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  • Introduction

    Grace Mongey Gernon is an Irish "Influencer" (this is a very loose term for what she does) who shot to fame when she documented her labour and birth of her first born child, Sienna on Snapchat. Prior to this Grace worked as a make up artist thus penning the Instagram handle facesbygrace23. Grace is often labelled “Ireland’s laziest influencer”.

    She has since gone on to have another child, Hayden with Grace admitting that Hayden was conceived as she "couldn’t be bothered" to lose the baby weight she put on while pregnant with Sienna.

    She is married to Chris Gernon who currently works for Tiktok. It is alleged that Chris has been let go from his previous roles in Air BnB and Twitter. Between the two of them they have a tag team style of parenting, which consists of alot of IOUs to allow the other to leave. Grace banks a lot of these to use at completely inappropriate times, most notably, travelling to Italy on a retreat during half term. (see Fucking Amazing Mother for more detail on this one).

    Grace struggles with her body image and in turn leads to excessive photoshopping of any images she posts. When engagement on her profile is low she will generally post a "body positive" post to boost engagement. Grace has also attempted many weight loss ventures since having children, all of which so far have been a fad until she moves on, and just re-posts a body positive post claiming she is happy in her own skin, yet the desperate attempts to lose the weight say otherwise.

    Grace has achieved notoriety over the years as one of the laziest influencers in the game. She is consistently babied and shielded by both her family and her agency from criticism and any constructive feedback on her "work" is generally deleted. Anne will cook and provide the caravan for Grace at every turn, also cooking for her several nights a week and generally when Chris is away, Mags her sister can appear on Tattle every now and again loudly defending Grace and using the opportunity to show off her own career.
    This showing off allowed her to "bump" Grace up the queue for an MRI which caused yet another backlash. Notably since her MRI, Grace has never complained of back pain again.

    Grace also has a tendency to latch onto a trend for a brief spell of time and make it her entire personality until she inevitably becomes bored and drops it never to be seen again.
    She is currently a shareholder for the Ireland branch of Matchstick Group, a talent agency run by notorious creep Max Parker.

    Notable notions

    28lbs in 28 days

    In February 2021, Grace once again came online crying that she was the heaviest she had ever been. This spurred the ridiculous notion of attempting to lose 28lbs in 28 days, which is entirely unachievable unless you are cutting off limbs. A mere 8 days into her challenge, Grace accepted PR from Four Star Pizza and the challenge was forgotten about. In an attempt to outrun the pizza she was on another step count binge, claiming to have walked 19K steps to off set the pizza. When she was called out on the insanity of attempting such a challenge, she rolled out the children as content as usual, to distract everyone from her dangerous attempts at weight loss.


    Grace has dipped her toe a few times into the world of ASMR, with disastrous results as to be expected. Most recently an advert, which got heavily trolled for. Naturium skincare range and SpaceNK had invited Grace down to try some products. The resulting video advert was a symphony of nails bashing plastic products, with Grace reading her script, it made for the least appealing ASMR video of all time. When some people left constructive feedback on both her post and on her agencies grid (Matchstick.ie) they were met with sarcastic replies and blocked. All comments were eventually deleted.
    Grace also attempted to show her weekly shop ASMR style. This involved her shotputting her shopping from a distance into the trolley. Once the shopping was home it was bounced off the counter so hard, anyone wearing headphones to watch her content will now be being treated for burst eardrums. In particular, a red pepper that was borderline inedible after Grace threw it so hard.

    FBG Home

    @FBGHome is an account Grace created. WIth 39.2k followers it could be an account that could be utilised very well. Alas, Grace only remembers every now and again that she created a home account to post the 4 bed house new build house to. The house, which was bought in 2018 is a visual representation of Grace's fleeting trends and notions. At the time of writing, Grace has not posted to her FBGHome account since October 2022. Just like her main account, Grace often 'forgets' to post follow ups and announce competition winners.

