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  • Kristina A. M. Braly MD is an American-Norwegian anaesthetist, residing in Houston Texas. Her internet presence began with a blog Pretty Shiny Sparkly which she created after her 20 year old brother Erik died when she was 25 and in medical school. She created a YouTube channel soon after which was rebranded to Kristina Braly in 2016.

    Dramas and scandals

    She enters medical school. In the first week she attends a workshop for new students with a second year student Houston Braly teaching. This is how she and her husband meet.

    2016 She finishes residency training in anaesthesiology. Houston takes up a fellowship in orthopaedic surgery at Duke university so they move to North Carolina as Kristina practices anaesthesia in the state. They live at a half way point between Duke and the hospital she teaches at.

    Biography and family
    Kristina Anne Medhus was born and raised in Houston, TX. Her mother Elisa Ribelles Medhus MD is Texan with an American mother and a Spanish father. Her parents were both doctors as was Elisa. Her father Rune Medhus is from Hol, Norway. He is a pilot and flight instructor who served in the Norwegian Royal Air Force, then was a commercial pilot in Norway then moved to the USA for commercial pilot opportunities and he worked as a flight instructor as well. He met Dr Elisa Ribelles as one of his private pilot license students.

    Kristina is the first of their children, born in May 1984. She was followed by Michelle, then Erik (September 1989), a son Seth who was stillborn, mentioned in his mother's afterlife blog, then Lukas and finally Annika.

    Kristina has been married since 2012 to Houston L. Braly II who is an orthopedic surgeon. She graduated medical school with his name, but unlike him, didn't get to have 'Dr' as her title for the wedding invitation as they married a few months before graduation. They have two daughters, Harper (Nov 2017) and Juliet (Jan 2021).