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  • (Navigation of our Wiki - it's always a work in progress and content is growing every week
    Navigation of our Wiki - it's always a work in progress and content is growing every week
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    DONT TRUST EVERYBODY YOU FOLLOW ON THE INTERNET (then hand over your hand earned cash)

    The appeal for GFM was 28th March…. On 31st March they took Azaylias Blood samples to send to Singapore….They announced the news of no Singapore on 8th April…..
    In safiyyas book, it reads as if the samples were taken the same day as the GFM was set up 🤔 as she talks about samples being sent and then looking at the GFM total 24hours later, which would make it the 29th March…. This section of the book seems to be mismatched with dates. Also ashley refreshing his phone and asking saff to look how much has been raised… i thought it was only 1 parent per time in hospital?
    she then goes on to say a long time before the GFM was set up, she and ashley spoke about making a foundation.


    Donation lowdown:

    Last known donation from The Azaylia Foundation was made on Thursday 30th June 2022.

    Donations made personally to Mr Cain and Miss Vorajee via Go Fund Me platform = £1,652,850 million

    • Total amount of monies raised after official launch of the charity on the 16th of July 2021 = undisclosed at this time.
    Total donations made to date :
    • £20k to Birmingham Children's Hospital shortly after the passing of Azaylia.
    • 9 children with cancer:
    - £10k donations for x9 children
    - £8.5k for x1 child

    • £90k to Birmingham University TOWARDS the total cost of the much needed equipment. (Cell counter machine)
    • £101,850 to University of Oxford’s Department of Paediatrics.
    5/9/22 £60,000 to GOSH towards £275,000 total organised by Abbeys Army via a collaboration of charities, (research for car t therapy trial for the 2 childrens brain cancers)
    Total Donations = £319. 940K

    It’s important to note that GFM charge fees to collect monies via their platform:

    This is the calculation:

    • £1,652,870 in donations @ 2.5% = £41,321.75. 116.7k donation x 25p = £29,175
    • Total fees of £70,496.75 to be deducted from original £1,652,850

    NET Go Fund Me total £1,582,353 million plus profits raised via The Azaylia Foundation which as stated above has yet to be confirmed.
    How to make a complaint:
    1. Contact the charity in the first instance to report a concern – only fundraiser issues can be reported at the moment. It’s only fair TAF have a chance to respond. (Or not…)
    2. Contact the Fundraising Regulator regarding complaints about mission statements, breaching the “bucket” rules, trustee conflict of interests etc. This body can investigate now as they control how charities are run in a non-financial capacity. See pics: 32 (regulations) and 33 (open bucket full of cash/notes)
    3. After exploring this avenue and if no/unsatisfactory response received and if you “think” fraud is or has been committed, then contact Action Fraud or the Police.
    What you might report a concern about:
    • Concerns regarding confidentiality and data protection (retention policy, security, how people are contacted, transactional security e.g. where financial details are involved, option to unsubscribe etc.)
    • Being unsure of their complaint procedure as it is NOT published on their website
    • Fundraising regulatory breaches e.g. buckets
    • Receiving no response regarding
      your concerns
    • Tip: Give feedback/evidence that any communication with charity is not acknowledged/ignored

    TAF contact details

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Always send proof/evidence with your complaint e.g. your sent email and no resolution directly from TAF

    🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑Contact details for anybody wishing to make a complaint regarding The Azaylia Foundation charity:-🛑🛑🛑🛑

    Case Officer
    Fundraising Regulator
    E: [email protected] 📧
    T: 0300 999 3415☎

    What can’t we complain about at the moment:
    There are no grounds for complaints regarding the money, only the way they run/have ran the charity to date

    You can’t specifically complain about TAF official accounts as these have yet to be filed at Companies House. Charity commission related complaints will be referred to Action Fraud or the Police until accounts are published. The Charity Commissions will only get involved once they have official facts and figures in front of them.


    “What charity has the trustee’s face plastered all over every post? What charity has a ‘nomination’ system in place, for a sick child fighting cancer? What charity doesn’t post for weeks on end? What charity won’t show the opening balance?”


    Background: This is important information and should be considered prior to reading the wiki below:
    • Ashley Cain Ltd. (Ashley’s business prior to launching THE AZAYLIA FOUNDATION) - his debts miraculously paid off in full when the £1.6m plus funds publically donated in 24 hours, for his daughter's Go Fund Me landed. Where has all this money gone? Read on to find out.
    • See below for official timeline available in public Companies House records
    • Safiyya - her company debts similarly paid off in full as soon as the £1.6 plus mil landed. Interestingly, the Go Fund Me was initially in her name, later changed to then be Ashley Safiyya.
    • Pics 11 - 19 at bottom of the wiki to see official accounts filed at Companies House.
    • Picture 31 (at bottom of wiki) is the timeline of the Ashley Cain Ltd. It shows debts and the credits which ultimately saved his company from dissolvement.
    • You'll see in the picture archive that a lot of what Ash and Saf were initially saying on their TAF website has now been removed.

