Jasmine Lipska Truth Revealed

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  • First and foremost, if you have ever come across Jasmine, or any other life coach for that matter, you have most likely been looking for some guidance or ways to improve your life. In this day and age with the internet at our fingertips, there is no need to spend extortionate amounts of money for self help or spirituality advice. We must stress that if you are having issues with your mental health, please speak to a professional.

    Here, we aim to compile some resources as well as positive influencers. Please enjoy at your leisure and we hope this can be of some use to you. If we can help even one person save their hard earned $$$, that would be amazing!

    Disclaimer: All information on this page aims to be as unbiased and objective as possible. We aim to highlight the deeply troubling and problematic behaviours displayed by Jasmine and her husband Josh Campbell (formerly known as "healthhunk") We are not haters, nor are we "evil forces" or "mentally ill" as Jasmine suggests we are. We are simply normal people, exercising our right to free speech on a public platform away from their social media pages. We aim to shed light on their questionable business ventures and deter prospective clients from buying into their products.

    If you do not like what we have found or are easily hurt and triggered by the truth, simply click away and continue to live in blissful ignorance. We do this for the people who have been affected and continue to be affected by these money grabbing narcs. We will not stop and we will not be silenced by Jasmine Lipska and Josh Campbell.

    **Screenshots and evidence will be provided once mods enable access.**

    Topics covered

    - Jasmine's husband, Josh: Racism, right wing, antivaxx conspiracy theorist bigot
    - Jasmine's own deeply problematic views on vaccines and her response to the Ukrainian war
    - Abusing and abandoning Angel the Dog
    - Called out by Anna's Analysis and her subsequent response
    - Stealing/plagiarising content
    - Lying about her backstory
    - Bullying women and underage girls into buying her products, with subsequent gaslighting.
    - real testimonials

    Still need to add:
    - Breach of confidentiality by leaking her private calls. Breaking her promise of her classes being a "safe container" for women by allowing creepy men into her calls.
    - Jasmine's backwards ideologies, self hatred for women and misogynistic views
    - why you SHOULDN'T attend Jasmine's (or any coaches) retreat



    Jasmine Mary Lipski (born 19th July 1998) known online as Jasmine Lipska is an Australian former YouTuber and current Life Coach. Originally hailing from Oakleigh, she began her career in Melbourne and is now currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

    Lipska rose to fame with her language and study videos, which later pivoted towards lifestyle and travelling. On 26th February 2021, Lipska uploaded a video to her channel announcing her retirement from YouTube. In the video, she stated her main reasons for leaving were that YouTube would give her a sense of happiness, however now she was married, her husband Josh was now her main source of happiness and she no longer needed YouTube. She also stated that uploading "became a chore" and expressed a desire to focus on her life coaching business. As of writing, she has amassed 344k subscribes and over 15 million views.

    Jasmine's husband and in laws: Racism, far right views and conspiracy theories.

    Jasmine is married to Joshua Campbell, a Bali based fitness guru turned life coach. He is a known racist, right wing conspiracy theorist and his father, Robin Campbell has organized numerous anti lockdown protests in his native Bristol, England and ran a (now defunct) YouTube channel titled "liftin the lid" where he called for people to smash down 5G towers. He has also spoken about his hatred for China, ironic given his daughter in law is Chinese herself. He has been described by the press as "sociopathic" with "no empathy"; traits that have been passed onto his "empath coach" son that will be exemplified throughout this page. (Please read the full thread and article to ascertain how truly awful Josh Campbell and his family are in order to understand the gravity of what Jasmine is complicit to)

    Josh has been vocal about his distaste for masks, vaccines and "the world order" he has also posted numerous tiktoks displaying the Hilter salute, mocking Indian turbans and his host country, Indonesia. He has refused to back down from this stance and his wife, Jasmine also defends him from those who call out this blatant racism. They have both flouted Indonesia's strict COVID rules and were seen pushing children at an indoor ice rink, maskless.

    Up until recently, Jasmine has been careful to not display many of these views on her accounts, so as to not deter any potential clients. However, as of recently, she has become braver in "speaking her truth" and is openly against the vaccine, praising Novak Djokovic and even implied that the Ukrainian war is fake.

