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  • Sarah Burke 🎀- Cork

    Burp's Best Bits
    1. Wedding called off to Brian
    2. Sweet king jellies for miscarriages/infertile
    3. Slippers to childless Uncle
    4. Kelly is live
    5. Breasts 8 inches from breast bone
    6. Brian taking the new shower gel
    7. Sarah eating packets of ham in her car
    8. The green blazer rants
    9. Bishop Brennan Dress
    10. Keith and his Saxa salt
    11. Leaving Slimming World
    12. Putting zips into clothes that are too small
    13. Always could of sized down
    14. Squirting water into Luke's face
    15. Nana Betty's shoe and sandal collection
    16. Jack's rainbow photos
    17. Free black pudding salad
    18. My Brand- Rejew You
    19. Buying her house twice
    20. Crusty bicycle shorts
    21. PCOS
    22. Cysts upon cysts upon cysts
    23. Pissing on the side streets during Covid
    24. Her love of mince
    25. White Chocolate Porridge
    26. Being Hunter's godmother
    27. Keith's wrong date for Jack's tattoo
    28. Over drawing her lip liner
    29. Only up 1 stone 4 pounds from her lightest
    30. Filming Betty drenched in holy water
    31. Filming Betty eating
    32. The Chernobyl back garden
    33. The hot tub in the garden
    34. The Jewish curls
    35. Driving to Dublin for IVF
    36. Saying to just be
    37. Saying we move
    38. This kitchen is for dancing
    39. Moving her family in with Tina
    40. Dumping supermom and re friending her
    41. Her awkward relationship with Julie
    42. Singing ride sally ride at a wedding
    43. The brown contact lenses
    44. T rex hand gestures
    45. The leg kick in videos
    46. Keith's beyond perfect sperm
    47. Ignoring Luke's first little sister
    48. Cousin-friend/ the girls
    49. Saying her teeth are perfect
    50. When she had her own cushions to fluff/busy organising her cushions
    51. Announcing she was ovulating on the streets of Tenerife
    52. Her dressed as a chicken for her hen party
    53. Toy Story themed hen party.
    54. Sarah calling zips "Azips"
    55. Her "training" in someone's hall and front room.
    56. Calling shops like Zara upmarket in Elevenerife
    57. Getting pissed in Turkey the night Keet had his temporary teet in.
    58. The many trips to Clarney
    59. Announcing she had Covid and blaming Aldi
    60. Giving the guards McDonalds coffee during lockdown
    61. Keith's car going up on done deal and getting about 20k views from tattlers.
    62. Ordering Xmas dinner in a box and claiming it was the best thing ever.
    63. Saying she was 4 stops from Times Square when she was in New Jersey
    64. Claiming to have 20% body fat or whatever it was.
    65. The personalised SLB wedding runners presumably intending to be Sarah Louise Buckley
    66. Doing a massive haul of all her bday presents e.g fake Gucci runners one year then saying she hates presents once she was with Keith 67.Telling her slimming world members who message her to work out their own syns cause she doesn’t have time
    68.Monkey see monkey do rant
    69.Gingivitis Teet
    70.Putting up Betty's RIP notice to make all the attention on her and cause havoc on RIP
    71. Doing sonics brows and having the pew pew photo
    72. Lewwwwks 7 years of everything
    73.Suffering from HG while stuffing her face morning noon and night.
    74.The ads from her hospital bed showing her cannula.
    75.The ads from the hospital loos
    76.The multiple hospital admissions because she deliberately dehydrated herself.
    77.Getting Betty to fork out for a pram that’s rarely been used, on her deathbed
    78. Sugar and salt look the same
    79. People have told her "she has a very lavish lifestyle"
    80. People stopping her on the street telling her the whole of Cork were rooting for her when she was pregnant on Jack
    81.People were stopping her when she was trying to do her shopping in lidl to tell her how nice her hair was
    82. The saying "hurt people, hurt people "
    83.Removing the a-zip from a dress to make it backless in an attempt to fit
    84. Call me a bad mother but don’t come for my brands
    85. Jean the counsellor
    86. Cuddles O' Connor
    87. The COVID car rant, when people told her she might have Covid and she went mad and ranted about it on her way to the testing centre
    88. When she came on boasting that she had a falling out with Betty and that she wouldn't be apologising to a 90+ year old until Betty did first
    89.When she filmed and posted the video of Donna with her nipple/boob on show