    Weight lifting

    Grace took another go at reinventing herself, this time as a weight lifting, gym obsessed girl. Tattle users suspect that as usual it's just another way for her to escape the mundane reality of parenting her two children. With Grace choosing times that should be manic in a household with children, to take over an hour out to go the gym, it leaves the average viewer no choice but to draw these conclusions. Grace has repeatedly said that she feels the greatest she has ever felt ever since beginning weight lifting. She even doubled down on this, by going to the gym on her honeymoon.
    Grace's lifting form leaves a lot to be desired, and time and time again, it was discussed that her poor form would be her downfall. The gym Back 2 Basics, have never once corrected her form, even when contacted directly about it.
    In August 2022, Grace claims to have hurt her back so bad she couldn't possibly go to Tayto Park with her kids the following day. But was able to pull her herself together for a night out beforehand. This sore back led to one of the more upsetting backlashes against Grace. People wait months for an MRI, and Grace was amazingly able to get one within a week. Suspicions are that Mags pulled a few strings in the Beacon, where she works. This is detailed more in its own section.

    Obsessive step counting

    Grace appears to be obsessed with achieving 10K steps a day. A normal and somewhat attainable target for someone who appears to do the square root of fuck all with her day. However as this is Grace, she always manages to leave the bulk of her steps until the evening time. This results in her constantly missing bedtime with her children as she would rather be out stepping round Citywest in the dark, in dark clothing.
    Grace is also known to sneak out in the morning to try get steps in before the gym. She once admitted hearing her children call out for her when she was leaving, and quickly closed the door to get away. Grace then spends the majority of her day lying around in her sweaty gym gear instead of completing the steps so she can spend precious time with her two children.

    She once competed in a 30,000 steps a day challenge. Grace had a full week to do this but chose to leave it until a Sunday, when Kips had to fly somewhere to work. Not to worry, Nanny Anne was on hand to mind the kids for the entire day while Grace pounded the pavements. Ridiculous challenge that she didn’t need to participate in but she dumped the kids in their granny’s house for the day just so she could do it.

    Children as content

    As most people influencers have grown up in the age of the internet, it has become shockingly common for people with a high follower count to use their children as content, be it to increase engagement or used to promote brand or used in adverts. Slowly, more and more people are getting on board with (rightfully so) protecting their children and giving them the privacy they deserve. However, Grace has not gotten the memo on this. Grace, time and time again, films her children in awkward, unfortunate situations that could be incredibly embarrassing to them when they are aware enough to search their mother online. These include but are not limited to, accounts created by Grace filled with images of the children (since deleted or made private), Sienna forced to pick up dog poo in the garden while Grace lay in a hammock watching her (with her excuse being that Sienna enjoyed the chore). Using videos of Hayden asleep in bed to promote Emma Mattresses. Using images of both children when engagement is low, as all influencers know that cute photos equal increased traffic to their page. There have been several "fan" pages found of both children, with images scraped from her profile. Grace continues to this day to use the children when she needs them, and forgets about them when she doesn't.

    The Hens

    In another vein of Graces never ending quest to be the daughter of Mother Earth, she gained access to a vegetable plot. This became insufferable content for weeks where by she would spend her days up at the plot, tending to weeds. She decided to add chickens to mix. Grace showed the hen house that was entirely too small for the number of hens she had. All of a sudden the content at the plot stopped and weeks went by without any mention of the hens or the plot. There was genuine concern on the threads for the welfare of the chickens. Since then the hens have been seen sporadically on her page, leading many to believe someone else looks after them, and her plot.

    Running Club

    Grace announced she was joining her gym's running club in January 2023 and repeatedly told her followers how 'proud' she was of herself. Grace attended two running club meet ups and completed two runs in total. Grace posted her runs from her Strava account which is completely open to the public and clearly shows her home address and children's schools.

    Update: Grace has not mentioned nor posted a run on Strava since January 31st 2023.

