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  • Just a reminder to any new visitors, that Simone scammed her fans by selling her PR, clothes etc, saying profits were being donated to the women's refuge, and keeping the money for herself over the years. She only made any donations AFTER she had been called out by Makaia Carr and Pebbles Hooper. She took them to court for bullying but in the end the truth came out.

    She's a pathological liar.

    Influencer Simone Anderson publicly denies allegations she did not make donations to charity - NZ Herald
    Influencer says she's donated to Women's Refuge and other charities and has the receipts.

    Simone wrote that on 13th June 2020? She says she had donated previously! Yes, Simone, you had donated previously!! A week prior to making that statement Simone donated to multiple charities, in her maiden name Pretscherer. It’s there in black and white in Makaia Carr’s legal statement, signed off by Simone’s lawyers.
    It is shocking how Simone tried to fool everyone with this statement. There were even news articles about it, saying that, yes, she had donated previously, but everyone missed it because the donations were made in her legal name of Pretscherer!!

    Simone did not donate until called out.
    Once called out she then quickly donated approximately $22,000 in total to several charities.

    She then released press statements or did interviews stating,
    "Last week, the communications manager for Women's Refuge made a statement to the press that no donations had been received from Simone Anderson.
    "This discrepancy was made due to the fact that all charitable donations I make are under my legal name of Pretscherer; which is the name on my birth certificate, passport and bank account.

    "I have made donations to Women's Refuge, among other charities, and have receipts."

    What she doesn’t say is that there were no donations until June 2020, when she was caught out.

    Remember also that Simone was being given thousands and thousands of dollars of product each week during the four years her facebook secondhand page was operating. She was selling all those items and pocketing the money when she said she was donating it. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth. Each week. Approx $260000+ according to some sources that added up sales in the FB group and TM account before Simone deleted them.

    After writing this it came to our notice that Simone was telling businesses that the above was not the full story: she claimed and possibly continues to claim that she had made substantial donations prior to June 2020, but to a different charity (not Women’s Refuge). This was debunked by the charity concerned. Remember, always refer to Makaia Carr’s statement that she released on December 15, 2020. This unequivocally states that there were no donations before June 2020, and was signed by Simone’s legal team.

    Simone Martha Forsyth, nee Pretscherer AKA Anderson
    Pretscherer = her maiden name, mum’s surname.
    Anderson = one of her middle names, her dad's surname. Uses it as her social media name/stage name.

    Alter Egos
    Tryhards - One of her first tattle personas, joined in the early days before Simone had her own thread in the NZ Influencers chat and went hard trying to defend Simone....and instantly got called out for it, and subsequently evaporated.
    Tagitbaby - her tattle persona who famously called us all thick cunts, and desperate house wives who needed c**k
    Taptotidy - another tattle persona
    Theotherman - another tattle persona that joined in 2023 to make the claim that he was Trent's male lover and wanted advice on how he should spill the tea about their affair...full lolz Simone.

    ElisssssaMK - her fake Instagram account which she uses to reply to haters in the comments sections of posts about her.

    December 20th 1990 in Auckland, grew up in Remuera. Spent her high school years living in Parnell.

    Scott Point (wishes it was Hobsonville Point), Auckland
    Owns two investment properties, as confirmed in a Q&A and tagitbaby, not confirmed by searches of Land Information NZ register.

    Relationship Status
    Married to Trent Forsyth

    Works at Canon as a Regional Sales
    Manager, allegedly earning $300k+ per annum
    Works from home

    Asher 2
    Ryder 0


    Besties (full list below)

    Close friends
    Will who has been living in the UK
    Cass who is the mum of Simone’s godson
    Jenna and Adam (Jenna owns Mila Mae candles)

    Simone spends more time on Tattle than any of us (despite claiming she’s “checked it for laughs with friends at parties to read out the comments less than a handful of times”)

    Had a gastric sleeve in 2014 but now credits her weight loss to her lifestyle change.

    Says she has no time to fluff around since having Asher, but spends her weeks going to numerous appointments including hair, nails, massages. Says she only has a night out once a month but she has a different calendar than the rest of us as she is out more evenings than not.

    Simone fake tans every Wednesday or Thursday night and changes her sheets and “resets” her house every Friday. Simone loves doing laundry 3274 times a day and only ever has 5-6 items in each load.

    Signature colour


    When she was 15 she had her first serious boyfriend who was 25, the relationship lasted 6 years.
    She met Trenti on Tinder, they got married 20th November 2020.