    90.When she lied that she decided she didn't drink the night before so that she could do the school run eventhough she was pregnant at the time
    91.When she did a video for Therapie Fertility Clinic and the next day the Clinic had to do a Live for questions and answers as there was so much backlash
    92.When Luke had a small fall at Brian's and he had a little cut over his eyebrow and Sarah had to have a Plastic Surgeon access the cut
    93.Claiming to be a front line worker during Covid when people where sending in their weights to her when she was a Slimming Leader
    94.Miriam the midwife writing her a letter
    95.Obsession with Sam's Coffee
    96.Gave the consultants and midwives at the hospital when she had her miscarriage Dylan Oaks cufflinks and chains with "Thanks for all you done " engraved on them
    97.Munchausen syndrome.
    98.Food storage in her molars and the subsequent removal and eating of said food.
    99. Her tongue always hanging out before she goes to eat or drink
    100. The “other side”.
    101. Weddin out forrin.
    102. Tina telling someone on a flight to Lanza that burps was getting married there while she was still pretending she was getting married in Ballygarry
    103. The rant when the flight home was delayed/cancelled
    104.Bringing her own products to the sisters salon
    105. The buggy that she was going to pound the roads with in September…it mustn’t have came with any rain cover
    106.Taking photos at Lewk’s swimming lessons
    107.Joining the gym in Radisson…and never going
    108. Ballygarry, you stole our hearts
    109.Luke naming the embryo Magnum
    110.When Luke said that he would be forgotten about when the new baby comes
    111.The phrase " there is alot going on in the background"
    112. When she kept breadcrumbing that she was doing IVF but referred to it as a "silent journey"
    113.The phrase "drive it on"
    114.Not planning a 7th birthday party for Luke but it was OK as Luke said he had a party for the last 6 years
    115. Isabella the Crabbit Raw Baby
    116. Egg duck/duck egg blue
    117. On Sunday's they checked the embryo app
    118.Using the word handsome for Belly's outfits.
    119. Setting up Lukeoland's you tube channel.
    120.Telling us teeth showered Luke very soon after getting with Burps and took his soother by telling him only babies have them.
    121. When Keith wore a mask and pulled up his hood so he wouldn't be recognised buying the engagement ring
    122. Alpha Wealth Seminars
    123.Her appendix, gallstones and gallbladder are all removed, how is she still alive at all.
    124. Detox and debloat vitamins have improved her gut health, she shits everyday now instead of once a week
    125. Always buying stuff for Isabella but nothing for Luke
    126.When Keith told her in the car that her moustache wasn't that bad anymore, but not in a nasty way.
    127. When she wore the bin liner dress to a wedding
    128.When she slagged off majelly for having an old sky remote in the caravan
    129. The 2 blazer dresses she can’t close and wore out
    130.The jackets that are 2 sizes too small and she says “I don’t like closing them”
    131. The bauble she had made of lewk "last Christmas as an only child " and the girl was made aware and the rant after
    132. The blinds in the morning update
    133. The non existence of Hyperemisis
    134. The piss sticks box being taken off people and repacked multiple times to video reactions
    135. She's a belter song
    136. Dumping Lewk in youghal for the full summer with his stepped up granny/ Luke and Majella at the Monday club in Farrels caravan park
    137.When she mimes along with Lewk wen she's given him lines to say and then sounds out the words for him! "Lewwwwk tell everyone what do you love? Your new..... m.. mmm...maaaa.. mattress!"
    138. Her rubbing cream to Betty’s feet/putting her to bed
    139. Doing all she can on lewks side of the family
    140. Those who know me, know
    141. Admin work
    142. Snapping lewk hugging Tina in the back of the ambulance
    143. Her first selfie of keet in clarny
    144. She loves cheese
    145. Bows Bows Bows
    146. Rainbows
    147. Boat ehhmmm
    148. Proteen
    149. Callabs especially the one in the cafe
    150. Posting a story of a video of Lewk crying staring at Keets picture, and telling everyone that Lewk was heartbroken cos Keet was gone to the shop
    151. Everything about the trip to America
    152. When she had Karen hair
