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She is a nob!!! Said last year that she has not been diagnosed with OCD but knows she has it! It's a genuine mental health condition.. Just cos ur a clean freak doesn't make u have OCD. She has made her career as an OCD cleaner when she doesn't even have it!!
Also, a while ago also she was cleaning her daughters room and was cleaning and sorting her underwear drawer.... All was seen on the video. That was a total invasion of privacy for her daughter and should not have been on Instagram. She should know since she was married to a paedophile. I pm'd her about it and was blocked straight away.
Also she is as bad as MH, she sells everything and hadn't been putting ad etc on her posts and everything she uses costs €100s...have u priced the hoovers she uses...
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Used to like her. Seems she was the original
Cleaning account before everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Agree that too many ads now though.