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    Who is Brogan Tate?

    Brogan is Bournemouth-based lifestyle vlogger with over 80,000 subscribers and more than 11 million views on her YouTube channel. She also runs a beauty and lifestyle blog. Since 2017, Brogan has been aligning herself with the Disney community and now produces a lot of Disney and travel content. She is 29 and lives in Bournemouth UK with her-husband-Benji and rescue cocker spaniel, Bonnie.


    Is Brogan Tate vaccinated against COVID-19?

    Brogan has had multiple trips abroad now which confirms she's been vaccinated against COVID as she would have had to have her vaccinations to enter certain countries. However she's never discussed reasons for being vaccinated, or indeed anything about vaccinations, apart from confirming she's had her shots so that she could travel.

    How much does Brogan earn?
    Short answer: we don’t know for sure. However, we can make estimates based on other users experience in the influencer industry, including @disneys who was a senior account manager at a PR company that did a lot of influencer marketing for 7 years. Below, Disneys explains Brogan’s likely earnings:

    “she makes most of her money from ADs .. I used to work in a role where I negotiated prices with influencers for ADs … if brogan is charging the “going rate”, she will easily be making £1000 per AD … she won’t make that much from YouTube views (as I said, probably £500ish, some months more maybe more like £1500) …

    I watched a video by an American lady who makes food content .. she had only 25k more subscribers than brogan and on views alone (not including ADs or affiliates etc) and she makes $38k a year from YouTube views ALONE , so it’s definitely possible brogan earns more however

    the money she gets from Adsense will vary every month dramatically and is also something we will never know , but I have a very clear idea about what she charges for ADs as I have 7+ years of experience working in the industry so there is no doubt in my mind that she is making that much money

    I should add that I left my role because I couldn’t bear to keep passing on influencer’s invoices to our finance team that were for more than my monthly salary for one piece of Instagram content which would have taken them 5 minutes!

    also just mentioning this, most influencers brogan’s size have a manager or management that help with getting the ADs but take a cut, sometimes 20% … not brogan, as she continually likes to remind us, she is a one-man band so everything she makes goes into her back pocket

    She’s done another ad now for that bbq company so that is 5 in the last 4 weeks, easily £4K and that is a conservative estimate ..”

    Is her nickname Bee?
    No, it is not.

    Who is Julie / HoneyJ / MeJulie?
    Julie Mooney is Brogan’s mother. On tattle, she is very fondly known as HoneyJ due to the fact she looks like X Factor contestant Honey G. She and brogan used to fall out all the time, once she dumped all of brogan’s stuff on the doorstep and kicked her out, cut the fur out of her favourite coat and sent her a solicitor’s letter in regards to her phone contract that Julie was paying .. this was all over their business “the beauty closet” which now doesn’t exist. Julie doesn’t speak to any of her family aside from her mum (brogan’s nanny) and is clearly a poisoner and has turned brogan against her dad who she no longer has a relationship with.

    Here are some of Brogan's tweets from when Julie kicked her out :

    What’s that on her lip?
    We don’t know - but it’s growing!

    What happened with Brogan Tate and Charlotte Ruff?
    Charlotte and Brogan fell out on a trip to DisneyWorld in 2017. This fallout happened from Day 9-11 of their vlogs. We don’t know for sure what happened, but from what we can ascertain they fell out due to a difference of opinion on the pace of their holiday. Charlotte tried to make it up with Brogan and invited her to dinner on Day 10 of the trip, but Brogan stood her up. Brogan then moved rooms, changed her flight and her Disney NSSHP tickets and doesn’t mention Charlotte in her vlogs after that.