    Dates in summary:
    • March 2021 - set up GFM
    • April 2021 - CowShed (Media company) were on the scene at this point
    • 29th April 2021 was the first announcement of the intended “strike off” due to company debts of 32k and no personal funds to settle them. Personal debts are unknown.
    • May 2021 - the GFM raised £1.6 plus mil to an account of their choice and Ashley places his debts on hold.
    • On the 8th May, Ashley announces his plans for the GFM money.
    • On the 11th May, Ashley’s debts are placed on ‘hold’ until finally they are settled - in full on the 20th May and we know 100% AT LEAST 32K was for BUSINESS DEBTS alone.
    • 11 May 2021 - it was suspended (probably requested due to the recent tragedy and was duly granted).
    • 20th May 2021 - the company strike off /dissolvement order was cancelled, due to the debts being settled, resulting in the company continuing, no directors would be implicated or any detriment to future ventures (blacklisted, bankrupt).
    • A’s funeral took place on the 21st May.
    • July 2021 - On the 16th TAF registered as a charity.
    • Aug 2021 - TAF launched on the 1st.
    • Sept 2021 - Challenge 1 began with a lot of prior planning. The route they would take, the accommodation and food for Ashley, Matty, Miks, Jess, Harry and the CowShed cameraman. Time off work would have heeded to be taken into consideration plus wages, did they volunteer for the whole entire thing?
    • December 2021: the shameful 'care packages' delivered to the Birmingham Hospital that cared for Azaylia, unsold merchandise Ash and Saf saw fit to offload to seriously Ill children, their unsold orange merchandise featuring the image of a sadly deceased baby and ONE sachet of Nescafe coffee for the parents. After tangible outrage on this discussion, Safiyya went on a late night shop for toys instead, not only proving that she reads here, but also that her money grabbing skinflinting and disgusting attitude to dying children was obvious.
    • January 2022: 23rd, Safiyya’s purpose within the foundation is removed between now and February. (See Pic 67)
    • February 2022: 7th - the newest trustee was added. (See Pic 68) 8th - the Daily Mail’s article of Captain Tom and his charity came out. (See Pic 69) 12th - Ian Monk brought in for damage control. (See Pics 70-72) 14th - TAF share a story changing it’s mission by removing the magical moments part of their initial promise (see Pic 75) and Safiyya jets off abroad again for some new boobs, this time accompanied by her sis-in-law. 15th - Azaylia’s funeral was changed to Azaylia’s Day when TAF explained what happened to the GFM via yet another story. Possibly to cover the expense when they originally stated a small sum was spent on Azaylia’s funeral.
    • Feb 16th 22 - the following became apparent: It was discovered that before today, a quick Google search on Cain or Vorajee names would navigate directly to this site, Cain's failing businesses and the negative reviews attached. Now that data is no longer, invisible, gone! Strongly suggesting that the pair have now involved/employed internet moderators to intervene. For those who have never heard of this “chargeable service from various online companies” this is a summary: There are lots of ways to remove negative content from Google but the majority are based on having some sort of relationship with the owner of the content - asking them to remove it or grant you some level of access so you can edit things which make it less visible, without actually removing the content.
      With SEO, you set a budget with Google and manage this. So for example, say I had a handmade baby products company based in Oxfordshire, I’d set some keywords based on my product and who I want to target, set a budget that goes directly to Google when someone clicks my website, and then manage this process to make sure the right people are being targeted and adjust my keywords (good and bad) accordingly.
      That’s how lead generation SEO works.
      You can also do what’s knows as 'Reverse SEO' where you do a combination of these things:
      1. The above, positive SEO which pushes your links higher up the page.
      2. A huge PR push to flood rankings with positive news stories, pushing the negative search terms lower down the ranking. There are other more complex strategies that can be done involving rankings too. I obviously can’t say for sure they are doing this but if they are, I do know it is expensive work done by digital strategists working with reputation managers. (Protecting reputations) alike with PR Monk see picture 70/72 below.
        • March 15th - 19th 2022 - during these 4 days TAF have FINALLY made their webpage reflect the story they shared on 14/02/2022 - see Pic 70 - which stated that magical moments will no longer be a part of their promise. Why did it take more than 4 weeks to change this? See Pics 84/85.
        30th - Ashley & Safiyya confirm our suspicions by announcing, via story, that they have split up.
      3. April 2022
      4. 9th - Ashley announces his new business venture for TAF #club💯 launch, a club that only those commited to 💯, 💯 of the time need apply. No more details as yet, but anticipated a chargeable service aimed at obsessed Orange Army Swuad and fans who don’t care about children with cancer
      5. Saffiya launches her TAF collection with In The Style. Hoodies tees and sweatshirts for all ages with motivational “let’s go champs” quotes. All profits going to TAF. We look forward to seeing the total Amount in the 2023 first accounts publication
      6. 14/4/22 ProjectRocket;/ Customised VW Golf souped up and modified by a friend of Ashley. Advertising Ashley new business venture CLub100 (as above) sponsored by Gym King and The Azaylia Foundation and of course both Club100 and Gym King feature on Ashley’s TAF’s new car. (Car valued at 40k although Ashley maintains that it was gifted, exactly like the Canyon Touring Bikes- very unbelievable)
        This is all above board because of them registering their ‘charity’ as a CIO Foundation which means the brand (TAF) can be used for other purposes.
        The artwork is Ashley’s way of him doing some good, he’s getting the artist some exposure for him taking his ‘leap of faith’. The car has a scannable code on the bodywork which when scanned with a mobile phone will take you directly to their donation platform…. Clever!
      7. 22/04/2022 - TAF make their first donation of the year, to Baby Lee.
        Another £10K.
      8. 23/04/2022 - Club 100 start their Ultra Marathon. This was NOT a fundraiser.
        (Costs for 100mile glory run (23/4/22) a fundraiser but not a fundraiser, who paid for the expenses?)

        Nutritionist =?
        Van =?
        Sports car =?
        Sports physio =?
        Personalised gym wear?
        Cryotherapy =?
        Hotels =?
        Food for journey =?
        All of this x 3 miks Ash matty
        All for the memory of an 8month old child (so they say)
        So so sad the children they could of actually helped with all this money for a run!!!
      9. 30/04/2022 - Safiyya’s book - Loving You and Losing You, Azaylia - came out.

      10. Unknown, undeclared and undisclosed amounts:

    We just know the starting balance is unknown, but after the baby’s funeral (which, in their defence, they were very transparent about and not begrudged at all, except the funeral was excessive including a lot of extras, such as fireworks, doves and bespoke outfits for them and the family).

    We don’t know what the TAF balance is currently. It should be close to, if not over, 2M.
    • How many children have they given £10k to? It's undisclosed. Details to be added here, along with the loopholes which trustees, A and S stipulate "to build trust" before they donate the publicly given funds they are sitting on. No one asked this of them when they received the overnight funds for A's GFM, did they? People donated without question. Then minus whatever the (part payment) machine cost and whatever was spent on the gifts in the care packs #2.
    • Starting balance - UNKNOWN although £1,652,850 million has been raised via GFM (to date 21/01/2022)
    Full list of undisclosed amounts:
    • Challenge 1 - £97,127
    • Challenge 2 - Mountian climb £??? Undisclosed and undeclared
    • Merch - £??? Undisclosed
    • All the ‘merch’ they manage to sell? £££ Undisclosed
    • Were the funds credited to TAF bank account? Undisclosed
    • All these things taking in who knows how much profit? Undisclosed
    • ToC - £??? Tour of Cambridge/Ride for Azaylia cycle ride - Initially, the ToC/Cycle for Azaylia was to have “£10 from every ticket sold will go into the foundation and be used to help fund children seeking specialist treatment abroad or into bringing vital treatment to the UK”. Lo and behold, this soon changed to read: “£5 from each ticket sale will go towards The Azaylia Fund”. Surely this isn't legal? See pics (number to be added here). Update: dates for ToC now changed owing to a clash with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, now taking place between Friday 10 and Sunday 12 June 2022. TAF ride now split into two events, you can transfer your ticket and get the difference refunded. Unclear whether anyone booked and can no longer attend will get a refund. Notable that Ash had muscled in, giving the impression TOC was all about him and TAF, but now, TAF simply say to contact ToC for any enquiries. (Due to the date change Ashley can no longer participate in either event like originally planned as he will be rowing around GB.) Nothing is clear. Remind you of anything? Undisclosed
    • Public monthly DDs all given in good faith to TAF - £??? Undisclosed
    • One-off payments - £??? Undisclosed
    • 5th March 22: 48 miles in 48 hours independent fundraiser via a supporter £2,000 raised and donated to TAF (see pics)
    • Show Star Wembley Boxing Match (fight scheduled for 5 March) Affiliated fund - ???? Stop press: As of the morning of 3 March, Ashley Cain is "no longer going to be in the ring" "due to [his] opponent pulling out of the fight". Note - the opponent had already flown over from America and Ashley apparently did not attend the promo event on 2 March. Opponent attended promo event. See pic (# number to be added) The Sun article stating “The charity [TAF] is acting as a benefactor at the UK vs USA influencer card this Saturday at the SSE Arena. Dictionary definition: "Benefactor = a person who gives money or other help to a person or cause". Note: not a ‘beneficiary’. Presumably, there’d be a retraction/correction by The Sun if they got their words mixed up as the difference between the two words is huge. £££ Undisclosed
    • Safiyya Vorajee book - ???? Undisclosed
    • @ABOTTLYON jewellery - Saffiya's collab for the AZAYLIA necklace on “International Women’s Day” with some profits to TAF (undisclosed exact amount or % at this time : 9th March 22) clarification will confirmed in company accounts, when filed. £10,000.00 (see pic 95 from a/l official page)
    • GB Rowing Challenge (begins 12 June 2022). See pic below (# number tbc) for entry costs. Ashley is now promoting his participation in this event. TAF as a beneficiary? Undisclosed
    • Plans afoot for a 'wear orange to school' non-uniform day, mention also made of "to commemorate the month of April" to mark the anniversary of Azaylia's death. More details to come on this, see pic 89 for initial announcement.
    • 100 mile run marking Azaylias 1st anniversary.
    • ‘In The Style’ collab with Saffiya for The Azaylia Foundation. :- undisclosed as yet.
    • Club💯 Glory Group, ? % to TAF unconfirmed at this time.
    • 14-04-2022 Ashley unveils his R’ocket.
    • Merchandise and charity buckets from Nuneaton orange wall art event (total amount not get published)!
    • Challenge 1, AKA, the first "Glory Tour” - Raised: £97,127
    Ashley in his first incarnation as 'The Messiah" with his disciples, on £10k bikes, fully kitted out in expensive orange gear. He notably ignores the existence of Safiyya, but she's not bothered as, also note, Safiyya stayed at a very nice spa whilst Challenge 1 kicked off. Some of the family even came along (and ate) with them along the way. Cash collected in buckets (read on for the illegalities of this) and shockingly, Safiyya was demanding to pay for her luxuries in, you've guessed it, CASH only. During a pandemic. Where a few weeks ago, she and Ashley had debts that meant they couldn't afford a coffee at A's hospital.

