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    Mrs Meldrum is a social media infuencer based in Aberdeenshire.

    Rebecca Lucy Cannon-Meldrum was born in April 1989 to parents Dave Cannon & Karen Cannon. Her sister, Tegan was born in 1996. They initially lived in Marske-by-the-sea then moved to Saltburn, before relocating to Aberdeenshire when Rebecca was 10 years old. They settled in Inchmarlo which is a small hamlet near the town of Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

    When Rebecca was around 15 years old she met local Torry lad Lee who was aged 18 going 19, who pursued Rebecca at a local river. They quickly started a relationship despite the age gap, the fact Rebecca was a school girl and Lee a man turning 19 that summer. Rebecca has publicly confirmed this as fact and has stated that Lee would regularly collect her from school and take a jumper for her to wear to cover up her school uniform…… she has also stated that she would regularly sneak Lee up to her bedroom at her parents house during this time.

    The two dated for several years before moving in to a flat in Aberdeen City centre together, where Rebecca attended Robert Gordons University. During this time they got a kitten but quickly got rid of it because they couldn’t cope with looking after it.

    During Rebecca's university course, she spent 5 months living & working at Walt Disney World in Florida. This coincided with a break in her relationship with Lee. They both decided this would be sensible while she was in America living it up with thousands of young hot men…. Local Tattlers have confirmed that Lee was also seeing other women during this time. On returning from Florida, Rebecca & Lee rekindled their relationship and Rebecca fell pregnant unexpectedly with their daughter, Safiyah. Rebecca has confirmed that this was an unplanned Pregnancy, that her own parents were unhappy with the situation and told her to terminate the pregnancy! Rebecca was pregnant during her final year at University and was heavily pregnant during her graduation. Their daughter, Safiyah Cannon-Meldrum was born in November 2011.

    Lee proposed to Rebecca in 2012 by carving the words “marry me Bec” into the bark of a tree located on a walk they would regularly go on. They even asked local paper The Deeside Piper to cover the engagement story and were photographed for the story……! They had visions of grandeur and were quoted saying they were planning a luxurious wedding in Italy……

    In August 2013 the couple married in a modest ceremony in Banchory. The reception was held at Banchory Lodge Hotel. Not exactly the Amalfi Coast….!

    Rebecca became a stay at home mum looking after Safiyah while Lee worked as a roustabout on oil rigs in the north sea.
    Lee has worked offshore on oil rigs for the majority of his adult life.

    During this time the family lived in a lovely house on a perfectly nice housing estate, Smiddy Park, located near Inchmarlo. The house was part owned by the local authority in a shared ownership scheme however, the Meldrums continually claimed it was 100% owned by them outright and they never acknowledged the real situation regarding the ownership of the house. They seemed embarrassed by the situation. The house itself was a semi detached 4 bedroom property that was modern, light & airy, well decorated and had a sunny garden that backed on to the A93 road. They were friendly with their neighbours and it was a more than adequate home for a growing family. They made alterations to the home including a garage conversion to create a tv room/snug. The family appeared to be genuinely happy and Mrs Meldrum's social media career was blossoming.

    In September 2014, the couple's second daughter Florence was born. It was during her pregnancy with Florence that Rebecca started documenting her life on YouTube after spending time watching others do the same. She was quickly picked up by the now defunked agency “Channel Mum” and started gaining paid work through them as a social media “mum influencer”

    Aside from her very brief few months in Disney World, Rebecca has never had a real world job, she has never worked in any legitimate capacity.

    Lee briefly lived in Glasgow during his late teens/early 20s. He is an avid supporter of Glasgow Rangers Football Club and has an extremely classy RFC tattoo on his leg, to complement his other classy and completely heterosexual tramp stamp tattoo on his lower back right above his asshole.

    Lee is the son of Alison. His father left the family during Lee’s childhood and Lee has no communication with him. Lee has 2 brothers, Craig and Ryan. Ryan is Lee's half brother. Craig is a father to two children- one son from a previous relationship and he is also stepfather to his wife's daughter. Lee & Rebecca do not seem to have any relationship with Craig & Zoe. They didn’t attend their wedding and have no relationship with their children. Ryan & his recent girlfriend Eilidh had a baby in 2022. Randomly, Rebecca is all over them like a rash and acts like she's Mother Teresa. Rebecca is now apparently regularly childminding this baby while Ryan & Eilidh work. Eilidh is from a wealthy, well connected family and it's suspected that this is actually the real reason why Rebecca is so keen to be part of their lives.

