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    Who are they?
    Best Life and Beyond is a social media “business” comprised of vloggers Katie and Spencer. They mostly film YouTube videos in Disneyland and occasionally visit a few other locations such as Las Vegas. They also use Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to promote themselves and attempt to get brand partnerships.

    Why are you so mean to them?
    This is not a hate group. We merely want to hold them accountable for their bad behavior and prevent others from falling into their grifting scheme. This wiki is to provide documentation of their actions and character, a dossier, if you will.

    First Official Tattle Thread


    Katie’s Background

    Spencer’s Background

    The Adventure Begins

    How the relationship really started

    The quest for fame

    People Used

    Egregious Behaviors
    1. Creating fake IG, Twitter and YT accounts and using them to harass people who put constructive or negative comments on BLAB IG and YT pages.
    In May 2022, KT using the fake IG name happyplace3765 (which has since changed several times – as of 19 Aug 22 it is now goofypancakes880) sent a series of unhinged messages to a Tattler. These messages were a mixture of threats and unbelievable claims, including:
    • Threatening to contact the Tattler’s employer and show them the messages and comments they had posted on Tattle. This person had never commented on any BLAB forum (YT, IG or FB), nor on any of KT or Spence’s personal social media pages. They had also never contacted or privately messaged either or them in any form.
    • BLAB had engaged civil attorneys to peruse and prosecute the tattle member in a civil suit.
    • DL were investigating those that were ‘harassing’ BLAB using fingerprint ID and facial recognition software.
    • She claimed that the second apartment was not theirs, but belonged to a friend who lent it to them for filming
    • The reason they moved out of the apartment with ATW was because he was secretly in love with Kt (and possibly also Liz from FB), and this made Daphne jealous, thus the atmosphere became untenable, so KT and Spence chose to move out for this reason
    • KT and Spence are actually part owners in Tattle, and we should stop posting on the forum as this was actually helping to make them money as they are ‘fabulously wealthy’, enabling them to buy a new car (a car which they did not show on their Vlogs)

    Screenshots of these DMs can be found on threads #34 posts 208 and 323, as well as #26 post 921

    How do we know this was KT? She outed herself using a fake Tattle account and posting a ‘transcript’ of the entire thread of these messages, not realising that not all of them had been publicly shared on tattle. (See #34 post 174 for her ‘transcript’). This spectacular stuff up was called out by a tattler in the same thread (posts 252 and 280) and much hilarity ensued.

    Typically Used Deflections and Distractions
    Whenever their behavior and actions begin to be questioned, calls for accountability rise, or a backlash begins, Katie and Spencer usually react with a few reoccurring standard responses.

    *Deny everything, claiming it’s all lies and made up, despite there being documented evidence.

    *Mental Health weaponized as shield

    *Attempt to guilt trip accusers and investigators by claiming it’s hurtful to them or someone else.

    *Attempt to rally fans to go attack the source, accuser, etc. on their behalf to “defend them”.

    *Distract with a sudden trip or a feature with a child.

    *Attempt to gain viewer pity, through real or feigned stories (sometimes including about health) to try to shut down controversy.

    *Use fake social media accounts to bully, harass, and attempt to intimidate those who speak out.

    Eating In a Parking Lot With Other Vloggers at the Height Of Covid

    BLAB Video: The Reopening of Knotts Berry Farm Marketplace and Chicken To-Go! Filmed 8 May 2020.

    During the height of the pandemic, BLAB, ATW, Dylan, FB and a nobody from a channel called Theme Park Access went to Knotts Berry Farm to get takeout soon after it reopened. They all then decided to have a picnic in the parking lot. There was no masking, hand sanitising or social distancing, and the food was shared. At one stage a rat ran over the food as they were eating. All of them put out their own videos about the outing and all received significant blowback on SM regarding the stupidness of doing this whilst so many people were being infected and dying. Typically, BLAB Deleted all negative comments from this video and doubled down with saying they did nothing wrong. FB put out a video - Lets talk about it – FreshBakedTV soon after acknowledging that it was a mistake (albeit begrudgingly). I understand ATW also put out a video acknowledging the mistake but I have been unable to find it. Another example of BLAB’s not taking the pandemic seriously, and by their behaviour demonstrating an appalling lack of consideration for others (but let’s face it Selfishness, self centeredness and lack of consideration for others– that is their Modus Operandi.)

    Official Currency of Best Life & Beyond: The Patreon
    KT & Spencer set up two different tiers on their Patreon account - the "Bestie" and the "Super Bestie". One is $10, and the other is $40 - which, if you compare to other popular Patreon accounts of well-respected celebrities and content creators, is practically extortion.

    Since BLAB's Patreon subscribers are nicely padding their bank account, month-after-month, for almost nothing in return - it's important to factor in the Patreon exchange rate when calculating expenses that KT & Spencer accrue throughout the filming of their vlogs.

    For example: KT & Spence have a fancy meal at Carbone in Las Vegas. The helpless baby calf they ate was $69, and their Rigatoni was $32. Instead of saying, "That dinner was $102", instead you might say "Wow, that was a 5 Patreon meal right there!" Or, if you want to get really specific, you can try, "Holy moly, that fancy dinner cost them 2 Super Besties and a handful of Besties!"


    Adam The Woo: is the famous YouTuber/vlogger Adam Williams. Adam is emulated and worshipped by many vloggers and YouTube “personalities” for being a bit of a pioneer in the vlog-o-sphere. At times it appears he is throwing a bone out of genuine niceness to up and coming vloggers to help get them started. While he seemed to genuinely appreciate Spencer’s company during their trips and videos together, he appeared to lose his fondness for BLAB when KT became too overbearing, and borderline embarrassing (see The Beast Feast). It appears that the final straw between Adam and BLAB was when after secretly subleasing a room in Adam’s Anaheim apartment, BLAB left abruptly to move into their own apartment, leaving Adam to hurriedly cancel his Thanksgiving plans to head back to his apartment to clean up the monetary mess they had left behind.

    Adam Not-The-Woo: BLAB has been seen with a friend named Adam who appears to be a plain-clothes cast member in their videos. Rumors circulate that he is one of the cast members that has been paid to provide them with special treatment. However, there is no concrete evidence of this. It is interesting to note that throughout 2022 when it was not yet widely known that BLAB and Adam the Woo were no longer on speaking terms, when KT was asked about Adam (the Woo), KT would claim that they “text all the time”. Perhaps in KT’s mind, she was “mistakenly” referring to Adam (not the Woo) as to avoid talking about Adam (the Woo).

