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  • Malin Sara Andersson

    Aged, 28 Malin is from Bedfordshire / Milton Keynes she entered love island in 2016 (season 2) where she lasted 24 days coming 13/26.


    Tom Kemp

    Aged, 29 dated Malin on and off throughout 2018-19 they met for the first time in November 2017 whilst clubbing. Tom was in a 10 year long relationship with Millie at the time, they shared 2 children together, but ended things to be with Malin at the end of January (2018) 5 months later (May) Malin fell pregnant posting her scan after just 6 weeks. (Pregnant link) The relationship however clearly became toxic as they broke up by July after Malin Tweeted he had been cheating, by September the couple were back on pictured together at the gender reveal and then later papped, forcefully it seemed, in October with Malin flashing an engagement ring but nothing came of this and she has not mentioned or confirmed this at all. The pair are pictured together out at bars and restaurants despite Malin being pregnant) by January (2019) Malin had given birth to her baby girl Consy who was 7 weeks premature (link), she sadly passed away 4 weeks later with cardiomyopathy (link) 5 weeks after the death of their baby Malin announced they split again in March, then posted of herself smiling on instagram with the caption 'Bye England... think I deserve a holiday now 🤣❤'

    the pair are reunited only 6 weeks after the babies death out partying in Manchester (Manchester link) by April Malin said they are split again as she is 'moving on' (april link) this seems to be the end of the relationship as in June Malin releases a statement to her Instagram with the caption 'the third and final lot, I an NOT a victim anymore.'

    After the statement has been released 2 months later she attends an event with Tom (September event link) which left a lot of people confused as they thought the relationship was finally finished. when Tom was questioned about what Malin had accused him of he responded to ok magazine “This is all I’m going to say. Yes it was a toxic relationship, but she’s lying. Malin will do anything to be in the public eye, she’s fame hungry. My friends and family know the truth and that’s all that matters”.

    By 2020 Tom is jailed sentenced 10 months for the abuse (link) but only serves 3 and is out by December 2020. After splitting with Malin he rekindled with Millie and they now have their 3rd baby together.

    Millie Cepeda

    Is Toms partner who seems to caught in the love tringle, they have been together for 10 years when Malin befriended her in January before getting with Tom see screenshot below,

    Malin tormented Millie throughout her relationship with tom even moving herself into their family home and getting photographed walking Millies dog see images below;

    Millie has defended Tom throughout and since then has moved on even becoming a lawyer specialising in child care.

    Michael James

    Michael started to appear in Malins Instagram stories from march, she purposefully only photographed his hands, however a tattle found him on Instagram from his tattoos not long after. Has over 25 tattoos on his face and neck including an upside down cross, dollar sign, spider, 13 and my favourite 'el capo' (means the boss in Spanish, a word the Mafia use) tattlers have nicknamed him 'Sharpie' due to the obsene amount of facial tattoos he has which look like he has fallen asleep on the sofa at a party and been pranked with sharpie doodles over his face. She finally stepped out with him on the 14th April, Papped of course and featured in daily mail and the sun online. This received alot of comments one being from his then current girlfriend Rebecca claiming he wasn't a close protection security guard but a parking attendant and his real name was, Michael Sandler and she was pregnant with his child. He has 4 children all ready from different mothers. (what a catch!) After this a new article came out a day later explaining Malin had dumped the 18 month long relationship with Michael after light of the news of his girlfriend this also got alot of comments on the daily mail. Malin then went on to her stories with her PA Liv laughing at the whole thing and that they only went on ONE date she stated this many times throughout the day as she scrambled to make the story look better, however it's not that funny for the girlfriend who is now a single mum before the baby is even born.

    Exactly a week after the supposedly one date they ever had together (21st April) Malin announced she had some unexpected news and would be travelling away for a break and offline for a while. Meanwhile Michael had posted twice on his Instagram main grid of a view from a caravan park over looking the sea and another photo of a Devon coastline. Sunday Malin announced on her grid that she had miscarried which is why she'd had some time off showing a negative Pregnancy test however she had posted only 24 days previously on her story explaining how she had just started her period and she is aligned with the full moon paired with a screenshot of the dates "28th-29th march full moon" meaning she would have some how, had a period (average lasts 5-7 days) gotten pregnant and miscarried all within 24 days and before her next period. How would she have known she was pregnant without missing a period? She then went on to her stories posing in her underwear as if she hadn't just dropped the bombshell that she had miscarried 2 years after loosing her baby with captions such as "life goes on off to work I go" on Monday she posted of her on a beach.. and then a grid photo of her on the same beach someone commented "ladram bay" a quick Google will show it's a caravan park on, you guessed it.. Devon, that same beach Michael was at days before (he deleted the photos after hours of them being up) she had also posted the day before her going offline that she was feeling "meh" and cancelled her live but went to her friends karley's to get her hair done the next day then halfway through that same day went offline until Sunday. I wonder if her cancelling the live on Tuesday and dropping hints she felt unwell was preempted while she made plans with Michael to retreat away together for the weekend she may well of told him she miscarried to manipulate him also. And then got a fresh set of nails her hair done ready for her weekend away before planting the last seed that she would be offline for days and making him delete those photos?