    After the birth of Florence, Rebecca made lots of comments indicating that she was not interested in having any more children. They seemed content with being a family of 4. However, during a family holiday to Florida with her parents in the Autumn of 2016, Rebecca fell pregnant for a 3rd time. This pregnancy was milked from the very beginning in order to increase engagement on her social media platforms and in turn increase earning potential. There were various fictitious issues and problems with the pregnancy from constant conversation that the baby may have the Zika virus, the baby not growing normally, to a “failed” amniocentesis procedure etc. The entire pregnancy was used to create content. The couple decided to film a “gender reveal” video where they built up the tension by going baby clothes shopping with Safiyah & Florence to purchase baby boy & baby girl outfits which they then asked staff at John Lewis to wrap up after showing them the gender…. The grand finale of this video showed the family unwrapping the baby outfit to reveal the child's gender - Lee had been vocal about his desire to have a baby boy during the pregnancy and when they unwrapped the outfit he initially thought it was a boy's outfit so proceeded to joyously celebrate this by his now hilariously infamous jumping off the sofa screaming "YESSSSS" and clapping enthusiastically…. This was cut short in spectacular fashion when it quickly transpired that the baby outfit was in fact, for a girl. Rebecca was expecting baby girl number 3 and not Lee’s longed for son.

    The couple's 3rd daughter Poppy was born in August 2017. The Meldrums made the decision to film and share the entire labour & delivery of their 3rd child. The footage was sold to Channel Mum for a reported £10,000 and included intimate footage of the birth of the baby. They continued to milk the situation by filming and posting content when Poppy was in the Special Care Baby Unit. The medical team confirmed that they discovered after the birth that there was a “true knot” in the umbilical cord - this however had no impact on the pregnancy or birth and poppy wasn't in any danger. Whilst poppy was in the NICU Rebecca (just fresh out of a C-Section) went out for brunch with her “chums” but continued to pedal that this time in the NICU was "very traumatic for her”

    After Poppy was born Rebecca was at the height of her “career” as an influencer and was getting lots of paid brand work via Channel Mum. She was also getting a large volume of free/gifted high value household items including furniture, electronics, toys, computers, printers, cameras, kitchen appliances, clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, baby items not to mention free family holidays abroad, UK breaks to up market hotels, experiences etc. They made the decision that Lee would leave his offshore job to become a stay at home Dad and main care giver to the children, in particular baby Poppy so Rebecca would be able to fully concentrate and commit to her “job” as an influencer.

    Once Lee was at home full time he himself became a large part of the social media circus. He was filming and making his own videos, putting out his own content on his public Instagram page and was fully involved in the production of YouTube content. They then set up a new addition to the “Mrs Meldrum” YouTube channel and started “The Meldrums” YouTube channel where Lee was mostly responsible for creating day to day content around his routine as a stay at home dad.

    In the summer of 2018 the Meldrums announced that they were looking to buy a new house and started documenting their house hunting process online. They viewed several properties in the local area and finally decided to put an offer in for one. They publicly revealed details of their financial situation claiming they were initially refused a mortgage but eventually seemed to secure the loan required to purchase their new home. They uploaded various videos of them at the new house and it quickly became very obvious which house they had purchased through the many breadcrumbs they themselves had left online regarding the property itself. Rebecca actually posted photos direct from the estate agents brochure meaning that she publicly revealed the address and location of their new home. Once she had made this information public it was only a matter of time before the sad, violent history of the house was widely circulated online. It became common knowledge that a murder had taken place within the home in the mid 2000 leading the house to be known on Tattle as “Murder Mansion”. Details of the murder included the fact that the victim had been killed in the utility room in the house then left to rot in a green wheelie bin in the garden shed. Truly awful.
    The Meldrum family said goodbye to Smiddy Park and moved ominously into Murder Mansion on the 31st October 2018.


    The day after they moved into Murder Mansion, Lee & Rebecca took Safiyah & Florence to Disneyland Paris. Initially, they claimed this was a birthday treat for Safiyah. They left Poppy at home with Lee’s mother. Once in Paris is became obvious that the trip was not a normal family holiday and it was, in fact, a free work trip that various other influencers had been invited to go on. The Meldrums continued to pretend it was nothing more than a family holiday, despite it becoming obvious it was nothing of the sort. Rebecca posted several photos with Disney characters in the park and it was clear this was not the same kind of experience normal paying customers would get in the park. After being asked several times about what was going on, Rebecca posted on Instagram that it was a family holiday but that they had been offered a free VIP guide who was able to get them access to photos with the characters and fast pass access to rides. She still maintained it was a family holiday that they themselves paid for. This charade carried on for the duration of the trip despite overwhelming evidence that proved they were on a free work trip with a gaggle of other influencer families. Eventually, Rebecca confirmed that it was actually a free work trip and she claimed they had only lied about it to “protect” her followers and that she didn't want them to feel bad that she had been given yet another free family holiday….


    The KKK Racism

    Rebecca turned the grand old age of 30 in April 2019. For a birthday treat Lee booked and arranged a “surprise” weekend away for her to the Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews with a group of their friends. It was claimed this was nothing more than that, however, Lee uploaded many videos on Instagram discussing at length the hotel & all its amenities. So, suffice to say it was either a gifted stay or at least a heavily discounted weekend.
    They vlogged the entire weekend and in her birthday Vlog the entire group were in a lift at the hotel all dressed in white cotton robes heading to use the hotel spa facilities. In the lift one of her friend's husband made a joke referencing the Ku Klux Klan, all of the group sniggered and Rebecca looked directly at the camera and pulled a face acknowledging that she had heard this “joke” and that she apparently found it funny.