    Safiyya also encouraged her followers to pile on a member of Edinburgh Castle staff who did not want her filming there. She wanted to get her sacked- we have details of this to be added.

    It has been observed that charity protocol around cash collection was breached in that closed collection buckets were not used (buckets were open, bought from B&Q, orange in colour - photographic evidence attached). Plus, counting of cash donations did not follow correct procedure by impartial observers. See below for more on this.

    Companies House Accounts:
    Advice was obtained from a qualified accountant, the accountant analysed the accounts (pic14-23 at foot of Wiki) and drew this conclusion. (Disclaimer: Personal opinion):

    “Mr Cain was in 32k of COMPANY debt at the time of his filed accounts. For an unpublished reason, his limited company was to be dissolved/struck off in April which meant he could no longer 'trade'. This could be because he also had substantial PERSONAL debt which meant there was no way he could pay his company debts back. He would be declared bankrupt and blacklisted.

    The notice of dissolvement/company strike off didn't last very long and it was suspended in May 2021. From my point of view this was because he had played the 'my daughter is dying/has now died' card - apologies, I know it's awful to think of someone doing this but you would be surprised how many people do it to get a bit of extra time to sort things out.

    He proved he had income in his personal bank account when questioned by HMRC (GFM money) and could prove his personal and company debts were able to be settled or WERE in fact settled promptly. Which is why the suspension of his company was lifted so quickly after it was initiated.

    Since Azaylia left this earth he has flaunted a decent lifestyle. Nothing is ever 'gifted' or 'AD' on Instagram (expensive trainers, first class train rides, gym memberships etc) so it puts the question not only in my mind but other close accountant friends (as well as Tattle members) on how he is funding said lifestyle.

    This has been noticed by ALOT of the public as well as the 'accountancy world'. And you would be surprised at how many people have contacted myself and colleagues to ask for opinions/further info on the matter.

    I've heard rumours about who his 'Accountant' is and I would NOT trust them.

    He (and Saf) have kept the Azaylia GFM money or what's left of it after the funeral, paid off debts, raised separate money for TAF with his egotistical 'challenges', (which is minimal £££ compared to the GFM money) and this is why TAF are only donating 10k at a time and have only donated to a few poorly children, as well as ignoring families who desperately need help. They simply don't have the 1.6 mil sat there in the Charity bank account to help. And the money they do have in there, is paying them both a big fat wage each month, since they are the only two registered 'employees' disguised as Directors/Shareholders/Trustees.

    Again... my personal opinion.

    His next set of company accounts should be interesting (if he doesn't fold the company to hide) and TAF's accounts will tell all. No matter how many fiddles they will have tried to do”
    Who's who? Quick guide to who the people involved are:

    • Ashley Cain - also known as Cashley Vain, The Ashley Show, Garden Gnome, The Messiah.
    • Safiyya Vorajee - Lives alone in rented house that she once resides with Ashley but no official announcement that they are still an item as yet. See below for her disgusting derogatory remarks made ahead of her appearing at the Pride of Britain awards.
    • Danny Vorajee - Saffiya brother, her confidente and only true friend. Danny: The only person she spends any time with to the point he neglects his own family. *However, recently this time spent together appears to have severely dwindled (*25/2/22)
    • Matty Moore - Ashley’s half brother brother from another mother. Team member Team TAF. Aka 'body by Matty'. A firefighter-come-PT goes on all the challenges. * in recent weeks Matty has been less noticeable on Social Media and time shown with his brother (*25/2/22)
    • Alissia - Ashley’s sister. Seems quite normal.
    • Miks - Ash and Matty's cousin also team member team TAF accompanied Ashley on his Glory Tours. Miks. Aka 'body by Miks' a wannabe Insta hun loves flaunting herself and is rather 'cosy' with Ashley.
    • Andrea - Saf and Danny’s estranged mum, heavily involved in charity work and currently provides care packages for parents who are in hospital with their children with cancer. No contact is socially made with Andrea following a social media fall out when Ashley claimed the fly over plane was a surprise when it was arranged by Andrea. Andrea drops huge hints that it’s Ashley’s fault for the no contact situation, a screenshot of a message was posted on here.
    • Vicky - Ash and Alicia mum, involved in the selling of the “merch” her department was T-shirts. Vicky. She doesn’t do much or say much
    • Michelle - Ash’s Aunty, Vicky sister. She works in the miscellaneous 'merch dept' covering everything from water bottles, Christmas cards, diary, pens, notebooks etc. She resides at a remote farm which is the hub of that side of the family and Ash has been living there since coming back from Jordan, where he filmed the next series of Celebrity SAS, which, incidentally, was not for charity as you would expect from such a passionate man who has given his life to TAF, just his own charity (i.e his own pocket - allegedly.) The show is yet to be aired, so we are unsure as to which position he came. He became friends with a fellow female contestant who is a female boxing champion who he has subsequently met on a trip to Manchester for a "catch up". (Which is possibly why his latest hobby is boxing). Michelle: Latched onto the Orange Squad and sells merchandise - well somethings got to keep the farm going...
    • Nicky Shaw - sister in law, partner to one of Ashley’s half brother who seems to keep his face out of the cameras. They have a little boy and Nicky is almost full term with her second baby. (Baby girl since been born ) Nicky manages the wristband merch. However, she is also a solicitor.
    • Stacey the Baker -. Rocked up to Saf's salon when she reopened for one day only, for a treatment, then further rocked up to Alicia’s to have her eyelashes done. She's an obsessed fan who travels to get treatments from Saf and Alisha. Travelled quite a distance. Is a prime example of the cult that is the Orange Army.
    • Blake - aka MADPIE, Magpie Boy, huge supporter of Ashley & TAF also runs Magpie Digital Art over on IG which heavily promotes Ashley & TAF. This so-called 'artist creates horrific tatty images, him and Georgina are the gruesome twosome. His images are usually accompanied by a piece of writing by Georgina. Blake/Magpie Digital Art could be a front runner for the 35K a year job TAF recently advertised. Magpie, Blake is (update on 25/2/22 Blake didn’t secure the job, see below of successful applicant) - became a ‘community ambassador’ for TAF on 19/03/2022.
    • Georgina/Orangina - “say it louder for the people at the back” biggest supporter of all regarding Ashley & TAF. Seems to be very good SM friends with Blake. Was a TAF merchandise seller. An Azaylia obsessed fan who posts paragraphs on every post thinking she’s going to get an MBE. Travelled to London to Ashley “non boxing match” and didn’t even get a selfie. - became a ‘community ambassador’ for TAF on 19/03/2022.
    • Rachel Louise Monk - is a co-founder of CowShed Social. She attended Pride of Britain (PoB) with Safiyya and seems to be a very important cog in this foundation. Rachel also deletes comments that she’s written on IG.
    • CowShed Social - these guys came on the scene when the original GFM money was raised and before A passed. CowShed also filmed Glory Tours 1 & 2. We would like to know how that was funded? Travel, accommodation, extravagant camping equipment and supplies, meals etc for the cameraman, for starters. The new road bikes they got prior to the first glory tour were supposed to be gifted, however, it’s been reported that they were offered basic models by the bike company but Ashley deemed them unsuitable so chose to spend thousands to the upgraded versions. Who owns this equipment? Does it belong to TAF or did Ashley find from his own money?
    • Tru Powell - is a personal branding and publicity coach who was the organiser of the MBCC Awards that took place after PoB - where TAF was not mentioned.The nominations for this awards ceremony opened on 29th March 2021 and TAF was not in any category. Their interview with Tru was on 20th October and then suddenly they are up for an honorary persons award. Amazing! This award was made out to Ashley & Safiyya and not TAF.
    • Willow: Willow is a nine year-old child, a neighbour whose mother is seeking fame as she sends Willow to baby A’s grave to read stories to and takes other children along for the ride. Willow's mother runs her insta but posts as her, has her making and selling stuff to do with Azaliya, these grave-side Jackanorys are a disgrace and need to be stopped.
    • Baby Azaylia's grave: an over the top decorated, orange day-glo site, where her family play loud music, dance, fill with orange stuff and are seemingly allowed to disregard the protocol that all other bereaved parents with children buried in the same graveyard abide by. Why this permitted, we do not know.
    • Billie Brown - was successful in obtaining above said role (see Magpie) Head of Social Media at TAF. This news is still to be confirmed by TAF themselves but we have the proof of this, see Pic 66. Billie originally had her new job role posted on her bio but swiftly removed it once Tattle uncovered who was behind the 35K.
      Ian Monk - see pics 70-72. Brought in for damage control in February. TBC if Ian is any relation to Rachel L Monk. Both Ian & Rachel have connections at the Daily Mail. We believe they had been tipped off that the Captain Tom article was coming out and all these new changes were quickly implemented

