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What are you favourite fallouts amongst youtube/insta people. Who's fall out have you never managed to get to the bottom of? The one that always stayed a mystery to me was zoe and louise sprinkleofglitter. Anyone shed some light?
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I always wondered what happened between those 2. I think Louise hated Alfie and told Zoe he wasn't right for her, a total knob etc.
Alfie has distanced Zoe from her friends and family and now she just seems to hang around with his friends and family.
I wonder what happened between Tanya, Fleur and Ingrid. There was definitely a fall out but what caused it? 🤔
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Seems the only friend Alfie allows her to have is mark ferris. Such a bizarre relationship, the reason she fell out with Gabriella lindley was because of Alfie too.
I think Fleur de Force fell out with a lot of other beauty bloggers.

Wonder if there was drama with Mrs M and other mummy floggers?
Lucy&Lydia / Velvetgh0st fallout

And of course the Brogan Tate / Charlotte Ruff Disney saga from 2017.
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I think Louise moaned about Zoe’s anxiety at Hello Word one too many times, Zoe got fed up with it.
I’m sure I remember a time when gabby and brogan used to talk and they’ve definitely mentioned each other on YT so I think they’ve already managed to ruin that potential friendship like they do every other one
Anyone know much about Imogenation and practically every other YouTuber 😂😂 (Holly Boon, Sophia and Cinzia etc)
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Holly Boon is an awful person, any fallout involving her I automatically assume to have ben instigated by her. Can't speak on the others though.
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I always assumed Louise and Zoe just grew apart but who knows.

Gabriella Lindley falling out with everyone. 😂

Acacia Brinley/Kersey falling out with all of her old friends (Kenzie, Olivia, Savannah) and getting with Olivia and Savannah's gross ex (who she's now married to :sick:).

Samantha Maria/Beauty Crush and Grace Victory. (I don't know if they ever fell out but it always seemed Grace was jealous of Sam)
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