Sophie Cachia Truth Revealed

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  • Australia’s first, tallest and most authentic athletic lesbian CEO mummy blogger

    Sophie Shaw- FKA The Young Mummy
    Liked to call herself Sophie Jane Shaw before realising this was never actually on her birth certificate
    Married name - Cachia, has kept this for her business and in general but has gone back to Shaw on Insta

    September 11, 1990 (so well before this became an acknowledged date as one of the worst terrorist acts in history - but we still call seredipity...)

    Melbourne, right off the Tulla freeway in a mausoleum

    Relationship Status
    Maddie Garrick: Soft launched Jan 2020, second choice til December 2020, finished up October 2022 (4am Melbourne time)

    Jarryd Cachia: ex-husband - separated Sept 2019, slept under the stairs for a while prior.

    Very young Katherine smith 2019- Bali

    Headboard slammer circa 2020

    Alannah Kennedy off-on-off-on-off-on-permanently off

    Bobby 8
    Florence 5

    Signature colour

    Aisuru blue

    History with Maddie and AK?

    Family tree
    See “best selling book” for details on how she has thrown all family members under the bus
    KJ blonde sister co starred in Survivor and outlasted Sophie. Also everyone loved KJ way more which butt hurt Sophie

    Secondary - money spent on private (Penleigh & Essendon Grammar) when her older sisters all went to the local high school
    Less than one semester of journalism at university (no receipts of this ever even proven!)

    Business ventures
    Cachia - overpriced pyjamas in various shades of leopard print, branded with her ex-husband’s name
    Fairy Magic
    Next Gen Mini’s (r.i.p)
    Boda Hair Boutique (ANGEL investor)
    Big Daddy Fitness
    Shaw Media (sure!)

    Caitlin- the PA/ nanny alleged side chick

    Published books
    Bobby did a big stinky poo
    Bobby please eat your dinner
    Bobby go to sleep now
    Then there was her

    TV appearances
    Survivor Blood and Water 2022 (add description)

    Branded partnerships

    Tattle Dictionary

    Tattle nicknames

    young Scummy
    Australia’s/ world’s first lesbian

    Significant events/controversies
    Split with Maddie Garrick

    23 October 2022 - Sophie posts story on Instagram confirming that she’s split with Maddie and alludes to Maddie being unfaithful.

    Aisuru quality control
    Ad Standards breeches
    Cease and desist letters to SMILF
    Overcapitalised on the mausoleum in Tulla
    Generally known for being a shitty/absent mother but tries to constantly brand herself as ‘never leaving her babies’
    Has publicly revealed a tonne of private sexual info about ex lovers- most likely without consent
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