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    Helen Anderson (born February 3 1991) is a vlogger and influencer from Norwich. She is currently under Gleam Futures management.

    She is known for her quirkiness and an incredibly loud mouth.

    ✨ Background
    Helen studied film and moving image production at Norwich University College of the Arts (NUCA) and graduated in 2012 with a degree (BA HONS).

    ✨ Career
    After uni, Helen worked full time in the shoe store Mr Shoes, she also considered opening up her own online plug shop for stretched ears. Helen started off as a sales assistant at Mr Shoes, but then moved to product photographer and social media creator, notably, she made YouTube videos for MrShoesTV

    To make more time for her YouTube videos, Helen started decreasing her work hours at Mr Shoes, eventually coming to an arrangement where she became self-employed so she could be contracted out to Mr Shoes. She soon quit Mr Shoes to concentrate on her YouTube career after being signed to Red Hare management.

    She eventually changed her YouTube URL name to helenmelonlady (also known as Melon Lady) in October 2014.

    A month later she decided to change her channel name again to Helen Anderson stating that she's always hated her Melon Lady channel name.

    ✨ Second Channel
    Helen had created a second channel for vlogging called Melon World in 2013, later changing the name to Anderz Vlogs in 2014 and then abandoning the second channel completely in 2019.

    ✨ Blogs
    Helen started her Melonlady blog in 2012, she wrote simple posts about her outfits of the day, matching T-shirts with current boyfriends and her day trips.

    In 2015 Helen created her new blog Helen Anderz. In September 2017, she rebranded her blog as The Anderz Approach, 4 months later she mentioned on Twitter about creating a hype about her blog but barely posting anything and asked her audience what she should write about, she eventually abandoned the blog in 2018.

    Helen mentioned in her January 2021 Vlog #2 that she was thinking of restarting her blog as she missed writing. So far nothing has been written.

    ✨ Podcast
    February 2021
    , Helen announced on an Instagram story that she had recorded a pilot for her podcast.

    ✨ Relationships
    Helen is very well known for her fast-moving relationships, weird co-dependency issues and her inability to be alone. Her boyfriends all weirdly look alike and Helen has a habit of dressing like her current boyfriend's exes and/or current girlfriends.

    In her Answering Your General Questions FAQ video Helen says that she met Ben on Facebook, where they had lots of mutual friends, they talked for a while and then went out for a drink and began dating.

    Moved in together February 2012 (house tour)

    In A Day in The Life of Melon Lady No.1 video, Ben comments that Helen had eaten a whole packet of his chocolate fingers and had hidden the empty packet at the bottom of the bin,

    Ben also mentions the time when he had got given a yard of Jaffa Cakes for Christmas one time and found out that Helen had eaten 4 whole packets of them, leaving him with only one box.

    He also got gifted two packets of chocolate coins and found that he was left with two coins because Helen had eaten them before he could open them himself. She laughs and states that she'd been hiding the empty foil from him.

    In November 2012, Helen revealed that she and Ben had split up and that she was now living back at her Dad's house.

    In February 2013 LIFE UPDATE video she addressed her break up with Ben and said that him keeping her dog Jetson "didn't really bother her"

    She also announced that she would be moving out of her dad's house and planned to move into a flat with her friend Nicoletta in March 2013 (the plan eventually fell through when Helen inherited her grandparent's cottage)

    Helen also mentioned that she was already seeing someone new shortly after her break up with Ben, she got criticised for her fast pace of moving on to another relationship
    In a now-deleted video, Helen addressed the breakup and mentioned that a month after her break up with Joe, she got with Maff.
    Helen met Maff at a Def Leppard concert, she mentioned that her friend was best friends with Maff and couldn't do anything because she was with someone else at the time.

    In her video 'Worst Couple Ever' Helen and Maff discussed a spit fight they had, which Helen started. Maff also explained how Helen doesn't realise how tiring his job as a carpenter is, and that she regularly complains about him not wanting to go out or entertain her.

    Maff featured heavily in her videos, and over the years, Helen would show a lot of their arguments and outbursts in her vlogs, which prompted a lot of her viewers to comment negatively towards him.

    She also would regularly make comments in her videos about how they never have sex (example #1, example #2, example #3)

    Helen moved out of the band house in 2014 and moved in with Maff.

    In Feb 2015, Helen surprised Maff with his brand new puppy - a pug called Barney

    Helen and Maff purchased their first house together and moved in May 2016


    Maff is a skilled carpenter and had been working in a local company for 11 years, he became miserable working there, stating in his video 'I Quit My Job & Broke My Arm' that it affected him so much that he started taking it out on friends and family around him and in October 2016, Maff left his job to become self-employed. He said that Helen was the one who pushed him to do it.