    Glossary of terms
    • Glory Tours- self appreciation/the Ash shows/ “charity bike rides”
    • OA - Orange Army, sea of fans and followers who defend their Messiah and the cult that is TAF
    • OS - Orange Squad (see 'Orange Army' above)
    • TAF - The Azaylia Foundation (aka pretend charity)
    • GFM - Go Fund Me. This is a platform to which people/business/organisations can personally donate money for various causes, anybody can set one up, no official checks are made, they are not governed by any official body. the money is drip-fed into a designated personal beneficiary bank account as it it donated. Safiyya was the original beneficiary then Ashley was added on some short time later.
    Over £1 and a half million was donated in a little over 24 hours, resulting in them being millionaires almost overnight, the donations continued and still continue as it is is still active today, along with the original opening message about help providing treatment in Singapore for their daughter. Donations are still being applied from unsuspecting donators believing that the GFM (personal bank accounts) is in fact the TAF (charity accountable bank account). Evidence that this money is being transferred to the TAF is also expected to be provided. Please see Azaylia Diamond Cain in GFM website.
    (Update, the GFM has since been closed, not known whether Cain and Vorajee arranged due to string discussions on this thread or whether GFM closed or due to complaints)
    The money was /is legally theirs and until the TAF was launched in July 2021 where Ashley informs that the said donation (minus funeral costs) was put into the official TAF bank account to commence the charity. NO FIGURE was officially provided, So far, there remains no proof of this and this is the brunt of the questions being asked by charitable folk who have money in good faith, some continuing to give money on a monthly basis via direct debits which is their ‘preferred method of payment’
    • ToC - Tour of Cambridge, well-established bike ride, established in its own right, even before Ashley monopolised it for his own means.
    See pics 32 - 33

    Charity commission guidelines state that whilst collecting cash in cash buckets, which they did when touring towns on the fundraising bike tours, they should have applied to the local authorities in order to do so. Public collections via the buckets, is not as simple as buying buckets from a retailer. There is strict guidelines about how the money should be accounted for and banked. These should have been sealed and opened in the presence of at least two independent people. This remains one of the unanswered questions, how much cash was raised via the buckets? Along with evidence of credit to the Azaylia Foundation.

    Below is how these people got “famous” off the back of their daughters death. They are using the death of their baby to elevate their personal platform along with personal gains from the GFM charity donations.

    We all know of Ashley Cain and Safiyya after the awful death of their gorgeous baby Azaliya, we know they are grieving parents & the horrific time they have been through
    We think Ashley & Safiyya have stolen or morally misappropriated the original GFM money, the money that was raised for Azaylia’s treatment.
    We think TAF - The Azaylia Foundation - is a cover up and has been used as a way to hide the fact they have stolen the money.
    We question and believe out of that GFM money, they paid for the funeral and all that went with it, that Ashley and Safiyya split £1M between themselves and started off the charity with the rest. The only money they have really donated is what appears to have been raised/donated to TAF since it launched. That’s why there’s only been 10k here and there to very few children - there’s no money to donate.

    We also have facts such as:
    • They won’t answer who the trustees are, the ones deciding where this money goes - this was before the GFM partnership hoop was added.
    • They delete questions from genuine accounts that ask NON TROLLING questions.
    • They also BLOCK accounts from genuine people when they realised they couldn’t keep deleting comments. See list below for the various reasons people have been blocked.
    Then, add all the lies Ashley has spun us:
    • Showing us where this money has been spent, showing us all these relationships he’s been building in the background. Where?
    Awful verbal abuse from Safiyya
    • *Trigger warning*: on one of her lives just before the Pride of Britain awards, Safiyya called someone "deformed" and "a ****" after they asked a genuine question. We have video evidence of this, to be uploaded as soon as we can. It's awful. But it has been brushed under the carpet for some reason.

    Perks of the job:
    • Off the back of everything, Safiyya has managed to start off an influencer career. She openly begs for a lot of stuff (food, lashes) and isn’t as helpless as she tries to make out.
    • Ashley trained with the British Bobsleigh team, reason still unknown.
    • Ashley was able to do SAS with excellent prior training and he had very good audition tape - both challenges were filmed by CowShed Social who coincidently came on the scene before Azaylia died but after the original GFM money was raised. Rachel Louise Monk happens to be a co-founder, just in case you see her name popping up.
    • February 2022, Safiyya is boasting about her new breast enhancement operation, due in two weeks. Is it #gifted? If so, why? How has she gained her fame? Oh wait, yes, through the death of her daughter. Why is she boasting about her new boob job then? If it's not a greedy freebie (and note, it's, already bring plugged as by Dr Botch "Comfort" in Turkey :sick: ), then how is she paying for it, given she was in debt days before A died? (* 25/2/22 update: no ads or documentation have been posted, suggesting that the procedure was gifted, it’s now some weeks after the trip. Likelihood it was paid for, along with other procedures not announced on her IG).

    Saf and her mother, Andrea, fallout and controversy:
    Saf has fallen out with her Mother, this seems to have happened before baby A passed away. Again reasons never disclosed why. Their fallout could have something to do with Ashley claiming Andrea’s FB page (created for A at the time) was in fact a troll page, with which they, (A&S), had no affiliate and that Andrea was keeping the gifts being donated, her address was the provided address distributed from Safs AMAZON wish list and personal DM requests, the Amazon wish list also remained open for 6 months after A passed. This could have then led to Andrea, in a furious rage, dumping all of the gifts on Safiyya’s driveway.

    Andrea’s FB page also organised and arranged the very public plane aeroplane flyover of their house, Ashley posted the picture on his page with him, Saf & baby A and claims they were ‘surprised’ by the visit - when in actual fact he knew who’d arranged it as the whole of Nuneaton did too.

