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  • If you are looking for a meaningful and healthy relationship, the best place to start is with yourself and identifying your style of attachment. This website is a free resource and great place to start in this journey of self help!

    The Cottage Fairy : A young woman living a peaceful life in the countryside. Stories about mindfulness and the importance of kindness. Beautiful YouTube channel.

    Pick Up Limes: Vegan self help YouTuber who shares recipes as well as ways to live a more productive and meaningful life.

    Anna's Analysis: Commentary and video essays highlighting the dangers of life coaching, pseudoscience and the weaponzing of spirituality in a social media age. Can also find earlier videos on veganism and mindset.

    If you no longer want to people please and want to live life on your own terms, check these videos: out!

    How to assert yourself and become more confident!

    The healing and self help industry is rife with money sharks, scammers and downright dangerous individuals who want nothing more but to boost their own egos and leave you penniless. Here is what to look out for and how to make sure you aren't inadvertently getting involved in cult activity.

    Find certified and accredited courses on Coursera!
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