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  • Discover more about influencer, creator, life coach or business owner Jasmine Lipska aka Jasmine Mary Campbell aka Jasmine Campbell (and her husband Josh Campbell) on the original Jasmine Lipska wiki page. Gain insights into their questionable business ventures and make informed decisions before engaging with them. Stay cautious, explore their background, and learn about their offerings. Visit the official Jasmine Lipska aka Jasmine Mary Campbell wiki page for valuable information.

    Multiple users echoed the same points and said:
    “These are some of the things she has done:

    - Plagiarizes content
    - Has been caught buying followers/engagements at various points in her career to artificially inflate her social media presence
    - Had vulnerable teenage girls buy her programs while she was shelling out misinformed advice
    - Accepted payment and participation from creepy men in her group calls with other women
    - Mishandled a client group call and made it public on her website
    - Shared content encouraging women to drink period blood
    - Promotes false scarcity/urgency culture in her marketing/sales to trap women in buying her programs/products
    - At the height of the pandemic, shared conspiracies about vaccines, masking, COVID-19
    - Mishandling a dog for which she and her husband took full responsibility (adopted), only to give her away to die.
    - Claims to be an 'expert' on everything and anything she hears once.
    - She's highly manipulative. She's been described as a wolf in sheep's clothing.
    - Threatened to sue legals on an analysis channel about the hypocrisy of online coaches
    - Went on an unprofessional, cussing rant about people in her industry on social media for fellow coach @ Melissa Ambrosini and her PR team
    - Missing client calls unannounced and not giving them refunds
    - Lying about the number of people who have signed up for her programs, retreats, etc. in order to get more people interested.
    - Misleading the public by promoting a "healthy" lifestyle on YouTube while she suffered from an eating disorder.
    - Had fillers and Botox done as a teenager and into her 20s, without ever disclosing it while promoting self-love and natural beauty on YouTube. Made money off that lie.
    - Spreading misinformation about health issues (anti-vax, unreliable birth control methods, drinking period blood, etc.).
    - Easily lies in order to attract clients for her products/services or for engagement.
    - She is underhanded, unethical and she has no morals and no conscience at all.
    - Has engaged in some form of bribery, asking people to leave reviews of her books, podcast or products in order to win a gift from her. Has done this various times. Her reviews are therefore skewed and don't reflect reality.
    - She is essentially a modern day scam artist

    And the list goes on.

    For every client who buys from her or promotes her content is supportive for all of the above. There are other coaches or influencers who probably haven't done all of the above to support. All her actions show hypocrisy in the worst ways because she preaches and judges others to not do these things, yet she does them in her day to day. Make that make sense.”

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    Jasmine Lipska aka Jasmine Campbell aka Jasmine Mary Campbell (Influencer, creator, life coach, business owner, youtuber, Instagram)
    Jasmine Lipska aka Jasmine Campbell aka Jasmine Mary Campbell (Influencer, creator, life coach, business owner, youtuber, Instagram), creator and influencer, featured in photo.


    Be cautious when investing time and money in influencer life coaching services and products. Instead look for affordable or free options from community resources¹ and educational institutions² for valuable support on your personal growth journey. Stay informed and make confident choices! 😊 You can also read the BBC article ''The Seedy Underbelly of the Life Coaching Industry'' here.

    ¹ Community Resources: These are services, programs, or support groups that are provided by local organizations, non-profits, or community centers. They often aim to help individuals in the community to improve their well-being and personal development.

    ² Educational institutions: Refers to schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations. These institutions may offer workshops, seminars, or counseling services focused on personal growth and development.


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