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    Julie Stanton is a YouTuber and Instagrammer, best known for being the mother of Anastasia Kingsnorth.

    She has two children, Anastasia and Atticus (who is a child and much younger than Ana).

    Julie appeared for many years in Ana’s videos before doing ads on Instagram. In 2021 she started her own YouTube channel comprising of hauls and vlogs.


    Julie’s maiden name is Kingsnorth. Julie had Ana when she was in her 20s, and Atticus when she was in her late 30s (see FAQ below for more info).

    It’s unclear what Julie did for work before or after her children. In some of Ana’s old videos, she says she has a job. At one stage she was going to join the police. Other times she’s suggested she hasn’t worked since Atticus was born.

    Notable people (plus nicknames used on the thread)

    • Julie
      • MeJulie/MeJules/MJ - an Ali G reference
    • Atticus
      • Bratticus - self explanatory
      • Testicles - YouTube subtitles called him this in Julie’s video
    • Nanny/Wendy
      • Julie's mum
    • Pam
      • Nanny's friend (see FAQ)
    • Chris
      • Julie's brother (only see him in the background)
    • Steve
      • Julie's ex husband, who Ana calls Dad

    JEALOUS ARE YA?! - An adapted phrase from Ana’s ‘responding to hate comments’ video where Julie questioned if we we were jealous of her Daniel Wellington ad.

    Lip smacking - yes it’s not a catchphrase, more a catch-noise. Julie smacks her lips…a lot. Every few words in fact.

    Hooge, doope, commoonity - Julie's pronunciation of words with a 'u' in it.

    So...yeeeeah - commonly used in her videos, once you hear it, you can't unhear it.

    Say hello Atticuuuus - often used to get Atticus to wave at the camera

    Notable moments

    Julie and Boris

    Julie named her car Boris which no one thought anything of. Until one day on Instagram she posted a story about the school meals fiasco. Julie said that she was disgusted about the situation and that she usually votes Tory and is “a Boris fan”. This didn’t go down well especially as Julie had struggled with money and Ana didn’t have a lot growing up (which is a reason so many liked Ana). Julie bit back about people calling her out but quickly deleted the story and replaced it with one apologising. Ana then went on the Saccone Joly’s podcast and implied Julie isn’t a Tory (despite Julie saying she votes for them and is a Boris fan).

    Primark £30 challenge
    Julie did a Primark £30 challenge to see if she could get a full outfit. In the video she showed that her usual daily outfit would be £320. She proceeded to say wearing Primark head to toe made her feel 'weird' because she hadn't done it in years. Many people thought the video was totally out of touch and commented that now Julie had money, she turned her nose up at wearing all Primark. Julie didn't seem to care.

    Excessive waste
    Julie’s YouTube channel has highlighted her un-environmentally friendly habits. A common point of discussion is also that Julie seems to buy multiple things (clothes, homeware etc.) in every video.

    In no particular order, Julie:
    - Only wears tights once then throws them away
    - Buys multi packs of bottled water regularly for Atticus
    - Buys 2 packs of wipes a week for Atticus
    - Buys surface wipes regularly (3-4 packs a week to “stock up”) to disinfect door handles
    - Bought 2 weeks worth of brand new clothes for herself and Atticus for their Florida trip
    - Describes Primark handbags as “throw away bags”
    - Buys new reusable travel coffee mugs for the different seasons
    - Bought face cloths for her 2023 summer holidays that she intended to throw away because she wanted to make her life easier and not bring them home to wash
    - Bought new sandals for her holidays specifically for going out on the deck, another pair for the beach (to be thrown away), and another pair for walking around

    (Part of this could be due to her OCD, which Ana has briefly spoken about).


    Who are Ana and Atticus’s dads?

    Ana explained this in her 2017 vlog “My family situation…”. Julie conceived Ana with an unknown man (unknown to us, not to Julie!). Ana has never met this man but knows who he is. While Ana was in the womb, Julie met Steve. Julie and Steve got married when Ana was 6 and were together until Ana was 9/10. Ana regards Steve as her dad and calls him dad. A couple of years later, Julie was in a new relationship and conceived Atticus. They broke up. Ana has posted about seeing her (step)dad (Steve) occasionally but not very often. Atticus does see his dad.

    Why do Ana and Julie have different surnames?
    This topic has definitely never been covered on these threads. Kingsnorth is Julie’s maiden name. We know this because her nan is a Kingsnorth. Stanton is very likely Julie’s ex husband’s (Ana’s stepdad) name. We don’t know why Julie has kept the name. Atticus’s surname is Kingsnorth.

    Who is Pam and what’s her relation to Ana’s Nanny?
    Pam is a friend and/or possibly carer to Ana’s nan (no proof of this). They aren’t a couple and Pam has a partner. They have a YouTube channel together called “Wendy and Pam’s Lights” where they wear costumes and contact Princess Diana (occasionally).

    What did Julie do for work before social media?
    Unknown. It's presumed she was on benefits.