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  • Name: Sophie Guidolin
    Age: 34 years old (DOB 16/03/1989) but pretending she just turned 33 again
    Born: Adelaide
    Lives: Gold Coast
    Marital Status: Recently separated from Dr Teef Andrew Firgaira
    Ex Partners: Jake Edwards, Nathan Wallace (ex-husband since 2020), Hayden Summers, Rynofit
    Children: Kai (16?), Ryder, Evie, Aria (twins), Pixie, Born 25th January 2023 (rest in peace 🌸)
    Career/Known for: Bodybuilder, Nutritionist, Competitor, Fitness Model (International), Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer.
    • April 2022 - was photographed in a questionable image/pose with her then 16 year old son, Kai.
    Someone to update past scandals please, I don't know much more about her!


    Sophie has been recently discussed (and likely brought you here to the Wiki) for the timeline of the passing of her & Andrew's baby girl, Pixie. Please note that some of the content here may be triggering for some people and discusses stillbirth, abortion and HG. Some of these posts have since been removed from Sophie's social media.

    Credit for the following timelines to @usemycode for their efforts in collating it all!

    It is also needed to be noted, this is just for information purposes not to accuse her of anything. There have been discussions regarding how Pixie passed and questions around Medical Termination (MT). However I would like to stress that no one is accusing her of anything, nor wishing harm upon anyone.

    NB: There were two comprehensive posts shared by @usemycode with an array of screenshots and receipts, before the gestation of Pixie was confirmed by Andrew, and after. For ease of access I have included both timelines as they both contain slightly different (yet relevant) information.

    11th November 2022:

    Sophie and Andrew get married.

    12th December 2022:
    Sophie posts these Pregnancy tests to her subscribers asking if people can see two lines. I’ve left the date visible that this was shared both here and in the outspoken podcast group. Note the “honeymoon bebe”.

    13th December 2022:
    Sophie posts in her Facebook group a poll asking about abortion. Follows it with this:

    17th December 2022:
    Sophie announces her pregnancy and again mentions “honeymoon bebe”.

    People are suspicious and questioning her timeline. See this post to sum up what is likely the truth.

    Around 22 December 2022:

    tattle speculated that she will “jump on the HG trend”. That same day, Sophie posts a reel about having HG.

    people are not convinced because she has been sharing large amounts of content that contradict the expected behaviour of someone seriously unwell with HG. Travel, staying on a houseboat, having parties, living her life as usual.

    Sophie says life is great but also that she’s suffering and also that she’s never been so sick in her life. People continue to question how true this is because again, she was living life as normal.

    She continues to share concerning (and maybe exaggerated/dramatic) stories about her “HG”.

    8th January 2023-11th January 2023:
    She posts that she is in hospital, and then starts to allude to/outright say that Andrew left her to be alone in hospital while he’s off partying on a boat. She allows her followers to dog him repeatedly in her comments. Note that same day she was running errands and appeared to be fine.

    15th January 2023:
    She posts passive aggressive stories about how Andrew doesn’t understand and isn’t attentive or empathetic of her experience. She also gets “busted” publicly for photoshopping herself. It makes the news. Or at least the daily mail. She deletes the photo/reel and tattle predicts she will likely go back to hospital and share it for a diversion/attention.

    16th January 2023:
    sure enough the next day she is back and asking for kindness.

    Unsure of exact dates (Someone can confirm if known):
    Andrew and his two girls (previous marriage) travel to Europe - One of his daughters, Paris, is turning 18.
    He posts about being in Rome 6 days ago, so about 22nd January 2023 Aus time, he probably left a couple of days before that so maybe 18/19th January.

    19th January 2023:

    She posts again that she’s in hospital. Someone asks where Andrew is and she says he’s enroute to Europe on vacay. This sparks her fan girls to attack him in her comments and on his Instagram. She “accidentally” reveals the baby is a girl.

    Around 21st January:
    She comments on Martha from MAFS post implying Andrew hasn’t been supportive of her.