    Binky: is KT’s chihuahua. Some believe she escaped and is living her (best) life fighting crime one Grifter at a time. Some believe she was eaten. Maybe she’s in the spirit world. We will never know.

    Daphne/Natalie: Adam the Woo’s vlogging buddy on both coasts. Daphne has the dirt, whether it be ripping off Adam, or stealing kid’s toys. Don’t cross her. KT will defend herself against any random troll, yet not Daphne. Hmmmmm… we wonder why?

    David Erickson: runs the vlog “Fresh Baked” from his garage and live from the parks. While he seemed to have had a long but somewhat tenuous relationship with BLAB, it is clear from Spencer’s texts that there’s trouble in Vlogadise. He does not seem to hang out much with BLAB anymore, and his wife Liz appears to be avoiding KT as well.

    Discount Diane Keaton: is a newer friend of BLAB’s who has been seen in the background of vlogs, but has never been featured. It appears she donated a Fantasmic dinner package to BLAB, but we would never know, as BLAB never likes to thank those who help them, since it would detract from their baller-lifestyle ruse.

    Dylan: (aka Powder, Duchess) Another grifter who somehow expects his stans to fund his Tesla and Magic Key dreams. Despite being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, he still manages to hang out with BLAB even though some of the rare “likes” BLAB gives have been disparaging to anything LGBTQ+ related, including one where a BLAB fan was advertising his disappointment with there not being a “Straight Pride” day. We don’t know why Dylan continues to be involved with them.

    Henry: KT’s stepdad who apparently has to perform all of the “manly” actions Spencer cannot handle, such as hanging mini blinds on move-in day while Spencer and KT vlogged their Anacapa Mansion home (donning sunglasses). He is also known to have served in the BLAB Armed Forces at the BLAB Besties meetup at the Hearthstone Lounge. He’s probably a nice guy, but guilt-by-association is a real thing you know?

    J.Crou: (aka Superchat Jeremy, Crouton Jeremy) is a stan who frequently participates in BLAB’s livestreams as an observer and Superchatter. His inane questions drew him much attention, especially when he displayed a threat-level-midnight interest in what type of croutons KT preferred to put on her dressing (with a little bit of added salad). This led to him being named “Crouton Jeremy”. However, when his conversations dipped into his endless quest of shopping for pants, the moniker of “J.Crou” was born.

    Jarli: If you know, you know. And you should definitely know.

    Jeremy: This Jeremy was roommates with Sarah of Fresh Baked at the time. He was around during the Dizzy Bears days and the early days of Life Disney. In case of confusion, see The Three Jeremys of the BLABpocalypse.

    K@ylee: (aka Ca$hlee) is KT’s niece who, contrary to popular BLAB stan and KT’s belief, has never been ridiculed or attacked in any way. [Her name is intentionally spelled incorrectly, as she doesn’t deserve any grief from these Grifters]

    Kitra: is from the Ordinary Adventures channel, and is the subject of vague attacks from KT. These attacks appear to be out of jealousy of Ordinary Adventures eclipsing BLAB’s channel subs and views, and consistently delivering quality material. It most likely really bothers KT that Kitra receives zero ire from her fanbase, and that Kitra seems genuinely happy. Extra sting may come in the form of Kitra not only helping film the videos, but also edit them.

    Lip-Smacking Foodie Guide: was KT and Spencer’s host for an evening “foodie tour” in Las Vegas. Based on the man’s demeanor and candid way of speaking and bouncing around, it appeared his behavior might have been influenced by consumption of high quantities of Coke. And I don’t mean Diet.

    Liz Erickson: is wife to “Fresh Baked” David. She has spent a lot of time with KT, but it appears their friendship may be on the decline as Liz has been palling around with Kitra (aka KT’s worst enemy) from Ordinary Adventures.

    Matt the Radar Technician: was a terrible cosplay that Spencer donned in an attempt to gain views during his trip to the Starcruiser hotel experience in Florida. It is believed that not a single person found this funny or interesting, and the level of cringe that other passengers and cast members seemed to display was palpable.

    Matty: is KT’s still-current (as of December 2023) husband which she cheated on with Spencer. We all assume that from his point-of-view, this was all for the best. Katie didn't show up for a status conference re: divorce proceedings on Jan 31, 2023. Appears Matty has since filed paperwork to move closer to finalizing the divorce.

    Matty’s Mom: (aka KT’s Mother-in-Law) is an alleged huge fan of Spencer, and wouldn’t you know it, KT and Matty’s Mom “chat all the time” and share cooking recipes. In fact, she taught KT all she knows about cooking. Sorry M.I.L. you might want to dispel all these rumors at some point… Screenshots from Facebook exist of angry rants from Matty’s Mom which display her anger towards KT’s cheating ways, and KT’s apparent need to “find God”.

    Maya: (aka The Asian Fiancee) is a perhaps imaginary woman who is frequently referred to by BLAB livestream regular “Pika-Mickey-Chu”, who claimed that he was going to marry Maya, “the love of his life” at Disneyland in 2022. He frequently mentioned this along with the fact that she “grew up at Disneyland”. Maya has not been heard from or seen in a very long time. In fact, she has not been seen since strange “Behind the Scenes with AsianDate” videos were posted on YouTube where potential alter-ego “Pika-Peter-Chu” claims he married her in 2016. If you see her, please call the authorities. We are all very worried.

    Mondo: Vlogger from Five Fires. KT is said to have made fun of him for his size. KT is also a Pot about to have a run-in with a Kettle.

    Oma: (aka KT’s Grandmother) is rumored to be KT’s personal piggy bank, and might not have any clue that KT is no longer with Matty. She may not even know that Spencer exists. She is German. Deal with it.

    Patrick Begorra: The little man of Disneyland who wishes people would stop parking strollers all over his front yard and for that stalker Spencer to quit obsessing over him and going around doing bad impressions of how he talks. It’s hurtful and creepy.

    Pika-Mickey-Chu: was a frequent poster on BLAB’s comment section. He frequently counted down the days until he and his “Asian Soulmate (Maya)” were to be married at Disneyland (“Where She Grew Up At.”) If rumors are true, he either married the love of his life or something far more sinister has happened.

