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    Ashley James

    Ashley james, (35), is a British reality television personality known for starring as a cast member in the reality series Made in Chelsea during the fourth and fifth series. Since then, she began concentrating on her music career as a DJ. She entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2018 on Day 1 and was the ninth housemate to be evicted, on Day 29.

    She was born in Northumberland on 2nd April 1987.

    Ashley appears to be under the impression that being single is a personality trait and will regularly post long essays about how she was single for 6 years and how she thought her life would be over at 30 years old.

    These essays are usually paired with videos of her pouting and blinking into the camera in her underwear, however please do not think these videos are for the male gaze.

    Another of Ashley’s personality traits are her MASSIVE boobs, which have seen her be sexualised since she was 13 years old, leading her to be completely obsessed with bringing down the patriarchy. However, this photo, of her at 29 shows that actually they aren’t that large at all?

    On 19th July 2020, Ashley announced she was pregnant with her first child via a hello magazine exclusive.

    On 4th August, Ashley announced that her unborn child was a boy and spoke at length about her gender disappointment over the coming weeks. She was heartbroken to be carrying a boy after being treated so poorly by men since she was 13 years old. She later resolved to be content raising a respectful man in future.

    Ashley spent a large amount of her Pregnancy posing in #gifted lingerie and talking about how the “just you wait” brigade were filling her inbox with unsolicited advice.

    Pushchairs & Infant car seats:
    1. Micralite GetGo & Silver Cross infant carrier car seat - gifted £1170
    2. Silver Cross Pop - assumed gifted due to previous items £245
    3. Cosatto WOW XL bundle in Paloma Faith Wildling - gifted £1199.95
    PLUS infant carrier car seat separately £209.95
    4. Doona - gifted £339 (now in France, never mentioned again, apparently bought the second one)
    5. Out n About - hand me down apparently, not their usual day-to-day for Alf
    6. Out n About Nipper Double with newborn accessories and carrycot £749
    TOTAL GIFTED: £5082.90

    Slings / wraps:
    1. Artipoppe leopard - gifted £340
    2. Artipoppe Zeitgeist (yin yang)- gifted £725
    3. Artipoppe Boy (pink)- gifted £660
    4. Baby Bjorn mini leopard print - gifted £105
    5. Blue wrap - unsure if gifted
    6. Pink ‘fake’ wrap - gifted $179 AUD / £96
    TOTAL GIFTED: £1926

    Car seats post-infant carrier:
    1. Be Safe izi seat - unsure if gifted
    2. Silver Cross 360 seat - gifted £395
    TOTAL GIFTED: £395

    Total £7403.90