    Links below:
    First date
    Malin dumps Michael
    Ladram bay

    Pre love island

    Malin was on take me out in 2012

    Claims she was in miss England multiple times however there is no evidence of this online anywhere. She was in miss Bedfordshire and won however there are rumours she got disqualified from miss England for cheating. No mention or photos of her are shown between the years of 2010-2013 on miss England website.

    Appears on Love Island season 1 in the introduction of the show as an air hostess

    Season 1 love island

    An ex friend of Malins has come forward to say Malin slept with her boyfriend when she was caught out she told her she was raped by him she even went to the police, 2 weeks after she was on love island as if nothing had happened.

    On love island she had sex on TV Infront of all her housemates while they watched and cheered it received multiple ofcom complaints.
    Malin sex TV link

    Life after love island

    Comes out of love island and spends 7k getting lipo suction on her stomach and arms and a Brazilian but Lift (BBL) as well as getting her boobs lifted in Turkey. See link below

    Sun lipo link

    She soon returned to turkey to get a full set of veneers and repeatedly gets lip and Botox here in the UK

    Millie openly talks about Malins drug and alcohol abuse stating she has walked in on Malin in her own home sniffing cocaine off of her kitchen counter top.

    Malin takes over Millie's shared family home with Tom, moving herself in and even getting herself papped with Millie and Tom's dog.

    After the death of her baby Malin tells the mirror online that she would make the post-mortem public in aid get
    answers and to help future research, (
    link) however nothing was spoken of it since and she has not raised any awareness or spread any light as to why the baby was premature, this only sticks out as odd as Malin raises awareness for multiple charities that she has been affected by.

    Malin claims Tom hit her throughout there relationship together and was violent towards her she victimised herself in fabulous magazine making the statement that the reason her baby passed was due to Tom beating her. However Millie released Consys death certificate with the reason being cardiomyopathy this can cause death in babies if you abuse drug and alcohol through pregnancy she also smokes cigarettes.

    After her baby loss Malin flips her profile to a spiritual / body positive platform pretending as if none of her passed ever happened she speaks heavily on her domestic violence and baby loss she was made a advocate for woman's refuge not long after.

    Her following growing now as she has a purpose on her profile she starts to post videos and pictures of herself in underwear grabbing her post lipo body claiming everyone should love themselves, she even got her Lipo scars covered with butterfly tattoos.

    She continues to filter her videos saving them and re uploading them so the filter tag can't be seen and she proceeds to get her lips filled all while promoting self love and body positivity.

    Who let the dogs out?

    December 2019 she gets a dog called dime soon all mention of the dog is stopped and all photos deleted, the dog hasn't been seen since.
    She then posted constantly of the protection/ guard dog she was getting when she upped her security at her home in Bedfordshire after newa that Tom was being released out of prison after serving 3 months of his sentence. Nothing came about it and she now has the ultimate protection dog.. a chihuahua

    Covid rule breaching

    During lockdown 2020 she blatantly disobeyed the rules posting of party's with multiple people round her house she also posted on her story in shops not wearing a mask saying "she doesn't want to confine" she later was papped in a carers uniform as she helped out to help the NHS during the pandemic however nothing was mentioned after the photos where taken and she soon went back to normal life. A tattler stated she worked with her briefly as it was merely for publicity
    Care work link


    Since 2020 Malin has had 3 PAs working for her. Her first PA (Lea) during the beginning of 2020 who went to Tenerife with her then disappear soon after she had a new PA Hannah Lucy who was heavily involved in Malins Instagram story's also disappeared in November along side Malins best friend Sarah nothing online to say why they are no longer friends, they are all blocked.

    She now has Liv working for her who we believe is living with her in her new home.

    Dubai 2020

    After November Malin travelled to Dubai, despite it being illegal unless it was for work, she tastelessly posted of her dancing in a pool to mysterious girl while back home in the UK news had broken out we had been put in our 3rd lockdown meaning loved ones couldn't see family over Christmas.