    Now we move on to Andrea’s cryptic tweet/status/whatever it was indirectly pointing the finger at Ashley with claims of “How can someone make themselves a CEO of a charity paying themselves £150K a year”.
    At the moment TAF have an ‘interim CEO’ because both Ashley and Safiyya are the ONLY named trustees.
    Since returning from SAS (November 2021, but not being aired in September 22) Ashley hasn’t lived at home his currently living at Auntie Michelle’s farm, which is a secure gated farm, despite the registered office of TAF being a different address it taken for granted that “the farm” is TAF HEADQUARTERS, it is unknown at this time whether rent is being charged and if so, how much is being paid from the charity funds.

    Andrea started to put together wish lists and parcels for the children Hospital, which Saf proceeded to do her own with the help of the Cain clan, they failed miserably as the parcels were full of Azaliya merchandise which was very insensitive to give children fighting cancer a mug and a diary of a deceased child for Christmas, when this was mentioned she followed it up with a late night shopping trip and a photo shoot to Smyths toys.
    The orange brigade which is mainly led my Madpie (Magpie Digital Art) and Georgina, who are obsessed to the point they forget they have their own families, they seem to think the Cains will adopt them and leap to their defence at any given chance. Look out for these two names on that £35K at year job post TAF put out.

    The Azaliya foundation and money raised after Azalilya's passing, namely: The Ashley Challenges:

    We think, details are vague and unaccountable. There’s been two fundraisers officially for TAF and one fundraiser for Alexander via TAF.
    Challenge 1 raised £97,127.

    Fundraiser 1
    : Lands End - John O'Groats bike tour. £97,127.

    'Fundraisers' - these can be seen on the two platforms stated:
    • JustGiving pages = £3,157
    • GFM pages = £7,560
    • Others = £ unknown and undisclosed
    • £780.34 football match in memory of Andy Trathon (04/04/22) - see pic 83 below.
    • £6,600 smithy family (August 2021) - see pic 8 below.
    • £2,000 Daryl Jones fundraiser (10/02/22) - see pic 78 below.
    • Ava’s hair donation - £1285 (8/4/22) more to be added total figure unconfirmed
    • Willow’s 200 mile fundraiser (April 22) unconfirmed amount
    Ashley Cain "I don't use machines to work, I am one" LIE! See pics 86- 88 below, showing, yes, you guessed it, Ashley Cain using machines to work out.
    What we have undisputed proof of so far:

    (Credit to be added in here for great Tattler who provided these points!)
    • Ashley Cain told those asking questions he would show proof where the public’s money is. He then disappeared for eight weeks.
    • Before Azaylia was born Ashley Cain had no money and was in debt. He was also in debt with hire car companies and that’s why they took the green Lamborghini back.
    • Safiyya did lip fillers before Azaylia passed away. Suddenly she can afford to quit altogether and now buy family members very expensive presents, such as the £500 Fendi bags. She is also proud owner of a lovely pair of new LV sliders, Gucci bag and Van Cleef bracelet, she also has a lovely designer clothes wardrobe like her “boyfriend”.
    • During Ashley Cain's bike ride for the Foundation, people started to get suspicious about how he, his cousin and brother all could afford £10k bikes each with matching gear and spa hotels with masseuses for the time they were doing the bike ride. While also funding his team's expenses for the trip as well as a van for the Foundation. They never showed any proof where the money went from the bike rides, nor how much was raised on bike ride 2.
    • After Azaylia's death, both Ashley and Safiyya bought very pricey new cars and the public started wondering how he could afford that when weeks before they was begging the public for funds to save they’re daughter.
    • Ashley Cain has never closed the Go Fund Me, so since Azaylia died he has had £100k go into his bank account. Still to this day it’s open ?🤔
    • At first Ashley was not showing wealth but Safiyya struggled NOT to.
    • Safiyya attended the Pride of Britain awards when she was seen on live footage in a hotel calling people "****" (a vile, derogatory term meaning *******) and "deformed" for asking her a question. This caused uproar as it’s utterly disgusting. Dropbox link to be uploaded.
    • Many people first started to question this pair when a baby called Lee who is fighting cancer was shared on the Foundation page - they did NOT donate a single penny but asked the public to donate. Yes, crazy right when they already have millions from the public. It caused upset when Ashley Cain commented to say they have to "build trust" with families before they donate. Again disgusting when the public donated to him without questioning.
    • Safiyya's mum, Andrea started doing care packages. People questioned why the foundation didn’t so Safiyya got shirty and decided to out do her mum's attempts which failed drastically, they did a box with cheap tack and one sachet of coffee. Again, this caused uproar because when Safiyya was in hospital, people were giving her Costa vouchers and Uber deliveries daily. How she has the cheek to send one sachet of coffee is shocking. Inside the 'care package was Azaylia wristbands and water bottles, completely inappropriate for Christmas. Families started to question them, so Safiyya went and got toys instead. Only because of the backlash she got.
    • Safiyya has her nails done weekly, her hair done weekly and revels in lunch out daily. Last month [December] sparked outrage when Safiyya showed, on her stories, photos of gifts for family members costing over £1.000.
    • During Christmas 2021, Ashley wanted the public to donate to a young boy fighting cancer he only needed 30k to meet target for treatment. Again Ashley did not give the remaining funds so that made us all think why? He has £1.7 million and says he is fighting for them and trying to save children yet can’t even give a small amount to save this young boy. The amount they eventually donated was to the penny towards the target amount, not a lump sum that would have helped a seriously sick child and their family so much. Why were they so prescriptive in the amount they gave?
    • They continue to ignore these families and ignore any messages from these families and the repeated question about where the money has gone
    This is copied from the first page of the latest thread on 20.1.22.

    Ashley seems upset and agitated by his “business” being discussed and that he keeps his circle small despite having 1.8 million followers documenting every single aspect of his daughters life and sad passing and raising £1.6 million credited into his bank account in 24 hours via the 1.8 million followers.

    Saf, is still posting her morning stories on the daily about her 'struggling, anxiety, training, endorphins, classes, self care', she doesn’t get that we do not need to hear it anymore as we know it word for word now.

    We wait patiently for the money spinning details of the boxing activities (maybe something similar to the Cambridgeshire biking event which Ashley has led his fans on to believe is his event, when in actual fact it’s not, this event is very well established and has been going for years.
    Speculation: stories seem to be coming out about Ashley cheating on Safiyya whilst in Scotland she was there following him on his bike ride shaking buckets for cash donations, the next day she was scouting Edinburgh city centre looking for a masseur and also a cafe that took CASH (none did, as per Scotland's Covid rules ) they never seemed to stay in the same hotels or meet up, so this may or may not be true.
    Saf has been holidaying in Tenerife at a 5 ⭐ hotel, staying in Hard Rock's honeymoon platinum suite, with her brother Danny - not bad for someone who doesn’t seem to have an actual income. She continues to drop the odd anxiety story in just so we don’t forget. Saf travels home and states en route that the holiday didn’t do her any good at all, well what a waste. Another £1.5k that could have gone towards a child’s cancer treatment. 😡

    Why we get blocked from their Instagram:

    Ever wondered how to get yourself blocked from TAF's, Ash's or Saf's Instagram pages? Here's a list of reasons we've just started to compile from members of this forum. It makes you wonder what the TAF trustees are trying to hide, doesn't it?:
    • Asking if they would be using the GFM money to pay the Social Media Manager’s salary. Edit - a very politely worded question I might add.
    In common parlance, or, in other words, Ash and Saf speak:
    • Let's go Champ!
    • Lions!
    • Rome wasn't built in a day
    • Baby steps
    • Nando's
    • Tunnelling in
    • So Beautiful
    • Be kind
    • Troll
    Cain TV appearances:

    • 5 ⭐ Star Hotel (available on Netflix) a reality tv programme featuring various tv personalities, Joey Essex, Lydia from Towie, Spencer from Made in Chelsea. Ashley is in Episodes 1-5. He proved everything that you all think about him and in Joey Essex summary “he’s a grimy guy”. He was also called out for calling one of the female guests FAT
    • Ex on the Beach
    • Talk show where he referred to women and his one night stands in the most derogatory terms.
      Ashley is a guest on a chat show the discussion is “one night stands”.
    • Take Me Out
    Saffiya trips so far in 2022:-

    Tenerife. Hard Rock Hotel
    Virgin European cruise
    This woman who has barely done a days work in 2 plus years.