    Maff took a month off from doing any work to spend time working on doing up their newly purchased house.

    In Dec 2016, Maff broke his wrist playing football. This delayed him from starting his new career path of being self-employed.

    Maff opened up about his mental health in a video titled 'We Need To Talk' (Jan 2017) and announced that he had been going to therapy. He initially went to therapy over anger issues (strongly stating that he is non-violent). He mentioned that Helen suggested he should make a YouTube video about going to therapy a few months prior and Maff said that he didn't feel comfortable talking about it. He also mentioned about his recent broken wrist contributed heavily to his depression.

    Maff created a YouTube channel in 2015 and started to upload videos such as 200 Chicken Nugget Challenge and Trying Dog Food before moving on towards haul content.

    Helen dyed Maff's hair and beard bright blue, copying YouTuber (and friend at the time) Kristen Leanne's husband Ryan

    It is strongly suggested that Helen was behind Maff's YouTube career. In Helen's vlog 'Maff the Apprentice' (July 2016), she mentions that Maff was trying to edit a video by himself. Maff recalls editing a video and having Helen standing over his shoulder the whole time.

    The First Proposal
    Maff and Helen got engaged in September 2015, in her 'Florida Vlog #2' She said that Maff' proposal was that he had hidden the ring under his hat and asked her to pass the hat to him, she told him no but eventually threw the hat at him, he got down on one knee when she noticed the ring.

    In her I'M ENGAGED! video, Helen mentioned that she suspected that he was going to propose in Florida. She also mentioned that when went away travelling without Maff, they missed each other so much and knew at that point that they were made for each other. She mentioned that the proposal was a very 'Maff' thing as he's not big on romance.

    The first engagement ring was a white gold ring, with a purple marquise cut sapphire. Helen said it was a "very me ring" and that she was very pleased with it.

    Helen also mentioned that she was planning on keeping her last name, as she is one of three sisters, she wanted to keep her dad's Anderson legacy going so was thinking about double barrelling her last name.

    Helen tweeted in Jan 2017 that she had to send her engagement to see if it could be repaired as she had lost the stone in London

    The Second Proposal
    In Feb 2017 'The Birthday' Maff re-proposed to Helen with a new ring. Maff commented that he preferred this ring to the other one because it was more precious. Helen again commented that she had an inkling that he was going to propose to her again.

    The Hen Do
    Helen's channel soon became heavily focused on all things wedding. Helen's 3 day hen do was on the 2nd June 2017, she and 12 friends (Danni, Ellie, Emma, Becky, Kat, Josie, Maff's mum, Maff's sister Kayleigh, Helen's mum, and Helen's sisters Kerry and Hayley) went to Disneyland Paris.

    The Wedding
    Helen and Maff got married on 1st July 2017 at Godwick Hall and Great Barn in Norfolk. The wedding had an outdoor festival vibe, complete with a giant Ferris wheel and was called MelMaffFest. Papertwin filmed the wedding and Helen uploaded the official wedding video to her channel on 26th July 2017.

    The song that played as she walked down the aisle was Sweet Soul Sister by The Cult, their first dance was to

    Helen mentioned that they spent most of the wedding posing for photos, she said she felt like she barely saw Maff, they didn't have time to cut the cake and that she got incredibly drunk on the wedding night and she and Maff didn't spend their first night as husband and wife together.

    In her Wedding Blues - How I Actually Felt' video Helen said that she felt sad because she couldn't remember the day and admitted that she felt that it wasn't the best day of her life. She said she also had a panic over running out of Prosecco.

    Helen used the money from the wedding to buy herself a brand new Gucci bag (which cost £1050). She received backlash from her audience for the purchase.

    The Honeymoon
    Helen and Maff went to Mexico for their first Honeymoon. On the first day of the honeymoon, they spent the day at the beach and didn't put any suncream on and got incredibly sunburnt. On the last day of their Mexico trip, Maff felt unwell.

    They then travelled to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for their second honeymoon. Helen bought tickets for her friend Ellie and her husband to join them.

    Shortly after the honeymoon, Helen went on multiple brand trips abroad.

    The Breakup
    In her November 2017 video 'Current feeling & Favourites - Doubts, Marriage, Future & Favorites'. Helen mentioned that she had been feeling really negative about her and Maff, and that she creating a lot of arguments and getting angry at him over nothing, although she immediately after said that he had pissed her off at her Halloween party when he went out clubbing with his friends instead of staying at her house party with her mates.