    Pixar Charlie (aka Checkbook Charlie) is one of BLAB’s only remaining friends. He has been in countless vlogs with them, and was rumored to be funding a large part of BLAB’s visits to the park. It seems the only time BLAB ate anywhere nice, or went to a paid ticketed event, Charlie was in the video with them. Fun fact: According to KT in a recent livestream, she doesn’t know what Charlie does for work.

    Plaid Hero: (aka Griftbuster) The Plaid Hero (say it loud, say it proud!) was the lone warrior who decided to call out BLAB’s grifting ways by coining the phrase “Don’t send these Grifters any money!” during a livestream aboard the Sailing Ship Columbia. He and his family were trespassed from Disney after KT claimed assault. He has since become a legend among the Tattle family, and has been spotted taking a selfie with Adam the Woo and Daphne.

    Security Jeremy: (aka J.Rex) Known to have surprisingly short-length arms in relation to his torso. BLAB uses and abuses him and his role at Disneyland. It’s OK, he seems to like it.

    Security Erina: (aka Security Bruja) a self proclaimed “bruja” and Disneyland security guard featured by Katie for getting them special after hours access. She formerly was a member of a Disneyland social club gang. Not to be confused with the more dangerous and elusive “Anaheim gangs”.

    Salina: is Spencer’s ex-girlfriend which he cheated on. She was disrespected countless times in vlogs when KT and Spencer would be flirty, sometimes even around her (see “The Fuel Rod Incident”).

    The Anaheim Gang Members: They are everywhere. They forced KT and Spencer to move out of Adam the Woo’s apartment in a hurry. They apparently hide weapons in bushes up and down Harbor Blvd. So far, only Spenser and Katie seem to have seen them. Fun Fact: Spencer was kicked out of the Dand-Ruff Ryders for having abnormally tiny shoulders.

    The Bugman: (aka Matty) is KT’s still-current (as of December 2023) husband that she cheated on with Spencer. He is known as the “Bugman” for his current profession as an expert in all things pesticide and rat-catching.

    The McKenzies: Dale and Paula are two small time vloggers who have somehow stapled their anuses to BLAB. They appear to treat them to Vegas/Henderson stays, and take them to fancy (?) dinners, yet BLAB rarely thanks them, and definitely has “Scheduling conflicts” even on Dale’s birthdays where they are less than 5 miles away from each other in a tourist town. Watch out though, Paula is rumored to “work with computers”, so she will dox ya in a hearbeat.

    The three Jeremys of the BLABpocalypse: Jeremy, J.Crou, and Security Jeremy

    Tiffany: (aka Superstan) is a frequently boobie-flashing stan of BLAB’s who swears they are the greatest thing since vodka flavored lip filler. She is known for constantly sharing Instagram photos and stories of BLAB, tagging them and Serflosangeles himself. One has to wonder if she is purely clout-chasing though as BLAB doesn’t even follow her, and she’s not a BLAB Patreon member.

    (aka Dimestore Buscemi, aka ArcticMonkey) is the vlogger who hosts “Beautiful Tomorrow TV” and is known for doing extremely long vlogs in the park where he begs for Superchats. He is also known for defending BLAB via verbal and physical threats to anyone who disagrees with BLAB. There are rumors that if you see him in the park and are having trouble opening a can, he can assist. He also has a strange habit of saying everything twice. Everything. Twice.

    Weasel Javelin (aka Craig Dennis, aka Weasel Bot): While it is not clear if Weasel is in fact a human or some sort of android built in China, he is clearly a man of mystery, and one-hundred times funnier than anything BLAB has ever said or done.


    Everything they experience and every new food, drink, or treat they try is “Amaaaaaazing!” to them. Isn’t it amazing how everything they try is top tier? Where do we go from here? Can quality, taste, and value ever move the needle again? Is it possible that someday Tortilla Jo’s be dethroned in the Amazing Department?

    “As The Kids Say”: No Spencer, nobody says that.

    “Big Fella”: In a vlog, while KT was eating one of many of the day’s snacky-snacks (you know the snack that you have after you’ve just had a snack?) Spencer’s filter fell off and he accidentally referred to KT by saying “Whoa there Big Fella!” as if she were a farm animal out of control. Spencer could have removed this from the vlog, but he didn’t….

    “Bye Felicia”: Rather than discussing or addressing a topic from anyone who is not kissing her ass, KT chooses to simply say “Bye Felicia” to end conversations. This is usually followed by a dramatic block or deletion of a text chat during a live. Savage!

    “Charging Their Phones”: Apparently BLAB has no ability to charge their phones while performing livestreams on What’s Happening Wednesday’s. It’s as if long USB cables which can reach charging locations such as “wall sockets” and “laptop USB ports” do not exist in their timeline. Many believe this obvious excuse is what gives KT time to have another meal, and get caught up on snark forums with blue banners. We will never know.

    “Come at me Trolls!”: KT has famously stated that she would enjoy it if “trolls” were to approach her. However, when one such “troll” (aka the Plaid Hero) approached her (though it’s questionable it can fully be considered an “approach,” since as it happened he was standing still on the Columbia trying to enjoy his ride when Katie and her camera pushed past him to continue her livestream on deck), BLAB’s entire way of life was sent into disarray. In Spencer’s words: “Not cool!”

    “Don’t Send These Grifters Any Money”: (aka “Don’t Give These Grifters Any Money”) is the catchphrase that the Plaid Hero said during a live stream while KT and Pixar Charlie were on the Columbia. The sales figures are not in yet, but it is believed that the merch that has been developed from this saying far outsells BLAB’s own merch, and is of much higher quality.

    “Drifter”: During the Columbia incident, KT was recounting the Plaid Hero’s words during the livestream saying that he called her something… a “Drifter??” to which she claimed she didn’t know what it meant. To anyone with an IQ over 7, it was clear that she was doing all she could to not say the word “Grifter” because she didn’t want to accidentally give away her true profession.

    “I Don’t Drink!”: When out dining, KT seems to feel the need to make it a point that she “does not drink”. It is typically over-emphasized as if it is key information that affects the situation. The frequent “matter-of-fact” adamant mentioning of this (usually accompanied by a serious stare at the camera) does more to raise suspicions as to why she needs to proclaim this so heavily than it does to make her seem comfortable with not drinking. Also, despite her insistence that she does not drink, she can be heard in many videos frequently slurring words and carrying on like a drunken frat girl. Maybe it’s all the “sugar” in those gummies.

