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    - She is a YouTube 'guru' and is 23 years of age

    - She was also known as FloralPrincess

    - She is that YouTuber who eats Mcdonald's, basically for a living! Her videos are poorly made as she is too lazy to produce good content (even though she said she would produce better content in Manchester). In fact, her content is going so bad that she had to delete a video because of the low views it got and is now recycling the same content she did in 2019 for views.

    - Onion enthusiast

    Ana lived in Wellingborough with her Mum (Julie) and younger brother testicles . In January 2021, Ana moved to Manchester into the same apartment block as her best friends Haz and Byron. She has said her apartment rent is £1.6k a month.
    For a long time, Julie had unknown employment apart from various Instagram sponsorships, including Tesco #ads. She has now started her own YouTube channel which many of us prefer to Ana’s 😂

    Regularly discussed topics/FAQs

    Why do Ana and Julie have different surnames?

    This topic has definitely never been covered on these threads. Ana and Atticus have the last name Kingsnorth. Julie’s last name is Stanton. Kingsnorth is Julie’s maiden name. We know this because her nan is a Kingsnorth. Stanton is likely Julie’s ex’s (Ana’s stepdad) name. We don’t know why Julie has kept the name.

    Who are Ana and Atticus’s dads?
    Ana explained this in her 2017 vlog “My family situation…”.

    Julie conceived Ana with an unknown man. Ana has never met this man but knows who he is. While Ana was in the womb, Julie met Steve. Julie and Steve got married when Ana was 6 and were together until Ana was 9/10. Ana regards Steve as her dad and calls him dad.
    A couple of years later, Julie was in a new relationship and conceived Atticus. They broke up.

    Ana has posted about seeing her (step)dad (Steve) occasionally but not very often.
    Atticus does see his dad.

    What is the pad situation?
    Ana posted a video of herself and we could see a used sanitary towel left on the floor. The video has since been edited to remove it. Screenshots aren’t allowed (also it’s just a used pad, not much to see there!).

    Why did Ana delete the “uncomfortable questions” video with Julie (21st July)?
    Another topic that’s never been discussed on the threads. During the video Ana made fun of the amount of plants Julie has and her decor in general. She accused Julie of driving her car while she’s been in Manchester and questioned Julie about not inviting Ana to the family holiday. Lots of the comments said Ana was being unkind and rude to Julie. The video was then deleted without explanation. with Ana eventually saying it was because of the comments.

    Who is Pam and what’s her relation to Ana’s Nanny?
    Pam is a friend and/or possibly carer to Ana’s nan (no proof of this). They aren’t a couple and Pam has a partner. They have a YouTube channel together called “Wendy and Pam’s Lights” where they wear costumes and contact Princess Diana (occasionally).

    Ana and BLM
    During the height of social media posts about BLM in 2020, Ana and Saffron both posted a black square on Instagram. Haz disagreed with posting black squares and commented on Saffron’s post about it. Ana deleted her black square but Saffron didn’t. Ana and Haz then unfollowed each other for about a day before making friends again.

    In one of Ana’s videos she referred to George Floyd as George Lloyd and then corrected it but spelt his name wrong. This was interpreted as Ana not really caring about BLM.

    Ana’s nan’s friend Pam posted an ALM photo on Instagram and Ana liked it. Byron tried to defend Ana by saying she was just liking the photo and maybe didn’t know what it means. Again this made Ana’s support of BLM seem performative as ALM is widely known as being used against BLM.

    Some have also argued that Ana’s tan verges on blackfishing.

    Byron and Ana
    Around 2019 and through lockdown, Ana mentioned Byron A LOT. In most Q&As she would answer questions about whether they were together. According to Ana they have kissed but nothing else. She also claimed they had ‘sexual tension’. As Byron got into a relationship (with someone called Lewis), these questions have stopped. In Ana’s book (2024) she reveal her and Byron slept together a couple of times (the last time being near the end of 2020). They decided to stop sleeping together for the sake of the friendship but Ana admits there’ll always be something there.