    Family tree
    Half sister Lisa and half brother Brooke from father’s first marriage. Brothers Jackson and Nicklaus, to the same parents as her.

    St Cunts where she was an athlete participating in 14 sports including representative swimming that no one can find any record of.

    University of Auckland for an unknown length of time, studied Business until she failed a paper and quit.

    Business ventures
    Embrace Activewear
    Nada (not an owner despite her calling it her baby on IG)
    Your Cycle (see above)

    Trent’s Mother, Wendy

    Published books
    Journey to health
    So Delish (spoiler alert: this book will tell you how to make frozen grapes)

    TV appearances
    Tyra Banks

    She interviews various celebrities and promotes a beauty product
    Podcast with Dom Harvey, her legal team requested that parts were edited out - including women’s refuge fraud

    Branded partnerships
    Everything she can get her hands on. Notably Lorna Jane and Aim'n, despite being competitors to her own brand.

    Previously Bambini for tacky designer baby clothes.

    Companies that have cancelled their partnerships
    Simplify My Home
    Bras n Things
    Find Fair
    Naked Harvest
    Tits Up
    Edwards and Co (Simone tags things as ad but it’s been confirmed there is no influencer agreement with her)

    Companies who have confirmed there was never a paid partnership (eg just free product)
    Native Sparkling
    Hot Milk

    Companies that align with Simone’s values
    Chiffon Boutique
    My New Tum
    Saylor Mae
    Hot Milk
    LS Embroidery
    Peachy Lip Co.
    Magic Box Co.
    Friday Flamingo
    Millar Road
    The Playtime Store
    Mila Mae & Co
    Lash Fridays
    Ed & I
    Milk Books
    Naked Nectar
    Girls Get Off
    Amaia Brows
    About The Glow
    Noni & Co
    Go Mama
    London June
    Ollie and James
    Lil Moo and You
    Sole Shoes
    Lorna Jane

    Charity donations

    Tattle Dictionary

    Tattle nicknames
    Simon, Simo, DimSim (from her own attempted spelling of Dim Sum, too perfect really), Scamone, Thick Cunt (comes from the time a user called tagitbaby came on her thread and defended her and called us all thick cunts, fat housewives with no lives etc. Strongly believed to be Simone herself)

    Significant events/controversies
    Primarily the women's refuge scam. TL;DR: sold clothing that was gifted to her by businesses and claimed the proceeds were being donated to Women’s Refuge. No donations were made prior to Simone being publicly called out in 2020. Donations total around $22k however it is estimated she made over $200k from the sale of these clothes.

    Post about mental health awareness, sponsored by Panadol (painkiller company)

    Sponsored post for rapid antigen tests with misleading claims

    Many breaches of advertising standards authority guidelines about disclosing ads, responsible promotion of alcohol, and retinol while pregnant.

    Promoting postie plus in a post about a terrorist attack.

    Investigated by ASA for promoting and using Nivea retinol product while pregnant. complaint upheld by ASA, but posts were deleted with no apology or warnings issued.

    Shared a video announcing her current Pregnancy to Trent however this video is confirmed to be (sadly) from a loss - NOT THE CURRENT PREGNANCY

    Had a partnership with Find Fair for an ethical online search tool, despite being the least ethical person in the country.

    Buys Instagram bots several times a month.

    Started close friends to showcase her true, authentic self - however this is code for exploiting her child. No respect for her child’s privacy including filming him doing his business to 300k+ followers bots.

    Complaints over promotion of protein powder, vitamins during pregnancy

    Promoting cord blood banking for the second time - and then actively deleted all comments that raised questions about its legitimacy.

    Messaged Hobsonville Housewife


    Screenshots from Makaia Carrs FB posts about donation amounts-

    Thanks to @trentstillworksfromhome for deep diving into Simone's extensive bestie list:

    As promised, a full round-up of everyone Simone has claimed is her "bestie" or "best friend".

    One major trend to notice is that Simone almost cannot attend a wedding without claiming that she is "so privileged to watch her best friends marry their best friends" or similar. At this point, she's claimed the married couple as her "best friends" so many times, that the few weddings she's attended without stating that they are her best friends really stand out, and you have to wonder what those people did wrong to not be elevated to Bestie status for the day at least.

    Simone’s Besties

    – Husband, nuff said

    30/11/23 – “Celebrating three years of marriage with my best friend”

    3/09/23 – “We love you & I love doing life with my best friend” Literally copied her caption from Father’s Day ’22 and excused it with “Last years words because well you just are the best 🤣

    22/08/23 – “Still pinch myself that I get to do life with my best friend by my side”

    23/01/23 – “have spent the last 7 years gliding through life as best friends and soul mates.”