    The video was soon deleted once she received backlash, although any negative comments were deleted and blocked. Whilst in Dubai she befriend Beth who she came back with and lived with for a total of 6 weeks before she quickly moved out, she has since blocked Beth and she hasn't addressed what happened to their friendship at all.

    Podcast flop

    Malin posted she would be doing a podcast called battles in December 2020
    The podcast was unsponsored and only lasted 12 episodes nothing has been mentioned since February 2021
    One episode featured boxer billy Joe Saunders (who was previously criticised for making a boxing video of how to hit your wife refuge made a statement at the time of the video was released ( Refuge statement )
    when Malin received backlash, as completely goes against what she stands for being an ambassador for refuge and experiencing DV, she made a video not apologising but criticising the people it offended asking people to be more open minded.

    She has since been removed as an ambassador from the refuge charity after they received complaints of the podcast. She is yet to address it.

    The disappearing act

    Throughout her social media career we have seen her with many friends, family members and employees coming and going her best friend actually being blocked and never seen again along with her then PA back in November 2020, we haven't seen her friend Luke who used to stay round almost most nights for months either. She also moved in with a girl named Beth who she befriended in Dubai however this only lasted 6 weeks before she left unexplainably and then blocked her.

    Narcissistic traits

    Communal Narcissist

    Her favourite word- yet she is only talking about herself. She shows strong representations of narcissism-
    ' Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behaviour, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding.'

    If we have a look back at how she has addressed things which she gets pulled up over ie, behaviour around Dubai video and response to the billy joe podcast, instead of apologising she blamed everyone else for not being open minded enough etc her response is self-centered and arrogant thinking did she show a lack of empathy towards Millie when she sent her the pregnancy test, and how she acting in the weeks after the death of her baby? All the traits stated above fit in her personality some way or another. other Tattlers have described her as a Communal Narcissist; 'seek to validate their self-perceived grandiosity, esteem, entitlement, and power—this type focuses on promoting him or herself through commitment to others, communal goals, and the supposed ability to listen and connect. ' will explain her constant want to be seen as an activist but not doing much activism.

    Buying followers

    Malins following is inconsistent and forever changing, she jumped from 670k to 700 within a few days now her following will go down gradually and then suddenly have a 1,000/2,000 influx on when she clearly buys her followers. Her engagement is also very low some of her IGTV videos only getting 300 likes.

    Company house
    On company's house her name is under a business called CONSY ltd however only ÂŁ100 has gone through since 2019.
    She has recently moved to a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom house as well as showing her brand new BMW X6 (21 plate) and Rolex in the same month it is unclear where she gets the money from as since October her sponsored posts have dwindled down from an average of 17 posts a month between June -September 2020 and only 6 this march 2020.

    Connections with criminals

    In 2019 Malin visited in mate Sam walker who was jailed for supplying heroin and crack cocaine.

    Earlier this year (2021) she commented on Michael Mullen's Instagram post of him leaving prison, sentenced for 10 years and serving 6 after he was locked up for supplying cocaine, with clap emojis. Michael Mullen previously dated Millie after she broke up with Tom, tattle users said Michael was also charged for domestic violence and Malin doing this was a way at getting at Millie, again going against what she 'stands for' when pulled up on her comment by a tattler they were blocked and her comment deleted.

    Sam walker link

    Michael Mullen link

    Vegan not vegan. To drink or not to drink?

    Malin swings in-between being vegan and vegetarian when it suits her then will post photos of steaks, shrimps KFC or McDonald's when she is hungover or bacon egg and cheese for breakfast

    She has also said she's quitting alcohol numerous times even posted a video on her Instagram of her emptying a bottle of red wine down the drain to then be drinking the weekend after. In November she said she was going to go 6 months Sober then drank almost every night in Dubai in December.

    Malin has an obsession with idolising Oprah Winfrey claiming she will be the next Oprah several times in her stories and even sticking a photo of her on her mood board. She then calls her chihuahua 'oprah andersson' making the dog an Instagram account CRINGE.


    tattlers have reported her on numerous
    occasions for non disclosed ads or hiding #ad or #gifted under her profile picture in stories


    Malin did a giveaway of items she was gifted that month, it came across as a way to flog the stuff she didn't want or need however she never mentioned who had won on the post or story she just stated that they'd been contacted directly. Which seemed very odd and unprofessional.

    Gifted items for her new home:

    Malin has recently moved although hasn't paid for most of the furniture inside the home gifted items include

    Personalised wooden dining table with chairs and coffee table
    Bar stools
    Pampas grass and vase
    Entry hall tables
    Large living room lamp
    Hot tub /chavuzzi
    Dog bed