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    Is it normal that Amber is 'bum shuffling'?
    This topic of discussion gets raised again and again on this thread; as has been agreed, babies all reach their developmental milestones at different rates. It has been noted that Amber has never been given tummy time, which is often the way a baby will learn to pull themselves up and crawl, and then subsequently walk. Carys maintains that Amber 'never liked' tummy time! Babies who bum shuffle are said to walk later, typically around age 18-24 months (https://www.nhsfife.org/media/33208/nhs-fife-normal-variation-in-development-bottom-shuffling-2020.pdf)

    Renovations and DIY
    Carys loves to do 'renovations' and DIY projects, including the following:
    • An incredibly wonky and unsafe radiator cover which Carys made herself
    • 'Shabby chic' floorboards in the downstairs which were an absolute disaster, leaving James and Carys to have to pay someone to get this redone
    • Painting the whole house of shades of beige
    • An obsession with paint samples, and the absolute shock from Carys that paint samples look different on the wall compared to when they are on a white sheet of paper
    • Decorating her newborn baby's bedroom in all shade of beige and grey - SO stimulating for a young mind
    • Jumping on the panelling bandwagon
    • Building a large window in the kitchen to offer a great view of a beautiful tree, only to knock down the tree to build a gym
    ITS 'collections'
    Carys has had a number of In the Style 'collections' now, consisting of 'pieces' that Carys believes she has designed and created. In reality, she has probably picked them out of a catalogue and added her name to them. All of the 'pieces' are soft, stretchy, and flattering. You can also both size up and size down in all pieces. It doesn't matter what size you choose, as they are all so soft and stretchy.

    Have James and Carys ever had a 'real' job?
    It is often questioned whether James or Carys have ever had 'real' jobs - the answer is no. They both started a maths degree, and dropped out when they realised they could make a profit from YouTube. Carys would never cope with a real job, given that she needs a lie-down and a nap after the shock of waking up pre-6am, not realising that most people with kids and jobs have to do this every day. Let alone those who are single parents; Carys really doesn't realise how easy she has it.

    Body positivity
    Carys is body positive, don’t you know. Since having Amber, she tells us that in her lean and toned days, she was actually restricting and really unhappy. She is now unhappy with her size 14 (but don't forget to size down) figure, especially her new and increased finger size, her camel toe, double chin, and 'mum vibes' tum.

    Carys' Vocabulary
    Carys has a limited vocabulary, and also can often get words wrong, resulting in an influx of DMs from eager fans, all to boost engagement.

    • Soft, stretchy, and flattering - the only words Carys uses to describe any clothes
    • Mum vibes - everything since having Amber is mum vibes
    • Aesthetic - anything Carys like is an aesthetic
    • Boo - what she calls James, and her followers