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  • About Michael Kay

    Michael Kay is a YouTube content creator, originally posting exclusively about Walt Disney World, and related Disney themed content. Michael has mastered the art of grifting with overweight Kaykateers as his main targets. He is an excellent squealer if that counts for anything. He, like his brother Dave, does no research and comes off as entitled. He’s gained 40 plus pounds and aged 20 years in the past four. He’s also rumored to be abusing DAS and he hates paying for parking.

    For clarification purposes: Michael was born Michael Philip Karlsberg. His YouTube persona was Michael Kay. He legally changed his last name to Adler in 2023. Adler is his mother's maiden name.

    About Dave Kay
    Makes YouTube videos on a variety of topics. Horrible food reviews, crappy malls, zero research on new cities, rambling life updates that are word salads. Constantly repeats worlds like maybe, not sure, we’ll see and TBD. His videos really suck and I think we’ve finally broken him of putting out new content.

    In the beginning...

    Family History or Histronics

    Michael is the oldest of 3 siblings: Michael, Dave, and Michelle. The parents are Jane Adler and Robert Karlsberg.

    Michael filed an unsuccessful restraining order against his dad and has been estranged since 2019.