    Ana’s style
    Ana has become known as not having an individual style. Especially since moving to Manchester she seems to copy other people (especially Cinzia) in clothes, hair, nails, Instagram photos. Her Instagram photos are almost identical to theirs. A new thing she is also doing is copying her friends accent. She loves to be seen as a ‘baddie’ even though the YouTube show she was in called ‘Locked in’ showed that she was both a catfish and introvert.

    “Body count”
    Along with talking excessively about Byron, Ana’s body count also became a hot topic in her videos. In one video Ana it was implied Ana slept with Jack Maynard. She loves to do say it or shot it videos so she can talk about how much her body count has gone up and when the last time she had sex was because she’s such a sex goddess. She can’t say the word sex without giggling.

    Nanny’s dinner set
    Ana’s nan (Nanny/Wendy) bought her a Disney dinner set for her new flat. Ana said she would use it for special occasions. Tattlers are always on the look out for the dinner set. It’s no where to be seen.

    Skinny Dip “priorty”
    Ana brought out her Skinny Dip range in 2020, the range has also been seen in Topshop. She made a phone case and the word 'priority' was spelt incorrectly. She also had a clothing range with the word ‘fragile’ on it even though we have never heard her say that.

    The never fabled ski trip
    In 2020 Ana went on a Ski trip with Saffron and her family. Ana claims her and Saffron have a 'word' that they can use once a year, when this word is mentioned, the other friend has to do/go along what with the other person says. This word was mentioned by Ana on the ski trip but we do not know what happened. They just love to mention how crazy the story is and how they can’t say what happened.

    Lockdown breaks
    In Autumn 2020 Ana went to Manchester for a night out with multiple people who weren't from her household (including Beka Kerridge and Haz). At this time Manchester was in local lockdown which meant that people were only allowed to go to restaurants with their households and were not allowed to mix households. Ana was not living in Manchester at the time and mixed with at least 4 people from different households. China Whites seemed to have a deal with them to visit as they were all posting about it. People told China Whites that the group were from different households and the visit was cancelled. They then went to another bar instead. Ana was called out for it and eventually apologised on IG stories, saying she wasn’t aware of the rules.

    Other times include:

    - being on holiday (which was allowed) and promoting the holiday (explaining that everything was “socially distanced of course”), then being filmed kissing someone
    - making TikToks with strangers with no effort to keep a distance
    - Going shopping/no distance with her now editor Callum, earning him the name “ASDA Callum”

    Julie and Boris
    Julie named her car Boris which no one thought anything of. Until one day one Instagram she posted a story about the school meals fiasco. Julie said that she was disgusted about the situation and that she usually votes Tory and is “a Boris fan”. This didn’t go down well especially as Julie had struggled with money and Ana didn’t have a lot growing up (which is a reason so many liked Ana). Julie bit back about people calling her out but quickly deleted the story and replaced it with one apologising. Ana then went on the Saccone Joly’s podcast and implied Julie isn’t a Tory (despite Julie saying she votes for them and is a Boris fan).

    She hit 1 million followers in January 2021 but isn’t verified. Some on the thread claim some of her followers are bought. Also, she embarrassingly did a 1m photoshoot couple of months before she actually hit 1m so she had to wait before she could upload the pictures 😂

    24 hour challenges
    In one of Ana’s videos she admitted that some of her 24 hour challenges were faked. In her next video, she did a 24 hour challenge.

    Freya and Callum

    In 2021, Ana hired two of her friends to work for her. Freya is an assistant who empties her dishwasher, gets props for her videos (and other unknown tasks). Freya was a uni housemate of Haz and Byron’s.
    Callum edits Ana’s videos. He is friends with the Clough sisters.
    Tattlers suggest Haz and Byron were replaced with Freya and Callum when they got into relationships. Ana now calls them her best friends and mentions them in almost every video (as context, Ana calls everyone her best friend).

    Ana’s boyfriend
    (The name of the person mentioned here was removed by a mod). In Spring 2022, Ana started dropping hints she had a boyfriend. This included Callum mentioning it in a video, Saffron saying she was texting someone and Ana writing on IG stories that her love life WAS a disaster (past tense). At the end of thread 56 a new member arrived with screenshots of a boy who posted the same dinner as Ana on the same night. He went private likely due to all the new views and follows, and possibly because someone saw he was mentioned here. No one has confirmed this is her boyfriend. Go to thread 56, from page 40ish for the pictures.