    What happened with Becca Rose?
    Becca Rose is a blogger who was on Brogan’s “close friends” list on Instagram after meeting her at an event. She created a tattle account under the name “Anona” and posted a pic from Brogan’s close friends story of her queuing up outside Home Bargains even though it was the height of the first wave of Coronavirus and the Govt advice was to stay at home unless essential, and Brogan uploaded a (now deleted) haul of what she bought and proved her trip was not essential. Items included toothpaste for a holiday in October that ended up being cancelled anyway. Brogan then heard that this ended up on tattle and baited Becca with fake images (one of her in Tesco showing she and Benji shopping together which at the time was not allowed, and one of her on the bed saying she was fed up). Eventually, Brogan narrowed down who it was who was posting these images on Tattle and made a tweet, stating that a close friend of hers was posting personal details about her on a hate forum, which was a wild exaggeration. This led to a witch hunt from Bogie’s followers who identified Becca Rose and started to send her a great deal of hate. Brogan and her minions (Beth, Alice and Binky) lapped this up. Becca has not been on Tattle since, and Brogan faced very little backlash for inciting a witch hunt and breaking lockdown rules. This happened on threads 25 and 26 in May last year and the full saga can be read there.

    What happened on Trek America?
    Brogan did a trip with Trek America in 2014. She ended up falling out with all the girls on the trip, and one of them called her self absorbed. This has led to some favourite tattle quotes of “maybe I am self-obsessed”, and “I’m trying to be braaaaave.” We’d recommend watching the videos as an explanation will not do it justice.

    The Trek America vlogs were sneakily removed by Brogan in mid-2022. This was anticipated and so all the vlogs and Q&As were downloaded in advance after vlogs 1-60 disappeared. The Google Drive link to watch them is here.

    What happened to Bethany Francesca?
    Brogan was friends with fellow Disney blogger Bethany Francesca for a good part of 2019 and for some of 2020. Brogan and Beth have since stopped talking and mentioning each other but some cryptic tweets from Beth indicate that she dropped Brogan as a friend because she felt like she couldn’t tell brogan about her problems without them being made all about her, or her trying to compete and saying she had it worse. They no longer speak. This happened not long after the Becca Rose witch-hunt.

    Where did Bonnie come from?
    Still, something we don’t know. Brogan is incredibly secretive about where Bonnie was adopted from. Tattlers have figured out that her former name is "Baby" and that she was likely used for breeding and purchased from Gumtree or similar.

    Does Brogan rent her house?
    God no, what do you take her for?! Scum?! She has a mortgage darlings, and don’t we know it! (This is of course a joke, and a mockery of Brogan’s attitude towards renting now she is a homeowner). Brogan and Benji bought their house (known as Mooney Mansion) on 30th September 2019. They did not move in until late Feb 2020 after they renovated the bathroom. They have since renovated the kitchen too, painted the house and put new carpet upstairs.

    Why can’t I see Weekly Vlogs 1-60?
    Brogan has taken down all her weekly vlogs prior to 60 as they depict her awful fallings out with both of her parents and expose Julie for treating her like the scum of the earth. However, a Tattler found a way around them and downloaded some of them to this Google Drive, which you can find here.

    How many boyfriends has Brogan had?

    Brogan has had 4 confirmed boyfriends that we know of. Mark (teenage boyfriend), Rich (first serious boyfriend, she got him when they were 17 and we believe this is who Brogan lost her v card to. He was much older), Paul (also known as Pool), who only lasted a few months and finally long-suffering Benji Lever who she is currently engaged to and owns her house with.

    How many Instagram accounts does Brogan have?
    Brogan has three Instagram accounts (four if you include her podcast): @brogantatexo @brogantatehome @sebbiesadventures .. we also believe she controls what Benji posts on his from time to time, @benjilever. A tattler also found that the Instagram username @broganlever has been taken and it sat unused, making us suspect that perhaps she has reserved it for when she and Benji get married (they are not even engaged yet).
    **In 2022 Brogan changed the @brogantatehome account to @broganandbenji.**

    What does Benji do for a living?
    Benji is a trained electrician and is a Projector Manager. He works in hospitals in specialist equipment such as MRI machines. He works away a lot during the week because his work is very specialised and he often has to travel. Benji’s dad owns the business Benji works for and is his boss. In 2022 he and Brogan have been trying to soft-launch his influencer career, including changing the name of the brogantatehome Instagram account to broganandbenji, after Benji's health scare. There are no signs of him going back to work for the forseeable future.

    What is the Race for Life Scandal?
    Brogan was paid by Tesco to run Race for Life in 2019.

    She kept her fee rather than donating it back to RfL, didn’t promote the race or get any donations from her followers or promote the race at all.