    Article published by The Sun 24/01/22

    Ashley Cain shouting “troll” yet again, but in fact it’s exactly the same questions that have been asked since the beginning, that he simply refuses to answer.

    He claims that people were criticising a night out he had with his friends, when in reality nobody begrudges his nights out, he’s had many and nobody thinks he shouldn’t smile. The speculation was once again over his spending/personals assets and this is all.

    The outfit he wore was questionable for a man who was in thousands and thousands of pounds of debt only eight months ago and who is unemployed.

    He spoke out on his Instagram page and told his fans that he could have well borrowed the brand new Audi he was driving and that the clothes on his back could be borrowed from his friends.

    Ashley's clothes in January 2022:
    • £1,000 Pink Moncler coat = could have bought 4 apple iPads for the sick children in hospital (see pic 29 /30 at footer)
    • £1,000 LV belt = could buy food and snacks for 15 families for a month in hospital
    • £900 Balenciaga bag = could pay for 15 families Costa coffee everyday for a month
    • £980 Balenciaga trainers = could have payed for a magical weekend away for a terminal ill child
    • North face coat to match the Project Rocket on collection from celebrity car wrap

    Article from July 2021,
    Ashley’s claims he had NO ACCESS to the GFM donations (which was drip-fed into his personal bank account as people donated).
    He also claimed to have no money after being unemployed, and forced to live in hotels and he sold his vehicle during Azaylia's treatment. Ashley is reported to be now driving a brand new Audi, however, he claims it’s his mate's along with all the designer clothes he's flaunting.
    Ashley still appears to be unemployed and spends most days keeping fit.
    Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee are deeply unpleasant people:
    • Ashley's aggressive verbal attack on Jess from Love Island, detailed in pics 25 - 30: Article from The Daily Star. 2015. Not pleasant reading. This was the “old” Ashley Cain.
    • See also above: Ashley's views on women and one-night-stands.
    • Safiyya uses an offensive, derogatory term:
    The video of Saf's live calling someone deformed and "a sp*z" just a day before attending the Pride of Britain awards

    Information on a CIO Foundation.
    SEE PICS 95,96,97,98. for more.

    *A CIO foundation is specifically intended for a NFPONot For Profit Organisation.
    *It does not need to register with Companies House.
    *A CIO can be used for other purposes.
    In Ashley’s case ‘other sporting activities’ such as Club 100 and Gym King which are both advertised on The Azaylia Foundations car.

    Club 100.
    This is Ashley’s ever changing team of Beasts who take on epic (and expensive) challenges… that aren’t actually registered fundraisers but still ask you to donate. On board we have Ashley, Miks, Matty, Rehan (social media consultant) and V Visuals - who has replaced the chap at CowShed for the videographer spot.
    We believe The Azaylia Foundation provides the funding needed in order for Club 100 to carry out these expensive challenges. Ashley may not receive money as a founder of TAF but he and the rest of the team will be profiting from the expenses.
    So far the team have; ran an ULTRAmarathon, ran Five Marathons in Five Cities (see top of Wiki for the diary entries) and are now currently cycling through Europe. TAF AND CLUB 100 HAVE NOT UPDATED THE PUBLIC HOW MUCH MONEY THESE ‘FUNDRAISERS’ HAVE RAISED.
    Questions **
    1. Does TAF provide the funding and is it for the whole Team?
    2. Is Club 100 voluntary?
    3. Will Club 100 need accounts?

    Our Community Space.
    Launched on July 1st and ran by TAF’s community ambassadors, Georgina & Blake.
    It is a page where any company or small business wishes to have their name and what they sell advertised. (I’m assuming all platforms such as TAF, MrAshleyCain, Miss_Saffiya etc etc will be included and not just OCS) - aslong as some of the profits go to TAF.
    I am assuming this works the same if your are fundraising aswell.
    The opportunity to have your profile exposed to millions (of combined) followers and it’s all for a great cause too!
    Note: That the profits bit isn’t really transparent. Profits of what? Merch sales? Or wholesale through them?
    (SEE PIC 106)
    ** Perfect opportunity to get the community ambassadors legally on the payroll. **
    Various independent fundraisers can be seen advertising on GFM, pic 1 is an example of how innocent unsuspecting people are handing over cash, including children donating their pocket money 😡None of these donations are visible on the Azaylia Foundation website, no tally or account of donations, monthly direct debit credits or their own fundraisers. We would expect a running total to be edited as and when payments are made to the charity.

    TAF Merchandise:

    Pics 2 - 6: Below are some photos of examples of the official merchandise that was/is being sold, directly from the family Vicky and Michele (Ashley’s mum and Aunty) and also from various OS franchises. We expect that the profits from the merchandise will be shown in the TAF financial accounts.

    Loving and Losing You, Azaylia Book by Safiyya: Saf's book is in process and is being released on 28 April 2022. No announcement yet whether any of the proceeds will be given to the charity. It appears not at this stage. TBC, more details to come on this one.

    Safiyya has begun a collaboration with Abott Lyon jewellery, with a necklace. As with EVERYTHING connected to TAF, differing amounts of donations from sales are given. The three most recent pics attached below confirm this. Are they dim, or confused by the difference between proceeds and profits, or are they being deliberately obtuse?

    Pics 7 - 9: Screenshots of top donations and other donations:
    Pic 8: £6,600 donation received from The Smithy Family: This family kindly donated £6,600 back in October 2021, on recommendation from their followers suggestions as they were looking for potential charities. The TAF charity was opened in July 2021, so these monies should have in fact been credited the the charity but instead it was credited to the GFM (personal bank account).
    Evidence will be expected that this money was also transferred the the charity account as it was after it was launched.

    TAF are hiring a Social Media Rep. £35k per annum. They put an ad out on the IG page. Pic needed for this, please!

    See Conversation (Pics 34 - 42), lady asking genuine questions and being branded a TROLL by a troll account (Pic 36) (Jasonshaw, who is believed to be Saf's fake account:- pot kettle black). You can see in the convo how a lady, (one of many families of children with cancer reaching out for help), was ignored. Self-appointed spokesperson Georgina Yates jumps in to offer useless assistance.
    This is a great example of the lengthy, complicated process of the application process for funds. The application link isn’t even easily accessible on official platforms, these families are expected to jump through hoops.

    Edit:/ (01/02/ 22) the questioning comments and posts (see below screenshots prior) in this particular TAF Ig post have now since disappeared, been deleted/persons blocked so are no longer there for public/followers view.


    Saf announced on her personal IG page (30/01/22), her plans to update her breast implants. Again this casts doubts as to how the procedure will be funded, given her irregular and sporadic work pattern. She was challenged /questioned by a follower.

    See screenshots below.

