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  • Words she can't pronounce

    • Accumulate

    • Anglicans

    • Metallica

    • Temporarily

    In 2018, Saffron was vlogging and had a clip of her complaining "It should have taken me 50 minutes and instead it took 4 and a half hours, so that was amazingggg" as she rolled her eyes when the reason is took her 4 hours was due to someone committing suicide on the tracks.

    Saffron knew this saying "Obviouslyyyyyyyyyyy, it’s really sad, someone did get hit by a train. But it meant that I couldn’t get home. And it wasn't just I couldn't get home, it was just the MOST stressful thing. They were doing no buses to help anyone. I was in an hour taxi line stood in the cold." --- her life was inconvenienced for 4 hours and someone died, yet she showed no ounce of compassion.

    The video can be found here

    Jayde/Stand Up to Cancer backlash
    In 2018 when Saffron teamed up with Stand Up To Cancer, she tweeted:

    She tweeted this conveniently forgetting her so-called friend Jessica/Jess Jayde Allen who went by Jayde, who passed away not long ago, whose funeral she attended and tweeted:

    Jayde’s mother was extremely upset with the pretence Saffron has displayed and replied on Saffron’s twitter.

    Tyler/Luca triangle
    Saffron started dating Tyler Dixon in 2020 during lockdown and broke up in November 2021.

    Tyler has not said much about the breakup, but did post this on his IG story.


    Luca Bish posted a photo in Saffrons bed saying "good night Saffron"