    To be completed:
    Keto (Keho)
    Boho vibes
    Bowl banging
    Roller skating
    YouTube day in the life vlogging
    Becoming a midwife
    Riding her bike
    Sea swimming

    Most Infamous Grace Moments

    Apparent “Mum Shaming”

    Grace receives a lot of warranted criticism on her parenting approach. Eternal victim Grace fails to see the issue and will occasionally go on rants about “mum shaming” and “would you say that to a dad”. Indeed, most people would call out horrific parenting whether it’s a Mother or a Father. For arguments sake, below is a synopsis on why nobody buys the “fucking fantastic mother” claims:

    1. Hayden is in full time crèche despite his mother being essentially unemployed. Rumour has it he’s one of the last children to be picked up in the evenings and Grace sends him NO MATTER WHAT. He once had an infected finger for a few days, they never brought him to the doctor and instead sent him to crèche. The crèche promptly noticed it and asked that he was picked up. Cue fuming Grace cutting her gym session short to take him to the doctor for an antibiotic and to sit in her sisters house all day so she didn’t have to mind her own child.

    2. Sienna started school in September 2021. The first few weeks of school are a tough adjustment for kids. Did Grace give a shit? Hell no, she booked a trip to Marbs with the girls three days into Siennas first week in big school. Sure, the child had her dad, but support from both her parents was what was needed at such a period of change in a child’s life. She also went off on a week long retreat in Italy on Siennas first mid term break.

    3. Zero family holidays. Grace and Chris dropped 80k on their wedding, flew business class to Miami and then a cruise. She proudly stated “we looked at taking the kids to Portugal but we don’t have the money” I a weird attempt to be relatable to her followers. Really, you don’t have the money because you spent it all on yourselves? The only holidays the kids ever went on was Portugal for Terrie McEvoys wedding (two grannies were brought to help mind them) and, more recently, a PR three day stay in wet Portugal in February. Wouldn’t be so bad except Grace is off somewhere several times a year “filling her cup”.

    4. Grace brought an hysterically crying Sienna back to summer camp, on the hottest day of the year, after the child got her injections. Grace promptly returned to sunbathing in her back garden while poor Sienna was left to console herself.

    5. Grace has, rather invasively, stated Sienna suffers from anxiety. Did Grace get the child a therapist or try provide a safe space for Sienna to talk about her feelings? Nah, she drew a love heart on Siennas hand and told her to press it when she’s sad. Stark contrast to the dramatics of grace when she has anxiety and she has all the help and tools in the world.

    6. Tag team parenting. They don’t seem to parent together, they each spend time with the kids that seems to earn them points to spend time away from the family. Bizarre behaviour

    7. One of Graces many fads was The gym and steps. Grace, who has no normal job and could gym at any time of the day, would trot off to the gym in the early slot leaving Kips to get the kids up and ready for school/crèche. She would then sit on the couch all day and once the kids were home, she suddenly had 30,000 steps to get and could only go out and get them done around the time the kids required dinner and putting to bed.

    8. The Mongey Gernons live in a four bed. One master, one bedroom for each child and an office for Grace (to do what, we are not sure!). Cue lockdown and Kips invaded her office. Not to worry, Grace turfed Hayden out of his bedroom and he now shares with Sienna. Grace has done up his old bedroom as an office, complete with a daybed she is regularly seen reading from and napping from. She locks herself in there in the evening time and during the day when she’s alone win the house with the kids (obvious by the little knocks on the door and Grace fuming she has to get up and let them in).

    9. Grace, through the years, has shared pictures of her kids in the bath. Yes, you can’t see any of their private parts but still a gross invasion of their privacy. She has also told her followers that Hayden wets the bed. Yet again, no consideration for the kids.

    10. Grace came on her stories talking about how surprised she was hearing her daughter read in the back or the car. This prompted shock ,dismay and sadness among the tattle community as it really drove home what little involvement Grace has in her daughters life. Now in senior infants S would have been practicing her phonics and then words since junior infants and then building up to reading her core readers starting in junior infants . Even though Grace is at home all day her little girl goes to afterschool where clearly the homework is done with no checking by Grace or interest shown in her daughters learning .