    153. Keith getting 2012 on his tattoo instead of 2022
    154. Bringing Lewk to the playground & she sitting in the car
    155. When Sarah stated how much she enjoyed a blazer on Lewk
    156. Her weird as fuck cooking in the cafe in Cork, advising a chef how to do his job
    157. Wearing a white blazer dress as a blazer going wedding dress shopping
    158. Bringing keet to clarney to stay in the hotel she was getting married in
    159.The family blazers
    160. Keet drooling all over the baby
    161. The airfryer
    162. Sarah filming an ad washing herself in a shower alongside sinkhole plaza swimming pool featuring many hotel guests
    163. Sarah eating the carvery meal and getting extra everything
    164. Sarah ordering a side of chips to go with her chips
    165. Forcing lewk to dance
    166. People thinking Donna was Betty in a tiktok dance video
    167. Putting Onslow Gardens on the map
    168. The Commons
    169. O Connells of the Lough Butchers
    170. Majella having to make and drop over bodice to Keith
    171. The Fastway Rant about missing shoes and dress that she bought in 3 different sizes
    172. The songs Isle of Hope and I Get To Love You
    173. Always trying to have her collar bones on show
    174. Bigot Keith and his awful tweets
    175. On a night out when she use to bring toasted sandwiches in her bag to protect her weightloss to stop her getting a McDonalds.
    176.Keith calling her "mate" and saying her "dedication is unmatched"
    177. Using the word "meticulous" in the wrong context
    178. The waist trainer
    179. Flawless skin
    180. The phrases "one second", "it's beaudiful" , "I'm bán"
    181. The sandwich filler recipes/videos that we never got
    182.When she said " Well Tina took me out of school during term for holidays and I turned out alright"
    183. Donna's hand me down bed linen that she never washed
    184.The Instagram Room
    185. Buying about 50 white t-shirts for Luke
    186. Having Brian#1 name tattooed on her but said it was all the same as she got with Brian#2 and if they broke up she could get a pet and call it Brian
    187.Shortly after getting with Keith she got the letter K tattooed behind her ear
    188. Keith hungover proposing on the stairs next to his worn underpants
    189. How she had her 6 year olds head bleached to look like a Cark Version of a mini Eminem
    190. Her original insta name Fat and Flab to Fit and Fab
    191. Supermom calling her fanny flaps
    192. Making Green Folder Day into a big deal
    193. When her father forgot to bring her home a present so gave her an aer lingus blanket or something he got free, the rest got lovely perfume
    194. The smug smiley head on her in the hospital when Isabella had a lumbar puncture at a few weeks old
    195. Referring to herself as a business woman!
    196. Making a big deal about Luke joining the library and bringing him to lego club
    197. The 12wk fetus perfectly formed and the framed picture they had in the bedroom
    198. The bows cutting off bellys circulation and causing bald spot
    199.The silk pillowcase for the child, which hasnt worked
    200. The fact that she keeps saying she won't talk about lewks situation then talks about it.
    201. The trip to see mamma mia with food was foul as wasn't covered in cheese .
    202. Calling the sisters/cousin friend "the girls "
    203. Sleeping with the blinds open and 5am pictures
    204. Stalker photos Teet playing football with lewk in the front yard
    205.The car journey to Dublin for just us two
    206. The nodding dog videos to voice overs with the collar bone out in the I don't need no man era
    207.Keith dumping her for savage ass then crawling back when savage ass dumped him
    208.Crying in the toilets at a wedding that she should be married to Brian
    209.Making Luke facetime Keith anytime he goes for a pint
    210. Sarah sending Keith out for pints with 20 quid to get the lads a drink
    211. Getting her son to call Keith dad
    212. The shrine to teet around the fireplace of the twice bought house.
    213.The kitchen clock with the photos, it's quarter past Tina!
    214.The poor child blue with the cold in Edinburgh to match keets ugly camel coat.
    215. The review of Greggs
    216. Being called Big Bird because of a yellow dress she wore on holidays
    217.The toes trying to escape in her sandals
    218. The Christmas "manage"
    219. Her spending a fortune on a jumpsuit for a wedding and now while with keet wore a creased dress to a wedding
