it would be a lie. She’s far from being the hands on mum she claims to be.

    * Claims she has never kissed another Tik Tokker - even Churchy and Rylan?


    These lies show she is a pathological liar.

    The Most Hated Person in Aberdeen?

    As covered before, Steph became quite well known in Aberdeen because she was married to Cammy - he touched a lot of hearts in Aberdeen and beyond. This is believed to be her first taste of ‘notoriety’ and when the whole Tik Tok scene kicked off, she chose that platform to try and raise her profile again.

    She did amass a good amount of followers and her account was quite wholesome to begin with…well, as wholesome as an account can be when it involves shilling a very young boy with additional needs. She filmed herself making packed lunches and that proved to be popular.

    She certainly wasn’t alone in doing this but she created an echo chamber and did all she could to get rid of or prevent comments she didn’t like. One Tattler’s friend tried to add a comment making reference to Cammy and it wasn’t accepted - she takes advantage of a social media feature that means you can block comments featuring chosen words.

    Aberdeen is a village, ‘6 degrees of separation’ is reaIt became apparent that Steph had upset a lot of people over the years and when a couple of her Tik Toks were published in articles, the floodgates opened and there was no way Steph could moderate them. Even her Mum and Nana couldn’t stop them.

    A Tattler took screenshots of comments about Steph on an Aberdeen Football Club forum:










    Cammy was a huge Aberdeen fan, a minute’s silence was held for him at the first Pittodrie game after he died. He died in January 2014 and these comments were made in November 2023, proving that she is notorious - just not for the right reasons.

    In early July 2024, Steph purchased some flat pack furniture from IKEA. They have a Joiner who you can contact to come and assemble the items for you - I know what you’re thinking, Steph is an independent boss babe, she wouldn’t need a man for that…she must have been resting her independence that day as a Tattler found out Steph had contacted the Joiner but he knew people she had upset and he refused to go to her house in case he was accused of something. When people would rather give up paid work in a cost of living crisis than have anything to do with you, you’re definitely despised.

    (Emz/HAHM/Ranting Ma - to be completed)

    Call Outs and Clap Backs

    Steph loves a clap back! I would go so far as to say it’s her favourite part of the day.

    Steph’s BFF (when she needs something) Aimee ‘This Single Mama’ went to see Girls Aloud after being invited by a brand but it appears none of the other Tik Tokkers spoke to her. Steph addressed it but didn’t say she who she was talking about and a follower wrote a comment saying they thought it was Aimee with laughing emojis. Well Steph ‘The Good Samaritan’ Vavron recorded a video answering the comment (making sure it was pinned - perhaps in the hope her loyal followers would contact her?) and telling us all how nice a person she was, how she would never leave a woman on her own and talked about how people wouldn’t think she’d been bullied at school because of “PRETTY PRIVILIGE”. Hmmm.

    In a jam packed video, Steph also told us that we’re all born alone (apart from the women who birthed us and anyone else present) and we all die alone, just a number on a toe tag. Said video was later deleted because the comments were not going as planned. Thankfully a Tattler managed to capture it:

    (If this link doesn’t work, it’s on thread #46 post 87.

    Steph’s Tik Tok is a well oiled machine in the regard that there’s always someone there to pounce on any rogue comments! A Tattler spotted this one (the jury’s still out as to whether Steph knew what the second poster meant: