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    Kylie (aka KyLIE) Flavell is a narcisissitic Australian vlogger who has spent the past 20 years trying to become famous, flitting from country to country ~ Japan to Spain, Britain to Monte Carlo and France to Germany ~ in her elusive search. She finally landed in Italy more than a decade ago and has been trying to make an online career by creating a fake and disneyfied portrayal of her life on her YouTube channel. Her narcissism and eccentricity are on full display in her laughable "rap" video, where she calls herself "Bimba K" (link here:

    Reports of her in real life compared to her portrayal of herself in her vlogs are very different. Rather than having the smiley "slow living" persona she tries to come across as, currently on video, she is actually an extremely tough and unpleasant woman that will do anything and step on anyone to get ahead. She has few friends and no female friends and appears to always prefer the company of men and her videos are often highly sexualized.

    KyLie claims to be a "film maker, photographer, editor, poet and journalist" and yet has no qualifications in any of these fields except overseeing the content for a casino's publicity publication and a "what's on" online guide, she also claims to have written a book, which she was (shockingly) unable to get published. Although she has said she is 29 years old, she is actually 38/39 with a birthdate of around 1983.

    She has said in the past that she has had lots of boyfriends and she has referred to them obliquely in her vlogs (although now she has reframed that to having just had a long series of highly successful, long-term relationships). Her most defining relationship was with a Canadian billionaire's married son, who dumped her (this is known from real life reports as she claims all of her boyfriends were madly in love with her and all proposed to her).

    Since she made Italy her base, she has moved to Florence, Rome, Positano and then back to Rome and now to Tuscany. She constantly complained about having little or no money and escaped back to her hometown in Byron Bay, to live with her parents, when she completely ran out of cash. (Her Australian parents may be retired but seem to have spent an inordinate time sailing around the world on a boat; she has never mentioned whether they worked or had careers.)

    KyLie based herself in Rome but couldn't earn a living from people hiring her to film projects (because she is just too difficult to work with) and eventually no companies took up her proposals for TV series (including a self-made drama "starring" her for Netflix) except a short interstitial series with Hello Fresh front man Patrick Drake, seven years ago.

    She has tried to monetize her Youtube channel with ads and opening a Patreon account. Today, she finishes all of her vlogs with a message to donate as a Patreon so you can contribute to her "work" that she claims is "costly and time-consuming". Whereas in reality, she just films and edits herself for hours in every video.

    There are some pretty scenery and drone shots, but all of her vlogs are completely focused on KyLie. While she started out posting a few receipts for film equipment on Patreon to prove her "transparency" she soon gave that up. Most of the Patreon earnings appear to pay for bot-generated YouTube views, comments, likes and subscriptions plus fake followers and comments on her Instagram account.

    After she ran out of money in Rome and had an unexplained but apparently false hospital drama, she returned to her parents place in Byron Bay for an extended stay in 2018. By the following year, she had decided to cut her losses in Rome and shift to Florence, when she moved back to Italy. She lived in the historic centre of Florence and appeared to rent an expensive flat, despite claiming that she had very little money.

    All of her ideas and projects are copied or stolen from other people, including her ill-advised venture into the fashion world in Florence. She created a "label" called Bottega Flavell and tried to get financiers to back it, even though she had zero experience as either a fashion designer or businesswoman.

    KyLie got local tailors to mock up a few ideas and she asked her sister over from Spain to help her create the brand. Before she had done anything, she was already picturing herself on a huge billboard in the centre of Florence. Once more, her narcissism ruled her behaviour and the whole project sank without a trace. Her sister became disillusioned with the project within two weeks and quickly departed. KyLie's call for an unpaid 'intern' to basically be her slave, from carting camera equipment to sewing on buttons, evaporated too.

    However, she has now found her golden ticket to fortune if not fame but not through her own work. Her landlord introduced her to a local Florentine accountant Guido, who comes from a Tuscan landowning family, at a dinner in late 2019. Although he had a girlfriend, he and KyLie hooked up.

    With the onset of the pandemic in Italy by early 2020, she quickly moved in with him at his family's country property, just outside Florence. She lived in a flat with him in the family compound and spent her time and her own money creating DIY projects to make the apartment more to her taste, meanwhile filming this for her vlogs. She also scored some free or heavily discounted products from an Italian company, without declaring this in her videos.