    220. Her on day 10 of not washing her hair
    221.Her reefing Biden out of for having a takeaway when now she lives off them
    222. Looking for a random Catherine to give a necklace to
    223. Her blocking you and everyone from just watching a story
    224. Sending out "emails", 2000 words of absolute horse 💩 with terrible grammar and spelling
    225. The time she dragged Betty to lanzaroddy as a surprise and the poor woman wasn't able for it at all.
    226. Killing Biden because he didn't measure the milk in her tea to the ml.
    227. Driving around on L plates
    228. Telling how she would use her sisters license in the garda station if stopped
    229. Betty loved her old car but she still got rid of it to get a jeep to keep up appearances
    230. Luke getting hand me down jerseys with his cousin initials on them
    231.Suction hoover ad
    232.Her glowing skin
    233. Being triggered by a chicken van
    234. Jambons
    235. When she gave Tina CPR
    236. The cycle aka her period
    237. The cycle care package from lewk B and stepped up daddy
    238. Videos of teet injecting her in the kitchen of their never forever home with Lewk Buckley in the back ground
    239.The Pregnancy announcement with the piss sticks in the box of shiteness box in particular her recording lewk Buckley in the back of the car with the piss sticks
    240. The personalised tat
    241. Correcting herself from I to we, I took lewk Buckley to the library…. We took him
    242. Can only walk home from lidl
    243. When she had her own car and used to sit outside Lewks B school gate an extra 45 mins before pick up because she’s a lazy cunt
    244. Losing 7 stone and gaining back 8
    245. The rollers in her hair/ wearing them in her hair flying to London
    246. Telling her followers that she would only post food videos on the condition that they interact with the videos by liking and commenting on them
    247. Posting keets car ad and phone number on her stories and we all say it wasn’t NCT’s in 2 years
    248. Fighting trolls on TikTok to increase her engagement 🧌 😂 feat Fusion Hair
    249. Saying "It's really frustrating / disheartening when no one interacts on her posts/reels
    250. Getting the guards coffee during the lockdown checkpoints and coming on to tell us for praise
    251.Babybelles bib with “Happy birthday Mam” on it
    252.Doing the ad for voduz with a big stain on her top and having to redo it
    253.Selling Lewk Buckley's toys.
    254. All the talk of going to a baby shop up north for a free pram and then radio silence because of complaints from tattlers to said shop and then ending up with a METICULOUS second hand pram that Betty bought from her death bed
    255. Moving Luke from his local gaa club to the Barrs because it's his stepped up Dad's club
    256. Anytime Keith went out Sarah or Luke were always struck down by some illness/incident
    257.Ross Heaneys the Italian restaurant that gave her Greek Mamma Mia vibes
    258.Blasting her moustache with the limited edition pink Silk Pro Max
    259.The video of Tina sounding like an Ewok
    260.Some of her food staples, chipper burger, breast in a bun and lawsanga
    261.Multiple engagement rings
    262.Keeping all the different moonpig cards she sent Betty over the years
    263.Tina and Donna eating her €30 bag of caramel chocolate almonds
    264. Deep throating the spoon to get the last of the salted caramel peanut butter off it
    265. Giving top fashion tips of walking around with your hands in your pockets to disguise your belly
    266.Cocking her leg up like a dog going to pee in every photo/video
    267.When Keith said the main thing he liked about Sarah was her cooking
    268. When she hung out of her bedroom window and was shouting and filming Keith walking into her driveway carrying 5 packets of maltesers to give to her as she had asked him to bring her home a surprise
    269. Dickie Bow Keith was our first introduction to him
    270. Jac Jossa Tan
    271.The cash box
    272.When she got lip fillers/botox around the time she did her frozen egg transfer
    273.Calling Belly a raw baby with the longest legs in the world
    274.When Luke had to run and give the GP a hug before leaving after one of his many trips to the doctors
    275. When she changed Luke's name from Luke Burke Buckley to Luke Burke.
    Tattle extended his name by a few extra barrells depending on the scenario.
    So when stepped up Daddy's came on the scene O' Connor was added.
    When Luke started taekwondo Miyagi was added.