    Breastfeeding Debacle

    After Sienna was born, Grace joined a very supportive Irish breastfeeding Facebook group. This group make no bones about the fact that they are "political" (for want of a better word) around breastfeeding issues, along with being a major support for THOUSANDS of mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey. They are not anti-formula feeding, but anti-formula companies and their underhand tactics. Their major aim, along with support, is education. They are also very clear that they will ALWAYS "provide a breastfeeding solution to a breastfeeding problem". Finally, this FB group have provided a safe space and helped more breastfeeding mothers than any Irish government/healthcare system initiative (or lack there of) ever has.

    On looking to join, the admin of this group - realising who Grace was; an instahun - made it clear to Grace that this was a private group, supporting some very vulnerable women. First rule of this FB group: don't name this FB group*

    *Obviously the group was known and spoken about, but due to it's nature it was more "tell a genuine friend where to look if they need support, but don't blast it all over socials".

    So Grace agreed to the above and to any other rules in place to protect the members. Grace was also made aware of the ('political') nature of the group. But in typical Grace fashion, she didn't listen. Grace presented with a breastfeeding issue, but the bottom line was she wanted to be slapped on the back and told it was grand to stop BF and go on formula. In typical Grace fashion when people don’t fawn over and tell her she’s amazing, grace twisted this to be “mum shaming” her for wanting to stop breast feeding and violated the terms of the group by sharing screen shots and pictures of the group with her followers. She made up all sorts of stories (lies) and trolled that group all over social media, blasting their name to anyone who would listen. This led to the inevitable. Every weirdo under the sun tried to join the group. Being a BF group, there were lots of 'intimate' pictures that genuine people posted looking for advice, photos of babies, detailed stories etc. after the social media bashing from Grace, they ended up spending more time vetting weirdos than providing support and god knows how many members/would-be members it affected.

    Grace left the group and went on to set up her own "support" ahem group on FB. Of course, grace doesn’t give a shiny shit about anyone else so there was zero support and instead it descended into chaos. The group was not moderated, had downright dangerous advice and opinions and to top it all off, Grace used it and her platform as an opportunity to under handedly promote a formula brand (something that is against the law in Ireland). When she was called out on this promotion, she ran to the media with more stories of mum shaming and let her bull dog sister loose on the Facebook group to defend grace. The group eventually disbanded and was chalked down as yet another successful fuck up of Graces.




    My Birthing Day

    Unlike every other mother on the planet, Grace takes a very different approach to her children's birthdays and refers to it as 'her birthing day' every year, barely acknowledging her child and in typical Grace fashion, making it all about herself:


    Fucking Amazing Mother

    In October 2021, Grace chose to spend the half term break in Italy on a wellness retreat ran by friend and fellow Hun, Jen (@wellness_iamzenjen). Naturally this caused quite a stir as she left the children over the half term break to "fill her cup" and not spend precious time with her kids. Upon her return she posted the following rant defending her choice to run away to Italy for a week and producing the now iconic line "fucking amazing mother", which she is yet to be.

    MatchStick Christmas Party December 2021

    Grace flew to London for the Matchdicks Christmas party. She knew absolutely nobody and looked awkward the whole time her was there. Then when she was about to fly back to Dublin she was refused boarding as she hadn't got a PCR test, a basic requirement for flying during the covid pandemic, She attempted to manipulate the gate staff by crying about needing to get home to “her babies” (the same babies she abandons every chance she gets). When that didn’t work, exhausted by the hysterics of the situation and much like a toddler, she then fell asleep at Starbucks.