    “It Has Been Decreed”: It’s not funny. It has never been funny. It’s not quirky. You’re not Adam (sorry I mean “Adom”, now your filter won’t block his name).

    “No”: Adam the Woo’s answer to a fan’s question as to whether he continues to speak with Best Life & Beyond. Shocking.

    “SBC”: (aka Sleeping Beauty castle) In order to stay “Gucci and rad”, Spencer tends to give nicknames to almost everything he comes across, claiming its “as the kids say nowadays”. (see ref. above)

    “Scheduling Conflicts”: This is a term that they use when explaining why they failed to meet up or collaborate with former friends, who are nearby at the parks or at the same events. It is an easy excuse, but however, when those former friends release videos of them collaborating and casually meeting up/running into other former friends of BLAB, the veil is lifted

    “Sorry ‘Bout It”: This is KT’s way of saying she’s not a nice person, and she doesn’t need to explain herself to you. Sorry ‘Bout It.

    “Thanks Omicron”: KT posted a cheerful Instagram story celebrating a new Covid-19 variant that followed the Delta variant. Her happiness seemed to be tied to the idea that the weaker the virus strain was, the less mask rules would be enforced, and aside from it still being able to severely affect and kill many people, it meant more happy time for a maskless KT in Disneyland. In her eyes, the pandemic seemed to be over.

    “Toxic As F*ck!”: What Spencer allegedly called KT during their breakup. Oh yes, they broke up. According to KT, multiple times. Heck, there are even times where they don’t talk for 7 days in a row unless its channel related! He also allegedly called her a liar and a fake and said he would never have her back on the channel. There are screenshots floating around which suggest this all to be true.

    “We Don’t Use Filters”: KT claims they do not use filters (and baaarely any makeup), as she is body positive and doesn’t feel the need to attempt to improve her looks via camera tricks. However, many of their full-body photos utilize a wide-angle lens held in a vertical position, thereby causing the bodies of the subjects to look much taller and thinner. Unfortunately, these wide-angle lenses also have the habit of making people’s feet look massive, as if they were wearing size 23 shoes. Additionally, during many of the KT’s live streams and videos, it is clear that a slimming filter is used on her smart phone as it will digitally distort her chin and cause many visual anomalies that are known to be caused by these slimming apps.

    "We’re Not Political": BLAB likes to say they are not political at all, but a quick browse through their WHW videos and livestreams during the original Covid lockdown seems to suggest they are very political. Whether it be aligning with gun-toting Malibu street defenders, anti-Newsom rants, or mask and Covid vaccine regulations, there are plenty of receipts that oh yes, they are indeed political.

    “We Text All The Time”: This is a term KT uses when they refer to former friends. They push a narrative that they continue to “text” and keep in contact with former friends. The former friends never corroborate these stories and typically make it clear that there is no communication happening.

    “You Don’t Belong Here”: Supposedly what a police officer told KT and Spencer about the “darker” areas of Anaheim. (According to them.)

    “You’re Just Jealous!” KT feels anyone who says anything negative about her is just jealous of her. You may remember this type of behavior from middle school.


    Adam The Woo’s Apartment:
    (aka “The Great Woo Screw”) For some reason KT and Spencer seemed to think it was necessary to hide the fact that they were renting a room in Adam the Woo’s Anaheim apartment. They would cleverly film everything so that a viewer would never know it was the same location as Adam. However, it was easy to catch glimpses of things such as coffee mugs and furniture that gave away the location. This ruse continues until this day. They still refuse to admit to the public that they shared living spaces with Adam the Woo. The assumption as to why they won’t admit this is that they left the apartment unexpectedly (allegedly after calling apartment management/maintenance workers “cunts!”), forcing Adam to abruptly end his Thanksgiving plans with family to sell, donate, and get rid of everything in the apartment so that he could terminate the lease early. Unfortunately, for eagle-eyed viewers, it is clear that much of the furniture now resides at KT and Spencer’s new apartment in Irvine. This abrupt exit seems to have forced Adam to pay thousands of dollars to break his lease, not to mention the cost of urgent travel and money lost on rushed sales of household goods.

    Besties Betrayal: In late June 2022, KT and Spencer had promised a Besties meetup in Downtown Disney. Hours before the event KT claimed she was not feeling well and cancelled the meetup. This led to many days of her being absent on all social media platforms, including Patreon. Fans and subscribers were left in the dark during this entire time, with minimal explanation, from a seemingly disinterested Spencer, who went on visiting the parks and making vlogs, and not giving any type of update on KT other than “She can’t be with us today”. Was it Covid? Was she taking a Mental Health week? Hmmmm…

    “BLAB be Griftin’ You”: Chart-topping single from KT & the Bears written by Tom Wambsgans.

    BLOBNOXIOUS: A way of life, a way of being. This is the BLAB way.

    Blue Milk: According to BLAB’s Disneyland hacks/rope-drop planning guides, buying Blue Milk is one of the highest priority experiences you should seek at rope-drop. Not Peter Pan, which has insane lines at all times of the day. Not your most cherished ride. Not even the Fuel Rod station. Priority 1 is Blue Milk…. You know, that stuff that when you see someone try it for the first time, they immediately gag, grimace, and throw the drink away? Blue Milk.

    Bridges Burned: In KT’s heavily documented social media and YouTube life, she appears to have burned bridges or lost many friends along the way. Relationships that seemed strong are now no longer present. As of this writing, even during her lowest period, she appears to have four remaining friends: Dylan. Pixar Charlie, and Dale and Paula McKenzie. Gone are Fresh Baked Dave and Liz. Gone are Janelle and Mig. Gone are Adam and Daphne. Gone are Ashlee and Chris of the Duoo. Gone is Brickey. There are many more that are gone. However, all of these former friends are still friends and collaborators with each other. Is she just unlucky?

    Bully Bears: Although KT likes to act like they are not bullies, a video of the Dizzybears laughing and mocking runners (including one in a disability assist vehicle) exists. Dizzybears often made videos laughing at people who were in the parks and then posted them to social media.

    Buying Subs: It would appear from watching their “” subscriber numbers and considering their limited YouTube comments and views that they take part in purchasing subscribers from bot farms. Growth has stalled. Has the well run dry?

    Choctaw: Spencer claims he is Chowtaw Tribe. That’s all.