    When Sarah reshared a video of the Healy Raes giving out about people having an opinion on line, Healy Rae got added.
    Their planned trip to New York that ended up being a trip to Keith's Aunt's in New Jersey, McCallister was added.
    So we ended up with this version
    Luke Burke Buckley Miyagi McCallister Healy Rae O'Connor
    276.We laughed and laughed didn't we Keith, we did!
    277. When she got Covid she went mad when people were contacting Fusion saying they shouldn't be open as they were all close contacts with Sarah
    278. All her meals have to be some form of a fake away always laced in cheese
    279. Spraying half a bottle of dry shampoo onto her already greasy hair
    280. Adding “mum to be” to her bio when she already had a 6 year old
    281. Wearing nothing but pink after instabelle was born
    282. The months we were treated to the packing of the HOSSSPIDAL BAG and it’s contents including ugg slippers and a morning coat
    283. The pics of teet staring into the moses basket at Jack
    284. Promoting slavery with that god awful birthday video to Tina and laughing her hole off
    285. Saying that her cousin friend should start a business packing hospital bags because she put a few babygrows into sangwidge bags
    286. Bringing all the Oh My Ham body sprays with her to poison everyone on the ward
    287. Insisting on having a C-section as her cervix refuses to open
    288. Telling her Nana Betty she had until 9pm to make up her mind whether or not to pass as Love Island was on
    289.The deranged video where she set the camera up in the car and was shouting Isssaaabelllla and Sayyyrraahh
    290. Acting the maytr when in the hospice with Betty saying she slept on a chair at 7 months pregnant eventhough there was a bed she could of used
    291. When she was in CUMH she was doing stories of herself putting in hair treatments and slick back bun
    292. Justifying her size by saying she's only 4 months after Isabella yet the whole time she was pregnant she kept saying she was up no weight!
    293. Saying there is a "want" in her
    294. The expensive weighted blanket that she was obsessed with and that her and Teet use to be always fighting over
    295. Dipping ham in her "speedy soup"
    296. When she said "I'm not like the other girls I'll never be that girl that can go into a deli and just order one jambo"
    297.The nurses on the ward were all asking her about the cheap perfumes oh my glam she was dousing herself with
    298. When Ava Van Rose thought Sarah was trolling her but it was a Tattler using Sarah as their profile picture
    299. When Luke told her to stay and have a nap that he could go to school with his cousins
    300. Her top weightloss tip of switching to lower calorie yoghurts so you can replace the calories you save with biscuits crumbled on top
    301. Sharing unrealistic photos of her results from using the Detox and Debloat tablets
    302. Squeezing into the sausage suit for free Endermologie and her true size being shown
    303. Doesn't want flowers for Valentine's Day because they die but couldn't get them on her stories quick enough for Green Folder Day
    304. Saying she saved all the Valentine cards she sent her Nanna Betty over the years which she stores in the attic and puts them all up on display
    305. A robin appeared when Sarah was putting the envelopes off the Valentine cards in the bin and said it was Nanna Betty coming looking for her card but really it was Julie's Dad
    306. Maria Piper potatoes
    307. She prides herself on being a good at chopping vegetables especially onions
    308. Having to sieve the peppercorns out to make peppercorn sauce
    309. The time she came on talking about how she was having a nightmare and moaning in her sleep in distress and Keet lay there holding her hand the entire time watching her have the nightmare rather than just wake her up
    310. The cheap drive safe I need you here with me keyring
    311. The shein "Mama" jumper will need to be surgically removed from her
    312. She wants to be buried in her pyjamas
    313. When she said Luke only needs a low spf cause he gets a lovely tan
    314. When the captions picked Tina's name up as Shatina
    315. Luke not getting to go on helicopter ride when he was in America
    316. When she went to Turkey with Gingivitis Keet and was trying to promote the greasy chipper that they lived in over there. Like she was obsessed with it, they ate there everyday
    317. Burp got a nose ring for a few hours.