    22nd January 2023:
    She’s at the beach with blown out hair, but also is very sick and dehydrated and low energy. Allegedly. She says Nathan took her then later deletes his name from the post. She says she’s going into hospital tomorrow, 23rd January. She does a Q&A on stories and breaks down her “HG” and also hints/tells people that she is further along than we all thought based on her “honeymoon bebe“. She posts a flat lay of her medication and shared that she’s all alone and her husband refused to cancel his planned in advance special trip with his daughters. It’s possible this is when she admits she is at Robina Private Hospital that doesn’t have a maternity unit but does have a mental health unit that she has possibly been admitted to.

    22nd January 2023:
    Sophie posts a trigger warning then a story about how she has repeatedly considered termination. She mentions that she looked at flying overseas to “make the pain stop”. This appears to be a reference to flying overseas to a place that allows late term pregnancy termination. Sophie says she has had suicidal thoughts? She has since removed the post so I can’t find screenshots but people talked about it here.

    23rd January 2023:
    A screenshot of a DM with Sophie is shared in multiple places where she again implies Andrew doesn’t care about her physical or mental state. He tries to explain the situation. Some people defend him, no doubt she can see all of this.

    24th January 2023:
    Friend Triniti Jean posts that she is flying with her baby and mum tomorrow to see Sophie (25th January 2023). It seems like she is flying to support Sophie while Sophie is in hospital getting treatment for “HG”. She makes a comment about “turn of events” which is taken as strange by many people.

    25th January 2023:
    Morning she posts a story asking for love to be sent her way. It is also Andrew’s daughter’s 18th birthday. People question if she is trying to get attention, is the baby ok? Did the baby come early?

    27th January 2023:
    Sophie shares that she gave birth to her daughter Pixie, stillborn via c-section. There is no mention of Andrew but she thanks everyone else in her life and the medical staff. She geotags the hospital she’s at.
    She says “maybe some souls were always meant to be angels” at the end of her announcement.


    Updates now that Andrew has shared that Pixie was born at 23+5 weeks gestation (23 weeks 5 days) on 25 January 2023.

    11th November 2022: Sophie and Andrew married (13 weeks pregnant)
    Note she later claimed that during this time she was vomiting 20-30 times per day, not even able to get up from the bed to the toilet to be sick.

    1st December 2022: oasis dental Christmas party (15+6 pregnant) tattle speculating she’s pregnant. An inside source will later reveal that at the Christmas party Sophie took Andrew’s phone and was deleting photos of him with female staff members that were taken at the party. Allegedly. And Andrew noted her doing it. It was awkward. Allegedly. Source also said she really put on the nausea act at the party and couldn’t drink alcohol.
    Note she later claimed that during this time she was vomiting 20-30 times per day, not even able to get up from the bed to the toilet to be sick.

    12th December 2022: Sophie posts the pregnancy tests to her subscribers asking if they can see the lines (17+3 pregnant)

    17th December 2022: pregnancy announcement “honeymoon bebe” (18+1 pregnant) note that if it was a “honeymoon bebe” she would only be early in the first trimester here.

    22nd December 2022
    : HG reel (first we hear of it? (18+6 pregnant) Says it’s FINALLY “under control” but will later say that 18-21 weeks pregnant was “beyond horrific, I have questioned my own life, her life, and begged for it to stop and had multiple hospital trips. The guilt riddles me and the pain cripples me more”.
    At the time of her reel (18+6) despite apparently being beyond horrifically sick she was very active on social media and living her life as usual. No signs of being sick. This is the day she ate a jar of Nutella and spilled it on herself and then ate a tub of hummus. On camera. She also got her hair extensions replaced this day.

    24th December 2022: life is great, she does presents, cleans, cooks, drives around, looks at Christmas lights. (19+1 pregnant) later according to Sophie weeks 18-21 were “beyond horrific, I have questioned my own life, her life, and begged for it to stop and had multiple hospital trips. The guilt riddles me and the pain cripples me more”.

