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  • Popsy is a 90% polyester brand that brings sweaty women together! Whilst we agree some look great in the dresses, the pressure to buy more each week with weekly releases and sneak peeks has the whiff of a cult about it!

    Sandra (Cherish)- founder and creative director of Popsy. Sunny disposition, no ownership of the company... The popettes jump in to defend her against any questions or apparent criticism as they apparently believe she sews each garment by hand out of love for them

    Greasy Greg- husband and Co director of Popsy with his Dad, has all the money and probably control but less of a face for a women's clothing brand

    Nik- Popsy employee, social media grumpy face aka Styleitbadlywithme.

    Tim(add whatever female name or funny phrase onto the end) - suspected AGP enjoying purple dresses, male pattern baldness and fiddling about with organs, real ale and model railways.

    Danielle- see above but add swimming, and more TRA activity. Don’t be fooled by impressive cleavage, it’s drawn on.

    TAFKARB - used to be Red Bob but now has added some 'mauve' in so now known as The Artist Formally Known As Red Bob. Twirls in the bedroom mirror with no concern about what's showing in her room... Including sex toys

    Gummy- oversharer extraordinaire, married to SexandthecityStevefromWish. Thinks she's on some hidden camera show but really just has an ordinary life.

    Crazy Door Lady - takes all her photos in front of a door, occasionally with wacky props obsessed with blouson, seems to have gone AWOL, perhaps to Caroline dress room craziness

    Puddle Duck - has a double barrelled name and is very posh. Military wife, new customer model, weird toes!

    Doc Marten lady - wears Doc Martens with her dresses, uses her own wide belts and generally thought to be one of the rare cult members who always looks good!

    JL - young grifter who writes essays, usually about cardigans or necklines

    Loopy Rita aka Tena Lady or Tights Lady, takes the weirdest photos, seems like a good egg

    Wendy aka Sunday night screenshotter aka booty photo fan. Shares the details of the Sunday sneak peeks to the masses even though she's not paid by them.

    Bin lady- started off taking outfit photos next to the bins in her garden, tried to stop but realised it was her popsy personality now.

    Allan - former F&F who took photos nightmares are made of. Gave everyone the heeby jeebies then it came to light he was also raving supporter of Adolf. (Is there a dress called that?) He also had a tight fettish that included collating photos on Pinterest. Not sure he got much content for his scrapbook from F&F and their underpops. Booted out. Not to worry Al, you can get a medal for being the first former member that deserved the banishment.