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How do you use YouTube and has it changed in the last few months?

I find I was subscribed to SO many channels, channels that I’d been subscribed to for years and watched out of habit more than anything else.

i don’t sit down and watch youtube, I don’t usually “watch” anything, series and movies don’t hold my attention for long and neither does youtube. But youtube is easier to consume because it tends to be short and......sweet 😏

what I normally do is 🤪 in the evenings I’ll go through my subscriptions for the day,
throw them all into a playlist (mostly vlogs) and leave that playlist running in the background so they play one after the other without me having to touch my iPad, I can get on with whatever I’m doing then without having to give it my attention.

but since Christmas I’ve decided I really don’t want to do that anymore and I’ve unsubscribed from so many channels. It’s just all so vapid.
I need to be honest I probably still spend too much time on the app watching people I don’t really like.
I have tried audible and I have an account but I read anyway, and i don’t enjoy reading a physical book and listening to an audio book.

how do you use youtube?
how much do you watch? What type of channels do you watch?
do you use it for reviews, advice on how to fix something 😐 for educational purposes? or is it just for mindless crap?
do you let your kids watch it and if so what do they use it for?

I think I’m looking for something different. But I’m not sure what.

so pros and cons?
I watch YouTube all the time. I like reaction channels and anti vlogger channels like Jaackmaate and imalexx. I like Jenna Marbles (comedy). I also like Emily Norris (mum stuff). I can mindlessly watch a few buzzfeed videos when I'm in the mood. I love conspiracy theory videos as well. Also, a lot of podcasts are great on YouTube. I also get most of my news from Philip defranco. A great educational channel is Medlife Crisis. (Hes a heart doctor who talks about medical stuff and explains how to spot b.s studies)

My kids are allowed to watch a little youtube for educational stuff like nature shows. There are some good dance channels that teach them choreography for songs they like. One of my kids loves to draw so she uses a channel called something like "how to draw stuff" which does step by step tutorials on how to draw things.

I wouldn't let my kids watch youtube on their own devices, it has to be on the TV. They're not allowed to watch vloggers/ gamers/ people opening kinder eggs (?!!) / etc.
In the past I mindlessly watched anything and everything, including drama channels that would all cover the same stuff and say nothing original, buzzfeed type crap, old repetitive documentaries, and channels I only found mildly interesting. Since having a baby, I don’t have much time so I only watch the stuff I really value

These days I mainly watch content about minimalism because I’m trying to minimise my life. I watch these videos for practical ideas but also for pep talks as the process can be draining and it’s easy to lose motivation. There’s some great minimalism channels out there and I like how varied the community is; channels range from people who are the only minimalist in their family, to minimalist families, to people overcoming their hoarding issues

I used to love booktube too and am now trying to get back into reading again so I’ve been watching a few videos. Problem is with books that we all have different interests and I think there’s only one booktuber who I share the same taste as and trust her reviews

I like well researched videos that explain and analyse things (like current or historical events) too, the youtubers who make these are real gems and I need to find more of them

Occasionally I’ll watch product reviews but navigating the #gifted minefield is too much at times so I prefer to look at reviews elsewhere

My daughter is too young to choose what to watch, sometimes I put YouTube on for TV shows that aren’t on CBeebies to give her some variety but it’s kind of all the same to her. She’s not a massive fan of TV anyway

I’m really glad that I can’t mindlessly watch YouTube for hours anymore, it was definitely enabling procrastination and negatively impacting my mental health. I’ve actually found that I can’t watch even videos I enjoy for too long now because I don’t like losing track of time which happens so easily with playlists and auto play. At least if you have the TV on in the background you can estimate how much time has passed as the shows normally last 30 minutes - 1 hour and the schedule is normally the same
I'm in a vicious cycle of watching clips of The Sopranos (it is one of my fave series).

About 3 week back a clip was recommended, I watched it and now my recommended is clogged with The Sopranos I must have watched the entire series piece meal by now.
And I can't stop.
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I generally only use YouTube for exercise videos or if we're for music playlists.
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