    Ukrainian War Response

    In a since deleted post which only stayed up for a few minutes (unfortunately no screenshots were taken) Jasmine insinuated that the Ukrainian war was fake and to "not listen to fake news". On 2nd March 2022, Jasmine was asked why she had stayed silent on the Ukrainian war. In response, she said "posting won't do shit" and deflected blame onto the initial commenter, threatening to block those who wanted to further call her out. She then proceeded to post about a dog charity "that is actually close to [her] heart" (insinuating the war doesn't matter) (side note: to read more about Jasmine's troubling history with strays, please read below). She then proceeded to repost messages that suited her stance of "staying silent".

    Jasmine's silence and subsequent doubling down on such has been hurtful and shocking on many levels. Such a cold, callous response is unexpected from someone who claims to be an "empath". Threatening to block those is also out of character for someone who runs courses on "taking constructive criticism" and "being sensitive".

    Jasmine has previously taken pride in her Polish heritage yet her silence on this particular topic has been hurtful for her many Eastern European fans.

    No one is asking her to be on the front lines or even be an expert on the topic, but as a self proclaimed "empath" and public figure, a simple reshare of some links would've made a world of difference.

    Her complicit nature, support and encouragement of such harmful, horrific ideologies as well as her actions, speaks louder than words and goes against her so called "empath" personality.

    Anna's Analysis

    On November 1st 2020, YouTuber Anna's analysis uploaded a video essay/ opinion piece on Instagram life coaches. The thumbnail of this video features Jasmine. The video took a lighthearted tone with no accusations thrown whatsoever and the general consensus was positive, garnering praise from larger YouTubers such as UnJaded Jade and Tiffanyferg. Amongst other coaches, Anna questioned Jasmine's pricing and qualifications for a few moments of the video out of a total of 37 minutes. Jasmine left a public comment on the account defending herself however, Anna revealed that Jasmine has threatened her with legal action.

    Jasmine, Josh and Jingjing then put out deliberately ambiguous, indirect public statements sparking fear in her fans who were concerned for her wellbeing. The trio claimed Jasmine had been "attacked" by "evil, jealous forces" when in reality, Jasmine had instigated the issue in the first place and was now playing the victim card, unbeknownst to her fans.

    Angel the Dog

    On April 9th 2021, Jasmine and Josh had announced they had adopted a Bali stray. The dog had followed them home and came into their villa after they had an argument. The couple named her Angel and said she came "in divine timing" and made a clickbait video on their couples channel to accompany the announcement. Josh also took this opportunity to shed light to dog charities and his own initiative, the health hound. The announcement was met with praise from fans who appreciated their seemingly selfless act.

    Angel began appearing in their sponsored content and had become a bonafide "member of the Campbell family" IG stories and stylised photoshoots of the trio cuddling filled their feeds. However, things quickly took a turn for the worst when Angel's behaviour was unsettled. She appeared scared by humans and would often bite and run off. Her nails were also left very long, sparking concern for her wellbeing.

    As a stray, Angel had come with a host of complex, psychological issues. She had already been dumped by her previous owners and her current owners were not willing to accommodate for her needs. Angel needed a stable place to call home and patient owners however, Jasmine and Josh refused to part with their "digital nomad" lifestyle and settle down for Angel's wellbeing.

    On July 1st, Josh said that Angel had been put into rehab for a month and was "grieving" yet the pair decided to go on a "much needed getaway".

    On September 2nd 2021. An advert went up on Facebook unfortunately, giving Angel away. They also backtracked on their initial declaration of love and how they had adopted Angel into a "forever home" now choosing instead to say that they had merely "fostered her" (a temporary placement)

    The pair put out separate statements explaining their decision and Jasmine deleted all traces of Angel. The only proof of Angel's existence in the Campbell's life can still be found on Josh's page.

    On a basic moral level, animals should never be used for personal gain and clout. They are living creatures who deserve love and respect. If J&J had done their due diligence, they would've known that picking up a Bali stray straight off the street a huge no no.

    They clearly bit off more than they could chew (no shame in this) yet rather than take accountability and learn from this (hopefully genuine) error, they "refuse to speak further about the situation" and have shut themselves off from education completely, acting rude and defensive when offered with knowledge.