    Clickbait: BLAB (like most vloggers) use clickbait frequently to get people to watch otherwise unnecessary/non-event videos. This is usually accompanied by a large arrow, a thinned down/filtered photo of KT, and a dramatic title including terms like “Big Changes!” or “The Future of the Channel” meant to draw people in.

    Covid Concerns: KT was exhibiting Covid-like symptoms leading up to and most obviously during their Bestie Only Live stream from 6/29/22. Despite this, they planned on visiting Disneyland less than 48 hours later for the Pirates of the Caribbean re-opening. This live stream is the impetus for BLAB-aphobes to reach out to news organizations, create petitions, and cry foul, as it was clear BLAB had intentions of going to the parks when KT had some sort of illness that could potentially have been transferred to Spencer and therefore park guests and cast members. Not once during the first 4 days did they say “We tested ourselves for Covid and we were negative.” In fact, it appeared they avoided using the word Covid during this entire time. If that wasn’t enough, they seemingly suggested that KT’s niece was the one who got KT sick.

    Covid Lies – Fresh Baked: On 30 October 2022, Liz from Fresh Baked posted on her Instagram story, informing people BLAB and KT had unfollowed her, and inviting people to DM her if they wished to know what happened (Screenshot Thread 68 post #992). Needless to say many Tattlers took up this invitation. Liz then revealed that Katie did have COVID at the end of June this year and had contacted Liz and asked her to lie about it. (Thread 68, #1035). There are several other screenshots from messages Liz sent to others who reached out to her. This sharply contrasts with the hysterical posts (which we now know are fake – most recently posted Thread 69 #32) of them showing negative COVID tests. Of all their lies, this one is the most despicable. They deliberately lied about having a virus that has killed millions of people and deliberately ignored health warnings around keeping themselves and others safe. When called out on these lies, as discussed above and below, they hysterically claimed they were being bullied.

    Covid Results: After being accused by multiple online Disney fan outlets of having Covid-like symptoms, KT and Spencer decided to prove to the world (3 days too late) that they were not “positive” for Covid. Eventually they decided to show photographic proof of holding negative test results, however there were many discrepancies and questionable things in these photos that led to more doubts about their validity. This includes phone calendar app dates which did not correlate with the storyline they were telling, and the fact that Spencer was wearing the same shirt multiple days in a row in all photos. Another interesting issue was that KT was drawing a lot of attention to her nails being removed, as if the lack of press-on nails one day, and the presence of nails another day proved that the tests were taken in the past.

    Disney World Trip with KT’s Family (2022): On a trip to Walt Disney World, KT and Spencer picked up KT’s mother, step-father Henry, and niece K@ylee. At the airport, viewers noticed that no roses or balloons were given to her niece, which was interesting because when Pixar Charlie met them in WDW previously, KT showered him with balloons and flowers. Also, during this trip, they appeared to avoid the park for the majority of the trip, and even seemingly left the park halfway through the one day they did go, just to go shopping and pickup food rather than take KT’s niece on rides. It also appears that they only took KT’s niece out for meals and had her meet princesses just before closing so that BLAB could make a cute video. This strange behavior was seen by many viewers as a way for KT and Spencer to avoid Adam the Woo, who was in town at the same time. This is also the trip where chicken was grilled on a hotplate in the hotel room by a clearly unhappy KT. High class livin’.

    “Doing E-mails”: KT’s role as Marketing manager for the Best Life channel has her doing many things that keep her busy throughout the day. One of the heaviest Marketing burdens she carries is “doing e-mails”.

    Don’t Mess With Malibu: (aka The PDC Posse) is a group of gun-toting Caucasian guys standing behind a sign which read “Looters Will Be Shot On Site [sic]” who Spencer proudly posted an image of on his Instagram as a sign of solidarity.

    Eating Disorder: KT claims to have had an eating disorder which kept her thinner, and that a doctor had to prescribe her medication to force her to eat.

    Eleven-Fifty P.M.: The time they sometimes first enter Disneyland. They will frequently arrive late and order food late, thereby not only using up a Magic Key reservation but also forcing Cast Members to work late just so BLAB can get their 2nd dinner and 6th snacks of the night. BLAB will frequently head to the furthest distance of the park (Galaxy’s Edge) and take a slow trek back to the front gates, pridefully showing their addiction with looking douchey while bending the park rules.

    Expired Nursing License: During a global pandemic, KT apparently allowed her nursing license to expire. It appears she was too focused on the much harder (by far) vlogging career rather than lend her copious amounts of free time and energy to helping others during a critical health crisis.

    Fake Excitement: While KT always fakes excitement, be it screaming and cackling on a ride she has been on hundreds of times, her meeting a stan in real-life, or refilling her fuel rod, her forced excitement has never been as jarring and on-display as when she was over-wrought with emotions and excitement upon Disneylands re-opening day in April 2022. Every word out of her mouth was about how happy she was to be there, and how it “had been sooo long” and that she was finally “home again”. However, she had just been to the park the two nights before (yes, twice) for Cast Member preview access provided by a “friend”. The forced over-joy was said to have disrupted many guests’ actual first-time returning experience.

    For The Lively: is a mini-refrigerator sized vegan leather (vinyl) backpack named “The Spencer” that KT was sponsored for from a company named “For the Lively”, which KT repeatedly pronounced incorrectly in videos when she would offer discount codes to promote the bag. What the hell is she carrying in there at 11 o clock at night?

    Forced Arrival: KT and Spencer have said that they were “forced” to go into Disneyland while sick, or while suffering migraines because the reservation system punishments were too strict. At the time of them stating this, there were zero documented examples of these rules having ever been enforcemed.

    $40 a Month: Gets you exclusive access to Besties-Only livestreams where the mysteries of the world are finally answered such as “What was that orange soda that was sold in the 80’s called?”. Based on your budget, it may be worth it to drop Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, and Spotify so that you can get in on this action.

    Fuel Rod Incident: During a vlog with KT, Spencer, and Spencer’s then girlfriend Salina, and Bryan of Dizzybears are filming along Main Street. As they are walking, Spencer and KT are seeming extra chummy, and when KT decides to separate from the group to “recharge her fuel rod” (rentable chargers for mobile devices), Spencer, watches her depart, locks onto her like a target, and hurriedly decides he will follow her too, leaving everyone else behind on a crowded Main Street. As the camera pans over to Salina, she gives an awkward smile and a shrug as if she is confused as to why the situation played out that way. KT and Spencer return together looking very pleased with themselves.

