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  • Joanne Larby
    Aliases: “The Makeup Fairy”, “Laura Napes”

    Joanne is a blogger who describes herself as an entrepreneur, a content creator, and best selling author, as well as an interior design student.

    She is best known for her failed attempts at several online businesses, her photoshopping of her photos to alter her size, and several instances of being caught lying to the public.

    She sold makeup brushes called “Fairy Wands” that were never restocked. She has a book called “Fairy Tales” which has highly edited photos of her describing her life up to her mid-20’s, no longer in print and last seen in the bargain bin at local bookshops. She launched “Larby Fit” which never went live. She launched “The Other Side of Perfect” as a website for women, with a paid subscription. The site never became active. She was accused of stealing the idea from “The Red Duchess” and Larby was accused of sending a fake solicitors letter to her former friend. She launched a podcast by the same name of her website, which is no longer releasing new episodes.
    She previously claimed to be a Montessori teacher, however she has no known credentials. She currently claims to be taken an interior design course since 2020, and has launched “High rise to house” an Instagram page where she documents “cute corners” that she decorates in her rental house.

    Anonymous Instagram pages outed Larby for extreme photoshop which misled her followers and was harmful to women’s body image. She signed off her social media for 2 weeks, then claimed to be a victim of online bullying and now claims to be body positive, however she apparently still does extreme editing of her appearance.

    Larby was also caught in a web of lies when claiming she was naturally dark skinned and never used tan or tanning beds. She was photographed in a tanning salon. Later she claimed to use fake tan on occasion, then touted her fathers dark skin for her naturally tanned appearance. Her own brother outed her for lying and reported her father to be white. Larby has continued to use the black woman emoji despite repeatedly being called out for this blatant racism.

    In 2012, Larby was selling used clothing on DePop. Buyers accused her of falsely advertising and misleading the size of her clothing, saying they received items that were larger than stated and which had the tags removed.

    Larby also hit the media when she had a breakup with her ex-boyfriend Paul Standell in London. She alluded to claims of abuse which he took to social media to deny. No further words were said on the matter.

    Larby has announced her engagement to Adam O’Flynn since her Pregnancy. They Have a dog from a breeder, a PomSki named Storm whom they refer to as their “first born”.

    Larby has been accused of being insensitive to mothers and families who have suffered miscarriages and infant losses with her pregnancy and baby announcements which had no trigger warning. She posted on her page about becoming pregnant on their first try. She documented her entire pregnancy on her page. She has routinely posted photos of her son on her page including private information such as his exact date of birth and birth weight. She has advertised many baby items with her son as a model.