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    Ashleigh Huish is 36. Has 2 children, a daughter Ava and a son Oscar to her ex-husband.
    Lives in Harlow Essex.
    Posts on Instagram and TikTok.

    Her disgusting behaviour towards her children.

    A clip from a live with Ashleigh yelling for Ava, Ava answered back ''yeah'' so Ashleigh threatened to smack her in the face.

    As recalled by @Danielle0120
    So for any newbies or anyone who missed this ----
    It was like 11 pm at night, Oscar was told to go to bed around 10 pm according to Ash.
    She was on live doing a clear out of her kitchen, and Oscar came in and said ''mum can we talk, I really need to talk to you, I'm not OK. He was really upset'', Ash said and I quote "Oscar, respectfully. FUCK OFF TO BED"
    She said it again, Oscar said like ''I really need to talk'', she told him to fuck off, he walked off visibly sad and she's all why do kids want you when it's late and you're busy.
    2 weeks later she says on a live that Oscar's struggling, he gets home from school cos he's falling asleep, he's moody, he's involved in bullying at school (not getting bullied, he's doing the bullying) he's getting suspended a lot, but then he got sent home a week or so ago because the head teacher rang Ash and said Oscar needs to go home, he's opening up about struggling mentally and is having dark thoughts.
    That night, she spoke to him like shit on live again cos he didn't set the table for her fat meal.
    Oscar especially is as Chelsea said, screaming and crying out for his mum cos she's changed so much.
    He's mentally unwell, at his tiny age, because of his mum and her behaviour and how she's totally neglected those kids. And then on top of it, puts stories and lives up talking about sex and getting fingered and sex toys and fucking hell, it's a none stop list.
    She's threatened to smack Ava loads on a live. She's fucking horrible.

    As recalled by @Hinchawakening

    Oscar has a bad belly again and is off school… she’s going through medicines to see what she can give him. Oscar mentions vitamins. Except he said it with an American twang so it sounded like Vidamin.
    He asked for a vidamin. The ugly mocking bitch said ‘A VIDAMIN?’ About 15 times, getting louder each time and each one was mocking him more and more.
    She fucking knew what she was doing! She kept smirking and looking at the camera. Then poor Oscar started crying. Yes crying. She was mocking him, to his face and over a thousand strangers, and made him cry!
    Then when she realised he was crying and she was live for the world to see she tried backtracking.
    Looking at the comments (everyone was telling her he’s saying vitamin) and then was giving it 😱 ohhhh do you mean vitamin? Oh sorry oh my god I had no idea I thought you were saying ‘Avidamin’ and really reeling it in!
    It was fucking clear to every single viewer that she’s just mocked him and made him cry trying to be a funny cunt. It was disgusting to watch but it was so blatant that I just know a lot of her ‘fans’ will be thinking twice now… especially after point 2 I’m about to explain (which I’ll do in a new comment)

    So the second thing that’s pissed me off and again shows how much she does not deserve her kids… In this medicine box after making Oscar cry, she finds some pepto-bismol… reading the back of it telling Oscar he needs to drink it as it stops the shits but it doesn’t taste very nice… she fully looked on the back and read it!
    Eventually, Oscar agrees to drink it and goes to get water for after… whilst out of earshot she’s whispering to those watching that the product is actually out of date! By over a year!! She didn’t tell Oscar this and still made him drink it!
    Once he had she looked at the bottle again and says oh Oscar it’s out of date, ah it’ll be fine… oh… hang on… no, it says here do not drink past the expiry date… oh no… she starts panicking reading more of the bottle that she’s already read bare in mind!
    And then says that oh dear, it says not to give to anyone under 16.
    Poor Oscar is asking if he’s gonna die, the comments are demanding she makes Oscar go be sick and you could see on her face, she knew she fucked up!!
    Fucking bitch man she’s absolutely vile! She knew full well he shouldn’t have been drinking it in the first place. Not to mention over a year expired and it says not to drink after expiry! I’m so mad. Awful awful mother

    Relationship with rapist Gail Newland

    By @MiffyBay
    Recap with hashtags (Google analytics):

    **** Trigger Warnings as contains Sexual Assault. ****

    #AshleighHuish was an influencer who started off telling funny stories and was normal and relatable with 2 children and a #girlfriend #Chelsea aka #biggyxbarber on #Instagram.
    She was originally known as #ashchelsslifestories but she and Chelsea broke up because Chelsea became addicted to painkillers and hid it.
    When Chelsea admitted her addiction and went to her mother’s house to get off the pills, Ash dumped her, changed the locks on their shared space and branded Chelsea a narcissist. So then Ash became #ashslifestories …

    #Ashleigh became a brand darling - #ITS #InTheStyle and #LoveHoney gave her big contracts and she started becoming a #cuntfluencer instead. Huge hauls of makeup and skincare from #SpaceNK #Boots #LookFantastic #IconicLondon #SeventhEdit and clothes try-ons.
    She started basically disregarding her normal life and children and going drinking and partying with her best gay friend #James #james_r_atkinson … while leaving her mom, Jean, a Jehovah’s Witness, to mind the children and dog.