    From the end of November and all through Vlogmas 2017, viewers noticed not only Maff missing from the vlogs, but Barney was missing too. Helen started getting a lot of comments on her channel and social media from her concerned audience, especially as she was 'acting' like normal and happy in her videos. On 5th December 2017, Helen tweeted:

    "If you sense something different about my vlogs recently that I haven’t touched upon, please don’t make assumptions and also respect that I haven’t talked about it for a reason."

    In Vlogmas #9 & #10 An Explanation (11th Dec 2017), Helen confirmed that Maff and Barney are no longer living with her, but didn't want to go into the details.

    Helen released a now-deleted video on her main channel on 2nd Jan 2018 titled 'We Broke Up' where she said that Maff left her because he didn't want to be a husband anymore.

    The marriage lasted 4 months.

    Post BreakUp & Divorce

    After Vlogmas 2017, Helen took a break from daily vlogging. She returned to the channel 9th Jan 2018 with a vlog titled 'What Happened' and said that having a break was a 'nice experience', she also mentioned that she had been drinking a lot with her friends.

    In her Anderz Approach blog, she commented about almost becoming an alcoholic after the breakup due to going out with her friends and drinking a lot more at home.

    Since the breakup, she claims that she is now a sex addict and commented on Kat's podcast how she "fucked around" a lot after Maff broke up with her

    She is still very good friends with Maff's sister Kayleigh, who regularly dog sits for Helen.

    Helen and Maff are still in the proceedings of a divorce, although she has recently stated that it should be finalised soon.
    Before meeting Mark, Helen had been on many dates with people who she knew and labelled as "coming out of the woodwork" and sliding into her DMs since her split with Maff.

    She said in her New Boyfriend Video that she had a Tinder account and her bio said "I smell like beef". She announced that she had been seeing someone new and also asked people not to comment on her relationship status in the comment section.

    She later confirmed that she met Mark on an app called Bumble.

    From the beginning of their relationship Mark stayed over Helen's a lot, but 'officially' moved in with Helen (and Josie) in December 2018, 7 months into their relationship

    In her "It Happened Again" vlog she slips up and says that she's going to pick up "Maff....boyfriend!"

    Mark had a passion for the outdoors and enjoyed hiking. Helen suddenly decided that she loved hiking too, and did a lot of haul videos on her buying all the equipment.

    Mark works as an engineer. In Helen's "Let's Clear Some Things Up... video, Helen said that Mark had a new job "working for the road people, doing something with the roads" because he's an engineer

    Copying the ex-girlfriend
    Helen had chopped all her hair off and went blonde after breaking up with Maff, but when she got with Mark she got extensions and weirdly resembled his ex-girlfriend.

    She also took Mark to Disneyland and bought the exact same ears as Mark's ex wore in a photo of her and Mark took at Disneyland when they dated.

    Copying Ex.jpg

    The Cringiest Moment Ever
    On their first Valentine’s Day together she gave him matching “Till Death Do Us Part” necklaces and she set up a “romantic” scene on the bed to film, but he chucked clothes hangers all over it before she got the camera out to film his reaction. It was so hilariously cringe-worthy as he took out the necklace and then awkwardly decided to keep sniffing the box and asking her why it smelt so good, trying to avoid the gift altogether.

    Promoting Unsafe Sex
    In her "A Year Off The Pill/Contraception Free" video, Helen made a comment about being off the pill, she rolls her eyes at having to use condoms and said how she's naughty and doesn't want to use protection, she would just rather the pull out method.

    After the breakup
    Helen made a video announcing the breakup, stating that she was the one who decided to end it but then says it was more of a mutual thing. She said that they remained on good terms and were still friends.

    Helen finished her coastal hike with Mark and friends which they started before the breakup. Since finishing the hike she hasn't mentioned or featured Mark in any videos.

    Mark unfollowed Helen's personal and public Instagram account after the breakup, Helen still follows his account under her personal account and has been liking and commenting on his posts more recently.

    Copying the new girlfriend
    Shortly after the breakup, Mark started dating someone new - possibly someone he had dated before Helen.

    Soon Helen dyed her hair the exact same colour as the new girlfriend's, she started dressing in the same clothing, she would posting similar body positivity posts and she would go to the same places that Mark and new girlfriend visted.
    In her Feb 2021 video 'My Followers Grill My Boyfriend + Cook Along AD', Phil mentions that he knew Helen because he was friends with her ex-husband Maff