    KyLie remodelled herself from a show-off, good-time girl into a tweedy, traditional country "wife" for Guido, with a side serving of embarrassing all dancing and all singing (or rather lip-syncing) videos with toilet brushes (a real low). Her devotion to renovating his flat, seems to have instigated Guido's proposal of marriage.

    She claims it happened four months before she announced it publicly but has been dining off all things wedding-related ever since. She tried to convince Guido to move to his family's summer villa, two hours from Florence, so she can play lady of the manor ( and have space for her botting family to stay for months). She has been filming Guido's renovation/rebuilding of a chicken coop and ultimately pigsties for paying guests. Although it now appears, Guido has put his foot down about travelling two hours each way to his accounting office in Florence.

    Her viewers have been subject to endless vlogs about gardening and wedding plans until now. as she drags out the "romance". There have been problems with missing documents that she claims means they can't be legally married yet she is still going ahead with the wedding plans anyway, in the midst of a pandemic with many restrictions in Tuscany. The priest has refused to marry her in the ugly 1930s chapel that is part of Guido's family property.

    Currently, she is playing coy about whether this wedding-that-is-not-really-a-wedding has actually happened. Her parents and sister have arrived somehow, even with Covid restrictions in place, via Spain. She claims to have sculptors, policemen and international bridesmaids all at the ready for this great shebang. But so far we have just seen a few "tests" with flowers and cakes and a dodgy reception set up with billowing cotton curtains strung from wooden posts.


    *She creates a completely false view of living in Italy without regard to the impact and consequences her lies may have for those who follow her advice. Instead of the Disney fantasy she creates, they arrive to find a country rife with unemployment, low wages and corruption.

    *Using her Patreon money not to purchase video equipment as she claims but to buy bot-generated YouTube video views, comments and subscribers plus Instagram followers, likes and comments to create a false impression she is a lot more popular than she is and using this to sell herself to other businesses

    *Many of the people who watch her vlogs have become frustrated, annoyed, disappointed, disillusioned or disenchanted after being deleted, ignored or flamed when commenting or questioning aspects of Kylie's activities.

    *Others asked themselves why they were contributing financially to a woman who is engaged to - and, for the past year, has been living with - a man whose family's property holdings are substantial. (Before meeting Guido, Kylie would plead poverty, saying, for example, that she could not pay rent or afford even a coffee).

    * She encourages unhealthy parasocial relationships with her followers by suggesting they give her gifts and write to her personally about serious emotional issues (even though she is not a psychologist) leading to potentially dangerous obsessions and disappointments when she doesn’t/can’t live up to what she has promised. Various fans have even asked where to send wedding presents.

    *Her aggressive/bullying response to any commentators that question her or her vlogs

    *Deleting any comments that are not adulatory or that suggest different ideas to hers or that point out issues with her videos

    * Trying to create a fake “cult” following that is only filled with an entirely one-sided sycophantic or fawning commentariat

    *She sexualises her vlogs to sell her channel, herself and ultimately Guido's family holiday apartments

    *She keeps an unhealthy, narcissistic focus on herself in every video or vlog she posts

    *Claiming to have little or no money, so begging her Patreons to keep paying, meanwhile she is living a luxurious life that most Italians couldn’t dream of right now at a country villa.

    * The hypocrisy of not bothering to learn about Italian culture yet she constantly misrepresents it and exploits the fantasies and ignorance of those who don’t know enough to realize she is lying.

    * The narcissistic way of changing her colours to suit for the purpose of exploitation, whether it be for donations, patrons, gifts, rents, whatever. It’s all about her, never about anyone else.

    *She carries with her the worst of millennial culture of grievance, entitlement, poor me ism, privilege, while pleading poverty, playing up the child into adulthood, acting like it doesn’t matter.

    * She provides hypocritical advice to followers about her life meanwhile she is doing the opposite of what she says

    *Judgemental attitude about many things (drinking alcohol, one night stands, people that don’t like old fashioned things from the past) she seems to want to live as a 1950s housewife

    *She plays on the vulnerabilities of her more naive followers

    *She does injustice to the struggles of real Italians and lovers of this country who see and live the difficulties and absurdities every day, but still persist with the possibilities of being here.

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