    This disregarding of her children for a #glamlife was probably a good thing - various lives and stories showed Ash teasing her son to the point of tears (in front of thousands of strangers), threatening to smack her daughter in the face (probably for some cheeky comment but still), and Ash also showed her 11-year-old son sitting in nothing but his underwear - and saving that particular gem to her highlights.

    She started to get very cynical about things #gifted to her - selling make-up and clothes online, half-opening boxes of gifts and then discarding them.

    And she started dating again! A very social media shy lass named #Gee - who we then found out actually loves to eyefuck the camera while making hideously filtered videos on TikTok whilst licking her lower lip (because she doesn’t really have an upper lip to lick).
    #Ash liked to keep this part of her life private (even though her stories had devolved to ones about sticking her finger up her bum while taking the dog for a walk so she wouldn’t have a poo).

    #Ashleigh also got very aggressive with anyone who challenged her and loved to doxx followers (particularly ones from here) and tell them to get mental health help. She put their names up online for her almost 440k followers to see and encouraged pile-ons. She HATED Tattle - labelling all who used it as sad and pathetic.

    She and #Gee lasted for about 9 months and they broke up and that was it … or was it? Up until a few days ago they were flirting like mad on #TikTok and #Ashleigh was openly pining away for #Gee …

    But then…. The brilliance and investigative abilities of your fellow Tattlers broke open a story no one saw coming.
    One noticed the name of Gee’s gym from a reflection on one of her videos, and looked it up - #TheVaultFitnessMossleyLtd. #TheLockdownGym - and found out that #Gee was actually #Gail. Gail New on Facebook, gee on TikTok.

    Everyone thought this was hilarious. #GailDawn at that! It confirmed a slip-up by James on a live with Ash where he asked her what she and “Gail” were doing that weekend. And another where Ash told James that even “Gail” said he had a small head (he does). Both those slip-ups were immediately followed by the abrupt termination of the lives.

    Looking up the directorship of the gym, another brilliant Tattler found the location of the company was the home of Gail’s parents - #Julie and #Brian #Newland - so Gail - or #Gayle had changed her name and she is a convicted rapist named #GayleDawnNewland #GailDawnNewland - and we believe our #Ash knew this all along - hence her deleting and blocking people left right and centre on her birthday a few days ago when this information blew up on Tattle.

    If you don’t remember the extraordinary story of Gayle / Gail Dawn Newland and her alter ego #KyeFortune - she basically coerced and manipulated a friend of hers into falling in love with her alter ego, #Kye, entering into a relationship with “him” which was conducted mainly online - and when they finally did meet, the victim agreed to remain blindfolded throughout. #GayleDawnNewland raped this young woman with a pink plastic dildo with fake testicles.

    Let us not forget that one of #AshleighHuish #ashslifestories main income streams comes from #LoveHoney #LoveHoney where she promoted bright pink vibrators and dildos!

    #Gayle aka #Gail aka #Gee was convicted at trial in 2015, released on appeal on a technicality (her parents have money), and then retried again and convicted again in 2017. We believe she has a lifetime #SHPO - #SexualHarmPreventionOrder - attached to her as she is deemed a sexual predator. Amongst other things, #GayleNewland #GailNewland should be monitored for her online presence (she is obviously not as she has multiple accounts on TikTok), she should not be around or have access to underage children unless specific permission is given (#Ash has two young children), and she cannot travel overseas (now we know why Ash’s romantic #sponsored cruise had James as a last minute replacement).

    #Ashleigh decided her response to these revelations was “Zen af” - and she posted, albeit sparingly, during her birthday weekend. Her promised #LoveHoney advert never materialised though. And what she forgot is that Tattle ALWAYS has the receipts.

    Amongst other things, we have seen screen recordings where Ash joined #Gee on her live, #Gee with a weird put-on northern accent, and Ash admitting on a live that she cheated on Chelsea with Gee!