    Wouldn’t say how much she got paid, said she would make her own private donation but use the money from RfL to buy a present for her Nan. We have never seen said present.

    What happened to Brogan’s podcast?

    Brogan and Bianca’s podcast “Online : Offline” ceased production after 2 series in 2021 citing that they did not have the time to do it anymore. They had a series of negative reviews and came under fire for contiversal chats about still birth and contraception (detailed below). As of now, they say they have no plans to restart to the podcast.

    If anyone would like a laugh, check out the Q&A episode of Season 2 where Brogan recalls the first time she used a bullet vibrator - shoving it inside her vagina during sexual intercourse, only for it to get lost, and have to be fished out by her ex boyfriend (potentially Paul/Pool). Legend has it the bullet is still stuck in Brogan’s reproductive organs.

    Notable people in Brogan’s life:
    (also known as Ben, Banjo, Bongo, my-boyfriend-Benji and Benjjjjjjjj) - Brogan’s fiance as of their set-up Dubai beach proposal trip. Tattlers figured this out after seeing that Brogan was following a wedding photographer in Dubai, and two Tattlers came on to post about balloons they'd seen being delivered for filming the proposal story video.

    Benji works with his dad as a specialist technician in hospitals, but has been on sick leave since discovering a cyst near his heart in 2022, which was removed in 2023. Despite the sympathy posts from hospital regarding Benji’s health, they flew out to Dubai 4 days after the discovery which included the waterparks, 2 months later they embarked a cruise, and 4 months later, Walt Disney World.
    In conclusion, he is just trying to be an influencer himself and acting like a complete bell-end in the process.

    Sebbie - a toy lion, not a bear as brogan likes to say

    Julie - see above

    John- Julie’s long-term partner

    Fraser - brother, two years younger but infinitely more successful. Works on a superyacht 8 weeks on and 8 weeks off, owns a very swanky flat. Parks in disabled spaces.

    Bianca - also known as Binky or the Portuguese tart, podcast co-host. Tattle jokes that Benjjjj has a bit of a thing for her.

    Megan - Brogan’s longest-suffering friend

    Georgie - a friend of Brogan’s who is into horses and is dating her ex-boyfriend

    Charlotte - a subscriber Brogan met in ASDA and befriended

    Alice Spake - a blogger and a friend of brogan’s who lives in Soton. Used to cause a lot of drama, now is seemingly nice and normal.

    Brogan’s dad, Gary Mooney - Gary sadly passed away in 2022, but prior to this had not had a relationship with Brogan for over 6 years. Brogan has admitted struggling with his passing (although she’s not mentioned it is him) as they were estranged when he died. Gary was close with Fraser.

    Kevin - Benji’s dad and boss. Brogan and Benji lived in Kevin’s bungalow for 2 years while they saved for Mooney Mansion.

    Adam Hattan & GaryC, Victoria (DisneyInDetail), Cherry Wallis - Brogan’s Disney friends who also do YouTube

    The Brogan Tate Glossary
    Our Brogan is known for mispronouncing common words and phrases - her grasp on the English language is truly terrible, as per se 😉

    What Brogan Says vs What Brogan Means

    as per se / per se
    In the meanwhile / in the meantime or meanwhile
    delusional / Delirious
    Poil / Coil
    Pignic / picnic
    Engaraved / engraved
    ranovation / renovation
    Sainzzzbrizz / Sainsbury’s
    Cath Kitson / Cath Kidston
    Juryation / duration
    Rum / room
    Sunthink / anyfink // something / anything
    Vac-YUM / vacuum
    Becusss - because
    Visa versa - vice Versa
    Projector - project
    NOSTAH-JAH / nostalgia
    Hambag / handbag
    UAUUUUUAAAAUUU / this is somewhat interesting to me
    Sewww / so
    Fick / thick
    bollavard / Boulevard
    WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! / there is a global pandemic happening, people are dying, but it’s ma burfffday and I got a new phone!
    Cotsworlds / Cotswolds
    Reilliterate / reiterate
    Sumscreen/ sunscreen
    Piano / P&O

    Brogan’s Career Thus Far
    Brogan has done many jobs over the years, including working at Go Ape at Moors Valley, at Lush’s Head Office in Customer Service, as an Admin Assistant, and as a Marketing Assistant at Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.