    Once this vlog was uploaded to YouTube It was pointed out to her several times that the “joke” was offensive and completely inappropriate. This vlog was uploaded while she was trying on holiday clothes in Zara (for another free gifted holiday) not knowing that it was all kicking off on her you tube and Instagram. She took the video down 6 hours after she posted it, then covered the joke with plinky plonky music before re-uploading it. She made no apology for it.

    The following day, in response to the furore that was now going on in the YouTube and Instagram comments she posted a picture of herself wearing a t-shirt that had the words “no fucks given” emblazoned across it that suggested she "gives no fucks" about posting racist content.

    On the Friday she did "follow Friday" using only women of colour and mixed race families in an attempt to prove she wasn't racist. There were woman she ordinarily would never mention or have any involvement with. One of the Ffollows, Candice Brathwaite, posted that she refused to be used as a shield in a racism row.

    Many, many complaints were sent to Channel Mum regarding this incident. Channel Mum essentially washed their hands of it and wouldn't take any action against Mrs Meldrum, showing how useless & spineless they were as an organisation. They wouldn’t get rid of Rebecca from their agency because she was clearly earning them a lot of money.

    Mrs M then claimed poor mental health, took weeks off social media and her on her return she posted an"apology" which didn't actually contain an apology, any ownership or any responsibility for what had happened. She just reiterated how hard the situation had been for HER, proving yet again that she only thinks of herself. She still didn’t think she had done anything wrong.

    This incident was covered by national press and was also discussed across the “mummy influencer” platforms.

    Rami/The Unit Debacle

    In 2019, Rebecca became an “ambassador” for her local independent gym/fitness centre “The Unit” in Banchory. The Unit is owned by one time Olympic snowboarder and local lad Ben Kilner & his family. Rebecca and Ben attended the same secondary school. Despite years of claiming she had no interest in working out/going to a gym she took this role. Presumably she was offered money to advertise and endorse the business during its first few months of opening. After Poppy was born and with this new business opportunity she started working out and having PT sessions at The Unit with big bad roid-rage Rami “The Raminator” Abazed; he is apparently a PT and is married to Ben Kilner's sister. Rebecca & Rami would endlessly post photos & videos detailing her PT sessions. It became obvious that these PT sessions were free. Rebecca was getting them in exchange for her advertising his services on her social media platforms - despite them both claiming this wasn't the case and that she was paying for her sessions. It became very obvious that Rebecca had a crush on Rami and there was lots of very awkward flirting/eyelash fluttering and general Rami obsession on her Instagram page. She would constantly talk about him/name drop him into the vast majority of her stories even when she WASNT talking about gym/fitness related topics. Notably, one day, she posted a story where she claimed she had been woken by a noise outside in the dead of night while Lee was offshore and said the first person she phoned- because she was scared- was Rami….. despite her own parents literally living on the same street as her!!! Things got even more bizzare when Lee returned home and also started working out with Rami. The Meldrums then invited Rami over to their house on his own for a cosy 3 way take out curry……..
    Rebecca’s obvious obsession continued and she then took part in a “body transformation” PT package with Rami - yet more free undeclared advertising ensued and eventually Rami posted faked “before & after” photos of Rebecca (in her underwear, naturally) to claim that he had transformed her body with his PT sessions….. however this all unravelled when it was discovered that the “before” photo used by him was actually an old photo of Rebecca taken a year before in their old Smiddy Park home in the weeks after Poppy was born when Rebecca was carrying natural post partum weight around her belly. The entire “transformation” was outed as nothing but a scam. Both parties denied everything and Rebecca's PT sessions abruptly came to an end....very convenient! Rami has since been outed by locals as a serial womaniser and shagger, has had at least one extra martial affair and sounds like a bit of a wrong-un.

    Scandal Taking free food intended for Emergency services / flood victims

    This extract is from G&TGal:
    Storm Frank Dec 30th 2015, months rain in one day and high snowmelt devastated Deeside through Braemar, Ballater, Aboyne, Banchory and through to Aberdeen. 1000's evacuated from their homes and communities helping through the night to save lives and rescue people. Ballater & Braemar were cut off due to the flood water and part of the road was washed away.
    One of our friends was in Coastguard at that time and through the night was roped up helping evacuate families from properties isolated by the floodwater. My son with his friends were helping distribute sandbags and aiding those who had flood gates to get them on their properties, and we were helping out at a community hall through the night receiving those who were evacuated, providing food & blankets and also providing tea & coffee to the emergency services. Local businesses gave their services for free and a street food burger van set up at Tesco giving free food to the emergency services and to those who had either been helping overnight or directly affected by the floods. Madam Meldrum rocks up after a good nights sleep, having helped no one and with no flood damage to her property to claim a free burger and put on her instagram that if you were looking for a free burger, get yourself to Tesco