    This last receipt seemed to tip Ash’s ex, Chelsea #biggyxbarber over to the Tattle side. She released an absolute barrage on Ash - which she saved in her Highlights under “Wowee”. Go see. It is something. And follow Chelsea - she deserves it. Also follow #ashandgaylelifestories on TikTok.

    #Ash released a “statement” on her stories - obviously, erroneously, hoping that it would be enough to put this monster to bed. It spoke about how she was devastated, how she was single and had been for some time now (sell us another, Ash), and how this was impacting not just her but her family.

    But the story kept getting traction, mainly from the intrepid insistence of your Tattle family: not just because Ash is a cnut, but because children had been put at risk, and Gail seemed to be operating with impunity. And Ash the narcissist wasn’t upset or ashamed or embarrassed but basically making up more lies and banning and harassing people online who dared question her narrative.

    Receipts as to their relationship came in the form of photographs of Ash and Gail together - most damningly at an ITS party.

    Brands working with Ash have been quiet - maybe they’re checking the veracity of the story, maybe they’re trying to get a comment from Ash, maybe she’s just not that interesting. She’s trying to ignore it and brazen it out - but Iits doubtful that her main brands will work with her again.

    #LoveHoney has been particularly odious - claiming that they had spoken to Ash and her management and were assured that Ash did not know about Gail’s past, and that the rest was bullying and gossip, and they were sticking by her. See emails from Senior Customer Care Manager Siobhan.

    #InTheStyle however confirmed they no longer work with her and have wiped her existence from their socials and site.

    Finally, a few days ago, the #DailyMail #DailyFail ran a story which confirmed much of the story, but even this was very quickly edited. Thank goodness Tattlers had screenshots of the original article. You can see what is left here:

    We still have questions:

    Did Ash know who Gail was? People who know Gail says she abides by the terms of her SHPO and discloses her past to her partners. She also had all her socials in her own name. Ash has also gone to huge lengths to find out the identity of Tattlers to doxx them and made a video where she claimed people were stupid because they didn’t know how to use Google. If you Google “Gail LBTQ Manchester” - Gail Newland’s name comes up almost immediately.

    If Ash knew, she was putting her children at risk, and lying to her brand partners and her management (by omission if nothing else). Most people here think she knew for a variety of reasons. If she did know, was she involved in anything criminal (probably not but highly unethical).

    Where is Gail now? Have the police been informed of her gym ownership, omission of her status to Ash and her use of TikTok where as “Gee” (and other accounts) she harassed Chelsea and suggestive videos.

    Well well well.

    Feb 3rd - While all this was going down Ash had her birthday, then the weekend away from the children with the BBF hanger-on James.
    Feb 9th - A Daily Mail article was dropped as Tattlers had previously contacted them to tell them about Ash and Gail.
    It was then, over the day, edited multiple times and made to look like she was a victim and didn't know of her past. Archived
    The original article was screenshotted though. Has her management had something to do with the total reworking?
    A statement was issued on Feb 9th by Ashleigh to deny that she knew of Gail's past identity and the fact she has been single for a while.
    But apparently, Ash was still dating Gail on Jan 30th, so that doesn't add up with the ''single for ages'' account of events.
    A TikTok account was created by someone to tell the story. @ashandgeelifestoriesfan

    Ash has not been since the statement.

    Apart from.
    By courtesy of @Buzz_off
    She's not stayed offline at all, she has been continuously checking things, blocking people, selling crap, and probably reporting the posts and stuff on all the social media sites. wouldn't surprise me if she didn't send the post to the Facebook spotted Harlow page herself for the attention.
    People have been unfollowing her on insta and she unfollowed 11 accounts.
    She removed 6 posts on TT on 07/02

    Jan 29th, on a live tiktok stating SM is getting a bit heavy, feels like she’s made her money and doesn’t want to do it anymore.


    Roadman accent.
    It kicked off on thread 6 page 14.
    @Here4thegiggle7 used a gym picture that Gee had posted and worked out that yes, she had changed her name to Gail Dawn Davies but was indeed Gail Dawn Newman.
    James in the past has slipped up with the name Gail.
    Ash has slipped up with Gail’s name as well.
    But Gee is private. Ash wants to keep Gee a secret.
    Ashleigh admitted in a live that she had an affair with Gee while she was with Chelsea.
    Chelsea's response to the affair and Gee's harassment. More. Again. Going for it. Tis more.
    Chelsea did create a highlight on her IG called Wowee but it has since been deleted.
    Zen af.

    With Gail.