    Brogan only worked for Jimmy’s Iced Coffee for a few months before she left under a cloud and was put on gardening leave. To this day we don’t know why exactly she left (she seemed to enjoy the job until the last few weeks), but many Tattlers speculate that Brogan was inappropriate around married Jimmy, the owner of the company, as she assumes all men she meets fancy her.

    Brogan left Jimmy’s in 2016 and did some freelance social media work for a while, and is now a full-time “content creator”.

    2021 “Scandals”

    The “Obviously I’ve Known For A While” Debacle
    Brogan’s had two friends go through terrible life changes. On Christmas Day, her longtime pal Grace Victory was admitted to intensive care and had to have an emergency c-section due to Covid. Grace was then put in an induced coma for three months. She woke up in March 2021. On the same day, Jade Billington announced that her husband of 4 years had left her out of the blue. Brogan decided to make both events about her. She commented on Jade’s Instagram and was called out for her comment being narcissistic, and deleted a tweet about Grace that also came across as self-absorbed. She then did a story on Instagram about both events and continued to make them about her, saying the infamous “obviously I’ve known for a while” line.

    The Podcast Scandal
    Brogan and Bianca made a podcast about contraception. They really shouldn’t have offered any advice in the first place as they’re not medical professionals, but they did it anyway. In the podcast, Brogan stated how much she hated condoms and how they got in the way. She didn't mention that they are the only contraception to prevent STDs. Then Bianca made an insensitive comment saying she didn’t want to hear about women’s stillbirths. Upset viewers called them out on Twitter for these comments and Bianca, to her credit, took down the section about stillbirths and apologised for the insensitivity. Brogan could’ve responded with the same level of Grace and decorum but unfortunately, she was unable to and ended up blocking people, causing a scene and even roping her friend Cherry in to fight her battles. Brogan has said before she can’t take criticism and this proves it. The people trying to educate her on how what she said might’ve seemed ignorant and offensive weren’t ‘nasty trolls’ but were treated as such.

    The “I Don’t Want To Talk To You” Affair
    Shortly after the obviously I’ve known for a while debacle, Brogan did a post saying she was taking a break from social media for her mental health. This 'break' lasted all of around 24 hours - if that. A kind follower sent her a message reaching out to her to basically say she hoped brogan was okay and was there if she ever need someone to talk to. Instead of Brogan responding in a polite way like any other normal human being would such as 'thanks for your concern, I'm taking some time out' or even just a simple thanks for your concern, she responded in possibly the rudest way by saying “I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t know you. Thanks anyway.” It is completely understandable that she didn’t want to talk about personal stuff with someone she doesn’t know, but the way she spoke to the fan was incredibly rude for no reason. The fan then became an ex-fan verrrry quickly after this and came over to Tattle to share her story.

    Brogan's nicknames on this thread:
    Bogie Tat
    Tatty Bogle
    Brogan State

    Edits (more to be added)
    A lot of Tattlers have done edits of Brogan, seeing as her content leaves little to be desired. Here are some of the best edits from Brogans Threads.

    Brogan’s Spending - 2021
    Brogan likes to fill the void in her life by buying tat. Tattle keeps a note of her spending on frivolous things, which you can find here.

    2022 scandals
    - Bench has “heart surgery”
    - The romantic ‘planned’ engagement (a matter of days after Benji’s said heart surgery)
    - Brogan’s dad died, she went for a spa day with MeJulie on the day of the funeral

    2023 scandals
    - Labia chest is born, meanwhile Brogs takes herself on a spa day
    - Brogs gets skin cancer
    - General expanding in size of Brogs and Bench
    - Bench’s sudden shock ability to go on rides at Disney after “heart surgery”

    2024 scandals
    Flogan Tate

    What a time to be alive. On 14th February 2024, time stood still as Brogan’s Tattle thread (#141) was bequeathed with the uncovering of a Brogan copy cat by a beady eyed Tattler. Her name is Fleur Summers, affectionately named Flogan Tate, a budding vlogger/influencer from Essex.