    Father Figure First Dance

    As Grace's father has passed away, she chose to have a "Father, Daughter dance" with another relative, Noel. Again this would be OK except for the choice of song. George Michael - Father Figure, a song that is described as "A love song, that features the narrator desperately wanting to be in a close and sexual relationship with someone they admire, and to also look after and be their 'father figure' of some kind." and features the lyrics "to be bold and naked at your side" and "sometimes love can be mistaken for a crime". Turning what could have been an emotional, touching moment into something very weird and awkward for anyone with ears listening to the lyrics as they danced.

    Book club drama

    During 2020 lockdown, grace took one of her many notions (i.e an idea blatantly robbed from someone else) and decided to start a book club. In a stroke of temporary genius, she enlisted the help of book club lady (“lady” being the title bestowed upon the woman who so gracefully and elegantly dealt with being totally fucked over by grace). Book club lady knew her books and was a huge asset, an asset greedy grace decided to exploit. They agreed on a book, all grace had to do was read it in two weeks and the live was set and the followers informed of the event. The excitement was palpable. The date came and went with not so much as a peep from grace. Book club lady was trying to stall but it was apparent she had been kept out of the loop as to what the delay was. So much stalling that book club lady started getting hate from trolls and nasty messages accusing her of messing people around. Book club lady politely contacted grace and told her she was getting a lot of hate and could grace either do the live she committed to or tell her followers that book club was not something she intended to pursue. Grace promptly replied and informed book club lady that she shouldn’t message her again because all the hassle was bad for graces mental health and she couldn’t be dealing with it. Grace didn’t give a second thought for book club lady and her mental health having to deal with all the brain dead minions grace unleashed on her. The root of the issue was grace was too bloody lazy to read the book and just did her usual and ignored the situation and screamed mental health when called out on it. Book club lady has remained ever dignified and has never publically shamed grace but should she ever wish to, would be welcomed with open arms by all tattlers!

    The "Now" cringe wedding reel

    Grace's entire wedding appears to have been solely for content. 30th August 2022 she posted a reel showing followers how to get the perfectly posed aisle shot after the wedding. This would have been nice if it was spontaneous and natural however you can see Grace mouth "now" to Chris before awkwardly being thrown down for the photo showing that it was rehearsed, possibly saved from a cringey Pinterest board.

    The STOMP

    Possibly one of the most unintentionally funniest reels Grace has ever posted as an Ad for Sally Hansen she copied a Tiktok trend featuring the song River by Bishop Briggs where the transition was the creator stamping their foot in time to the music and they would transition from not ready to dressed and ready to party. Once again Grace gets her mucky paws to something and ruins it. She stomped her foot so hard the shockwaves shook the tattle thread for days. To add to the hilarity, Grace 'forgot' to tan her feet with the product which can be clearly seen:

    The Mother and Baby Show

    Grace was asked to host the RDS Mother and Baby Show. This choice received huge back lash as Grace is the least motherly Insta person there is and she spends more time plotting ways to avoid her children than she actually spends with the children. The Mother and Baby show, for some unfathomable reason, stuck by Grace and we’re determined to keep her as host. Her lack of maternal instinct was a red flag they ignored. How they thought someone with the personality of a wet paper bag would be a good host, was the most difficult bit to comprehend.
    People were very vocal in their annoyance over the choice to have grace host the event and one person left a comment on the fairs Instagram stating that they would have some hard questions for grace if they saw her at the event. This triggered the giant baby who came on her stories proclaiming that someone had threatened to “come for her” at the show - complete dramatics and, as per usual, deflecting entirely from the actual issue - she was not an appropriate choice to host the event. Thankfully, Grace has a sister and part time bull dog bouncer, Mags, that accompanies her to situations in which grace needs back up. grace and the bull dog descended on the Mother and Baby Fair. Grace did a shite job at hosting, no personality (cause she has none) and ran on and off stage while bulldog watched for any critics.