    25/26th December 2022: Christmas swim for the bebe. (19+2-3 pregnant) again later weeks 18-21 were “beyond horrific, I have questioned my own life, her life, and begged for it to stop and had multiple hospital trips. The guilt riddles me and the pain cripples me more”.

    26 December 2022: posts this photo with the caption below. Seems fine. I would post the rest of the caption but I can’t even google her Instagram anymore. (19+3 pregnant)

    31st December 2022: she’s on a boat. A houseboat with HG. (20+1 pregnant) and still in the weeks of “beyond horrific, I have questioned my own life, her life, and begged for it to stop and had multiple hospital trips. The guilt riddles me and the pain cripples me more”. It’s here I’m going to point out that her followers still think Sophie is approximately 9 weeks or less pregnant here. If conception was the weekend of her wedding like she wants everyone to believe.

    New Years Day 2023: post on Stradbroke Island. (20+2 pregnant)

    2nd January 2023 #ad
    (20+3 pregnant but who knows when she filmed it) apparently she had a massive plate of food and worked all day.

    3rd January 2023 (20+4 pregnant but followers believe she is about 9 weeks)
    Sophie shares the baby is moving. Visible kicks. Tattle is onto it, must be over 20 weeks they say.
    Sophie looks healthy and happy. Still in the “beyond horrific” HG stage that she will later detail.
    Has a rant about her boobs where she says she has put on weight and has gone from a D cup to a FF+ in the last 3 months. Odd considering she literally couldn’t keep food or fluids down. Posts heaps of content looking happy and glowing etc, but “guys this is my reality I’m so sick!”..

    5th January 2023: from boat to weightlifting (20+6 pregnant) shares a scan with baby feet visible. Speculation it’s from the 20 week morphology scan (still allowing people to think shes 9 weeks ish pregnant).
    Out for coffee and food
    Bonus lols

    6th January 2023: guess who ran 5km. With HG. (21 weeks pregnant) can’t keep fluids down. Praying. Beyond horrific. Allegedly.
    Preaching to her followers about her pregnancy triggering them.

    7th January 2023: how many weeks and what gender? (21+1 pregnant) shuts down anyone who says she’s in her second trimester. Many guesses of 18-20 weeks.

    8th January 2023: (21+2 pregnant)
    Took her son to the movies. Andrew’s on a boat without her. She tags him in her hospital selfie later that day.
    questions box- Spins this BS. (please note that at the time she had this alleged “health crisis” in early September, that she made a reel of, she would have been very early in her pregnancy but had a bunch of cervical procedures. Make of that what you will. (Reel screenshots follow questions) this is also when she was in hospital for fluids, says her veins have collapsed from dehydration. Made a boomerang of her sooking and pouting.

    Reel from 6th September 2022 (already pregnant)

    16th January 2023:
    be kind post back in hospital (22+3 pregnant) Pindara private. No facilities to care for babies under 32 weeks gestation.
    18th January 2023: from one hospital to the next. Robina private with no maternity services. (22+5 pregnant) still allowing followers to think she is about 11 weeks pregnant.
    19th January 2023:
    (22+6 pregnant) back in hospital? Andrew “enroute to Europe for vacay” followers attack him. Reveals gender.
    22nd January 2023: (23+2 pregnant)at the beach. Fresh blowout. Mentions Nathan in a post then deletes his name.
    Lists HG timeline, says she’s between 22-25 weeks pregnant, has like 12 weeks to go (so apparently she thinks she was going to give birth at 35 weeks?!) says she’s 24 weeks pregnant. Story about termination. Says she is booked in to hospital for tomorrow (tomorrow being 23rd January).

    23rd January 2023: (23+3 pregnant) is exposed publicly for her DM where she throws Andrew under a bus.
    More attacks on Andrew from her followers. He posts his explanation.
    24th January 2023: Triniti is flying to her.
    25th January 2023: Sophie asks for love to be sent to her that morning.
    Pixie Firgaira is stillborn at 23 weeks 5 days.
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