Lorna Luxe Truth Revealed

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  • Lorna Luxe the social media influencer.


    • Lies constantly, pretty much anything she says is questionable
    • Edits her photos within an inch of their life to make herself appear thinner
    • Uses filters on her story videos. Tattlers spotted background warping and she was called out for it by CelebFace. Never addressed by Lorna and continues to use filters
    • Doesn’t upload stories in real time
    • Whenever her follower count is dwindling does a giveaway or buys followers
    • Favourite beauty/make up products are whatever brands are paying her at the time
    • Constantly pushing her flammable & unsustainable clothing collection with In The Style and responds to any complaints regarding quality, delivery and refunds with passive aggressiveness.
    • Doesn't actually 'design' anything. Clothes are either selected from a catalogue (e.g. AliExpress) or are copied from runway or High Street designs.
    • All clothing she flogs on In The Style is polyester and made in China, despite her trying to describe them differently.
    • Blocks anyone who questions her (blocked individuals are referred to as A-Blocked on tattle)
    • Hardly ever declares gifts or ads. Reported many times to ASA.
    • Says she hasn’t had any face fillers for over 2 years but puncture holes on the lips have recently been spied
    • Pretends to be empathetic towards current affairs and world disasters when it suits her but has shown little regard for the covid pandemic because it’s just an inconvenience that she would prefer to ignore
    • Poor Boo the dog is often carted off to god knows where while they go on trips presumably paid for by In The Style.
    • Claims she has an English Literature degree from a Newcastle university which is highly questionable
    • Eats at a handful of restaurants in London, suspected she backhands Cecconis for use of their toilets as a changing room when she ‘shoots’ on Bond Street
    • Asks her own questions on her 'Q&A's, with the made-up questions and answers all based upon whatever pictures she wants to dig out that day, or whatever topics she wants to boast about that day.

    John aka Mr Luxe

    Also referred to on Tattle as
    OAP-Old Age Pensioner
    OM-Old Mahogany (due to the depth of his tan)
    OMR- Old Mahogany Raisin
    The Raisin
    Creosote King
    Elton John
    Whipping Boy

    His position within HSBC is questionable due to them openly flaunting their lifestyle on social media and the amount of time he actually spends (or doesn’t spend) working.

    She cheated on John and had an ongoing relationship around 2017/2018. Duration AND gender unknown at this stage as it’s thought she may have had a bisexual affair. Tea has been shared via former friends who say she was away with her fancy man/lady the night before Mr Luxe had arranged and called off a birthday brunch for his princess after she failed to appear. It was after this that the Luxe’s seemingly perfect marriage started showing up on Instagram along with a lot more Chanel and Cartier.

    It also recently came to light that she cheated on him again in 2019. We got this information via a fellow influencer who has spent time on one of the threads, but wouldn’t tell us much else.

    The Manor House

    Well there is no Manor House
    Known as Horsham Heights (HH) on Tattle, it is a 2 bed flat situated within lush grounds in Horsham shared by a number of other flats.

    She claims she and John bought the property together shortly after they met but it’s been proven there were no flats sold around this time so most likely owned by John himself and he moved her in.

    Often posts beautiful interior design images from Pinterest without crediting the images, which her followers then believe are pictures of her own 'house'.

    Fellow tattler @Jasmine is Johns ex wife who has confirmed much of the above.

    Key Moments

    1. Photoshopping the Eiffel Tower into her hotel balcony photo in Paris last year.

    2. Booking into a luxury hotel in London last year in the middle of lockdown, and claiming it was because her boiler was broken (aka Boilergate). One tattle member emailed the hotel asking to book a room for a few days as her boiler had broken down, and the hotel responded to say they were unable to help as a broken boiler wasn't listed in the government guidelines of reasons to be staying in a hotel during lockdown.

    3. Using the same photo twice in her stories, but changing the colour of her nail varnish to make it look like two different photos.
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