    The Instagram lives with Mags

    Grace went through another notion/brief spell off the back of her dopamine high of gaining over 10K followers around the time of her wedding. This time she decided that going Live on Instagram once a week would be sufficient to keep hold of and engage with her followers. As we all know, Grace is not able to deal with negative feedback or criticism on anything she does and certainly would not be able to think on the spot when asked an awkward question so dragged her sister Mags onto the Lives with her.

    Mags acted as chief bodyguard and bouncer, moderating the comments and ensuring Grace's poor sensitive nature was not harmed. Grace spent the majority of these lives talking about herself, interjecting over Mags and just generally displaying typical narcissistic traits. They also hinted several times that if the Lives continued positively they would/should create a podcast.
    An unexpected side effect of these lives was that Grace's followers appeared to enjoy Mags more than Grace herself, therefore after only three weeks of not getting her ego stroked the Lives mysteriously stopped, never to be spoken of again.

    The tension became notable on the third and last live were Grace was visibly angered by comments praising and showing interest in Mags and her life. Mags notably began to skip lots of the comments knowing too well it could ignite a tantrum.

    Grace caused controversy on each live. Some of these revelations included:
    - Grace not feeding her niece while she was under her care. The child went home to her mother hungry.
    - Boasting about Mags facilitating queue skipping in the Beacon hospital.
    - Confirmed the severe financial stress and burden of the wedding following poor budget management and foresight. She revealed that only 4 weeks out from the wedding did she realise the cost (circa €80k).
    - Revealing that one of her best friends, and fellow influencer Dom Nugent, 'hooked up' with her partner the night she met him.
    - Grace revealed on a few occasions that her husband Chris, does not work from home when he is supposed to and often conducts household chores including clearing out the children's room and turning it into an office for Grace.

    Posting Style

    Grace typically has a typo or incorrect information on every single post (paid or organic).
    One of the most expensive mistakes occurred on her wedding sign:

    The below still need to be completed or fleshed out properly please

    Three coffee machines

    One of Graces personality traits is coffee. Our girl is never without an oat milk flat white (she once tried to convince her followers her weight loss was switching cows milk for oat milk 😂). Committed as ever to the notion, Grace accepted not one, not two, but THREE free coffee machines from various brands, worth thousands. You must be thinking “how could anyone need three coffee machines”, but Grace did. One highlight was when she did one of her infamous “tap to tidy” of the coffee station, a section of her counter that housed THREE coffee machines. Despite having three machines, grace regularly buys take away coffee. She received huge backlash for accepting a third coffee maker during lockdown, which could have been donated to a local hospital or hospice and in a small act of charity and attempt to deflect from her greed, donated one of the lesser value coffee machines to her sister, Mags. Grace has never been seen promoting or visiting any of the brands that gifted those coffee machines.

    Orlaith Donlon

    Orlaith Donlon posted on Instagram about her child being seriously ill. In a weird attempt to relate to Orlaith, Grace took this opportunity to do an Instagram post about how grateful she was that she had a healthy son……completely tone deaf and insensitive. The post was deleted but what’s on the internet, stays on the internet and the screen shot is included below.

    2017 Gossies

    Rosemary McCabe wrote an article as to why the awards were a load of shite which went down like a lead balloon. Grace was announcing the nominations and Rosemary was one of the nominations. On stage, in front of an entire room of attendees, Grace mocked Rosemary by saying her name sarcastically and rolling her eye which was met by giggles from brain dead members of in audience. It was a complete attempt to bully Rosemary and was a complete mean girl stunt. Grace was rightfully called out about this on social media, not by Rosemary and in true Grace fashion, was unable to take the criticism or acknowledge the nasty part she played in it all. The following day she came on crying the poor me which ended in Rosemary having to publicly appeal to people to leave poor Grace alone, that she had suffered enough. In an attempt at damage control, Grace and Rosemary met for coffee afterwards and apparently agreed to put the past in the past. Nobody is sure if Rosemary ever got an apology from Grace.