    Gator Grips: (aka Croc Claws): There has been a rash of strange occurrences where photographs of KT’s hands look strikingly similar to reptilian hands. It is not clear if these photos have been doctored.

    Grifters: (See Best Life and Beyond).

    Hooptie: It has been rumored that Spencer drives an older run-down Mercedes that some would refer to as a “hooptie” or “hoopdie” as others call it. However, this is strange because it doesn’t seem like Spencer actually “drives” said hooptie. Maybe we shouldn’t get into why it is that he does not (or can not?) drive. Either way, this car’s tires did not make it to Vegas and needed to be changed by AAA as Spencer couldn’t be bothered to even attempt to remove lug nuts because he assumed they were damaged by luxury sand from their luxury condo in luxurious Malibu (or “The Bu” as Spencer calls it). According to Spencer, this car is so well maintained that his mechanic exclaimed that the car is a “keeper”. However, it’s also so well maintained that KT exclaimed that they could not use the AC during the sweltering heat on one of their road trips.

    “If We’re Such Bad People, Where’s The Proof?”: If only there were a wiki page.

    Inner Voice: KT says she doesn’t have one. This might explain a few things.

    Instagram Insanity: During KT’s social media silence period in late June and early July, she did not use Instagram. However, after she returned to Instagram, she explained that she wasn’t able to post because she didn’t realize how one of the most basic functions (swipe left) worked on Instagram. Cue the Sure Jan gif.

    Irvine, CA: is where BLAB currently live. Yet they like to portray (aka lie about) themselves living in Laguna Beach or Newport Beach, and seem to avoid mentioning that their apartment is in fact in Irvine.

    Kicked Outta Cinnabon: On a trip to Lake Tahoe, KT and Spencer decided to do a livestream from Harvey’s Hotel and Casino. Upon entering the building Spencer mentioned that the casino might have rules about filming but left that line of thinking at “We shall seeeee!”. [Insert Narrator: “They did see.”] As they travelled through the casino, they continued to film many people, gambling machines, restaurants, and the inside of the casino. Eventually, they settled down in the Cinnabon to eat and continue with the livestream. As usual, KT bought a large amount of Cinnabon rolls, even shocking Spencer at how much she ordered. As time went on, they talked about how they wanted to go check out the arcade before they left, and even had some young passers-by pop onto the livestream to say hello. All was going well until the first security guard walked by…..

    Little did BLAB know that Tattle Force Army Espionage Team 6 were calling in from parts unknown to report the clear violations that were occurring at the casino Cinnabon. Upon the entrance of the first security guard, the entire vibe of the livestream changed. Suddenly KT and Spencer were looking over their shoulders and appearing distracted by things off in the distance. So distracted that their speech patterns changed, and the things they talked about were nonsensical. A few fidgety moments later, and someone off camera appeared to mention to BLAB that security was looking for someone who was livestreaming. BLAB laughed nervously and began shuffling their feet and packing up their food and getting rid of their trash. Spencer’s face turned redder than usual and their behavior went from weird to weirder.

    As a second security guard walked by, it was clearly game over (man!) for BLAB. KT started saying how they needed to get out of the casino because it was “SO HOT!”. She said this as she nervously put her jacket on and struggled to keep composure. The next few minutes were a nervous retreat out of the casino toward the opposite entrance of which they came. As they exited they were nearly stopped again when someone (presumably security) asked “Are you livestreaming?” to which KT gave a guttural “mmm-uh-huuuuh” as she kept moving toward the door. It is believed that the security guard mentioned something about a thousand dollar fine. They pushed on and got to the exit where they could breathe again. As they got outside, KT tried to play it off like they left on purpose by making small talk “Hey Spencer, did you know they have free WIFI HERE??”. They then nervously moved toward the parking exit and high-tailed it out onto the street. The entire time it was clear that they were on the run. [Insert Narrator: “They never even got to see the arcade.”]

    Of course, in true BLAB fashion, in later livestreams they tried to poke fun of the trolls saying “they accused us of being kicked out of a casino… which ISN’T TRUE!!” [Cue the Arnie “Bullshit” sound effect]

    “Kill Yourself”: KT has claimed in Instagram stories that many of her “trolls” from Tattle have told her to kill herself. This is not true. There is no evidence of anyone telling her to harm herself in any way. In fact, many have tried to help her and have considered reaching out to her family to seek assistance to resolve any problems she may be having.

    KT’s Spotty Employment: KT Claims to have been a GI nurse, and also states that she has worked in a group home for troubled teens, yet it is only known that she served as a medical records assistant, worked at a dog-groomer (Dogtopia), and a waterpark.

    Librarians are Losers: KT famously got into an argument with a viewer who was a Librarian, attacking her profession, and exclaiming that librarians were useless. It is unclear if KT can spell the word librarian without auto-correct.

    Loungefly: We don’t talk about Loungefly. KT appears to be jealous of other vloggers they used to be friends with having attained affiliate/promotional/brand ambassador level partnerships with Loungefly, so KT does not like them AT ALL!

    Lung Condition: As a potential excuse for why KT was coughing when it appeared she may have had Covid, she claimed that she has a “lung condition” that “no one deserves to know about”. This is the first and last time she has mentioned this. Don’t ask about it again, you don’t deserve to know about it.

    M.I.A. Live Stream: In an apparent effort to remove all evidence of an embarrassing live stream in which KT spoke about ridiculing a stage 4 cancer patient, and professed her continued love for her ex-husband, KT said that the incriminating video was somehow accidentally Deleted. She seemed heavily inebriated and said many things which should not have been said publicly. This is also the livestream where Spencer ranted about his sadness for not being able to wear a red hat anymore, and where he proudly announced that he had no regrets for any past behavior.

    Magic Key Sunglasses: Despite being a grown man with two “jobs” (vlogging and stage-managing), Spencer seems to prefer to wear cheap freebie sunglasses that were given away to Magic Key holders.

    Malibu, CA Beach Home: This “2nd home” for BLAB is rumored to be leased and shared by members of Spencer’s mother’s family. KT and Spencer frequently state that this is their own home, but based on things KT has let slip, this does not seem to be the case. The shared-leasing situation seems to jibe with why they do not stay at the location consistently, and why the decorations appear to be limited/impersonal in a way that will let all guests enjoy it.

