Why Women Kill (Kinda like Desperate Housewives)

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Great show.
Made by the same creator of Desperate Housewives.

Anyone else watched it?
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Ohhh I used to be OBSESSED with DH. I'll deffianly be giving this a watch. What's it on?
Wonder if it's a spin off. Remember the finale when the lady who moved into Sunsans house had that suspicious box in the garage?
Ah ffs. Kids need to go back to school so I can rewatch desperate housewives.
I used to love Mike 🤤🤤 When he got shot I cried my eyes out.
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i watched it and loved it🤩🤩
But i have to say the modern couple bothered me (skipped most of their scenes).
My favourite is the 80s.
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Oh I love this series! So much fun. I tried watching it with my husband but surprise, surprise, he hated it 🤔 lol
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