    Shape up with Sharry

    Grace has tried multiple times to ‘shape up’. She was gifted a training programme and meal plan (on several occasions) from a PT which, if she followed it, would ultimately promote the plan for him to busy mums trying to drop a few pounds. Unfortunately, the Sharry fella grossly underestimated how bone idle lazy grace is and he really didn’t get the message when she failed at her first two attempts and offered her a third attempt. Grace failed to follow the third and final plan in any sort of meaningful way cause, let’s face it , she couldn’t be arsed. In a last ditch attempt to help grace and, let’s face it, do so damage control for the Sharry name, the lad had to go around to her house to get her to meal prep and do the training sessions to try motive her… more fool him. Grace was gifted 3 Shape up with Sharry plans with a PT, something most mums would adore. Grace couldn’t even complete it when the lad came to her house to help her 😂

    The Fitbit saga

    She was was gifted a Fitbit even though she had 2 already, she was due to promote a breast cancer charity run/walk. In typical Grace fashion, she gave no information on the lead up to the charity event. Notice is usually important for charity events given that people like to raise money and get sponsored for events of that nature. Grace on the other hand, was on the lookout for freebies in return for zero effort. She arrived on the day of the race with Sienna in her buggy. She took a photo at the starting line for the gram, took her goody bag with her free Fitbit and fucked off home. The complete lack of information or promotion of the event got peoples back up and grace got called out for it. In typical Grace fashion, she missed the point entirely and claimed she couldn’t complete the walk because she had Sienna in the buggy and it was raining. When people didn’t buy the excuse (mainly cause the complaints was the lack of promotion of the event, not the fact she didn’t walk it) she went full manipulative bitch and announced she was pregnant with Hayden. That shut the “haters” down and nobody attempted to hold her accountable after that.

    The miracle of the missing cat

    The WIMS collaboration with St Pats

    On the 5th October 2022, St Pats announced Grace as their new Ambassador for their Walk In My Shoes project in the run up to World Mental Health Day. Given Grace's background, this was seen by many as a terrible decision which led to St Pats Instagram page being flooded with critique on the choice. St Pats turned their comments off on the announcement post and shared a follow up post advising those with complaints to follow the formal channels to do so. Since the complaints there have been several WIMS projects and fundraisers, yet their ambassador has not been seen at any of them

    Miraculous MRI/back recovery

    Grace often engages in her gym's (B2B) senseless weightlifting competitions, despite not training consistently and continually complaining about injuries. In late August 2022, Grace once again entered and lifted far above her ability. She came online complaining about back pain after the session but insisted on going out partying with the gym goers wearing high heels. The next day, a family day out to Tayto park was arranged as it was the last weekend before back to school.

    Grace revealed that she came home hammered drunk at 5am screaming out in pain waking up her husband Chris and children. She had to be escorted into the spare room and given pain killers. Grace did not attend the day out with her children like she promised, instead informing her followers that they went without her and she stayed in her favourite position, horizontal in bed. Stevie Wonder could see it was due to a hangover, not back pain! For days she came online complaining, showing updates from her sick bed as she suffered through “the worst pain ever” according to Grace.

    On one of the short lived Instagram lives, Grace and Mags Mongey revealed that Mags abused her position as HR partner in the Beacon hospital, Dublin and put Grace to the top of the queue to have an MRI. This MRI magically cured all Grace's pain and she was well again to go out partying and drinking in record time. It's important to note that Grace's back pain only became problematic when it was time to be a mother. After several complaints to the Beacon Hospital regarding their behaviour, the hospital apologized and confirmed that they warned Mags about her conduct.

    Booh Picnic

    In July 2020, Grace took her notions to new heights and shared a video of her creating a picnic in the boot(booh) of a car. Highlights included, man handling wildflowers, ripping them from their stalks to put in a jar and lighting a candle inside a vehicle. It was an attempt at something romantic in lockdown but came off as the weirdest thing she's videoed. She unfortunately got alot of positive attention from her Greasettes and she dined out on it for weeks.