    Ashley and his Azaylia Charity have a habit of misleading people to believe that they make more donations to children than they actually do, when in fact they have made five donations (that’s all you get!) TOTAL 50k (please remember that £1.7 million was raised by the general public for Azaylia's POSSIBLE BUT NOT CONFIRMED Car T treatment.
    His supporters gush and squeal, in awe of his generosity.

    For example see pics below, of the Go Fund Me update email from the boys family, that donators receive as standard whenever the family has news. Yet the TAF make out they have made ANOTHER recent donation in addition to the original 10k 8 months ago.
    They donated the usual £10k (the child obviously met the strict criteria and the TAF were able to clarify the truth in their application and only when trust has been established will they credit the nineties to the families) to one of the five only kids back in October 2021, the families friends, colleagues, local community, businesses have organised huge fundraisers and the total amount raised for possible treatments abroad has been in excess of £330,000.00.
    On Thursday the 20th of January, TAF and also the associated personal platforms announced that the boy has been successful in a Car T trial in Los Angeles, they once again mislead their followers in believing that THEY are actually provided and responsible for this pioneering treatment and did not reiterate that their £10,000 donation was actually given seven months ago.
    Once again, they were challenged on this post and once again these comments were deleted, which, I will add were NOT written by trolls, just simple questions asked by the general public who donated to their daughter when they were hoping for life saving treatment.

    The ‘TAF and GFM collaboration’ (December 2021)

    Their collab link to GFM isn’t available anywhere for families to access. The question has been asked but not as yet answered by a spokesperson from the TAF.

    It’s been mentioned by family members of sick children that there is a strict criteria/process in applying for funds for children with Cancer from the TAF.
    The TAF collaborated with GFM to decipher successful to those that don’t qualify. The process has been described as quite a process and in Ashley’s words “trust needs to be established” they basically require proof that the applications they receive are kosher.

    Given the collab :/
    Why isn’t it on TAF website or linked in their bio on Insta? I can only assume it’s virtually impossible for families to apply. 😭

    Why are Ashley Cains marathons and ultra bike rides across Europe not recorded on his STRAVA platform? Did they really happen?

    Today is the 3rd August 2022 and we are commencing a diary style wiki, underneath the diary entries you can still find events up until today.
    3rd August 2022:

    Ashley and his Clib have embarked on (his word) A monumentous 3 months of raising awareness for revolutionising childhood cancer.
    Ashley’s friends Rehan decided he would like a 3 month holiday too, so got his girlfriend to set up a Just Givingg Page to pay for his holidays expenses(Ashley and the rest of the original
    Clib members are already covered behind the guise of #club100 funded via the Azaylia foundation charity, rogan probably is too but every little helps, esoevially via a crowdfunding page)
    The holiday will involve trekking across Europe all expenses paid flights/costs/kit/ ect ect ect (unconfirmed announcements yet, but later charity spends will no doubt involve the Clib family members and friends being flown out all expenses paid to chant “let’s go champ”)
    So today to summarise, the Ashley Cain Show has touched down in Dublin, doused in bright orange (not one to draw attention to himself )
    Secretly hoping for a few cash in hand donations from charitable honest living people aboard the flight, just enough to fit perfectly in the back pocket of his hideaous lycras (it was a budget airline otherwise first class would have been the preferred class of travel)
    Saf has been on the grab for Gifted Cocomelon birthday cake to mark Azaylias up coming 2nd heavenly birthday. Anybody who knows these cakes are far from cheap and it’s an absolute disgrace that the UK is in poverty and small business are struggling, but she can’t pay for an extravagant cake!
    She also received 2 pairs of #gifted shoes from Kurt Geiger, she showed off on her stories along to “Lizzo’s- Birthday Girl” song, which the lyrics are spookily accurate and very very fitting.
    she Spent the first night Ashley is away from the farm, parading/showing off various new dresses on her IG stories, posing seductively.
    03/08/22 - Day 1 in Dublin.
    Todays marathon went ahead with minimum spectators and support. Ashley dons another Gym King outfit, this time with added flags, while he runs around trying to get people to donate more money to replace the money he kept his ‘cause’.
    Accompanying Ashley on this trip for his recovery purposes is the same chap (UFC gym) from the ULTRAmarathon along with the usual suspects; Miks, Rehan. No Matty at this time as he’s celebrating his daughters birthday and no idea where the videographer (V Visuals) is at. Matty will be joining Ashley in London.
    04/08/22 - Day 2 in Belfast.
    Pretty much the same as Dublin. Although this time Ashley did have a handful of mothers with their children at the finish line. Ashley and Co then flew off to ‘Edinborough’. Arriving in ‘Edinborough’, TQ Cars has provided The Beasts with a chauffeur service for the next 3 days. (Not known if this was a #gifted service - NO #gifted).
    (So far there’s been 3 flights and 3 hotels for 4 (that we know of) people. The 4 people are; Ashkey, Miks, Rehan and Ashley’s foot massager.
    05/08/22 - Day 3 in Edinburgh.
    Today started off with Ashley having a suspected stressed ligament in his foot he has not been to a hospital to have this confirmed either. Ashley made a miraculous recovery with his sore foot (surprise surprise) and was met at the finish line with a few people. Cardiff bound now, a long 8hr drive for TQ Cars. Sill unknown as to whether this service has been #gifted to The Beasts or if it’s coming out of the funding provided by The Azaylia Foundation/public money. (I suspect it could of been discounted, given the cause). Can’t wait to see what hotel no. 4 looks like tonight.
    06/08/22 - Day 4 in Cardiff.
    Update on TQ Cars - it is ran by Ashley’s friend and fellow partner in conning people out of cash for cars, Andre Sharp.
    We suspect a huge invoice will be going into TAF\ CLub100 to cover the costs of 2 luxury cars and chauffeurs, knowing Ashley it could run into thousands, he likened the car and its luxury it to “just like flying in first class, he thought he was on an Emirates” which cements what we suspected, that he did actually pay to fly first class after flying home from ‘Dominicans answer to the gladiators’ (the GFM really does come in handy at times)

    They arrived in Cardiff in the early hours, followed by Dr My Guy Nibs, administering physio and treatment to the fractured ankle and ligaments. 🤣🤣🤣Ffs man! What a joke! Attention seeking Ashley at his best!

    So him and the Clib ran Along the streets of Cardiff after a late start and en route thanking the fans for their support and commitment (so far not an orange tshirt holding with small child in sight) begging and pleading for at least a handful of peeps to be at the finish line as he has “so much love to give today” yeah, bet you do Ashley 🥴

    meanwhile Saff has been attempting to tunnel in on her new group of celebrity bezzies, Cheshire housewives and a Coronation street actress.. and a Holly Willoughby lookup likey.
    She spent the previous evening in a swanky hotel, giving a tutorial on hair curling whilst on an IG live, she let it slip that she will be surprising Ashley and the Clib by rocking up to Trafalgar Square (she explained that this place is where the lions are)
    She was driven to the “horses” as she put it, to spend the day with the new girl crowd, latching on specifically to Charlotte Dawson.

    Sunday 7 august. :/ last day of the tour. En route to London Trafalgar Square finish line, from Cardiff , 4 marathons ✅ 3 of which on a stress fracture and ligament injury
    Picture archive index:

    Pic 1: Just one example of how much money is being handed to TAF from independent fundraisers, please see Go Fund Me and search Azaylia Diamond Cain.

    Pictures inserted into WIki: Email notification that donators received updating on one of the children they donated to seven months ago, but the post in the TAF IG page, misleads people to believe they had donated more just recently.

    What Cashley Gain says he has (the weight of the world on his shoulders)...