    20/11/22 – “Two years married to my best friend”

    14/02/22 – “you are the man I I dreamt of building a life with, raising a family with, and growing old with and best friends…”

    20/11/21 – “One year married to the love of my life and best friend.”

    1/08/21 - “To my best friend, greatest support and now father of my child…” (NB: on exactly the same day she also claimed “loungewear is my new best friend”…sorry Trent).

    9/7/21 - “Thank you for being my best friend, my greatest supporter…”

    05/01/21 – “Adventures with my bestie”

    Asher – First child, only child that has been referred to as a “bestie”. Sorry Ryder.

    8/11/21 - “What a way to spend my Monday morning, with my little bestie.”

    Lucy Scanlan – used to be Lucy Morris

    1/10/22 – “When your bestie comes to stay for the weekend and you feel so complete”

    16/04/22 - had a story about being so proud of her besties for the beautiful beach house they have got now. Lust for property clear.

    23/03/22 – “Watching your best friends get married is one of the most magical moments in life, I will treasure this day forever.”

    25/06/21 - “A full fun day bridal dress shopping with my beautiful bestie”

    18/12/20 – Special high tea with my beautiful bestie Lucy”

    Jess Hopkinson – used to be Crowhurst. Bestie that was in her bridal party and for some reason was at the birth of Asher.

    11/04/23 – “Truly one of the highlights of my life… witnessing my best friend marry her best friend.”

    6/04/23 – “Best friend is officially a WIFE…”

    2/07/22 - What a day!!!!! My best friend is getting married and I have the honour of standing by her side….. IT’S A YES!!!!!

    30/07/21 - “thank you for being my best friend, support for Trent, and now auntie to Asher.”

    Becca Foster – shortie from Simmo’s bridal party

    1/02/24 – Story saying “My beautiful bestie @beccakfoster came over for the afternoon/bath chaos”

    Lucy Kelly – somebody who asked Simmo to be in her bridal party, and therefore, as is tradition, was elevated to the status of BEST FRIEND for the day.

    24/01/22 - “Watching your best friend get married is something else…standing by her side is the greatest honor on this planet”


    11/11/22 – “
    Well now getting into adulthood and still having my siblings as my best friends is a bond I will be forever grateful for.”

    Nicola May – Been friends for “7, maybe 8 years of friendship, I’ve lost count!”

    11/03/22 – “Treated to a special high tea with my bestie @nicolamaynz”

    Hayley Featonby – Semi-regular presence from back in the day, married couple friends with Simmo and Tenti.

    20/02/22 - “Watching your best friends get married is such a privilege, as a married couple both getting to stand beside them in their bridal parties is a once in a lifetime experience.”

    18/02/22 – “We can’t wait to watch our best friends get married 💍

    Loungewear – Wears it regularly, used to be gifted it for free, haven’t seen it much lately

    1/08/21 - “No joke, loungewear is my new best friend”

    Nikki Pretscherer – Mum – goes in and out of fashion with Simmo, depending on when Tattle mentions that things seem tense between them.

    31/07/21 - “My Mum has not only always been the most caring, kind, supportive and encouraging mother, she has also always been a best friend to me.”

    09/05/21 - “thank you for being my best friend”

    Mandarins – a fruit

    13/07/21 - “I have a love like no other for bowls of cereal and mandarins are my best friend.”

    Anna & Tim – Honestly no idea who these besties are, first we hear of them is the Samoa trip in Oct 2023 for their wedding

    9/10/23 - “Watching our best friends unite with the loves of their lives, getting to know their families on a deeper level in this picturesque setting, and sipping cocktails in the pool while creating lifelong memories with close friends—it was pure magic.”

    Briar – Bridal party bestie who lives in the UK

    10/12/22 – “Today I threw my beautiful best friend @briaaaaar a bridal shower 🥹 I can’t wait to watch her marry the man of her dreams!”

    30/05/22 – Crying on multiple stories because “my bestie is engaged”

    Meg – no idea who she is

    05/03/21 - “this book was designed by one of my besties Meg from @shesaidyes”

    Unnamed Pool Bestie

    2/01/22 ““It’s such an honor to watch best friends become parents. So special to be experiencing all these magical moments with our besties.”


    4/12/21 – in a post about her Grandma: “my family are my best friends…”

    Maddox – Dog, he barely rates a mention anymore. Last post about him was 8/03/23

    29/11/21 – “Dinner al fresco with my furriest best friend”