    Mark Twain Aggression: During a livestream aboard the Mark Twain, KT, the self-titled “Queen of Disneyland” apparently did not want to allow a family to get ahead of her while walking upstairs to the level above, so she continued to walk, where she distractedly bumped into one of the children while she was filming. When this occurred, she exclaimed (live on video) that “That was some Mark Twain aggression!”, which came across as a bit racist towards the family. She also acted as though her foot was injured during this event, but the injury was never heard of again.

    Meatloaf: During a livestream, instead of admitting that she was sick with some sort of respiratory illness during a pandemic (Covid?), KT decided to blame her coughing fits on something being stuck in her throat. To alleviate it, she used the longest known windpipe clearing method dating back to the time of the cavemen: Eating a piece of meatloaf to dislodge post-dinner-snacky #2.

    Mega Brows: KT has them. They are very well done, and are an art form in-and-of-themselves. Perhaps vlogging should take a backseat and eyebrow artistry should be her new career path.

    Migraines: Migraines are the excuse KT has given multiple times for why they show up to the parks so late. She says that due to Disneyland’s strict reservation policies, she will have to show up late at night to utilize her Magic Key instead of receiving a “no show” on her attendance record. Strangely enough, in the videos that are posted of those late-night events, she seems fine and does not complain about migraines.

    No “Thanks”!: There have been a few instances of BLAB not thanking people who gift them things. Maybe they do personally via email, but in livestreams, they act as though they happened upon tickets or access to special events. This seems hurtful towards the stans who love the channel and want to show BLAB a good time. Case in point, although BLAB were gifted tickets to Star Wars Nights, BLAB never thanked them publicly, and frequently simply mentioned that they were able to “score” tickets. They couldn’t even be bothered to name the family which donated them, even when the family themselves were in the livestream chat mentioning how they had given them the tickets, and how they were happy to help BLAB out. There was zero response or “thanks” from BLAB.

    Nursing: Doesn’t compete with Vlogging. By far, I repeat, BY FAR! KT has been lambasted for her video where she claimed during Covid lockdown that vlogging is much harder of a profession than nursing.

    Sailing Ship Columbia: This was the scene of the infamous Plaid Hero incident where a passerby cleared his throat (which KT claimed was an assault) and later was heard financially advising Best Life and Beyond live stream listeners to not “Send These Grifters Any Money”. This led to KT immediately video-taping him and his child, calling him a stalker on the live stream as well as saying he gave off “serial killer vibes”. After reporting the Plaid Hero to Disneyland security, the man and his family was trespassed from Disneyland for the day. We are all lucky that Checkbook Charlie (head of BLAB Security) was not forced to uncross his arms during this event, as they would still be refurbishing the Columbia to clean up the bloodbath he would have left behind.

    Say Everything Twice: If you’re Tony from Beautiful Tomorrow TV, you do this. If you’re Tony from Beautiful Tomorrow TV, you do this.

    Say Everything Twice: If you’re Tony from Beautiful Tomorrow TV, you do this. If you’re Tony from Beautiful Tomorrow TV, you do this.

    Social Media Absence: During the entire Covid debacle in late June and early July, KT stayed away from social media. This is not in line with her character at all as she typically posts constantly on multiple social media sites and apps. The clearest reason for this change in behavior seemed to be tied to the fact that KT had bailed on her promised Downtown Disney meetup with the Super Besties at the last minute. To non-stans, her silence on social media platforms was due to her avoiding catching any flack for not meeting her own Patreon promises, which caused multiple patrons to waste time, money, and reservations at the parks. Adding salt to the wounds of the patrons, Spencer showed up in the parks at the same time as the cancelled Besties meetup, as seen on his vlogs where he was shown hanging out with Dylan and Pixar Charlie.

    Spencer, Master of Disguise: Days after being accused of potentially visiting the park while exposed to Covid, Spencer decided to stand amongst the crowd at the Pirates of the Caribbean re-opening. He apparently thought that he could disguise himself from being recognized by going hatless and not wearing his now-iconic freebie Magic Key sunglasses. It didn’t work.

    “Spring Break Crowds”: From the months of what seems like February through July, BLAB will comment on the high crowd levels at Disneyland Resort, frequently referring to “Spring Break Crowds” as being part of the reasoning for the crowded park. Fun fact: Spring Break only occurs in March and April historically, but we are in unprecedented times, so maybe they are right and everyone else is wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

    Sunday Meetings: KT typically has her “meetings” with tech companies such as YouTube and others who “work in IT” on Sundays to discuss potential actions to be taken against legions of basement dwellers who only attempt to speak the truth on YouTube comment sections and in spoof videos.

    Sunglasses Indoors: According to Larry David, there are only two kinds of people who wear sunglasses indoors: “Blind people, and assholes”. BLAB wears sunglasses indoors constantly. In shopping vlogs, in casinos, and even in their homes. Maybe a vision check is in order.

    SWAG: (aka Stuff We All Get) is KT and Spencer’s go-to wardrobe collection. Swag are shirts, backpacks, luggage, sunglasses, etc that TV shows, tradeshows, and convention booths hand out to attendees and employees for free, in an effort to help promote a show or event. They are typically throw-away items that are poorly designed and not very attractive. Most people relegate these items to the back of the closet only to be seen by the owner. However, these “Conan”, “Ellen”, “Mac & Cheese” and lighting effects company shirts are worn on the regular in public by BLAB.

    The “REAL DEAL”: is what KT called a drink they ordered on one of their road trip vlogging escapades. KT was apparently trying to be funny by mocking a Tattler who has enough dirt on them to make KT’s fungus-filled-fingernails look clean.

    “The Ballad of the Magic Key”: The heartbreaking second single from KT & the Bears. Also written by international superstar Tom Wambsgans.

    The Beast Feast: In an embarrassing video from Walt Disney World Florida, a group of vloggers including BLAB and Adam the Woo attended the “Be Our Guest” dining experience. During the dinner, each time Beast came out to greet the crowd, KT and Spencer loudly and obnoxiously screamed and shouted for Beast’s attention from the opposite side of the room, embarrassing the rest of the table, and most likely ruining the experience for the many guests that paid to be there. As Adam said in the video “You just caused a scene!”.

    The Elusive 100k: Depending on what day it is, BLAB are either on a mission to hit the 100k subscriber mark, or they just don’t care… Or maybe it gets expensive purchasing subscribers 100 at a time.