    Not only was Fleur copying Brogan’s exact outfits, more chillingly, she was even going to the exact same places, in some cases staying in the SAME ROOMS, and taking the exact same pictures. Not only that, but her vlog series (sadly now privated) uncovered her saying the SAME THINGS as Brogan did in her vlogs in the SAME LOCATIONS, such as on the same Norwegian cruise Brogan did line for line saying the same about a cocktail. Here’s some receipts from before Flogan vanished:


    - 5.6% world cruise
    - Bonnie’s passing
    - Wedding reception in cosy club

    Jan = £718 + approx. £10k for kitchen
    Feb - £988
    March = £1,541

    Calvin Klein bra£30
    Patreon£2per month
    Disney ears£48
    Sound wall booth£60
    Lush Xmas box£25
    Christy bedding£40
    Blanket hoodie x 2£48
    Skinnydip phone case£25
    Laptop stand£20
    Headphones stand£15
    Animal Crossing game upgrade£9
    Biscuit making set£35
    Postage for biscuit set£4
    Disney mug£4
    Spyro game£35
    Biscuits for friend Shannon£25
    Lush masterclass£22.95
    Youtube subs
    Finance masterclass£30
    Youtube£15.99per month
    Disney plus£5.99per month
    Amazon primes£7.99per month
    Netflix£5.99per month
    Spotify£9.99per month
    Calm app£2.41per month
    Victoria in Details£2.00per month
    Readly app£7.99per month
    Fab fit fun£48.58per month
    Itch flea/wormer subscription£10per month
    Evangelist pasta£20per month
    Epidemic sound for videos£39per month

    Folding dog bed£27.99
    Minky selection box£15
    Youtube£15.99per month
    Disney plus£5.99per month
    Amazon primes£7.99per month
    Netflix£5.99per month
    Spotify£9.99per month
    Calm app£2.41per month
    Victoria in Details£2.00per month
    Readly app£7.99per month
    Fab fit fun£48.58per month
    Itch flea/wormer subscription£10per month
    Evangelist pasta£20per month
    Epidemic sound for videos£39per month
    Dog mug£11
    5 pins£20
    Home mug£13
    1 pin£10
    3 pins£30
    Dog bowl£20
    wdw zip up hoody£50
    Anniversary card£3.50
    Olaf face mask£5
    1 pin£10.50
    1 pin£7£7
    Skinnydip phone case£20
    wdw hoody£30
    adultish jumper£20
    Disneyland Paris jumper£20
    Lego art£120
    Monzo Plus card£5per month

    Kate Spade handbag£90
    Jo Malone handwash£32
    Jo Malone candle£80
    Minnie waffle maker£50
    Birthday cake£70
    Grazing birthday lunch£22.50
    Disney mug£26
    Disney travel cushion£15
    Disney travel mug£18
    Monzo Plus Card£5per month
    Youtube£15.99per month
    Disney plus£5.99per month
    Amazon primes£7.99per month
    Netflix£5.99per month
    Spotify£9.99per month
    Calm app£2.41per month
    Victoria in Details£2.00per month
    Readly app£7.99per month
    Fab fit fun£48.58per month
    Itch flea/wormer subscription£10per month
    Evangelist pasta£20per month
    Epidemic sound for videos£39per month
    Running trainers£125
    Plymouth Stay£820

    M&S jumper £25
    Disney denim skirt £35
    Lakeland £30
    Ikea haul £94.75
    Boots haul £128
    Jumpsuit £32
    Coat from TK Maxx £30
    Bumbag £30
    Ralph Lauren Top £40
    Light denim skirt £19.99
    Purse £17.99
    Monzo Plus Card £5 per month
    Youtube £15.99 per month
    Disney plus £5.99 per month
    Amazon primes £7.99 per month
    Netflix £5.99 per month
    Spotify £9.99 per month
    Calm app £2.41 per month
    Victoria in Details £2.00 per month
    Readly app £7.99 per month
    Fab fit fun £48.58 per month
    Itch flea/wormer subscription £10 per month
    Evangelist pasta £20 per month
    Epidemic sound for videos £39 per month
    Pink tote bag £28
    Phone App £150
    Stacey Solomon dress 1 £30
    Stacey Solomon dress 2 £22
    Stacey Solomon dress 3 £22
    Primark haul £100 guess because I can't bear to watch the video