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  • Background

    Ellie’s father is a retired policeman and runs a Private Investigation company, her mother is a registered Mental Health Nurse, her brother is in the Army and her sister is a Doctor. Despite all of her immediate family having jobs in the public sector, Ellie is firmly anti establishment and has never managed to hold a job of her own for any considerable length of time.

    She credits her father with teaching her everything she knows about conspiracy theories and he is the one who told her not to vaccinate her own children.



    Ellies parents are both conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers and as such she wasn’t vaccinated as a child. Her existence is contrary to the belief of many anti-vaxxers that not having vaccinations will result in a healthier child. Ellie claims to have multiple medical conditions (including being born with a congenital heart defect) and has had a list of operations longer than your arm, some of which she has claimed defy medical science.

    Likewise, her children aren’t vaccinated and the youngest allegedly suffers with complex health conditions.

    Despite being raised by Anti-vaxxers, Ellie cannot see her own bias when it comes to vaccines and has stated multiple times that she would never vaccinate her children regardless of any trials, studies, or reports. This is ironic as she states her biggest gripe is people not accepting the science (against vaccines) when she shows them.

    She has been vocal within Anti-Vaxx circles for at least the last five years, when she started a petition to have vaccine inserts given to patients (which in itself isn’t a bad idea).

    Medical Conditions

    It’s not for us to say whether she is or is not sick. But, creating this wiki did remind us of just how unwell Ellie has claimed to be over the last 2 or 3 years.

    She’s claimed that she’s suffered with:

    HL / Cancer in 2018 (which she says that she cured by getting pregnant)

    A Congenital heart defect

    Sepsis and septic shock (twice)

    Double Pneumonia


    Circulation Problems



    Acute Anxiety

    A Pacemaker

    Cardiac Arrests

    Respiratory Arrests

    Gallbladder removal

    Liver problems

    Ovarian cysts

    Body Dysmorphia


    Hip Pain


    Hyperemesis Gravidarum during pregnancy (so bad that she told people that getting pregnant again would kill her as her organs shut down. Yet she had Delilah a couple of years later)


    HL / Cancer - late 2021/2022 (seems she didn't cure it in 2018?) and she recently claimed it had been ‘reduced it from stage 4 to stage 3’.


    Ellie didn’t fit in with traditional schooling, in fact she admits that she asked difficult questions and ‘knew more than the teachers’. In addition to clashing with the faculty Ellie was also bullied which led to her ultimately being homeschooled.

    After school Ellie married and had children young, after which she decided (in keeping with her vaccination views), that she would train to become a ‘Vaccine Damages Lawyer’ and represent those who have been damaged by vaccines.

    Ellie also claims to have had a set path (and timeline) to complete two degrees (BSc in Biomedical Science, LLB Bachelor of Laws), followed by a LLM focusing on Vaccinations and Medical Ethics.


    Ellie claimed to have completed both degrees by distance learning, concurrently, whilst having three children by the age of 25, having a very difficult third pregnancy, having (then curing) Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and having three foreign holidays a year.

    One post claimed she was acing every test without even trying, and she completely cuffed her final Law Exam without studying for it.

    Another post (in which she also tagged her mother) claimed she had been head hunted by a top London law firm due to the advice she was giving on Facebook.

    She was also renowned on the Arnica Facebook page as a source of legal information regarding vaccine damage and was often referred to as a Vaccine Lawyer/Solicitor. At one paid event advertised on Arnica (where she was talking about parenting) she was tagged and described as a vaccine lawyer.



    She intermittently referred to either degree by name as validation to support her arguments or when putting down anyone who challenged her. She also included them in a post looking for a job and in her IG Bio.

    After Tattlers challenged all of claims she removed the lines from her IG Bio.

    Lawyer/Solicitor and LLM


    Things Ellie doesn’t believe in


    The Holocaust

    That Hitler was a bad person

    All three of these were mentioned before one of her (voluntary) IG shut downs. She had quite a bit of negative attention after posting these and when the account was re-activated it was never mentioned again.

    Fact Checked

    One of Ellies video rants was so outlandish it got picked up by Fact Check and they did a complete video on it.
    She said that she was definitely going to sue them but never mentioned it again. Anyone who asks about it gets blocked.



    Took donations on her PTTP website in order to submit the GLO. Once called out on tattle we heard very little about it.

    Cancer Claims


    Provoking Celebrities


    Vaccine Debate

    Ellie put out a public request for any medical professional to live debate her about vaccines. Lots responded taking up her offer and some offered to help set it up, but she deleted their comments and blocked them, at the same time, telling her followers nobody came forward.