    Stealing content/bribery

    Jasmine has been suspected of plagiarising content since her internet career began.
    There are 3 main components to this section; her book "manifest like bliss", her Etsy store and more recently her entire life coaching career.
    Bribery is also linked to this section and will be covered here and further on.

    Her book "Manifest Like Bliss" has been ripped off from most other New Age books. Anything you would like to learn about the movement can be found elsewhere online for free from much more reputable sources. The only alteration Jasmine has made is to add her own illustrations to the book. Reviews for her book have been flooded with 5 stars by fans wanting to obtain a "free gift" that Jasmine offers to anyone who leaves a 5 star review on any of her products. However, real reviews can be found here

    Her Etsy store sells a variety of products ranging from screensavers and posters to skincare. For her screensavers and posters, Jasmine uses her own original photos however, the written content and quotes for her products can again, be found anywhere online for free. A separate post will be made about the Etsy store as there is more to cover.

    Finally, her current life coaching career. Her courses, posters, wording and even graphics have all been plagiarized from other notable life coaches such as fellow Australian Katie Wilkinson, sex coach tantricalchemy and more recently, Kelleymbode. Jasmine is a chameleon, picking, choosing and blending into what is trendy in the community. The entire concept of Jasmine's newest course "Femme Activation" was inspired by Katie's business model of selling through feminine sexuality. Jasmine has since become increasingly NSFW with her posts and has encouraged her young female audience to drink period blood(yes I know, can't believe I just typed that wtf) in the name of "harnessing female power". Jasmine's " "Aligned" workshop is also a rip off of many other courses on "quantum leaping", specifically Katie's
    Jasmine has now been parroting the same topics and copying her post styles, talking cadence and even her hobbies and love for cats as her newest muse, Kelley.

    Jasmine's fake backstory

    Lying about financial/socioeconomic standing

    Jasmine has taken to lying about her backstory and upbringing in order to draw in clients.
    Jasmine has stated that her family were poor immigrants and she grew up poor and as a result, she now has "scarcity wounds". This is entirely false.

    Jasmine attended the Sacred Heart girls school in Oakleigh, Melbourne. A fee paying Catholic school.
    She also enjoyed numerous holidays with her family including skiing trips with her father and a graduation trip to Korea paid for by her parents as a gift.
    Her family home is in a nice neighborhood and is large.
    Her family also own numerous beach houses which are rented out and maintained as Airbnb's by her mother Jingjing.

    Her family are indeed immigrants and may well have not been wealthy when arriving to Australia. Invalidating her family and their achievements isn't our goal, it is to highlight that Jasmine lies and cosplays as a poor, working class girl who worked her way up when in reality, she has lived a very comfortable, privileged life and is now preying on women who do not have money.

    Lying about abusive family

    There are numerous inconsistencies in regards to Jasmine's relationship with her family. In her YouTube videos, Jasmine has painted a picture of a loving healthy relationship with her family and drew particular attention to her liberal, supportive mother. However, Jasmine has now gone back on this rhetoric, claiming she was a suppressed Catholic girl who was never allowed to wear bikinis, had to cover up and was never allowed to talk about sex. One look at Jingjing's page shows that this is false.

    Her relationship with her family is a private matter and most likely extremely nuanced therefore, we will not place too much emphasis here. However, her inconsistencies and track record of lying cannot be ignored.

    Jasmine Lipska thinks she's secretly a psychologist (which she's not) and Josh Campbell thinks he's a big boss... Anyone can copy bits and pieces off the internet. So lame.
    Psychologists and doctors have to go through years of training and have a code of ethics, and if they violate that code they can get fired, lose their license, etc. Therefore, it is always better to go to professionals who have been in the business for years, have a scientific background in the field and are regulated, such as psychologists and doctors.
    It is even possible to have a mentor without paying. Don’t pay Jasmine and Josh. Jasmine Lipska and Josh Campbell are exploiting the unregulated life coaching mess... without regulation, this industry gives free rein to scammers, ridiculous... Jasmine and Josh are the lowest of the low for taking advantage of the weak, the gullible and the ignorant ones... I hope karma will bite Jasmine and Josh in the ass.
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