    The Healing Powers of Dolphins: BLAB’s neighbor at the Malibu condo claims that there were nights where Spencer would be on the balcony screaming at the ocean, and professing the importance of the “healing powers of dolphins”. That’s deep maaaaan.

    “They Gave Me Extra Fries!”: KT is so lucky and/or loved by cast members that she frequently is given “extras” of the food she is ordering. How lucky can one gal be? To answer that question, don’t look at the receipt.

    Three P.M.: is believed to be the time of day that KT’s wakey-wakey alarm clock is set to.

    Trespass: A trespass and removal from the park was the result of KT filing a false accusation against the Plaid Hero after he cleared his throat in her general vicinity, and recommended that BLAB livestream listeners Don’t Send These Grifters Any Money.

    Universal Studios Backlot: While working on a job, Spencer was allegedly reprimanded for taking photos in areas of the Universal Studios backlot where photos are strictly not allowed. This rumor is why some believe Spencer and KT no longer like to go to Universal Studios Hollywood for videos.

    “What Really Happened”: After KT’s reported “assault” on the Columbia, BLAB rushed to create a video where Spencer (despite not being present at the Columbia event) recounts exactly what happened to KT (and KT’s bodyguard Checkbook Charlie) aboard the ship. The problem? Most of what Spencer recounted was not accurate, and was embellished to make it seem like KT’s life was somehow in danger. Throughout the video Spencer continues spouting KT’s false accusations that the Plaid Hero gave off “serial killer vibes”. At one point Spencer gets emotional, wishing he would have been there for “his lady” to protect her, but they felt fortunate that Checkbook Charlie was there to simply fold his arms and stare down the Plaid Hero.

    Why KT Says She Is With Spencer: During a livestream when Spencer and KT began to recount their (ever-changing) story of how they met and why they are important to each other, shortly after Spencer nervously professes his love for KT, and says how lucky he is to be with her, she tried to return the compliment the way only a narcissist can, saying: “Without Spencer I wouldn’t be able to do the channel.” Cue Elton John: “Caaaan you feeeeel the loooove toniiiiiight??”.

    WHW: This is the abbreviation for their “at-home” live streams titled “What’s Happening Wednesday”. This is typically a 1 to 2 hour live stream where they interact with their fans and typically do a lot of complaining. It is a common occurrence that the only questions that get answered are questions asked by SuperChatters who donate money just to be seen and heard by KT and Spencer. During these live streams, KT and Spencer have a team of moderators who will ban and delete comments of anyone who does not agree with them or questions something they do or say. Many times, a good-natured fan will ask something innocently and the moderators will delete the question or comment before it can be seen by KT or Spencer.

    Word Filters: It seems BLAB has to filter out a large section of the dictionary from their livestreams to prevent stans and snarkies from bringing up topics they are not equipped to handle. If any of the filtered words are typed into YouTube comments or chat boxes, those comments will not be posted. In most cases, the banned words list appear to center around topics which they have frequently mislead stans about in previous videos and livestreams.

    Wrong Gazebo Bro: Spencer filmed the wrong gazebo at Roger's Gardens. He was attempting to film the Disneyland gazebo that now resides within the Farmhouse restaurant at Roger's Gardens. During the vlog he filmed a replica gazebo that is located at an intersection. He then goes on about it being the original Disneyland gazebo.

    Additional Future Topics for Encyclopedia BLABtannica*:

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    A “Personal Moment Ruined!” vs. “Most Photographed Place in the World”
    Bald Tires
    Cash-Only at the Farmers Market
    Club 33 Invite, with no Thanks to the Host Who Invited Them
    Bullying a Cancer Patient
    The Keurig – A Travel Companion
    Accepting a Superchat from someone living off of State Disability
    First Class Flight Nonsense
    uying, Then Returning Merchandise After Filming/Wearing It
    California Wildfire Fundraiser
    Hiding BLAB Buttons Around The Park: aka Littering Choking Hazard.
    Cast Member Mistreatment: “Cast Members work until 2am regardless”.
    Missing the Malibu Art Show Because KT was Sad About Her Divorce
    Covid Tests – Fake, as evidenced by Spencer wearing the same shirt over a nearly 3 day period.
    Using Sensitive Patient photos in her Instagram stories
    The Petition Against Them
    Spencer Stalking KT on Periscope
    Cutting in Line @ Astro Blasters

    Trying to Have a Jungle Cruise Skipper Written Up For Joking About Vloggers
    “The Pandemic is Slowing Down The Divorce!” KT has apparently done nothing to move it along, but frequently states that the divorce process is a reason for her mental health issues.
    Vegas Cake Machine
    Ebay Flipping Elliott
    Tattle: Trolls are just losers in Mom's basement. Quite the opposite.
    Filming the Breast-Feeding-Mother @ Trader Sams
    Getting Told To Leave WDW When Trying to Hide and Stay Late
    Pretending they have a Backyard at Anacapa – Not a shared space with shared BBQ grills.
    Workout Video that lasts 19 Seconds
    Costa Mesa Fit Club Boot Camp Failure
    Air BNB Bitching @ Tahoe
    Gummi Bear Nonsense
    “Gucci Rad”
    “Double-Cheese Fatty”
    KT having no knowledge of Northern California existing beyond San Francisco
    BTS – BLAB Has No idea Who They Are
    Mammoth Covid Vacation
    Monthly Disneyland Guides With Ridiculously Obvious Advice
    Obnoxious on the trolley cart with the bell
    Panda Excess
    Pajama Day
    Patrick’s House
    Cases of Mistaken Identify: During Besties Zoom Meetings, some patrons have been kicked off of them mistakenly due to fear of trolls.
    Big Changes! – Nothing Changes
    Starcruiser Video Fail
    Special Treatment from Security Jeremy and Bruja
    Spencer Had Covid @ Christmas Parade
    KT was Ally’s Nurse for A Day
    Justin’s “Spencer the Rat” Video
    KT’s Alter Ego Tattle Posts: “Her two Christian kids” who would be offended by Daphne.
    Spencer Likes To Keep Ex-Girlfriend’s Pictures In The Garage
    Washing Vegetables in the Sink
    Self-Titled Queen of Disneyland
    BLAB Will Delete All Disparaging Comments, but will Leave Racist and Bigoted Comments
    KT’s German Heritage
    Fake Hotel Stay @ The Disneyland Hotel

    Important Videos In BLAB History:

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