    Ellie made a video saying she was just about to sign the contract to buy a piece if land to start a commune.
    She never mentioned it again.


    After having a private Thermogram, Ellie posted the pictures and then claimed they were bad as she hadn’t been looking after herself as well as she should have been, alluding that her Cancer was likely to return. After Tattlers identified that her pacemaker wasn’t visible, she removed the pictures and said that IG had taken them down as they went against the community standards. Oddly the company that conducts the thermograms has dozens of thermography pictures which haven’t been taken down.

    After the issue with her pacemaker came up several times she posted a picture of an email she had sent to the Thermographer asking whether her pacemaker would be visible. She posted…



    The Dog

    Birth Control

    Ellie did a series of videos where she highlighted the dangers (including serious injury, cancer and death) of every type of birth control.

    After the last video she waited several days (until some of her followers were practically begging to be told), and then uploaded her preferred method. This is colloquially known by the Tattlers as ‘Fanjo Soap’.

    Fanjo Saop


    Speaker at Kate Sheramani

    International Exposure

    Del Bigtree

    Incorrect Lockdown Claims

    Ellie claimed to have insider information, and claimed that there wouldn’t be a second national lockdown as there would be riots and the government would lose control, lockdowns would be limited locally.

    Obviously, there was a second national lockdown.

    During the second lockdown Ellie stated that this would be extended indefinitely and that we would never come out of lockdown in one form or another.

    Obviously, the nationwide lockdown finished quite a while ago.

    Ellie is fond of saying that everything ‘they’ have predicted has come true so far…

    Identity Theft

    Posting a screenshot of one of her personal messages, Ellie had forgotten to log out of a fake account she had been using. After being identified by Tattlers that Ellie was, in fact using someone elses’s account instead of her own

    It later transpired that this woman , who is very unwell, had had previous interaction with Ellie with the purchase of a buggy. Looking back at the history of the account Ellie had generated it straight after her interaction with the other woman’s photos and details two years prior to being caught out. Although the woman confronted Ellie online, Ellie deleted all the comments from her posts and refused to engage with the subject at all.

    PTTP / Tax Evasion

    Created by Ellie and a 'group of individuals'. This company - UK Power To The People LTD - Company Number 12935953
    Ellie uses this webpage to have an Uncensored forum that is censored.
    Set up a shop selling items - which we have seen some people wearing at protests. Did reference orders being sent. She has never submitted any accounts to HMRC.
    Holds templates for how to avoid paying bills, not take vaccines, not wear a mask, tv license cancellation etc etc
    A shop for Webinars that claim to tell people how to avoid paying council tax, utility bills, avoid vaccines etc etc A couple have been free but multiple have been £25/-30 per webinar per person. Again no accounts submitted to HMRC.


    Phone Scam

    Blue Tick

    Ellie got to around 95k followers on IG and it was clear that she would get a blue tick once she got to 100k. However, it was obvious from follower her follower numbers that they tended to go up in ‘blocks’ of 1000-2000 a time. This seemed odd as Ellie would vet her new followers with exceptional scrutiny, and also conducted regular purges where her numbers would slowly go down over a 24 hr period. This led us to suspect she may have bought ‘followers’ to increase her count.

    Cut and Paste

    Telegram Fiasco

    During a tumultuous episode in Ellie’s echo chamber Telegram Channel, she lost admin control whilst logged in under a different user name.

    Ellie repeatedly used fake accounts on her Telegram to either support something she had said, ask a question which ‘Ellie’ could then answer, or direct the conversation a certain way. On one occasion where she was using a fake account she got locked out of her main admin account. To let everyone know that she had lost control, she changed the fake users username to her own. Unfortunately for her this had two issues, the first was that there was now two different Ellies on the Telegram, and the second is that it changed all the previous comments posted under that username as her own.

    There were both Tattlers in her Telegram, and Telegrammers monitoring the Tattle thread. After some of the older comments under Ellies fake account were screenshotted and put on the Tattle thread, the Channel completely broke down. The result was pandemonium, her followers didn’t know whether to believe this ‘new’ Ellie or not. The choices for them to believe were, this ‘new’ Ellie was the real Ellie but by using a fake account it proved that she had added fake comments to support herself, or, that Ellie had been locked out and this was an impersonator, likely from the Tattle, that was trying to sabotage the Channel.

    After a short while of accusations and arguing in the Channel, Ellie declared that IT’S NOT SAFE, EVERYONE SHOULD LEAVE!


    Ellie kindly supported some African children, spouted about it getting followers and praise and was looking forward to visiting months later. However she quickly dropped them and after one donation and never mentioned it again.


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