    ...the reality of the actual weight (with thanks to a clever Tattler - credit TBC)


    Pics 2 - 6: Official merchandise advertising examples (see above for description)

    Pics 7 - 9: Top donations and proof the the Smithy Family paid £6,600 into the GFM (= personal bank account in November). Pic 9: Last donation showing was in December 2021 £25, proving people are still donating to that platform under the pretence of life saving treatment for Azaylia.

    Pic 10: Total amount donated which has been credited directly to personal bank account, prior to A passing, whilst she was receiving palliative care at home, after she sadly passed and afterwards up, until 1 month ago.

    Pics 11 - 19: Ashley Cain Ltd account October 2020 and January 21 (see the top of the Wiki for Background)

    Pic 20 - 21: Comes from Azaylia’s active GFM. Here written in black & white it states that the monies raised will;
    First, give Azaylia a magical and deserving send off and secondly, use the remaining
    money to help other children through a new charity (we are) setting up in Azaylia's name.

    (Pics Inserted into Wiki: Ashley new Moncler coat, an example of his extravagant taste in designer clothes.


    Pics 22 - 24: Alexander: He qualified for the initial 10K because that money was being used for overseas treatment.
    Things took a turn and he needed urgent care here in the UK for the sum of £64,399.92.
    TAF 'couldn’t' - and I use that term very loosely - donate to that because it was for treatment here in the UK, which under their ‘guidelines’ they don’t cover. Instead, he was given a separate fundraiser ran by Ashley on Xmas Day (Pic 23 - 24),which only managed to raise £33,164. Despite Alexander needing urgent care, TAF did not top up Ashley’s total to give Alexander the money he needed.

    Pics 25 - 30: Ashley Cain's verbal attack on Jess from Love Island. Unpleasant reading.

    Pic 31: Ashley Cain avoids a fine from Companies House by miraculously paying off his company debts.

    Pic 32: Fundraising regulations for collecting money. And...

    Pic 33: ... Photographic evidence of the collection buckets being in breach of these regulations. The buckets are wide-open and stuffed full of cash.

    Pics 34 - 42: Replies from Safiyya and Rachel Louise Monk (CowShed) when asked how non-trolling questions were deemed (to them) as trolling. Rachel Louise Monk also deleted her original comment and rephrased it slightly. This has all since been deleted from TAF IG page. 🚩 The TAF will always delete and block posters when asked questions/called out. (See another example of this on pics XX and XX, comments also disappeared since the screenshots were taken).
    Note also: Pic 36: Jason Shaw makes another appearance. We think this is one of Saf's aliases.
    These pics show how those asking reasonable questions or trying to contact TAF, but are being ignored.
    Pic 43 A reply from Saf when asked how she was funding her upcoming breast surgery, given her lack of / sporadic work apart from what she claims she does for The Azaylia Foundations. It's 'mind your own business', frankly.
    Pic 44 - 45: Saf and Ash are Trustees and Saf has things to say about her lifestyle. Again.

    Pics 46 - 49: Showstar Boxing Event - 5 March 22. This is a YouTube boxing event Ashley is part of, where five blokes from the UK fight five blokes from the USA. Ashley has claimed that he is not doing this for recognition and that he will actually be stepping in the ring to raise awareness and funds for a cause embedded in his heart. THIS FIGHT IS NOT FOR CHARITY!
    Pic 47 shows that despite Ashley Cain's self promotion, this is NOT his gig and he is simply the undercard. See also Pic 71: It's NOT the Ashley Cain Show!!!
    Tickets can be purchased for a third of the price if you bypass TAF and buy direct from the real promoters.
    No clarification as yet what % of the event will be credited to the charity (of any) or if it’s purely another episode of the “Ashley Cain Show”. See above for how the boxing match panned out.

    Pics 51: The official GFM fundraising platform (in Ashley and Saffyya personal names and NOT the charity) has finally been disabled (sometime between the last Donation four days ago, the 3rd Feb 2022 and today, 7th February. To re-iterate, this GFM platform has been open and active since March 2021 and ran for almost a year actively accepting thousands of pounds of donations under the pretence of saving Azaylia's life, despite her passing in April 2021. Full proof that all these donations (after the funeral costs) have been credited to the charity is still being refused by the two and only two trustees: Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee.

    Pics 52 - 53: Are the details of TAF’s CEO, he’s been on the missing list since the day he was appointed and is a complete mystery man.

    Pics 54 - 58: Taken from TAF official website, Mission statement (11/02/2022)

    Pics 59 - 60: The previous mission statement when the website was launched, which has since now been deleted, reason unknown. Safiyya's original mission you will see in these two pics, was to provide magical experiences for the children with cancer (from the £1.7 million raised by the general public via their GFM). This part of the promise has now been removed from the table. Nothing has been presented in its place.

    Pic 61: Billie Brown original IG page with Head of Social Media in her bio, this has now been removed.

    Pic 62: Safiyya’s purpose within TAF. Between 23.01.2021 10.02.2021 it was removed.

    Pic 63: The newest trustee at TAF. Why has it taken this long?

    Pic 64: Online article about Captain Tom and the charity set up in his name. Very similar to TAF. A lot of the comments on the article thought and mentioned that too.

    Pics 65 - 67: Information on Ian Monk - we do not know yet if he is a relation to the co-founder of CowShed, Rachel Louise Monk. TAF originally listed CowShed as their contact with email but as of 12.02.2022 it had been changed to a new email but same address with CowShed’s name removed. Upon Googling the address it is listed as Ian Monk Associates. See also: Pic 74: Ian Monk's role as "Promoting and protecting reputations".

    Pic 68 - 70: Proof of how TAF promised to provide children with magical moments throughout their battle.

    Pic 70: NEW information on TAF and what they intend to do. Highlighted at the bottom is where they casually remove Safiyya’s purpose within TAF. DOES THIS MEAN TOC AND ASHLEYS BOXING EVENT ARE NOW IN EFFECT "MAGICAL MOMENTS"?

    Pic 71: How to contact the Fundraiser Regulator

    Pic 72: Gym King/TAF collaboration.

    Pics 76 - 77: We see how the £10 donated from proceeds of ToC has now been reduced to £5.

    Pic 78: Daryl runs and raises £2,000.

    Pic 79: The Sun refers to Ashley Cain as 'a benefactor' of the Showstar boxing.

    Pics 80 - 81: Row GB registration details.

    Pic 83: £780 raised for TAC in a memorial football match.

    Pic 84 - the OLD foundation promise which includes magical moments - I’ve also made sure the date is on the screenshot too - 14/03/2022

    Pic 85 - the NEW foundation promise which does not include magical moments - the date, 19/03/2022 is on there too.

    Pic 86 - Ashley Cain "I don't use machines to work, I am one" LIE! Pic dated 9 March 2022

    Pics 87, 88 - Ashley Cain "I don't use machines to work, I am one" LIE! Pic dated 14 March 2022

    Pic 89 - plans afoot for a 'wear orange to school' non-uniform day

    Pics 90, 91 - the repugnant hospital toilet selfies. Taken in March 2021, one month before Azaylia died. Note Saf affecting the influencer toe point pose.

    pic 92/93 - fundraiser for TAF where a little girl cut her hair for the Princess Trust (little girls wigs) whilst raising funds for TAF - total amount raised unconfirmed, however £ 1285 on 8 April 22 (more to be added)

    pic 94- Willows TAF 200 mile fundraiser- unconfirmed total to date 8/4/22


    Pic 101 - Confirmation TAF IS a CIO Foundation.

    Pics 102,103&104 - TAF deleted a grid post containing these comments.
    105 onwards: more deleted comments from grid posts
    Pic 106 - Our Community Space launch info.
    (Pic 107) - A prediction (proved right) 😂