    Selling her soul for a freebie 🎀


    Glossary of Sarahisims :🎀
    Burp- Sarah Burke
    Mr Lova Lova - Brian
    Teeth, Tweet, Stepped up dad- Keith
    Sonic - Tina
    Shatina -Tina
    Alpaca - Donna
    Lukeoland - Luke Burke Buckley O' Connor Healy Rae
    Clarney - Killarney
    Long suffering counsellor/enabler - Jean
    Long suffering dog - Mikey
    Beddy - Nana Betty
    Cash box and weighing scales - slimming world
    Bodatoes - potatoes
    Lawsange - lasange
    Sangwitches - sandwiches
    Everyone who knows us personally - No-one
    Circle of friends - Also no-one
    Length - Lent
    Drive it on - gained another 5lbs
    Belter - Gerry cinnamon song she has destroyed for everyone
    South doc - the doctor on call that sarah has tormented
    A snack - an industrial size pack of ham
    Tenerife - lanzarote, but more uPmArKeT
    Meticulous - aka second hand pram, Betty bought before she died, Rip.


    Kelly is live..🎀
    Added to the wiki by popular demand..

    Corks Top Model

    Munch, Munch, Munchausen :LOL:🎀

    About Sarah:🎀
    Started on social media as ‘FatNFlab2FitNFab’ in around 2017/2018 and some might say still waiting to get to the Fit N Fab bit.
    Had returned from Oz and was trying to lose weight between gym and then joined slimming world. Had started going out with a guy called Brian when she started posting online and was pregnant soon after. There were definitely a few break ups when pregnant as she was living with her parents when Luke was born (now 5) and Brian was on/off the scene. Then there was a ‘single mom/opening up her own slimming world girl boss’ vibe and she moved out by herself alone with Luke. As she had lost a good bit of weight at that point AND slimming world was coming into its own her classes were busy and her online following grew. There were a few vague posts with handholding, showing off of flowers and nights away and then it was announced that she was back with Brian. She herself admitted that it was when Brian appeared to be moving on with someone else she realised that she wanted him.
    Then we start to see a glimpse into the lies and the manipulation. There is a big announcement and a night out to celebrate buying their own home. A big focus on mortgage chat and how hard it is to get a mortgage self employed, pictures posts and quotes with keys and all that jazz and turns out the house the right across the way from her home house. Sarah, Brian and Luke move into the forever home that we all watched then celebrate buying.
    Sarah continues to lose weight and get some attention, she starts dropping massive hints about marriage being next etc. mentioning it to Brian on the regular or asking herself questions on Instagram Q&As. On one of many holidays to Lanzarote, Brian ‘surprises’ Sarah with a romantic beach proposal and luckily enough wasn’t it all captured on video. Surprised and shocked Sarah says yes, goes back up the strip of Puerto del Carmen and bumps into her family and sisters by surprise. The usual drinking up and down the strip continues for the week. Sarah & gang return home and all we hear is wedding wedding wedding. Weight, dress and wedding plans in CLARNEY are all we hear about. So much so that we all realised that Sarah wants a wedding but we aren’t sure if Sarah wants a marriage! A drink fest girls weekend to Spain for Sarah’s hen makes us cringe as we watch them dress her as an actual hen going on the plane. Don’t worry if you didn’t get to go on the foreign hen, there were several other nights in cork and the most recent one before it all went Tits up was the honeymoon party… 13 is unlucky for some but not for our Sarah who was planning to marry Brian on the 13.03.2020.

