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  • Richard Davies, aka BowelBro, created an Instagram account to promote himself (paid for sponsored ads for his page etc)
    - "Bowelbro" is quite similar to "BowelBabe," Deborah James' popular account
    - Claims he's raising awareness for bowel cancer yet has his account set to private
    -Set up a fundraiser for a local hospice using a photo of himself instead of the hospice. He called the local paper to write a story and photograph him handing a large prop check to the hospice.
    - Told followers he lost considerable weight from his cancer. He had weight loss surgery in October 2021.
    - Promoted sales a self-published book in early 2023 and raised money (PayPal stopped payments after suspecting fraud). Relaunched book in July, 2023 and sold more copies. Book promised in May, book has yet to materialise as of Aug. 31, 2023.
    Says refunds are given and no questions asked. However when people actually request refunds from their bank he challenges the bank and refuses- blocks anyone who asks.
    - On the book jacket, he claims he's "battled alcoholism" but on an Instagram story, he said he's not an alcoholic and still drinks occasionally.
    - Sold the book then set his Instagram account to private; there is no way book buyers can reach him as there is no contact feature on his website.
    - Doxxed at least two people on Instagram and Facebook for questioning him
    - Calls anyone who questions him names - trolls and pedophiles are his favorite pejoratives - and refers to Tattle as the "dark web."
    -Ran a gofundme which raised £60k+ for treatment which he has admitted he hasn’t touched for medical treatment as of Aug. 2023.
    - gofundme total amount raised has been changed to show £21k not previous amount for reasons unknown
    - Claims there ought to be a law that no one can set up an anonymous account yet had a sock account on Twitter.
    - Ran a giveaway for a £3k stay in a caravan in a carpark. No winner ever announced.
    - Ran an estate agents and ran off with deposits - admitted to this crime.
    -Claims Tattlers are guilty of "hate crimes."
    - Ran a company called DavBoss and and used an architect's photographs on the Davboss website without permission.
    - Claims he had full open abdominal surgery when his cancer was found. No such scars exist on his abdomen
    - Claims the doctor who performed his colonoscopy was distraught after finding the tumor.
    - Says his picc line was to be removed in early August, 2023. Picc line still in place as of Aug. 31, 2023
    - Claims he is terminally ill.