    The Doha vlog incident

    Grace visited Doha on a PR trip, we were all expecting a vlog which she did deliver… 8 months later after persisting comments left online but people and the excuse was something along the lines that she had lost her memory cards… the vlog itself was utter bolox

    Other Bits
    1- 2020 when Covid hit and Grace single handedly saved one local business after another by accepting (begging) for all the takeaways (eg From Italy with love)

    2- Whilst nothing was formally announced it’s as clear as the shit on my shoe that I walked in that Andrea Roche agency let grace go due to her shit ‘content’…

    3- shortly after having sienna she came on snap chat one day and said someone had messaged her saying she was thinking about having a child and should she do it, grace came on ‘ya do it having a baby is easy’

    4- Her ‘reware beware’ campaign that lasted a second

    5- The ‘nothing but support’ group that she created with mags in a backlash for supposedly being bullied in a breastfeeding group when in fact grace hadn’t followed the rules of the group and cried bullying.

    "Ihaly, Weddin & Monark" Gate -
    In June 2023, Grease spent over a whopping 3000 euros filling up her cup by spending 14 days out of the month abandoning her children while pleading the poor hand and claiming there is no budget to bring her children on a summer holiday. She went to "Ihaly" to her con artist besties retreat for 5 days. After spending the 5 days laying horizontal and drinking wine, she was exhausted and needed to unwind on a gifted trip to Killashee House (the only time the children ever leave the house is gifted)

    After a few on brand last minute dash to the shops for some horrific dresses, she embarked on the 4 day wedding of the year where she was the INSTAMAID - with her children presumably dumped in one of the grannies houses - as usual.

    In order to recover for her hectic duties as Instamaid, she tagged along to "Monark" - One of the most expensive spas in the country - to refill her cup again. We were treated to the most content Grease has every made and aptly told to "be spontaneous" and "to book that trip". While she failed to acknowledge her privileged position that allows her to drop her kids at every hands turn and have a job that gives her the freedom to go here, there and everywhere for nothing during the worst cost of living crisis some of the population has ever seen. She was gleefully manic at her appearance in STELLAR magazine with the two besties who SHE made famous (and who coincidentally are now better content creators). Nothing was going to bring Grease down - She deserved the break because she is a self confessed - "F'ing Fantastic Mudder"

    When some of her loyal FALLOWERS called her out on her ignorance, she briefly addressed it on stories, saying we all picked it up wrong. When she was continued to be called out, she rang her Mam and cried. The criticism didn't stop. It kept coming, not just on Tattle, but it flooded her comments, mostly for genuine followers who were upset. Of course, she focused on the very few, illy-worded comments from anonymous accounts.

    Soon followed the influx of articles from Goss.ie, VIP, Evoke that continues to enable influencers by calling any form of negative feedback "trolling". Greases FALLOWERS aka The Greasettes came to her defence of course. We are all trolls and it is okay to have your children be minded by childcarers the majority of the year without publishing any content to justify it and it is okay to swan off for half the month and spend 3000 euros to fill up your cups - even if the children are in ill fitted clothing and haven't been out of the country without it being a freebie.

    Dog upset in her cage.

    Bahhered Sausage
    Swag Ball
    Salmon Bowels
    Mushrooms disguised as chicken
    Milky coffees
    Meat Roses

    Thread slang and common statements

    Grease/Greasey - Grace
    'I forguh' - I forgot [to post, document paid work and generally do my job].
    Greasettes - Grace's loyal followers
    Kips/Krispy - Chris
    The bulldog - Mags Mongey (Grace's sister)
    Matchdick - Matchstick
    Loki - Grace's Cat
    Kara - Grace's Dog
    Anne - Grace's Mother
    Booh - Boot
    Reels - Reel (Instagram reel, Grace calls them reels)
    Tallaght Huns - other influencers in the Tallaght area
    I look beautiful - a comment she left on her besties Instagram Orlaith Donlon.