    Around that time, covid hit China before January and there were talks of covid around but before we even hit a lockdown- Sarah announces that the wedding is off and her and Brian are going their separate ways.. Before he left he took the new bottle of shower gel Sarah bought that daybin the eerkly shop. Sarah then heads off to Lanzarote for a week while the rest of the world prepares for lockdown but Sarah needed to revisit the scene of the engagement for the Instagram posts!

    We go through a series of personality traits between the dates March 2020 and august 2020.
    Single working mom, I don’t need no man.
    Me and Luke, the only man I need.
    Turns out you’re not broken when someone tries to fix you…
    Then we go back to the days of showing a limb, a tattoo, a bunch of flowers and we are told that she is in a relationship but that is being kept private… which it was for a while.
    Next thing, Brian is also in a new relationship and Sarah then introduces us to Keith. We first get to know Keith as he is heading to Turkey to get his teeth done and Sarah goes along for the €2 all day breakfast and cheap beer. We go through a series of posts with ‘him’ and ‘my world’ and ‘sometimes you have to fall apart to be put back together’ type shite. Before we know it, Luke Buckley is back to being called Luke Burke, and Sarah and Keith get covid. Keith moves in to cocoon and has yet to move out! We learn that Keith is a stepped up Daddy and that Lukey is even drawing Keith and his new teeth in his first day of baby infants.
    In the past 6 months, the cockiness of Sarah has become so unbearable that she is actually becoming a parody of herself.
    She is still running slimming world classes despite being up about 3 stone herself. She is saving for a mortgage to buy the house she celebrated buying in 2017, and is desperately convincing us she never said she bought that house! Turns out it’s rented!
    We had a family holiday in Tenerife where we were given a blow by blow comparison on the difference between the strip of Irish bars and greasy spoons in both Canary Islands.
    Turns out Keith is a homophobe, a racist and a bigot. He is also a fat shaker and has recently deleted over 3k tweets but unfortunately screen shots are forever- unlike a 2017 mortgage it would seem.
    Brian and Michelle are expecting a baby and since this was announced it turns out Sarah has self diagnosed PCOS, Endometriosis & secondary infertility. Her recent hurtful and distasteful comments about sweet king and Mother’s Day are outlined below from another tattler.
    Sarah has turned into a very bitter and malicious lonely woman.
    Any friends we saw over the years have disappeared. Early followers will remember Sarah falling out with and calling out other slimming world accounts back in the day as she thought everyone was out to copy her.
    To cover up recent call outs, Sarah has decided to inform us that they have been trying for a baby & she has been referred for secondary infertility. This is from the girl who also states she was diagnosed with PCOS over the phone by her GP when a radiologist told her during an ultrasound she had 70 ovarian cysts. There are so many parts of this that sound alarm bells. Her most recent cringe moment was the wedding of a friend of hers and Brian’s, both Sarah and Keith AND Brian & Michelle were there. We know from the threads that Sarah was drunk and singing before dinner and herself and Keith were fighting half the day. We also got to see that she is nowhere near the size she pretends she is when we saw videos from other angles. She regularly likes to down talk ‘Luke’s dad’ and will post cryptic posts about parenting and blood relatives etc. we have no doubt that this urgency to get pregnant is in a bid to compete with Brian because we all have seen Sarah roll her eyes when Luke wants her. Luke also spends a lot of time in A&E/South doc as Sarah likes to get medical attention to then use that for personal attention. She has been off grid for 3-5 days this week since her call out regarding Mother’s Day and sweet king (below). I know I will have forgotten loads but hoping that you’ll forgive me and hope that this has been helpful!

