Three mobile broadband - anyone tried getting your broadband from a sim card?

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Even though my new place has an active virgin media account it's going to take 3 weeks to get broadband. How can they provide 350meg broadband but take so long to effectively flick a switch?!

So I'm looking at mobile broadband from three. It's £22 a month 18 month contract and I can get 20meg download speeds from my mobile so the Huawei mobile router should get at least that if not better. I hope?

Anyone getting their broadband via mobile? Next day delivery is tempting and I doubt we'd need much quicker than 20meg for just two of us.

We have a 3 mobile WiFi device love it we got it to use mostly in the work van . But the signal and speed is usually faster than our home talk talk internet . Ours is a 10gb and we pay £8 it also has unlimited Netflix watching
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My sister has, she has it through 3/Huawei I had to borrow it for a few weeks, it was fab. The one she has has to be plugged into a wall but there are a few wireless ones so you can take out in the car etc. Signals great. Hers is unlimited data
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Ah thank you, I really wanted to get it. But I kept failing their checks, my credit score is good but I just moved house so I tried for 3 days to sign up for it and kept getting rejected and their far east call center sales staff really pissed me off. Everytime I was rejected they started to try to sell me another contract even though I already have a contract with them and seconds ago they rejected me for a contract!

Was accepted straight away for normal broadband but have to wait ages to get connected.

Something is wrong with three if they have issues signing up people at a new address as those are the people most wanting to sign up for next day delivery mobile home broadband!
We have 4G broadband with Vodafone. It’s good, we can’t get broadband due to rural location and 4G is less than half the cost of a satellite.
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