    Anas "best friends"
    Every week Ana seems to have a best friend so we have compiled them
    1. Dev and Doyle Met at school: Currently at university, made cameos in previous videos. One of her only real friends.

    2. Tanisha
    Met at school: Again like Dev and Doyle does not appear in many videos, however has taken a couple trips with Ana. One of her oldest friends and seems genuine.

    3. Saffron Barker
    Met after Ana left a brown nosing comment under Saf video about 5 years ago: Ana will call Saff her best friend for clickbait in videos, though Saff is very passive agressive towards Ana. Also, Ana moulds her opinions on Saff.


    4. Bryon
    Met at an event: Ana wants to be with him so bad, but hes gay so hes now her bestie, even though hes done gross stuff like exposing her boobs in public


    5. Haz
    Met at an event: Though Ana calls her bestie, as soon as bestie gets a man. Shes gone! Its speculated she threw a shoe at Ana once, but not been confirmed.

    7. Blazer aka Freya
    Met via Haz and Byron (she was their Uni housemate)
    She came with her blazer, she stayed awhile as Anas "asssistant" then she diappeared to go work in a coffee shop. RIP to the blazer. Rumoured to have made Tattle accounts, so if you read this blazer - wHeRe Ja GeT ya BLaZer?

    8. Callum
    Met at: ??????
    Her editor bestie who doesn't understand 17:00 doesn't need PM, but Ana doesn't care. Overall, seems genuine and calls Ana out here and there.

    9. Clough sisters
    Met at: some event
    Since moving to Manny and going to Australia with Sophie and Jasmine, she has been "besties" with both (mostly Sophie)

    10. Cheyenna (Love Island S8)
    Met: In Mancheser and "have been in a friendship circle ever since"
    Has latched on to her as Ana dreaammmmmmmmms of being on Love Island

    11. Joe and George Baggs
    Met: Prob whilst drunk somewhere
    Has not mentioned them too much, but lets see what the future holds


    12. Jamie
    Met: at an event? think he did her makeup or something?
    Anyways a new bestie to the lineup,that shes gone on holiday with ( a reoccuring patten with Ana - meets new bestie, goes on holiday, never seens said bestie again)


    13. Molly Marsh (Love Island S10)

    Met: LESS than a year ago
    Ana now feels as shes her bff and can go on podcasts and talk about her like shes know her since she was 6

    14. Other Callum
    Her newest bff - owns a shop in Manchester Ana visited once. Now calling his bestie

    Words/Phrases associated on Tattle w/ Ana
    meJulie - Nickname for Ana's mum, Julie. It's a Ali-G reference
    Gaz & Brian - Ana's friends, Haz & Bryon
    Bratticus - Atticus, Ana's brother
    Jealous are ya? - An adapted phrase from Ana’s ‘responding to hate comments’ video where Julie questioned if we we were jealous of her Daniel Wellington ad
    Charles/Thingy - Ana's new old love interest who happens to have the tiniest feet in the world. Owner of a BMW. Didn’t last long

    We all speculate on her teeth as they look awful and she has the money to get them fixed but is a lazy CEOOOOOOOOO Boss Bitch and hasn’t. Ana has twice been gifted Invisalign.
    We do not know why Julie never got them fixed when she was younger or why she never had them done on the NHS as they look bad enough to have gotten them for free when she was a teenager.
    Ana seems to have red and swollen gums, so maybe that’s why she hasn’t gotten them done.
    First time she was gifted Invisalign was 2020. She used the excuse of COVID of not getting new trays.
    Second time was gifted this again in April/May 2022 from a dentist in Liverpool. She was due to get Invisalign end of May 2022 and wear for approx 14 weeks and then get bonding. Again Ana never went through with it.
    Finally Ana never mentions her teeth ever on her videos or if she has started her free Invisalign.


    So in “The Groovy Girls” video @ 7.19. Ana, Freya and Haz are talking about family members abd if you’ve ever seen them naked or caught your parents having sex. Ana says “my mum and dad had sex in the bed beside me”. Haz then calls Julie a filth dog.