    A well put post by @sickofinstahuns which other tattle posters felt deserved to be added to the wiki.




    *TRIGGER ⚠ - you may want to die of mortification after watching Sarahs infamous nodding dog/shiny collar bone tiktok 😭 it can be viewed in attachments below ⬇⬇⬇🎀

    Mother's Day Jelly Bag's Salespitch🎀

    Bishop Brennan🎀

    Keith Dancing The Highland Fling 🫣🎀

    Scalp Bleached on Sarah's 6 year olds head:🎀


    Ad's done in filthy clothes:🎀
    Couldn't even be bothered to clean herself for paid ad's. Then she removed and re-recorded/re-uploaded the next day 🥴 Assuming the brand was not happy.

    Licking her lips at the thought of food.🎀

    Brands that have continued to use Sarah as #BA or #gifted her items even after her tone deaf stories using women's tragedies to sell them sweets*
    Flawless Beauty_bflawless
    Alpha Wealth
    Dylan Oaks ( how lucky to have another friend of Sarah winning the prize!)
    Fusion Hair Salan ( her sisters)
    *how disgusting to have a #ba who would use an example such as that to sell some sweets, and then to compound it with that email. They should be shamed to be associated with her.

    Here are the Brands that Sarah has stated know her and continue to work with her even though they know about Keith tweets and Sarahs lack of comment on them, only to call the people who are disturbed by his disgusting tweets trolls.

    Brands that ignore casual Racism, Homophobia, Fat Shaming and Misogyny
    Sweet King
    Flawless Beauty_bflawless
    Fusion Hair Salon ( her sisters)
    Alpha Wealth
    Dylan Oaks**Also Littlesmith sell fab chains for anyone looking for an alternative.
    Sweetness Hair and Beauty ( also salon owner Chrissy)
    King Hair ( also brand owner Samantha)

    * Disclaimer- there is no suggestion that these brands agree with Keith and his views but by continuing to work with or gift items to Sarah who has made it clear that she supports Keith, they are ignoring this bigotry

    I am not including LoveCherish in the above lists because it was for charity,
    Brands that have taken a stand against the disgusting views that Sarah supports and tone deaf #ads to sell sweets and stopped working with her*
    Fairways hotel
    Sweet King ( t.b.c)

    * these are brands who should be supported. Sarah is not the only InstaHun available to brands so there is no excuse for the brands that continue to use her

    Sarahs web of lies:🎀

    Fertility story:
    When she originally claimed the dr and nurse told them they should go straight to IVF and it was a "blow". Then changed her story to they didn't want to wait.

    Luke is TIRREEED 🎀

    Sarah knew in this she was pregnant but lied unnecessarily about thinking about drinking at an event, lies rolled off her tongue, what else does she lie about??🎀

    Instagram Is Only A Side, she has a job!

    Buying their "forever home":🎀
    She insinuated they bought their "forever home" but their landlord is now evicting them and they're now saving again to "buy" their home.



    Keith is not impressed, say Goodmorning Keith, KEITH!!🎀

    BATE!! After 5 minutes🎀

    Rolling her eyes talking about Brian

    Luke worried he would be forgotten when baby comes :cry:🎀

    Not wanting to give Luke a birthday party :cry:🎀

    Telling a 6 year old they are not doing anything for his birthday :cry:🎀

    Family pack of ham

    Burping Bootiful

    Sarah's partner Keith's Tweets.🎀



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